#Mercury – Open Says Me! How does one play their cards right? Open closed #gateways? Ink epic deals? Write rewrite or reconcile #karma? Attract the #apple(s) of affection? Transform #MentalHealth concerns? Ahhh…summing, consuming, and summoning resolutions! #AliBaba #40Thieves #Prince #ThievesInTheTemple #Eris @twitter @wordpress #OlaQueenBee

Reading my previous blog for Uranus will initiate greater benefit from this one about Mercury, quicksilver of “doubles, troubles, and duality”. Mercury is one of the hardest planets to figure out. It’s absolutely mutable. Anything changes with lightening speed. A thought, mind, decision, fact, or delayed communication can all be this one minute, that another. It’s why court systems can get log jammed.

Court systems, wants to make sure before issuing rulings. So all sides to a debate, facts to a case, and parties involved must be properly presented. But like a great magician, an attorney bargains for the best deal in outcomes. He has tricks. Knows the secret ins and out. Charms the Judge, plays to the jury, and has prestige with their presence. A juggling act of words. A showman of knowledge and preceding cases, right before one’s eyes that attorney transforms.

A Barnum & Bailey Master of Ceremony cracking the whip of attention while hiding evidence that sways. All the while mastering emotion, and playing the best hand of poker face you ever saw. That’s Mercury, lead Counsel, Master Guide, and the unforgettably transparent swindler. But a swindler you cherish when on your side of the cosmic law system.

Razzle dazzle ’em! A great deal goes into one Mercury produced annual transit. We take a mid-year review to see how we can improvise.
Mercury’s job is to get messages across vast airwaves and through any metallic barrier. Mercury in astrology rules the 3rd House of communication, is influenced by the 1st House of Self and Appearances, and is finalized or sealed as a record or akashic file via Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, and can be finessed or seduced by Venus (charms). It can be enchanted by the mindset of philosophical Sagittarius.

For the most part Mercury is the Magician, Wizard, and ‘the other guy. The other guy being the person that gets what others lose or lose out on. Ever listen to “Give me one more chance?” by Gemini, Biggie Smalls. “I just ask what your interests are who you be with it…you gone be here for a while?…” He’s chatting up one to screw another. He’s doubling or multiplying his odds of getting “lucky”. In fact a person with a strong Mercury can do or accomplish much in very little time.

How? Broadcasting style and an indomitable communication skillset. Sagittarius sits across from Gemini. Both intelligence gather. Listening while others are “conversating” or not paying too much attention. They know the devil is in the details, because they have street smarts. They rise up the ranks playing the numbers aka “odds” in their favor. Logic and lightening intuition!

Mercury rules Gemini, governs Virgo, and enchants Jupiter. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and Pisces. Gemini knows if it can’t get a deal with one try all the others via mass communication. Social media, pagers, beepers, fax machines, world wide web, and digital email automation are all examples of mass communication.

Mass communicating means getting the word out to several at a time, versus one person, or word of mouth which can be either one or several people. Hotspots, buzz words, trends, and setting fashion are all Gemini couture lingo. Language and the ability to speaking several are also Gemini 3rd House. But repartee, wit, mindset thinking, vibes, and inner knowing are all Sagittarius. Sag sells products, Gemini sells you on the idea of that product. One is inverting or mirroring the weakness and playing off the strengths of the other.

Right now we have the South Node in Sagittarius balanced our past, unresolved karma (unfinished business or karmic lessons), and potential. Sagittarius rules and sovereigns 9th House activities. 9th House governs “luck” or luck cycles individually, not collectively. That gem belongs to Aquarius, Uranus, and the 11th House when we get into energy distribution.

Distribution is a giant cup (“Two of Cups) of “energy” dispensed to a person or a collection of people or group towards “one common goal”. Gemini and Sagittarius are responsible for separating and reconciling differences of opinion, thought, vibe, beliefs, and all that contribute to universal oneness. Universal oneness is what binds or brings people together. Negative, positive, or neutralizing.

North Node transits Gemini, occasionally dipping back into Cancer/Capricorn. North and South Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius will conclude Jan 18, 2022 when we switch over to Taurus/Scorpio.

Right now Rahu and Ketu in Vedic astrology are already in Taurus and Scorpio. There is more than one way to measure “time” and several astrology systems that gauge but the oneness of it all remains the same. Except in astrology systems using sidereal bias, lunar mansions, and so on but these relate to Eastern astrology but can be converted into Wester astrology timelines and “energy transits”.

Back to the fun stuff, that is what Mercury is all about. Of all the planets it is the “party animal” wild one and all around “Cruise Director of Fun, Entertainment, and activities that keep our minds active”. So health wise it’s Mercury placements when one is researching mental health topics when seeking advice, herbal expertise, or general guidance. By all means see professionals for health and nothing substitutes for seeing a professional when health is concerned. But in terms of matching “energy” to topic, Mercury has dominion.

Mercury is the “Godspeed” planet, subsidized by Uranus, Neptune modality. It is where we get thoughts, random flashes of insight, logic, and mental processes. But it stops there because like the Moon it travels the entire expanse of the universe faster than all other planets, asteroids, and so forth. It can second as a Moon or lunar force when messages are delayed or “bottlenecked”.

When Mercury retrogrades that’s when we have the most breakdowns in equipment, technology, or anything related to communicating. It is double minded. Meanings and hidden meanings. Being direct and using innuendo. In and out of a matter. Saying one thing doing another and getting away with (?) Although I feel personally, Uranus is more that role. Mercury “twins” or, cloaks energy of anything, anyone, or any intellectual entity.

Like Venus, Mercury mirrors, reflects, and polarizes. It makes things “fluid” like silver when it heats. It also mimics and is home of mimicry. Are you speaking to the real or the other (?) In spirituality do we truly know for certain we are speaking to this or that angel or spirit? It could be a genie, djinn, or deva. Mercury shares the gifts of telepathy, some psionics, and mentalist talents with Uranus.

From now until end of 2020 Mercury is hoping we “perceive the bigger picture”. Mercury drives from spot to spot so it has little time to babysit our decision making. Love is energy. Money is “energy”. Energy spent, invested, or saved. If you work in sales or sales related careers you will need to be versatile, to adapt to whatever zodiac You will need to love what you do or how you do it. Soon, Sun twins Mercury in Leo around the 18th of August, the New Moon re-energizes via Mars, Galactic Center, and a host of other planets/luminaries. On that day we will have a Superior Mercury in Leo.

Leo as “twins” exposes polarity as “extremes”. Light to dark. Angel to
Demon. Highest to lowest. In the Deviant Tarot, you see this pictured in The Sun card Key 19. The number 19 relates to karmic cycles ending and the results of those karmic cycles. Will an event be a karmic reward or karmic debt? It along with Mercury, Sun, Pluto, and more – are summing up karmic balance.

Mercury enters Scorpio in September. This transit will be huge! Saturn will go direct in Capricorn. A Full Moon in Aries couples with Chiron in October sets the stage for us to “dig deeper” for answers when Venus transits Virgo. If you’ve been broke or in a bad relationship for a while, these are key events for “breaking” that cycle, pattern, or loop theory. It’s getting out of it and going or moving into something much better unless your decisions add or sum up to “unfinished business”. Unfinished business and the South Node in Sagittarius is universal karma or prana in Eastern astrology systems.

October, Pluto quincunx or “crowns” North Node. Sappho exalts in Scorpio, in October, and like the “ant that prepares” we need to be free to use upcoming “new karma”. First, we must clear old karma or “unfinished business” relates to true feelings we hide but use to “hold on” to someone or something. It’s a form of holding someone or something “back”, an emotional tie that needs to be addressed. Is what you feel what you will feel down the line? Or is one being strung along for the heck of it? You can let go even if someone else is holding on to you.

How? Speak. Write. Or start seeing a therapist to help you get “clarity”. If you had this or that, what would it mean to you? How would you keep it? Is it something or someone you really need moving forward? Or are you not addressing the issue by being too busy? This one practice of making decisions builds or rebuilds “mindset”.

The prestige that opens the door or releases you from being captive to undesired situations and karmic ties. Universe is saying, “Okay, this is where you decide stay or leave? Are you in or out of this group? Have you learned or completed the lesson?” Yes, others can pull strings to keep one physically in debt, out of work, or without resource but emotionally you have topped out. Speaking of writing, between now and into November, check all documents, paperwork, and letters of signature for “authenticity”.

Misunderstandings. Mercury will present situations that are all 6s and 7s retrograding October 13 in Scorpio. If you work in the accounting or finance professions don’t just rubber stamp everything crossing your desk.

Catch, match, and sync up details for anything issued as payment to others. It may save your job, the company money, and potential financial loss down the line. Around the 27th of October, Mercury regresses into Libra aligning with Venus. Jupiter quincunx North Node! We’ll be seeing “doubles”, copies, or doppelgangs. It will be hard to get a direct answer on anything if there is no hard facts or documentation in place. Make copies of all contracts after signing and put them up in safe places.

That means universe has to rematch new vibration and place one in a new employment, new home, new phone number, new relationship, new [fill in the blank]. Just in time before a September Full Moon in Pisces, Jupiter trine Sun, and Saturn direct transit. In universe when events don’t match the metaphysical, it creates “holds” for all parties.

These holds are called “Hanged Man” or cliffhangers in tarot. When we are waiting with great anticipation and frustration. Frustration builds into hidden resentment. Make it okay “to not know” when there is pressure. Look at what you can do while waiting, focus on other matters. If you are the one holding things allow time to psychoanalyze. Do you really want to be tied to this or that?

Why? What benefit is it to you in the near future? Is it for the higher good
of all involved? Is pettiness involved? Character checks and balances sever karmic ties and downloads Mercurial energy you can tool for “blessings” not the other stuff. Work with the supernatural not against it. We are living in supernatural timelines – “Lion’s Gateways” are supernatural events and opportunity for divine makeovers. The person you become will be nothing like the person you were limited to being.

Plans? There is always the chance or likelihood of the supernatural, also a Leo Twin aspect. Leo and Aquarius are “the supernatural” domains because they relate to the spirit realms as “doors”. Hence the term, “Lionsgate”. There are three (x2) doors or dates when changes occur and we need to know which to go through when universe says, “Okay, this is where you decide”.

That means there is a sextuplicity of options or ways that one decision can pan out for you. It mass communicating at a Divine level of authenticity. These decisions will swing back around in November as wise or unwise, when Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, Vesta, Juno, and more asteroids congeal “rulings”, aka “final decisions”. Universe flows on timelines using guidelines of “time”. How long this will happen, how much of that will be sufficient or satisfactory for “outcome”, results, or productivity.

There is no rush to decisions. But there is a concern of making your next life changing decision one that takes you through doors that lead to your personal best life. We want to be ready for when Mercury enters Sagittarius and Capricorn in December. But unfinished business can hold one back until there is clear feeling one way or another.

Where do you wish to go next in life? With who by your side? Where do you see yourself working in 5, 10, 15 years? Doing what kind of work or career? Will you be married? Who do you see being the person you wake up to? Want to go to college? How long? All of these type of decisions require “research”. Spiritual research more than physical due to current world climates and eco systems. We need to be happy to be productive. We need to remove resentments, hidden or otherwise.

We must be transparent to others that are also deciding whether we fit “in” with them or what they are about as a business, employer, guru, church, or spouse. If you are in the market for love. The ideal time to date is now. The best or ideal time for marriage before October 31st will be around September 7th through to the 12th. Alignments with Mercury are highly favorable for combining income, bad with good karma, and stabilizing financial roots.

Two are better than one, but if you are one try to communicate more with those that get what you are all about. Chatting is a Mercurial way of “getting lucky” all the way around. Good Karma! Joy! Happiness gathering!

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