#Saturn #Retrograde – #April6, 2017 – #Sagittarius + #9thHouse #Astrology – Reinvent The WILL + WHEEL of #SelfBelief

Saturn, space

Saturn retrogrades on April 6. Pluto retrogrades on the 20th. These 2 planets along with Jupiter in retrograde + KEY ASTEROIDS all spell it out for us. We have to find new paths or ways to be naturally happy MOST of the time. It is not easy to find let alone know how to seek our Divine Life Purpose. This Saturn is not to knock us on our proverbial a$$, but to re-align us with that purpose. Waiting for others to get theirs or having thoughts of revenge does not align us with this purpose. In fact, it pushes us away farther from it. We can be trapped in dwelling on the same ish or why this or that happened, or how what was once E-Z street is now hardship-ville. It is also not a transit to judge others out of fear of what they may judge of us. But how does one find a happy medium when we have felt wronged, misread, or misunderstood?

Truth. That’s all. Seeing something from the other point of view. There is a scripture where a man asks Jesus how many times should I forgive? Jesus stated as many times as it takes. Truth? We all make mistakes or do things without truly thinking. Crimes of passion fall under an entirely different set of rules than those that are premeditated for this reason. When we are emotional reason slips out the window. If we have this person or that person in our ear feeding the flames its triple hard to be logical or compassionate towards those we feel are a threat. But are they? Or are they fears we must address, overcome, and account for. No one likes to be done wrong but human fallacy, natural tendencies, and imperfections make this the byline of all human stories – personal or group.


Remember when God said, Genesis 2:16-18:

You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.

It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him. <New English Version.

I was having a discussion with my sister one day about this, specifically the last part about knowing everything. Ignorance can be bliss and life saving. As an Aquarian she partially agreed and filled in the gap of Why she didn’t. She said, and I can never forget – Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back. I thought she was being a true smart ass and a bit tongue & cheek, or cheeky. But in reflection of the moment, I also laughed out loud from the sheer boldness of what she said because it was true. There are some satisfactions we will risk everything to know more about. There are some people we will fight to keep in our life. There are some huge beat downs we will take to defend those we love, cherish, or find – worth it. They are usually people we feel to be soul connected with – good, evil, or just because – some things or feelings we can explain, others we will never know WHY – it simply IS WHAT IT IS – a complicated devotion to what we believe.

I love you but I don’t know WHY

I fear you but I don’t understand WHY

Liking or disliking something or someone is middle of the road or happy mediumship thinking. It is far easier to decide whether we like or dislike than to understand why, how, or when we loved or hated. WHY? Simple. It is complicated. That’s right we tend to simplify the complicated through an array of philosophical meandering while we will fight tooth and nail to hide or conceal what just IS. When we can reconcile the IS WHAT IT IS philosophy we can simplify questions stirring within that demand solid answers and no mumbo jumbo signification. Signifying is nothing new but most of us like to stay or walk the middle ground until we have facts to back up whatever we believe. Most.

Truth? We desire a system that can address or help us to manage, cope, and explain that which is complicated. Truth in terms of IT IS WHAT IT IS means what to you? Well? What is TRUTH to you? Do the values you held THEN hold any water or weight NOW? How can you get where you are NOW to where you’ve always HOPED or DESIRED to BE? Though many in the past have feared Saturn transits because of their karmic implications – history is revamped to show us how to embrace transformation be it temporary or long term. Things happen, life has a flow, universe sings a song, and we write the script of what life will be without lingering too long on what did or didn’t happen as we hoped or desired. It is good to reflect and evil to dwell on the negative we cannot change right now. So Saturn, Sun, Moon, Lilith, Pallas, and Eris demand we do a recount of our feelings to validate or invalidate old emotional BS. We have to clear our energy to unblock, un-stuck, and MOVE the hell on into whatever paradise we envision for self.

Self-philosophy or self-belief is not new but how we approach it will be after this transit that will last well into October when Saturn enters home – Capricorn. Capricorn is all about self-love, being self-loving, and nurturing a wounded soul inside. It is the Light side of the Dark side of The Moon – Cancer. Cancer represents the ending, death, and healing process of a matter or any given emotion. Capricorn sets what the personal resolve or method of healing will allow self to enter as a process of healing old wounds. Sagittarius relates to the story of Chiron the Wounded Healer.


Chiron healed everyone around him but left nothing to heal it self. We are to reflect on the moral value of this story and apply it to every day living. How do we get back UP after being knocked DOWN? How do we reinvent the wheel of self? How do we create a NEW, better version of our SELF via love, loving thoughts, re-connection with universe, and universal thought patterns? Recognize the patterns of old habits – things or lessons you could be repeating right NOW.

How does one STOP the madness and get with THE REAL BEAUTY blossoming inside? Allow self the joy of lightening up the darkness inside? See what you are made of but by your own terms and at your own pace of progress. When we un-judge we unlimit true potential. But we must embrace the fears as darkness in need of the light of higher wisdom. We create ‘windows in the soul if we just let the light IN. Realize a light can be a stranger with kind words, or an observation in nature. It is anything or anyone that provides an authentic perspective you can trust to be true about you and valuable to what you believe about YOU in the now.


Capricorn sings a goat song and it is a universal melody of our testimony about Divine Love, how it brings us back full circle. How do we re-align with universe after we face fears of failure? We just do it! Like Nike we get back on track and accept that sometimes we are going to fall and its OK. Get back UP, Get back IN the game, and PLAY with a better strategy to succeed. No one but The Divine is perfect. Nothing but The Divine will outlast everything that has been created. We are to take or reclaim a spiritual outlook when all else fails us as systems of support. Self-honesty is #1! We will not be honest with anyone else until we are honest with our self 1st. The Good, Evil, and the Beautiful are all aspects of self or things we may like or dislike about what we stand for or characterize. Where Cancer embodies Capricorn characterizes. Remember we are not the person we were minutes, days, months, or years ago – ARE WE?

If we are – its OK to dis-claim to re-claim the TICKET TO LIFE we do wish to take as the RIDE of our lifetime. Love does not give up on us so WHY would we give up on LOVE? Universal love saves us from feelings and emotions that trap us in dark places or thought processes. Nature is the eternal gift from God to let us know we are always connected to something grand, unique, and effervescent. Universe is nature on a grand or greater scale and like that goat we turn the garbage into true treasures. That pain we went through can be a testimony to strengthen others. That song we write, that story we author, or that near death experience can all be counted as valuable, self affirming, beliefs of self worth – naturally.


Remember we all have value because we all exist at various levels of intelligence, emotional intelligence, and what we define as true happiness. The point is in our pursuit of that happiness not to discount the value of happiness for the experiences of others. Like universe every person like a –STAR in universe – has a story to contribute to the greater spectrum of LIGHT. Life is a process of perfection or perfecting. We are to embrace a new self-belief based on non-judgmental values. WHY? Because when we label we restrict the progress of someone or something as potential. Truth? There is potential in anything of true value. WHY it gives us the satisfaction of an answer to whatever eternal question we may form in our heart. See how things can become melodious a song or a higher truth? Now how can we live that new self-truth?

Vision Quest – What will ours BE?

How can we transmute anger into compassion? How can we transmute tragedy into the victorious? How can we be of more value to our community by being a support or support system to others in need? We are all seekers on a quest. The Native Americans call these Vision Quests. Every soul must have its own experience in nature and return to the tribe as a NEW VERSION of the old SELF. Now we have purpose.

Now we know who we are in the spirit and we can relate on this level of thinking, feeling, and being – WHOLE because at birth we exist as whole but as we grow we have to piece the truth back together. Universe is a tapestry and we are a thread holding it all together. Think of how many threads one blanket, rug, tapestry, or item of clothing can be? Now think of how many stars there are in universe? Infinite, right? That is what we are cultivating a new sense of infinite potential just bursting with imagination, ideas, and the ideal that our new world can embrace!

The hardest thing can be putting all those WHYs back together. But we only have so much time to do the WHY MEs and eternities to live out the WHY NOT me? Believing in higher truths can be fearful but inspiring. If we had not experienced the worst how in the hell would we be able to define or value THE BEST OF WHAT WE CAN HOPE AND DESIRE TO BECOME? Stop believing what you do has no or little value. Start going in the opposite direction of thinking. Now ACT on what you believe to be true NOW and APPLY YOURSELF!


Allow SELF the time it requires, desires, and necessitates to HEAL you back into ONENESS. Allow self, space to QUESTION with MEDITATION. Transmutation powers begin from inside our self not as some magic or magical spell. Either we believe or we do not. If we do not we must prove to SELF the WHYs and the WHY NOTs of the entire process. Let us face it, that requires FAITH, more faith, and more TIME to proof what is authentic about the self. That is the REAL magic of you! Because it is where LOVE dwells within you as what is and will always be TRUE about you. Understanding that truths evolve and that means moving with the EBB and FLOW life will direct us!


We will break down to RE-BUILD back up. We have soul connections in our life to facilitate this process. That’s why we love who we love, in some universal way that person or thing restores belief in universal love. We feel we matter again. Why? Universe sends us signals, signs, and angelic messengers to prove what we hold as self truths to be evident, real, and practical – common sense.

35th POTUS John F. Kennedy – humanitarian

ASK NOT what your country can do for you – ASK what you can do for your country. – President John F. Kennedy

Published by: Ola Queen Bee Of Astrology

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