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10. Suite 5000, Mandarin Oriental New York, New York City, New York — $36,000

A super swanky chic hotel suite.

A venerable gentleman or WHAT APPEARS to be “man” reads his newspaper.

Door bell buzzes.

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A servant answers and opens the door.

Image result for men that don't dress their age

The Caller, is about 50ish bedecked in glamourous rags and beside him is a beautiful girl that disappears when he enters the suite.  The gentleman invites his guest over to a set up game of CHESS. The chess table is pure marble and supported by a well sculpted “frozen” figurine as its stem and its face resembles that beautiful girl that disappeared.


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A certain young man “Dugan” walks IN, ready to be heard, and seal his destiny.  All lifetimes he has been successful at knowing just when to walk away from impending doom and disaster…but this time he has entered The Twilight Zone…

Ready to make a deal with…?

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Told ya!

The Devil and Daniel Webster, film 40s

Gentleman speaks and extends his hand for a handshake. His guest obliges taking a seat at the table with the Chess board on it. The chair seems made out of the best materials, worthy of one that sees them self as “Emperor del Diablo”. It’s a chair truly made for a Emperor.

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But that seems to be the question at hand.

“Where are the papers?”

The guest tosses a huge satchel filled with what looks like contracts, “soul contracts”. Squeezing his chin this delights the older man that now sifts through each searching for a particular contract with great chagrin.  The guest asks a passing servant for “drinks and libation” to satisfy his parched “soul”.  It seems he can never be satiated and is always on thirst for a good “drink”.  One like “She” would make for them both.

“Now everything seems to be here except…one very important contract Dugan.”  Dugan is the name of the guest.

“O Wicked One! Glorious Sun! All is accounted for I assure you. Search again.”

With the wave of his hand the papers fly up into the air, FREEZE and one by one The Devil searches each for what it is seeking.  Delighted, he doesn’t find it and with another wave the papers are neatly stashed BACK inside the satchel and the bag closes itself with a SNAP that chills Dugan.

Image result for american beauty swirling paper

Swirling Bag – film, American Beauty 

“You created the world but the blueprint is incomplete.  Therefore I am not able to solidify you as THE TITLE IN QUESTION.”

“WHAT!? Look at all these deeds I did in your name, honor, and position as ARCHON imperato! Now I demand my end of the deal! I sold my soul for this! I demand to be HER EMPEROR!”

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Bracken Moor

Bracken Moor, theatre scene

“Yes evidently many others were sold out in the process of stealing four of her creative works pawning them off as your own. Selling her ideas to others without securing or paying her for the rights to any.  Homelessness? Wow! (Sucking its teeth with chagrin) Oooh, and this gem! Using her grandson as the secret ingredient sacrifice for a political campaign and agenda.”

“These weren’t my ideas!”

Image result for devil and daniel webster

Devil and Daniel Webster, official LOC registry

“Not owning up to your wicked wicked ways. HOW deviant-ly low!  I LOVE IT! As a fellow narcissist you make me proud but as her BENEFACTOR you make me puke.”

The Devil laughs wickedly. Loudly. It rattles the window panes.

With a POOF! And abracadabra a LARGE SOUL CONTRACT APPEARS and drops heavily on the Chess table not disturbing the pieces.

Image result for bedazzled contract

Bedazzled, film


With a WAVE of the papers of the contract fly and swirl about the head of Dugan.  He is reading its terms and telepathing acceptance of a “memory” or previous deal struck from a prior memory. Same place, different time, same suite and same Devil. One of the papers STOPS and is suspended as “terms” are highlighted with an imaginary yellow highlighter, the Devil’s pointing finger marks the spot.

“Ah there it is. The terms stipulate “marriage” and She whom you inquire about is single by design both yours and hers. You see you married this person and gave what you needed to give her to this other person. Now that person is entitled to whatever and all of what you possess. But all that you have done to create “bargains” has unfortunately simultaneously created LARGE luminous debts, karmic debts. Like dominoes one stacked and leaning on the weight of the other. Still you did not fulfill the terms as stipulated. Which means I owe you “nothing” for your woes. In order for you to clear the debts you had to marry HER and set “HER” up as EMPRESS in physical as well as spiritual. She is my direct HEIR and as such THE ONLY “ONE” entitled. You gave the best of your personal worst to her. You committed all these sins to clear but treated her poorly and now she is no longer on the hook as a “option” to be your personal patsy. This makes reconciliation impossible.  You and the new wife — oh where are my manners, congratulations on the nuptials by the way — anyhow you gave away the legacy, forfeited all rights, and unscrupulously screwed over MY HEIR!”

Ol’ Scratch holds up a different file and stack of paperwork. This now swirls around and Dugan reads each telepathically. With each sin committed directly towards “Her” his head lowers in shame.

“You chose the wrong person to marry.  Therefore adjustments must be made according to the Laws. What you discarded and tossed to the sea with out right disrespect has only worked against the very goal you seek.  To be Emperor one must be HER Emperor, and this you are not.  But you are the Emperor to the one you married, wait – she is not a Divine.  So you are no longer any title of importance based on this marriage which means you also give UP all rights to be anything of value to me.   You did not submit the necessary paperwork, and you also did not fall in love, marry, and wed my heir as stipulated. In short, you did not fulfill the terms of our deal to substantiate the making of a new deal. Capiche?

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“I thought I could transfer the rights by conquering her confidence! Look at her! Look at her life of mediocrity.”

“Yes, look at what you created as a “fake destiny”.  Now adjustment will be made for her to achieve the real destiny and you no longer qualify to fulfill that role.  You played the role but like in real life receive NO reward or recognition.  History shall suppress you as you have suppressed HER.  We can only receive the energy we’ve given.”

Image result for playing the victim cartoon

“What about the evil she did to me?”

“What evil? I’ve perused her dailies with great detail to eye and not a word of her akasha shows evil towards you.  Therefore you brought suffering to the wrong person, you married the wrong choice, and you are disqualified from receiving ANY severance for pain and suffering.  I can’t even justify a check for personal expenses.  In short, you screwed yourself over screwing her over to do it. Look!”

With a wave of his hand The Devil shows the AKASHA of every evil deed done from Dugan against HER from every life shared past to the very near future.  Each time he has left “Her” heartbroken except this last time. In the current, she is healed, young-looking, exuberant like a “rose” that has yet to be picked by the right suitor.  Dugan lusts and the Devil grins like a Cheshire Cat.

“So with that being said.”

“Wait! So what happens now? This…”

“You keep the wife you have.  You both pay the contract, and since you BOTH are lacking and out of balance, you know – in the red? Well…let’s recount the story of Faust shall we?”

The Devil waves its hand and now Dugan IS the marble figure HOLDING UP the Chess Table.  Frozen in anguish and doomed to watch a NEW deal being made to woo and marry the Heir of the Devil.

Deviant Tarot, 10 of Pentacles – The Chess Game

The Devil lights a fat stogie, grins – another unsatisfied sucker – magician-ing away all evidence of the meeting.  Its servant appears with more “drinks and libations”.  The beautiful girl reappears.

“Is it over?  Am I free to love another?”

“Yes, my beloved and we don’t have to worry anymore.  Because some other sucker gets to pay for all that karma.  Well done!  We’ll secure the right one I promise. You deserve the happiness you crave and I deserve to merit from that happiness!  Let this serve as a lesson to you for being so hasty to find true love, my Kitten.  Trash is trash no matter how much it’s cleaned up.  He trashed you to raise his own ego in the process. You are to wait and allow me time to locate the RIGHT Emperor for you. Until that time you shall continue to smolder grow and bloom.”

With a wave the young girl becomes a MAGICKAL radiating ROSE inside of a GLASS case.  Ol’ Scratch places the ROSE on a window ledge directly underneath the rays of a NEW MOON shining through the window.



Image result for wild unknown tarot rose

T W I L I G H T  Z O N E (((THEME))))

Image result for space regulus

“A match made in heaven can be hell bound in love. Is there no limit to love? Should more care come in a paternal sense of the word when it comes to being in love versus “pining” at the moon?  Love lost though sad for the lovers makes for the best fiction. Take Romeo and Juliet for example. But this union?

Related image
Love Connection Chuck Woolery #Spoof

Was some ISH we could have predicted without Madame Sylvia Browne (posthumously). Heartbreak and predictability seem to be products of a repeating pattern of boy meets girl, both – not so typical. But it’s best some monsters never cross over and some beasts stay in their burden. Lest there is the lesson of forgiveness to fall back on after one has the guts to speak its truth. But that can be the devil in all wish making.

Image result for spoof rod serling twilight zone
Twilight Zone written by #RodSerling 

But we keep wishing and many are still waiting. ‘Tis the drama of a 5th Dimensional heaven or personal hell of one’s own doings and in Dugan’s case misdeeds. No good deeds and evidently no misdeeds go un-accounted for and un-contracted (unnoticed for eternities e.g.?) –

TO in the Twilight Zone.

Image result for spoof rod serling twilight zone

But then again in all his travels Dugan keeps learning the lesson of a place like this Heartbreak Hotel Suites, a place only in THE TWILIGHT ZONE.”

In sealing our fate do we dare do it against the honor of the Devil? Do we break contract to lie into a newer debt? To some this is worth every penny. – RSWannaBee

T W I L I G H T  Z O N E (((THEME))))


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