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April 20, 2021 will be a HUGE day that has the potential to change the world. How? Feelings. Thoughts. Emotions running HIGH. Decisions based in passion rather than logic. Why? Simple. Money. Buckets of it for some, and colossal losses for others. Pluto will begin stationing on the 20th.

On the same day we will have reconnections to pivotal changes when the past finally catches up. How? God only knows. Why? On December 11, 2008 former NASDAQ Executive Bernie Madoff was arrested for fraud, misappropriation of trust, finances, and all things that meant long term security for clients, their families, and future generations. It was the biggest Pyramid Scam to date, a whopper whale of a tale weighing in to the sound of an estimated $65 billion USD. Now let’s write that out and count the ZEROES…$65,000,000,000.00. Do you see all the zeroes following the 6-and-the-5? Weighting the “odds”.

A celestial court session causes a huge downpour release of “karma” from this one incident. It will change currency markets, real estate laws, or protocol, and have a domino effect on stock trades. Starting as trickles, leaks, and modern day “Robin Hood” scams that transform how we do business in a pandemic influenced world. It will make us stronger or weaker depending on “trust” factors, trust accounts, and anything related to Trust Funds or monopoly holdings. Energy manifests in the spiritual long before it happens as “actual” events.

PICTURED BELOW: Greek-American Actor Telly Savalas, as “Kojak”, HIP Detective famous for sexy STING OPs

WAY UP in heaven, celestial court – God rules, resets Natural Laws of Divine Providence, all “spirals”. It is IMPOSSIBLE for GOD’s Word to be ALTERED. Quantum physics, wormholes, blanks in story telling, lightening quick insights or intuition, and being “caught” in lies – mid sentence. Cost career, trust, public image, authority in a situation, and sways decisions made by “dangling” big business or “whale” clients. Gemini/Sagittarius axis stirs it up! People need to know they can “trust”. They’ll demand nothing less than the best offers in wheeling and dealing.

This will influence markets because what agents or third party professionals were able to do in a matter of minutes may take days, months, and years. Unless, we start making the necessary preparations now for this “energetic” download to appear. Money will just show up based on which side of “karma” or the “karmic wheel” one is on. Dharma will rule based on several astrology systems, eastern and western. Rahu and Ketu in Taurus/Scorpio – an exacting of justice will prevail. Court systems will either be cleared at a rapid rate, or backed up beyond belief. Thus the need to get the right people in positions of Office to regulate and officiate governance. Laws will need to be updated to address current situations that require intricacy, compassion, and due process in a “NOW” manner.

PLUS, count’em TWO Superior STATIONS in TAURUS! Anything and everything surrounding 2nd HOUSE activities is on the “table” for review. Sun sits with Mercury forming a Superior Mercury on the 20th when Pluto stations, Venus thinks, GC smolders, and sparks crackle with “brilliant ideas”. Think of consequences before putting the well being or “financial” acuity of others in the balance. Taurus energy makes for impeccable “deliberately slaw analysis” of any given opportunity. Taurus rules “premeditated thoughts”. Like Capricorn a bull has horns of “defense” and can dig in to “ground” themselves when they are in the “right”.

Now, back to SUPERIOR MERCURY IN TAURUS – APRIL 20TH + SUPERIOR URANUS IN TAURUS at the end of April. Sun aligns with Uranus exposing things. People may have shorter patience than usual to put up with BS. One will be telling a whopper of a tale, not knowing the other party is holding evidence or knowing the truth with proof in a vault somewhere. A Taurus temperament is patient but only up to a point.

If you know a Taurus, you will know what that “point” is. Be careful of bribes, you could be speaking to a cop without knowing it. 2nd House feeds the 5th House where a Leo 1st Quarter Moon will be grinning like a “Cheshire Cat” with a “cream” mustache. Leo rules spyware, intelligence and Aquarius sitting across in Saturn, Jupiter, and the “money” asteroid Sappho is watching the “survellance” tapes or reviewing some kind of “footage”. Hand rubbing chin, and in deep 11th House thought. Aquarius influences “the collective” and Taurus provides what is to be “collected” like a plate of cash on Sunday vespers. People will be downright “religious” about not playing the fool this time around the karmic wheel. Dharma prevails in all matters. Do personal best to be honest, transparent, and keep lines of communication “open” even if you don’t like someone.

With so much HIGH emotion rolling back and forth, we need to talk our way through any disagreements. The objective is to NOT trigger or provoke with “red tape”, innuendo, and double talk. Remember North Node and South Node are tying up loose ends, and acting as a “caduceus” towards showing or expressing “love”. Emotion causes whatever is “toxic”, secret, or hidden behind one’s back to suddenly APPEAR, “Here it is!” says – Chiron, Vesta, Pluto (R), and several other key asteroid transits creating “dominos”, butterflies, Stygian rivers, and lakes of “buyer’s remorse”. In the words of ARETHA FRANKLIN, Queen of Soul – we better “THINK” think about what we trying to do.

Sit down and think again. Pluto in Capricorn (R) has “friends in high places” in on the lowdown. Be careful with words, especially when power attorneys or law firms may barrage with paperwork stacks to the ceiling. Red tape and knowing how to work ’em to their advantage. Pluto will be supported by Venus, Mercury, Neptune, 4+ asteroids, and the New Moon Aries (4/11). If you signed any contracts around that time they will have substantial effects in all things involving those planets, asteroids, or houses.

End of April, a Scorpio Full Moon quietly presents karma and casually walk away, offering time to figure out a repayment. In the middle of all of this hub bub is Venus, Psyche (asteroid) in Gemini, opposing the Galactic Center, Lilith energy fueling STING OPERATIONS, That’s when payouts or money rains down from heavenly resources, “friends in high places” reward for keeping your mouth shut and laying low. In the words of Kenny Loggins, “know when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em, and when to walk away…” Never count while you sitting at the “table” there’ll be time enough when the dealings (karma/karmic wheel) are done, quietly.

As for love, that may be the saving grace. Legally, as in heaven so on Earth – it’s illegal for spouses to testify against the other or speak against as “witnesses”. If you’ve been a dirty birdy having an “angel” of a spouse or significant other to balance the karma will be necessary. This may also be “why” old flames look one up or hope to clear the air. The more good karma created, the better. Some will show up with flowers in hand, pillows for a bended knee, a heartfelt apology, and a violinist for ambience or a solid “yes”.

They’ll take chances to regain the love you once had or knew way back when. Question, is will you “buy or buy IN” for another round? If so, be clear about how LONG you want to court before signing on dotted lines and buying things in “your name”. They’ll need to clear their credit 1st but if they love you they’ll agree and feel it’s worth every cent as “bought sense”. Question, is “do you know your own worth?” Or will you fall down the “rabbit hole” for a ? and a smile?

Pluto goes direct October 7th when Sun is in Libra. Remember the Full Moon in Libra still weighs all things beside Taurus. Venus is home to Libra and governor of Taurus. it doesn’t rule Taurus but acts as a “Trustee” for Taurus interests. Taurus rules Taurus. It is the House of the “Rising Sun”. Just try to figure that statement out. They’ll double dare you. Members ONLY! But you can buy “IN” with a solid investment of emotional commitment and signing on “dotted lines” . Leo draws lines in the “sand” during its 1st Quarter Moon, April 20th. Curb a tendency or bad habit to “shop” or buy “caviar dreams” with beer budgets. Wait and watch the market, especially NASDAQ or stocks. Mars is debilitated or working with a “handicap” in Cancer.

Doing “nice things” or random acts of kindness sets one up for a glorious out pour of “good luck” when the New Moon in Taurus rolls around the 11th! Remember the Full Moon in Taurus 2020 and this year 2021 offers “double” payouts, cash returns, or long term reinvestments. Those with good karma stand a good chance of bringing employers “good luck” upon hire and employers will want a “long term” agreement. They like others want their money’s worth.

If you are a cracker jack at knowing things, highly intuitive, or a NEW JACK at figuring out cracks in the system – they’ll be eyeing your resume on top of the stacks of others. You’ll naturally stand out. Taurus reads “aura” and knows a “good luck” talisman when it walks in or answers the phone. They won’t tell you that but word to the wise, be yourself, but try your best to be in your “best version” when interviewing or providing 1st impressions. Even if you aren’t in your best, be honest or transparent with your intention. That goes a long way to earning and keeping “trust” and creating the right “honor systems” or systems based on exchange of trust. It’s what makes Leo so darn attractive and the master of its own emotions. Find ways to channel or medium high energy into worthy activities, fundraisers, or charity drives. People love to be loved and will express “kindness” for gifts of love expressed to them without ulterior motives or “strings”.


SPECIAL THANKS TO #thewritealice for all customized #graphics

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