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August 16 – 17 Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun set the stage for new worlds to open.  We prepare for the second Lion’s Gate portal, out of three.  We recognize the 1st on August 8, hope for the 2nd on the 17, and pretend to ignore the outcomes on the last date.  888 is the Angel Number of Universe as a giant door.  How do we unlock it?  Mercury the planet of genius, emissary of Uranus (technology), and guide of Neptunian intelligence opens books, doors, mindsets, closed heart chakras, and a host of other things we are bored about or with?  It serves as the altar and lights the fuse of inner wisdom, we know in the spiritual community as “Serpentine Fire”.
Vestal flames! The asteroids Vesta, Juno, Pallas, Eros, Eris, Sappho, Psyche, Isis, Osiris, Lilith, Hekate, Orcus, Karma, Child, and Trans-pluto all put in work or “say so”.  Just a handful of the luminaries playing out destiny.  Our current world cycle spins into the next realm of “wisdom”.  Wisdom being the fire or spark of inspiration.  Inner Wisdom being the Serpentine Flame or Rainbow of Genius needed to address, fulfill supply & demand (economy), and Uranus going retrograde on August 15th.  This will be the seventh move or transit Uranus makes before returning direct, January 2021.  In astronomy Uranus is represented as a planet of “fire” or events that spark life or life altering, aka “change”.
Uranus is the agent of transformation in astrology.  It shows flagship points or moment when life turned in a new direction whether we knew it or not.  Uranus is the only planet whose energy flows UP and DOWN.  It manifests like a waterfall or well spring.  Like all well springs we don’t miss the water until it plum dries out, and we search to dig for new wells of “wellness”, holistic healing, fresh or refreshing ideals, and other forms of “technology”.  Technology is all about balancing logic with intelligence that may or may not make any sense at all.  Why?  Uranus as the ruler of Aquarius, 11th House, and host of the “ourosbouros” philosophy is relatively a young planet with an ancient history related to its predecessor Saturn in Greek mythology and modern science.
Uranus challenges religion by introducing “counters” or shadows.  It is the shadow of Sun and astrology Ground Hog of loop theory.  It inspires and simultaneously, inflicts.  It dares one to act against convention for the sake of higher good of the collective.  It can slow us down (retrograde) to make us put more thought into one system of doing or it can speed us up by introducing trail blazing pioneers in industry.  Uranus in Greek mythology was the son of Aether (Aethyr) the nothingness or VOID of CHTONIA (catatonia).  Uranus is a direct parallel planet to Pluto.  Uranus represents short term or temporary changes spawning long term effects e.g. Butterfly Effect, Law of Cause and Effect, Strength in Numbers, and Domino Effects.  All of these have a direct relation to Pluto and a sidereal incorporeality to Uranus based on application of predictability of possibilities.  Uranus is a highly scientific, mathematical, and impervious planet that governs the outcome of any potentiality.  Uranus cousins Venus the ruling planet of Libra, governing planet of Taurus – whose real home “Pan Horus” is yet to be recognized.  It provides coitus to the theory of Vulcan the hidden sun.
From the 18th a New Moon in Leo sheds light using the Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and MORE as prisms or “spectrums of light”.  We didn’t start the fire because it was always burning.  It is the altar of time, the spark of what makes “history”, and the flame of ontology observation.  Ontology is the study of history as a whole, that which is known, hidden, or suppressed but reviewed as law, karmic law, law of karma, and the “apple” or “lemon” of industry.  It is a gander a deep one into the heart and soul of a matter from an industrial point of view.  Industrial being the door, imagination being the key, and soul being the hard work we are willing to put in as an effort to evolve.  Soul growth, growing pains, and wounds in the soul being healing at any given set of time, time grid, and Divine Timeline.
Boredom is a serious thing or modus operandi to be concerned about.  Think about it when we are bored we have all this time to do well, nothing, something, or everything we ever dreamt about achieving.  Life is a series of events, choices, desires, and hidden “whatevers”.  How we build energy influences the direction of that energy or does it?  Laws says one thing, counter laws show another.  Life cycles are one giant mirror.  What we think of may not be our thoughts but another on the other side of that proverbial mirror, transmitting “new ideas” to us.  Are we reflecting from a mirror?  Seeing in the mirror?
Temperance XI Rider Waite
Or are we the mirror of another side or version of the self within?  Could that be what the figure is pondering while sitting under a tree of knowledge?  While that figure is sitting under the tree are they taking advantage of the fruit falling from the limbs of that tree? Or is the fruit falling to the ground, falling into place, or falling victim to an incessant cycle of production?  That tree is going to produce whether there is a figure underneath to acknowledge, recognize, enjoy or not.  In nature, natural laws operate without our direct collaboration.  The sun rises, and sets.  The moon circulates the planet and processes various cycles of each zodiac.  Stars shine in space and rotate.  Every now and then we see shooting stars, meteors shower, and comets blaze.
North (Gemini) and South Nodes (Sagittarius) reconcile New Moon, Inferior Mercury in Cancer, Superior Mercury in Leo to declutter Galactic Center, Great Attraction, and polarize Earth (Gaia).  Well?  Universe demands, “What’s it gonna be…this or that?”  So if there is nothing new under the sun, the sun being that proverbial tree, is there anything new we can gather as fruit for thought?  Can we reinvent if everything we think of as been done before in some other timeline, life time, or civilization?  Can we out do was was done before?  Can we extend make it operate better?  Can an old car be pimped out into a sweet new joy ride?   What happens when we jump inside cars with no driver? Empty spaces like that figure underneath the tree deserve a greater gain of knowledge.  Knowledge about laws, natural laws, cosmic laws, and fixed star astrology laws which never change but always evolve as “modus operandi” vehicles. “If this or that hadn’t happened neither would blah blah blah” is an example of modus operandi as a “moda”.
Modus being many into one, and moda being one spawning into many.  One decision rolling into several outcomes.  Rolling stone philosophy, one father with a bunch of kids from various Mothers.  Uranus is “free thought” acceptance of life in all its expressions.  Acceptance of all different types of one thing or belief as a “rainbow” or pride.  A prop of support and transmission vehicle to the Angelic realms.  It is through uranian airwaves we perceive the ideas of prefixes as classification systems, groups of people, tribes, beliefs, belief systems, and being “non conventional”.  Rebellious.
Modus or moda operandi, a set way or standard of doing something as a process of production.  In astrology there are various levels or vehicles of how one thing or one set of things operates.  There may or may not be a manual.  The only manual is the person that experienced or blazed the first trail.  Whose on first is  not just a clever Abbott and Costello joke we love to see played out in films, but a philosophy of the Laws of Cause and Effect played out in real life decision making.  That job we chose over others.  The outfit we decided to turn into a new fashion or trend wasn’t just an accidental apple falling out a tree of possibilities.  Like the Law of Gravitation, some things are set or setting all other things in motion, binding or tying one event into another or one person into a full scale corporation.  One person’s idea spawns a generation of potential universal outcomes.  If Newton hadn’t discovered the Law of Gravity?  Would it influence how we perceive reality?  Timing?  Or the art of predicting the future?  We call that divination.  By observation one can perceive how fruitful manifestations will become as a business, career, money making venture, or donation of charity or goodwill for others to employ and enjoy.
August 21st acts as a binding component.  Like minds meet! Spark!  Brainstorm! Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Uranus, and its’ parallel – Pluto decide “the this and thats”.  For the last Lionsgate or meeting of the Akrs!  Polarity.  Laws of Attraction.  Quantum physics.  Quarks! How many recipes can we produce from on apple or lemon of knowledge?
Why an apple or lemon?  They represent controversy over tradition.  Traditionally we think the Tree of Knowledge was indeed apple, but some historians argue it may have well been a lemon.  How many ways can we reinvent the proverbial “lemonade stand” to sell, improve sales, and merchant wares, services, and novel ideas of a future only dreamt about?  What moment of boredom inspired Sam Walton to create, found, and open the first Walmart store?  In the 70s when he had little or no start up money to build such a huge conglomerate, Sam, the simple man in overalls, and a red ball cap offered something others mocked.  He offered employees ownership of his company, stocks, and entitle-ships.  People laughed!  Until those employees that stuck with the company’s growth became “millionaires”.  Now, new generations of “thinkers” are born, launching new boons of wealth, technology, new age healing, and yes reiki!  Uranus is the progenitor of all things “reiki”.
It is a manifesto or altar of energy rites, with secret passages, codes, and matrices spawning potentiality or alter universe blueprints.  Father Uranus and Mother Earth hatch all kinds of new ways for all to eat the fruit of the “womb of innovation”.  There is also the dark side of Uranus the succubi and incubi of inspiration.  Sexual frustration is boredom as well.  Seven year itches ring a bell?  Be wary of poaching the mates of others.  Karma and karmic cycles apply strongest during Uranus transits.  For several esoteric reasons and natural laws even Libra can’t sovereign.  Saturn, Pluto, and other planets sanction or restrict.  Uranus innovates as a celestial guide or counsel of natural law.  It is a sovereign planet meaning it has its own set of bylaws, which allow it to do its own thang.  In this way, it is a kin to Sun or a solar twin.  Increase of activity, more water, workouts suited to body type not what others expect, will produce best results.  Maybe you aren’t a runner.  Maybe you are a dancer.  Yoga ingenue?  Uranus dares us to try new ways to break out of conformity or that which binds.  It is the snake encircling the egg of genius.  What works for one may or may not be “one size fits all”.  But it can fit one size of a collective at any given time or timeline.
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How?  Sam was so sure his idea of selling novelty products would work he was willing to bet it all or lay it all on the line to prove it.  Not in vain or vanity, but in the vein of pioneering the norm, Walmart became a boon example of “boredom” being the Mother of Invention.  Out of God knows what thoughts he was having about being broke, frustrated, and without Sam tooled the ideal way to market, supply and demand.  He took a microcosmic need and expanded a macrocosm for one stop shopping.  We see this happening now post Covid 19 which literally put to fire many industries turning the old way to shop into havens of new ways to purchase, rebuild, and retool old concepts.  The natural Law of Supply and Demand never ceases.  Question is how can you put yourself in the lemonade stand business to profit from the fruits of Mother Nature?  In a ecofriendly and #goodkarma means?
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