#March2 2017 – Jupiter, Uranus – Opposition #transits – Getting the Drop or Getting Caught OUT FRONT?


T.T. Tisean, Set It Off (Film)

On March 2nd – a few days – Jupiter (currently retrograde) the benefactor planet opposes Uranus – which is known as the clearinghouse or planet of instant changes. It magnets dirt and clears it OUT for all to SEE. In other words Uranus always tells on itself to get things out in the open. Question is when will the dam break and where will we be in life when it does?


Mars is a lower octave of Uranus. Mars is the structure (22) but Uranus is the energy (26) boiling inside ready to erupt. It will always tell because if it doesn’t health is affected – radically. OUR BODIES DON’T LIE and will tell the truth even if we never utter the words. GOD CREATED US this way – every being is a being of LIGHT or that, which BEARS the LIGHT for others to see. It’s that feeling of being OUTED, read, or in some cases READ our RIGHTS in any given situation of mistrust, misdealings, and mismanagement of one’s personal powers or accesses towards such.

Screen shot 2017-02-28 at 4.16.49 PM.png

When Taurus initiated that SUPER MOON in November 2016 – it was asking for the keys to be put in positions of power to make positive changes for the HIGHER GOOD of the WHOLE. IS THIS WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE HEADLINES? What proof do we have that all is better? Has quality of life improved because someone decided to play God? Is someone fronting things are all well and good when FACTS exhibit otherwise?

Did we do things for someone to be better off or for self? Acts of selfishness are always held under the EYE of PLUTO, because it will ZERO in on such as unfulfilled karma. Business to be completed or taken care of at a later date – Divine Timing – it’s the crocodile we didn’t see while wading in the water. Water being the emotions of another – how that person feels on a day-to-day basis is now our responsibility to fix because we broke them in the 1st place.

Key II – The High Priestess

The MOON holds all KEYS and is the HIGH PRIESTESS OF THE ESOTERIC aka ‘SECRET-ive. On this day it will be hitting 7 “KEY” PLANETS and 10 “KEY” ASTEROIDS.

The KEYS or CHIs to the family CHARIOT are ASSIGNED and with Divine Timing by transits WILL trigger EXPOSURE of the SECRET KEEPER aka our SOUL. It will be harder than ever to keep things INSIDE emotionally. Capricorn is in charge of keeping the soul – clean. When it doesn’t it charges whatever planet it resides – in this case – the planet of power – Pluto. Pluto may be small but that’s just our POV wait until we are UP on it and it becomes BIGGER than life itself. How? It is what we use to manifest or make magic materialize.

In Capricorn we can expect major adjustments because when Cappies are upset they trigger shit to blow! It’s an EVERYTHING MUST GO – SALE going on! For Cappy those keys to the car become keys to karma we have to clear before our wishes come true. Cappy’s don’t believe in cleaning up the messes of others unless they are responsible. In that case, you’ll see them do what’s right even when it hurts they’ll sacrifice to clear their name and soul with God. Like Taurus, Cappy has an in depth belief system.

But unlike Cappy, Taurus will cut corners about the practicality revolving around decisions. So where’s the balance? We find out with coming events that put nature back in good standing.


Uranus functions as ‘instant death, instant light, and whatever is deemed as the ‘one thing that triggers CHANGE. It feeds off Pluto the planet of permanent changes aka’ transformation. Pluto is charged UP from all the recent transits in mutable signs and the Grand Cardinal Cross. In fact it will be over heated. Why? No or very low lunar activities. The Moon is not working as it normally would. Why? Too much emotional and alchemical manipulation done in darkness to ‘change things, alter destiny (temporarily), and well – play God with the lives of others. How has this happened?


There are many factors all related to unclean habits, spiritual practices, and sacrifices not received. We couldn’t close the deal with Spirits – friends on the other side and they return demanding what is THEIRS to possess. In some cases this may be likened to the scene where the CHARLATAN – in Disney’s Princess & The Frog. He believed himself to be something he knew he was not, made promises that couldn’t be kept, and phucked with Mother Nature. Working in the shadow can be the only way we can get things done sometimes. But there are consequences to implementing the Butterfly Effect. It’s an Aquarian power and ability. It can also be one’s worse nightmare when others find out what was really in that pudding, sandwich, or any other item we consume or EAT.

Aquarius, the light or Cup bearer

Aquarius makes or manufactures magic with hard work usually but can also work the miraculous with behind the scenes stuff. You know like how Mom put dinner on the table after Dad was laid off from work? This is a healthy example. But what happens when we implement things like death into secret formulas? Don’t we have to make a deal with the Devil to pull it off and for how long? Remember Uranus is temporary so that BRAND NEW MUSTANG turns back into a PUMPKIN after a certain time. How do we keep the manipulation going? We keep sacrificing or manipulating until transits like this one come along.



Then like that scene in the animation things get SUCKED back into WHAT GOD PLANNED FOR AN INDIVIDUAL’S LIFE, not what we hoped would happen to them. We get attention all right directly from THE GOD POWER. Why? Remember the Days of Noah right before the FLOOD? Things got so bad from all the drama and theatrics going on people were over loading the temples with PRAYERS for things to improve. Well there isn’t a COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT in HEAVEN but GOD listens, reads our heart for intention, and DECIDES what will be done.

This process is called Divine Timing. When we pull strings to upset someone’s natural balance we interfere with this process and now we are accountable, responsible, and prosecuted in celestial courts. This is the Karmic Cycle process or how one creates personal karma. What ever we do, say, think is energy. If the energy is used for good it becomes blessings when it is not it brings on curses like the flood. Unless we do the clean up work ourselves to weed out addictions, addictive behaviors, and being down right nasty and unscrupulous.


You see there are laws to everything – natural, universal, spiritual, and physical ones like those we adhere to in Court Systems. What happens when we begin to backslide, accept bribes, drop the ball, or put the screws to someone who didn’t truly deserve it? We laugh! Roll on the floor watching in the shadows wondering what new script can this guy write to get out of this one? What happens when the joke is no longer funny but a reflection of how off balanced we are inside occurs? Just like we are reading others for our benefit God is watching and waiting to see whether we’ll take the bait for self-entrapment.


Temptation is a Mutha of a problem when it’s working against instead of for the cause of something great. That’s why it’s a key assigned to Capricorn. Capricorn is the zodiac overseeing life’s responsibilities and scandalous secrets. A Capricorn like Aquarius believes in developing a system of ethics whether living it, learning it, or teaching. It also represents the consequences of the afterlife in Egyptian astrology. It’s counterpart zodiac is Pisces. Both are highly intuitive and good at extracting the raw truth or secret ingredient behind the success or successes. They both walk the shadows as police or those hired to police others back into balance.

Whether we were conscious or not at the time all actions bear consequences like fruit on the tree – secrets ripen and drop into the right hands at the wrong time. But both can also be weakened by their favorite temptation – drugs, alcoholism, sex secrets, fetishes, and things UN-THOUGHTFUL. To be born with one’s Sun, Moon, or any other KEY planet or ASTEROID in Capricorn or Pisces portends great success or great scandal after success. The secrets get exposed either by self or others putting the screws to tell the truth or shame the devil in the process of exposure. Moons get exposed or read by the Sun. With that recent POWER HOUSE SOLAR ECLIPSE in PISCES – both signs are going through a process of compassion. What does it feel like to walk in your shoes? It’s an exchange of lifetimes and a WEIGH IN of the conscience of the collective and the subjective on a objective basis. Huh?


Because of all the ensuing retrogrades God (Divine Timing) is making it impossible to get away with things in the dark. What is done in it comes to light one way or another. Question is who will be the first to squeal, tell, snitch, or rat another OUT FRONT for all to see? That depends on how much value the secret is worth to know and when, right? Maybe. It also depends on things like resentments. How deep is the rabbit hole going? How deep are we digging it to be? The Leo Full Moon February 10th will be taking charge of leveling the playing field. Leo is all about power – who has it and who has true access towards it. Leo is the sign of THE KEY. It will SHINE THE LIGHT, snatch off wigs, ZAP us of our strength, and play MIND MONKEY all day long. Remember just as there is shadow there is LIGHT.


Leo will always cover its own ass to stay fresh, looking good before the public, and coming out smelling ‘rosy about the entire thing. So businesses like broadcasting, entertainment, public relations, image control, and social media will be HOT spots for MONEY.


But the ABUNDANCE – (FRUIT on the tree) – ONLY DROPS – IF– we do things in the RIGHT or proper protocol of sequence or synchronicity AND for the higher good of ALL involved in decision-making.

Robbing Peter of everything but his DRAWERS will no longer pay the bills of karma. There is a nature to taming the beast and getting the most out of its power. Leos create networks and people love them for their generosity and generous nature. They are the most loyal, royal, and precise about taking care of business – good, evil, or unscrupulous. They take care of their own – 1st. Why? They rule the ‘heart of the system – REGULUS – the star of King Makers and King Breakers – reigns from August 21-26th.


So antagonizing this DIVINE ENERGY doesn’t create instant SUCCESS or power someone else’s EMPIRE. It only gets all the LEOs stirred UP to HANDLE BUSINESS and CLEAN HOUSE – emotionally. It is homemade – SPIRITUAL DYNAMITE – PANDORA’S BOX – when mismanaged. It is that feeling of thinking you have a situation well in hand only to see it BLOW UP like a TOWER, or VOLCANO. Or like sitting inside a ROOM filled with boxes of EXPLOSIVES to light your cigarette. Change your mind?

Taraji P. Henson as Cookie, Empire (FOXTV)

So it’s not wise to fool Mother Nature when what we did is the cause or root of other people’s new problems – financially, emotionally, and spiritually. This star is GUARDED for good reason and those born or with this energy is often protected by it as long as they respect its power. If it is disrespected nothing but mayhem ensues and it is all consuming like that 22 becoming a ZERO force of POWER in that Leo Full Moon – February 10. Remember Leo’s are observers waiting for the perfect time to POUNCE.

The last day being the most potent of Leo’s power and thus triggering the Lion’s Gate to open. What is that Gate holding? Information of what is to come LIGHT YEARS AHEAD – from this moment right now. So Regulus is the ‘jump off or POINT OF LIGHT we are all emanating from when it comes to strength – having it and show boating it. It is what qualifies something as real, true, and valuable to you. There are several celebrities with this STAR in their chart where it shines it brings instant FAME, fortune, and popularity. It also bestows monarchy.


M O N A R K E Y = pronunciation

The Matrix, Trinity & the Key Maker

Leo is the light or key maker.

Think of the guy with all the keys in The Matrix.

A creative mind is most dangerous when addled, rattled, or caged UP from expressing itself. It controls WILL and will let you know how POWER of WILL is created to over ride any given situation of rocking the boat. Ask any Leo – about a secret and they’ll smile. They’ll give their last but they will tell you only what they want you to know at any given time. That makes them the keys of Divine Timing.

Adam & Eve kicked out of paradise – Sistine Chapel Painting by Michelangelo

If they sniff a rat in their own crew they will DEAL with it most unscrupulously – by conjuring things from the dark to take care of what is darkness. Leos rule the criminal and Scorpio hides it or decides not to when Virgo changes its mind or emotion. This is the process of bringing things to light or exposing secrets at the right time to end drama or problems. For Leo and Virgo there are no problems – EVER – they only see things in terms of solutions and Soul-utions. Why do you think LIONS play with their food before devouring it? Read the story of AMMIT the LION who devours hearts in Egyptian mythology.

Ammit, the Lion who devours hearts – Egyptian mythology

Believe it or not businesses make lots of money exposing secrets in a good and evil light or fashion. At the end of the day does that paparazzi care what that picture, confession, or scandal will do to your career? Profession? Or is it just another way to get paid for them and a good day at the office? Who knew they would catch you at the right time doing dirt? The person who snitched and informed them you would be there.

TMZ – #1 Paparazzi distributor

Loyalties cost a grip to keep on the hush, don’t they? That great piece of ass or legs could be the ‘leak in the entire operation. We can overthink the most rational of explanations if our head is always up our ass – HIGH on substances that control the mind and emotions – unsafely. Capricorn is all about safe havens and any threats to security will get dealt with, right? Right. Says the impious Pisces who is also one to get down and dirty in the spiritual if rattled enough. But Divine Timing like wrinkles walks even stomps over everything we plan as black holes for others.

This is the meaning behind these FULL MOONs in 22 degrees.

They flesh out TRUTH based on what we feel to be true. Feelings like our heart won’t lie about shit. They will FLOOD our emotional systems and rattle the cages of an otherwise wound mind. The Mutha is mindfulness. Always thinking about the same shit repeats it like trauma. But is it wise to keep drama of trauma going at some point nature moves on and into position for reversals. All the energy we put out is now returning as ‘chickens coming home to roost. And this is the year of the Rooster. Hmmm…?

Yeah – that’s the karma of it all. But if we think about things objectively – say would you want this to happen to you – kind of dialogue – God bets we’ll make different or wiser decisions. Decisions yield the choices we’ll have at our exposure moving forward. What if we didn’t hold a grudge per se for someone’s station in life but their status in a spiritual light? Would Mother Theresa be the type to beat someone into a coma? Have a child murdered in an ambulance to cover up a malpractice lawsuit? Or purposely call her peeps to keep a person down and out in life so they could never talk?


Success comes! Are we prepared? Have we planned for it? How well? If we are thinking right now of changing careers or upgrading a current one, what can we bring to the table? Offerings. People hear what we are saying but are they listening or selective listening? What’s the damn difference?

If we are listening we hear every word and apply what is said as enlightenment. It changes our focus and improves the quality of our life. That means we have built value or infused values into something we personally found valuable. Valuable resources are the next phase in succeeding in today’s market, financial, employment, and yes – love. How much value we add to someone’s day from the most trivial to the greatest of notions can be the one thing that triggers true success. But this success will be well earned. Why?

The recent series of Full Moons coming IN at 22+ degrees is the reason. They are a MOCK UP or MOCKERY of the energy or karma we created. An imitation of the real thing or illusion via NEPTUNE TRANSITS. There is power and the illusion of it to factor into decisions.  We face off with having ‘two things that don’t match. Like ideas but no money to front a business. Talent, but no sponsorship to get projects off the ground. We have money and no direction of where to spend it to make a difference in the world. We have all these BREAD but no BUTTER situations. So do we eat it DRY or round UP assistance to put something of MEANING or SUBSTANCE together with the right resources? How do we get started or propelled into the unknown SUCCESS life is prepping us for?


Nov 2016 – Tau 22’33

Dec 2016 – Gem 22’26

Jan 2017 – Can 22’27

Feb 2017 – Leo 22’28

Mar 2017 – Vir 22’13 – LAST in series

So this will be an unforgettable date and transit as we see things get exposed, come to light, or be reinvented. This is the time to have the right people on your side as resources. If you are a loner who has been burnt one too many times by those you couldn’t trust, universe will send the right people to you. Stay positive. Channel energy in positive manners. Find constructive ways to clear idle energies of mischief. Seek help and don’t let pride keep you from what is rightfully yours to have or keep. Whatever you keep do so by cherishing it not devaluing its potency like dissolving pearls. You may need those pearls down the road to exchange for something of greater value.


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