#Astrology – #Sappho retrogrades! #April10 #Love, #Money, Values, and #Economics – Following The Money


Everyone is holding our breath waiting on the Full Moon (Super Moon) in Libra on April 11th. On the 6th Saturn is the 3rd in 4 planets to retrograde. The 4th being Pluto on the 20th and the effects of these two outer planets can wreak havoc on our finances. Why? Mercury retrograde in Taurus on the 9th and with all this hubbub and celestial traffic going on we have to find new ways to get our ISH together. People will be buying into HOW we do business. Be transparent with how you conduct operations or make magic. Include the buyer, investor, client, and customer to motivate them to spend.

Bank-ability. Credibility. Accountability. Responsibility. Means Prosperity!

We will need to become more accountable towards actions, and calculate how said actions can navigate us towards prosperity and away from poverty mindsets. Diversity is key in all of this because it will be a matter of re-prioritizing resources. Where are we going for our money? Can these channels be as successful years from now as today?


Did we get lucky that one time? Or have we found a new boon of wealth to assist community, corporate, and intergalactic growth? When one person succeeds it opens the door for others to walk IN. But there is also the human tendency of lack that can re-seal the door in some cases for good. Why? Saturn transits are highly karmic. And this transit in particular is all about having eye to detail, being organic in processes or approach, and making things happen naturally. How do we get elites to try our new body cream and boost or mention it publicly? How do we bend the ear of powerful corporate types with little to no time for pitches? How do we hone beauty products into the latest fad, trend, or fashion statement? We take our time is what Saturn is saying and Pluto is demanding. They want solid results and as archetype energies so will we.

John Keynes Galbraithkeynes_image.jpg

Assess the needs of others and how you can meet them head on, no fillers, just straight talk, results, and appeal-ability. We all want to feel better but the biggest complaint in getting fit, eating wellness foods, and taking to it like a duck to water involves a new approach. How do we get kids to eat their veggies? Without us standing behind them with a threatening look? We show them. We make things fun. We make food taste good. We spend the money on research and development and allow experts or financial gurus to offer their opinion – freely. Sending gift baskets with a list of what you use or key ingredients can be a sure fire way to get others passionate about products. Why? Production value. Love has to make things and we have to find ways to put love into whatever we create, offer, sale, or market.

If you are an executive in need of a infusion or reason to impress big Whigs put time, money, and well paid staff on special projects as troubleshooters. Get creative with WHAT IF scenarios. Be the BUYER instead of feeling like you can just put stuff out there folks will love. There is no guarantee they will. But we can turn possibilities into pure potential, profit lines, and growing interest by taking more time in producing, marketing, and getting others to spokesperson our stuff over the competition. It is not so much price wards either, as it is quality – high quality at a low buy-IN.

If you work in the entertainment industry using the esoteric and astrology industry to match favorable dates, times, and specifics can be magic. If you are a esoteric professional present ideas as the ideal based on organic results.  Consult and show how organic or being green can be fun, cost effective, and a new way for corporations to get their employees to love them in return.

Offer specials for office potluck parties. Make suggestions or put together corporate SAMPLE packages that offer the royal treatment at a common man price for them. They will not only order more but could open doors elsewhere for you. Remember everything is just a phone or cell call away. That includes making more money with a personable approach towards it.

Expanding? Small businesses take more stock in industry trade magazines so you not only talk the talk but walk it – head HIGH! Find ways to combine, collaborate, and put together packages or sales items in BULK. Now every person involved in that one UNIT of sale is getting PAID, right? Every social media post can include those collaborators to initiate and boost customer interactions in a positive way. Leave them in a good mood about you and like Moms home cooking, they will return with FRIENDS who have more money to spend.

Economic growth is a reflection of astrology transits. What is popular now may not be 5, 10, 15 minutes, days, weeks, months, or years from now. Why? Now we are dealing with the Full Moon in Libra effect of longevity. How do we problem solve best? By thinking long term and during Taurus season there is no better way to cook the books by cooking up what is appealing, natural, and easy to use or apply. Practicality.

Feelings of home and reminding others of positive feelings, emotions, or memories all add or sum up to huge potential growths for small business. We don’t have to be a big corporation to think or operate at the big boy level. With metaphysics that all changes instantly! Speaking with those who are well versed in applying metaphysical approaches from the ground UP is the best way to see the results today, down the road, and around the bend that we want. There is love in every bite, action, or exchange of service. That’s what people are willing to spend big $$$ to purchase. Homemade love.

Same goes in any industry when finding a niche market or creating one out of thin air. There is a right/wrong, positive/negative, and IN/OUT approach to acquiring what we desire. See life in terms of what DOORS we wish to open or have opened for us. Use a notebook to jot down random ideas. The best businesses come out of frustration, being broke, down on our luck, and ready for change. Why? The passion is there for follow through. Now it is just about finding the right resources and talking to those who have been where we are. Just remember to protect your ideas legally before sharing them with proper protocols in copyrighting, bench marking, trade marking, or patent ship.


Branding and expanding is the motivation to building up that sweet nest egg. Being willing to see slow progress versus overnight sensations is recommended. Why? There is no pressure and when there is little to no pressure people buy and bring friends to buy, too. Word of mouth can be a huge way to earn or build a household name in markets domestic and abroad. Demand is there but when is also key. That’s way working with the spiritual approach to business is how we attract the money, attention, and kudos we desire.

We must be desirable but with Saturn and Sappho we build desire, finding ways to work together and let competition be a personal thing. Now no one is feeling left out, but highly valued, appreciated, and necessary. Being agreeable can also be a business as many have issues in knowing what to say, how to communicate, and bridge estrangements. What can you agree on that will make money in the right way? Corporations are entities and as such they have feelings. What? Yes.

When a company does well via positive publicity it influences the whole community. People just can’t stop saying great stuff about you or the products you provide.


Chef Ramsay of the famous FOX TV franchises – Hell’s Kitchen, etc. always takes a personable approach to business after operation has been re-organized or fleshed out. Don’t we just love to hear him GO OFF and exhibit the greatest of passion? Its like watching someone we would have sex with, right? All that fussing shows l-o-v-e, passion, verve, style, and someone who knows what we like. It is like training others for fitness goals when we assess both strengths and weaknesses of operating a single business, unit, or department to specialize at unique production processes.


How can we play weaknesses into strengths? How can we come together? How can we compromise? How can we agree? For some this can be a new service to offer in a blossoming American economy. Develop TV shows around it and sell Hollywood! The key is to play the game better than it has been ever played before – woo instead of seduce. If you desire a career in film & television ideal spots OPEN when you find ways to make things WORK, CLICK, or temperamental types COLLABORATE. Attend #Diversity fairs and check for listings via social media or website signup options. Google who is hiring for what in industry or check ADS in entertainment trades.

Academy Award Recipients – Viola Davis & Tom Hanks

If you are selling how can you create PRESENCE? How can you sell a story by telling it? It keeps those listening on the hook willingly. If they like it they know others will feel the same passion. Bring out OLD scripts – and rewrite synopsis to present via social media, trade mags, or at shows like the ComicCon. The key is to be ready this time around. Even if you aren’t universe is sending it to you because it feels we are. Diversity and making others feel important facilitates kindness by example and on a grand scale of mutual feel good sensations. Sensations stimulate just as well as stimuli, gimmicks, and quick or witty repartee.


Just ask Mom…would a family member buy this? Would a family member watch this? Hey? How about creating a family business during and getting off the ground in May? Real estate will flourish when we create ways for everyone to prosper or create markets or reasons that motivate America to get back to work. Offer incentives to drive employee production UP. Hold those staff meetings regularly. Yes it can be cumbersome or a strain on time but it can be one of the best ways to strengthen bonds, teamwork, and overall profit. The point is these processes create, generate, and monitor good corporate karma, goodwill, and values people are happy to pay extra for. So back to real estate, stocks, ancillary, and sundry revenues which all show buds of green around the 2nd half of the month.

The 1st half of May and the last half of this month are all ideal, to set goals by, create blueprints, make the appointments, and re-establish communication. Social media is now a boon of activity. Offer services freely so others are buzzing about you or what you do to make the world happier. Share ideas you don’t mind others copying. Save the best for you or that new ideal home business. Shopping for new employment? How can you make yourself attractive to hire? Secret shop a company so by the time you have an interview there is something of value to add to discussion. Pitching your way into the door can be the elevator UP the corporate ladder. If you are a woman even more so break glass ceilings by using the ol noggin. Know how to interpret statistics, speak the lingo, and don’t be afraid to take classes. Check with employers to see what is offered as financial aid but be prepared to justify why its an investment for your company.


Investing? Check statistics, bureaus, corporate background and be slow to cook up handshake deals especially around the 30th. Things may not be as they are being presented is what Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and 4 KEY asteroids are saying BE WISE-R. Read the fine print before sealing any deals and wait until after retrogrades if possible for NEW projects. Mercury goes direct May 3rd. It’s more than enough time to see how things FLY, WORK OUT, or simmer in sales. Appealing to the senses of today’s home buyers will be about ‘first time buyers, credit friendly options, and clearly presented information. Being the ‘friend Realtor is the objective and sealing the sale at the pace of the buyer is the MEANS. If it is something you are REVISITING OR REVISING and CHECKPOINTS have been cleared – we move forward.


Venus, Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto+ are healing financial markets. Real estate sales for older homes will be the most successful where little or government funded renovations are accessible. Taking more time OUT to plan is how we make big moves successful ones. Talk to experts who know specifics about locations and work with people banks are comfortable working with to push paperwork through. Chances are higher these people will know the proper Ins and OUTs for shortcuts and when to take unexpected risks. Its about knowing people, building equitable relationships, and sharing what we know to be of service that gets America working again.

Michelangelo and DaVinci, Artists with Terribilita

Artists – specifically NEW artists – someone UP there has been watching progress. Venus, Neptune, and Chiron are ensuring you don’t miss VERY IMPORTANT DATES! Respond to 2nd chance communications. Around the 13th FORWARD is when you can hear from this person. Sure you have a terribilita or reputation of being difficult. But believe it or not this is what they find appealing or valuable about you. Something special unique and dare we say Michelangelo-ish or something of a DaVinci code to figure out? But don’t play things too smug by being obnoxious, snobbish, or condescending to them. Remember they could be the one opening doors or shutting them faster than we can say OUCH. No one likes to be snubbed on purpose. I did say on purpose because part of being an artist like this is being forgetful or caught up on the moment of creative flow.

Have a meeting? Expecting? Wishing? Find a happy medium by coming up with pieces for presentation or SAMPLES of work. Share what you do regularly with social media. Come up with themes, colors for the week, or spiritual dreams like animals or things that signify your spirituality. It is a great conversation starter when you do get that dream hookup and could be what draws notoriety towards you. Going on a pitch? Meeting with collaborators? Be on time for appointments because it lets them know you are appreciative and it creates a fab 1st impression.

Now Saturn, Pluto, Neptune + 6 asteroids make us more aware of other peoples time and the value of it. People don’t have to see us and it is a kindness, charity, or generosity on their part to put us 1st. Traveling? Allow for extra time with less fuss on your part. Set the clock for earlier rises or just to be time conscious.


If running late be the stickler so they don’t have to be. Keep communication open and be honest about start dates or when you can commit. Doors open when those at the top mentor or send requests to mentor growing talent in the right direction. It is a gift to be gifted and a talent when we make money doing what we love to artistically put together. Collaborating? Be sure to share credit with those on board who had a hand in putting that idea together. It will only create more good karma, good will, and appreciation down the road. Giving the love means we can expect the love back 3-5-10 fold!


Published by: Ola Queen Bee Of Astrology

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