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Overall Energy for November 2019

Nov 1 Venus enters Sagittarius
Nov 8 Saturn sextile Neptune 16°01’


Nov 12 Full Moon in Taurus 19°52′
Nov 19 Mars enters Scorpio
Nov 20 Mercury Direct 11°35’D
Nov 22 Sun enters Sagittarius
Nov 25 Venus enters Capricorn
Nov 26 New Moon in Sagittarius 4°03′
Nov 27 Neptune Direct 15°56’D
Source: Cafe Astrology http://www.cafeastrology.com
Aries Secret feelings! Aries is told one thing, but could feel there is more beneath the surface. In other cases, Aries is told the truth but is not apt to believe. Why? Emotional wounds. Past relations. Skeletons in the closet. Aries or the other persons, or other persons in a group. There was and will be a ‘mask Aries will have this over whelming OCD desire or urge to break beyond to get at the truth. Why? Things may not add up. But it is upon Aries to decide who is and who isn’t telling the truth, be it the other person or Aries. Remember when pointing one finger there are at least three others and a thumb pointed back at the self. That’s where truth begins. Honest. As November is all about heart’s desires, Sagittarius’ fire, and penchant for being brutally honest, getting to the bottom line is crucial to closing deals, moving forward, and getting forgiveness. Forgiveness is what Aries seeks most but may deny needing out of pride or a prideful stance. Whether it was a crime, crime of passion, or passion unanswered it is on Aries to play detective and be willing to admit when the problem is pointing back at the self. Honesty especially self honesty works wonders because it releases one from soul wounds whether self inflicted or at the cost of pleasing others. There is a fine balance and Libra can help IF Libra or libran energies are willing to let Aries “In” to their heart or be understanding. What if one doesn’t want to understand the human heart or its condition? What if one just wants to get right to the answer, cut through all the rhetoric, and seal the deal? That too, is something Aries will need to figure out for self. Short term? Long term? Is this the ideal situation, place, thing, person, or relation or is Aries settling until something better comes along? Meditation on a daily basis and tuning into one’s heart space is essential throughout November.
Taurus Soulmates. Soul mating? Soul to Soul connections. Interupting the soulmating rituals of others? All of these topics and relatives can complicate overall energy or ability to relate to what others are speaking from their heart to Taurus. If Taurus is all about self there leaves little room or space for the input of others to sound off, doesn’t it? Taurus is known to be an excellent listener, granter of wishes, and person others can generally rely on to come through in times of crises. For Taurus, Leo energy shines light on essential connections necessary to blossom or transform from the mundane into the spectacular. Ever observe a Leo throughout their day? Be it Leo – Sun, Moon, Ascendant – this zodiac can multitask and get much done socially by the end of their day and be personable about it. Perhaps this can be a great road map to success, observing or researching the healthy habits of a Leo close to your heart. There is also a tendency to get bored or complacent in relations or relationships. This extends in business dealings or working with clients, or “picky” customers. How can you get to know someone that won’t allow you into their heart space? Do they have reason to block or black out emotionally? Is this a person that comes from some deeply emotional past or wounded past? Treating those that have walked long distances or helping those in crises (i.e. suicide victims) can not only make you feel better, but something like a super hero. If you know of a person in crises put them first not to smother but to nurture and show them how valuable they true are or can be to one’s community. God doesn’t make mistakes, and Taurus it’s your job to ambassador this sentiment by showing love from one’s soul. Contracts or legal dealings won’t stick until there is a true soul to soul connection or meeting of terms. Being on the same page? Is Taurus treating one as they’d like to be treated in return? Energy we put out returns, so make it positive energy RETURNS.
Gemini Soul mate energy. What makes it different from any other type of energy? How is it so valuable to Gemini or Gemini energy fields? Ever meet a person, 15 minutes 8 secs after speaking there is this feeling of being drained? Ever meet another person and have the opposite effect? Universe is teaching Gemini a valuable tool, how to know or recognize “gems”. Not just diamonds in the rough, but persons that have a cultured or worldly travelled wisdom to them. A pearl. When Gemini does see or recognize value what do you intend to do with it? Market? Trade it off? Pawn it off? Many a person has mistakenly sold off something very valuable to someone that DID recognize. How many executives passed on prime projects with “blockbuster” written all over them? Ask or read stories by authors like J. K. Rowling? She keeps her “rejection” letters as souvenirs and is quick to point this out to new artists trying to break into a new or well kept industry. Being a pal in need, a voice, agent, or representative in sales boons wealth when its for all the right intentions. Same goes in love, one wants to keep a certain feeling in tact to avoid loss in translation. Maybe it’s time to be direct with someone and stop using third parties, buddies, or pals to convey messages. Getting it straight from the _______’s mouth is how Gemini moves out of ruts financially, and emotionally. We can’t take until we give something of similar value 1st. A measure of love is what one is willing to give in exchange for it.
Cancer Coups. Coups of state. Being politically correct or patriotic squashes a lot of rhetoric, unworthy cooler talk, and settles office spats with diplomacy. Libran energy will feel good like a new fur coat to you. In fact, that’s how Cancer goes about trying on new things, people, places, or ideas. When one tries on an outfit, what does one seek for the ideal fit? How does it feel? Cinderella and post Halloween energies won’t leave you with a haunted feeling. Why? Cancer loves nostalgia, the kind that means something dear to one’s heart. But Cancer will not base key decisions on emotion. Like Pisces and Scorpio, Cancer will lock up, shut down shop, and slide away into the darkness to avoid energy that fits like a too tight shoe or cheap suit. Culture has many Cancers finding love true outside of one’s own race, but within one’s belief. That’s what will draw Cancer to “The One” a shared or similar way of looking at things, ideas, or spiritual abstracts. The more one has to converse about and the longer the conversation, the greater awareness Cancer has within that this could be that ‘pearl one has been seeking like a Arabian Tale of many. One feels they are batting A-1000! Again. Yeah! No commercials just depth, love, and truth shared between two people with the Moon in their eyes, and the world in their hearts. The soul will be shared at least for Cancer, because Cancer is all about being in one’s ‘soul not getting lost in feelings that may or may not mean a damn thing. Cancer eschews loyalty a highly royal and Leoine trait. Why? If that person is loyal in the small things they will be loyal when it comes to bigger picture items like living together, cohabiting space, and shopping for groceries both or all will enjoy.
Leo Leo some might describe you as dismissive. Quick to cut off or release when one sense 100% BS coming from the mouth or anal area. To Leo, there’s no difference between the two. Being on the toilet and possessing a potty mouth will send any Leo running far away. Quick! Why? Leo is all about time, timing, the angelic, the demonic, and matching or aligning with soul missions. If something or someone is taking or stealing any of these itesm as ‘energy or energetic pulls Leo shuts down the show, sends every one home without party favors, and draws lines through names on VIP-RSVP list for future events. Leo loves a party especially being the Hostess with the Mostess! It’s not about being the center of the room but to Leo it is about sharing glory, claims to glory, or just a damn good story. In fact, in love this may be how someone bends an ear or keeps Leo entertained, a good story. Leo like Capricorn loves personality, grit, and a person that can’t be easily charmed. Like Libra, Leo gravitates towards mean, surly, and hard to get to know types. Why? Bragging rights and Leo knows if a person is hard for them to know it won’t be easy for the next guy or gal to steal this person’s heart away. But there is the thing of looks, superficiality, and can I bring this person around my friends? Well, Leo that is where you will have to pass a test, sing for your supper, or get back into a heart that was like a closed door to you. Figure out how to get back in and be willing to lay that big heart on the line. Leo has nothing to lose when one can see the potential another is hiding or keeping sacred. Make the move, apology, or explanation. Why? Would you demand any thing less for someone carolling for your heart, Leo?
Virgo Be careful of fake friends, vouching for superficial types, or persons who offer proverbial ‘wooden nickels. Ask them for specifics, contracts, things in writing – if they are serious Virgo they will put their money, paperwork, or anything else where their mouth is. Virgo is ordering a side of “fries, without the lies”. In fact ordering from a menu is how to use that powerful ability to manifest dreams or ideas into something ideal. Virgo is known for being thorough be it in researching how a business works best, or a lover screams at the top of their head from 100% ecstasy. Virgo has an unusual gift in concentrating on facts. You will listen while multitasking other duties on a mile long checklist. All items on lists be it checklists or bucket lists will be completed within a specified time. Virgo works hard and plays harder. This is what Virgo will find most attractive in love. A person they can partner up with and that will do their share of work without shirking, lies, or sending placating texts. If someone loves, truly loves the last thing that person will do is use the power of persuasion to do the unthinkable! Virgo red flags come when meeting someone with good game for talking the draws off, pull them back up, walk out, close the door, and never call that person again. If someone did bring or invoke harm, Pluto is right there listening and broadcasting to three other power planets to attract karmic retribution. Just keep silent. Stop listening to excuses, lies, and rhetoric. Ask the right questions and wait for an answer. it’s time to separate the real or genunie article from the doppelganger. That’s what research is all about. Paying closer attentions to details.
Libra Indecision. Lags in answers. Long pauses. Eye rolls. All show signs of someone being caught or caught up. Deception is something Libra is usually quick to detect but what about when dealing with another Libra? Or person with the same gifts? Mirroring another can be fun but it can also end up running that person off or turning them on to someone else. Other options are like doors that haven’t been opened. Why push others away with unspecified or vague responses? Charm is Libra’s #1 secret weapon! Libra knows exactly what to say, when, and how to close deals. But all Libras aren’t fair and all librans aren’t clever or won’t try to be to get someone to see their POV of a idea, project, or financial endeavor. Ever watch comedy classics? Abbot and Costello. Martin and Lewis. Martin and Sinatra. Sinatra and Brando. Yeah! All of these combos or power partnerships had a theme in their routine, someone played the “straight guy” and the other fed the lines or knew the jokes. Another example is Burns and Allen, coming across as a classic is more than a novice move. It shows class when conversing over or about any key topic others will be drawn into your charms with. Capital! Study chemistry, natural chemistry in partnerships – now put this into how one relates in love, business, finance, and be fair and honestly “clever”.
Scorpio Love is still at the door! Someone could show up out of the blue. Universe is motivating a person from the past to make wrongs right with you, again. There is no pressure on Scorp’s part to let this person back in. Universe wants Scorp to show compassion, bigger picture thinking, and being the bigger person in a major rowl or disagreement. This person or group if at the work or office environment will recognize where something or a key project went very wrong. It’s up to you to forgive and let bygones be just that “Bye and Gone”. Forgiving doesn’t mean being the door mat or doormate, it’s a chance to clear the air so all parties involved can move on in the right direction. Happy Birthday! Scorpio like Taurus’ are the quintessentail priest-ess types. Scorpio naturally makes times to listen, understand, and know the ‘why-s of a matter before dismissing it entirely or writing it off. One of the most unjudgmental of the zodiacs, and the darkest Scorpio dwells from a soulplace as Leo lives from its heart. Scorpio is called the Water Lion or Water Dragon because of a rare ability to handle intense emotional depths with poise and 100% polish. Scorpio has already mastered the lessons of Libra and is now in its rightful place as a “Master” in its field, knowledge, art, science, or astrology. Scorpio rules all things occult, and is the master of understanding how to work esotericism. This is the reason behind picking a soulmate. Once Scorpio meets “the one” everything else falls right into place. Why? Scorpio fulfills the din of universal law and this includes the Book of Love!
Sagittarius Cats. Bags. Fashion. Emotional baggage. Jumping? Yeah! Sagittarius is a specialist at healing deep soul wounds. The original heart+mender to Gemini-s heart-breaker process. Sagittarius will put a heart on the mend faster than one can type this horoscope. How? That’s Sag’ secret weapon. But it has a lot to do with being a keen observer of life, things that happens, signs read as “red flags” and a high understanding of how a heart might have been broken in the 1st place. Sag is great at re-tracking and re-tracing old steps, habits, vultures…oops cultures.  Typo! Sagittarius are natural philosophers and philosophy is a central process to clearing, energy clearing, and healing a broken psyche. Sag – if you are seeking an ideal position or fulfilling job, counseling, psychology therapy, suicide prevention seminars, and being a radio “voice” that soothes can create or generate lots of $$$! When you do this for others they want or desire to pay you back or return the love you gave. Just be clear in love connections, new ones if one is single and available or seeking someone single to spend time with. They can be two different things. Sag-s love a love triangle and can manage them quite well, until – envy comes into play. Being honest gets you your way. If one is finagling less and just telling it like it is, what can the other person say to rebut or change you? They can’t. This is a niche for Sag as a career, love interest, business, or service others love to keep on speed dial. It’s all about creating order and sales orders. If one is being honest in the 1st place, there is far less of any more cats jumping out of bags, isn’t there? Yes, that includes bags with couture names inside.
Capricorn Lists. Wish lists. Check lists. ISH lists…wait! ISHlists? Yes that’s a fancy way of saying Sh*tlist. We all have them even and especially Capricorns. Capricorns take a long time to forgive when others take a longer time coming clean about something. In the words of a famous Cappy, Humphrey Bogart, Cappy won’t “play the sap” or vouch for someone that lies to them. How can one argue, debate, or win a big case when the facts are estranged, scattered, or don’t match up to the story one is listening or tuning OUT from? Some Caps will be moving, grooving, and bringing home the bacon closing power deals that have been on the table for some time. Being less physical and more spiritual wil do just that bring home the bacon, eggs, and imported cheeses. Know the facts, do the research, team up with a hardworking Virgo or Aquarius with the time to assist and not just sit back and let Cap do all the work. That will happen and could be why one is left drained. When others don’t do things as Cappy would it makes it difficult to build trust from clients that faithfully toss business in your direction. In business for self? Entrepreneurship will reignite passions but it can leave a bed cold if there is little balance or if one is staying at the office more for romance and less for business. Office romances, love triangles, and love-try-Angels are warnings of over booking oneself. Loyalty and devotion are best in monogamous relations and relationships. Cappy makes its name in being niche or a specialist, and that implies monogamy, customization, and catering to others’ needs first. But balance what you desire by matching and not settling. Shop around not just for fashion buys but the ideal “love”, too!
Aquarius Sealing the deal. Pure product. Raw talent. Connections. Fan bases. Time to achieve using checklists for goals, reaching aims, and satisfying others’ heart desires. “We” the word implies more than an “I” perception, right? Seeing doors that are about to open and be prepared to enter them before the competition puts Aquarius on another level. Health concerns, high stress levels, dietary needs, and filtering what one is exposed to is vital to revitalizing ‘You”. It’s about knowledge. Knowledge is power. Before knowledge is knowledge, it’s data – first. Virgo,Cancer, and Scorpio will show you the real data or give one the skinny behind the scenes without stealing one’s thunder in key presentations, pitch parties, or sales endeavors. Outdoor smoozing is also cool. Ever close a deal golfing on the green? Invest in memberships to secret societies without getting caught up in strings. Use a Libra as your eloquent third party to arrange meetings or smooth over a bad meeting but ask for things in writing. Mercury going retro will influence Aquas the MOST? Why? Aquarius is “the star” in a field of stars that all take turns playing the starring role beside Leo (Sun) energies. Alchemy is a speciality for you Aquarius but only if you go after new talent fresh faces and give others their turn in the Sun. Making money, being successful, and philanthropic cosmically never had anything to do with holding grudges or shutting others’ out that one might need as vital ingredients in secret recipes of successful undertakings. Be slow to vouch for slackers or those that hide key facts from you. If they will lie to you they will lie to people Aquarius does big business with. Who needs that reputation? Same goes in love, Be direct when dating, mating, or matching up or identifying deal breakers. Longevity is key to renewal of vitality, that and loyal-ties.
Pisces Karma. Karmic cycles. Generational stuff. Mother or matriarchal issues. Others see you as the nurturer but may be slow to nurture you when its your turn. Scale back. Give less but give personal best in snippets. Soul mating is nothing new to you. In fact Pisces in astrology, and soul astrology IS the contract one needs to secure massive wealth. It’s the secret meaning behind being a ‘whale or whale type that swallows things up whole without burping, farting, or apology for being at ease with self. In fact being at ease is what Pisces requires and may find it easier to establish off the top in new relationships, jobs, or anything dealing with closing deals. Others will come to the party, close the deal, and sell the real estate gem – IF there is a Pisces involved in the negotiations. Pisces as the last is aligning with universe to be first when it comes to getting wishes to be true. Wish come true is more Aquarian, and many Pisces will find Aquarians easier than other zodiacs to grant their wishes. They are right next to each other and no other sign understand Pisces like Aquarius because Pisces will be the next sign Aqua will have to complete in the Wheel. Empathy for the ________________? That’s the right approach to completion filling in the blanks as best as one can. Don’t force getting facts, hold outs, or someone holding you back. It’s a waste of energy for Pisces. Let others answer for their own action. Avoid asking questions, it frees your time to do whatever Pisces’ heart desires and that fulfills universal law to the letter. Universe has its eyes open and is aware of past deeds of others’ talking about it except to a therapist or psychology professional will get Pisces through swirling waters, proverbial Charybdis and Syclla’s – Cinderella’s evil stepsisters. Oh, wait that’s another story. Be like that on to the next…story…plot…twist…and personal Book of Love. Many will present themselves to be at least a chapter, with the hopes of being more than just a page, or another pretty face.

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