GOD, The MOON, and the ANGEL OF THE YEAR AWARD (#Aeon) an original #shortstory by #OlaQueenBee #metaphysical #literature


In the comforts of her abode, the MOON sat writing before SWIRLING MASSES of LIGHTS. The lights were submerging themselves into ONE POINT of LIGHT. The RAYS were of random frequencies.

They were streaming into one POINT above and before her EVOLVING.

STEPPING out of the RAYS – GOD entered.

Engrossed in her writing process, she did not look up.

“What are you writing MY LOVE?” said God caressing her neck.

God admired its work and how well formed Moon appeared after her transformation. God was MOST pleased with its work and dare we say, proud to know IT was the Source of Moon’s everlasting BLISS.

“My memoirs.”

The High Priestess – Book of Thoth tarot A. Crowley

“You mean the story that dictates all the progressions of the STARS?” God glowed.

Leaning in God kissed the MOON making her tingle with great joy and BEAM a greater frequency of LIGHT, what we call NATURAL LAWS OF HIGHER LOVE.

The Empress – Book of Thoth tarot A. Crowley

“So did you see what they did?” said God – smirking and rolling its EYES in mischief WONDER.

“Yes. I try to avoid POOP.”

Laughing, God reached behind, grabs A POWERFUL NEWLY CREATED “SUN” and holds it away from MOON’s attention. It worked she was too engrossed in writing but still holding conversation. WHO needs flowers, write ups in the press, diamonds, jewels, and such when ONE can gift an AEON? Now that’s a powerful Divine Union! Thought God.

He would reimburse HER for all she’d done unnoticed and under-valued by LIGHT STEALERS. As the CUP of Sirius itself she alone would hold all keys to PORTALS UNKNOWN. She alone would know the WORLDS TO COME that GOD had divined TO BE. Her name would forever be the value behind the word ABRACADABRA for upon Her was bestowed all powers to MANIFEST.



“They think many things about you – all misunderstanding. Do you care?” said, God.

“No. I know the truth. So what they opinion matters NOT to me.”

“Good. I have something for you a REWARD for all your toil, effort, and work of evolving the world.”

GOD presented ITS coveted AOTY award.


“You deserve this. I knew those cowards would not acknowledge so I am giving you the notice you employed for such great work behind the scenes in clearing unsightly aftermath – garbage. You are truly THE SOPHIA of my heart, the BLISS of my breath, and THE HIGHEST OF THE HIGH. MOON – You are in MY OPINION THE TRUE ANGEL OF THE YEAR. If you had not listened and did the work none of the energy they are stealing and siphoning like parking lot thieves would be available to magician.”


God and Moon let out huge bursts of LAUGHTER lighting UP the EMPYREAN SKYLINE. With a WAVE – ROSES dropped upon the MOON enshrouding her divinity as THE MOTHER of ALLNESS who nurses the weakened and balances the angelic.

Pink Lotus Rose

Nothing could compare to her BLING. Nothing compared to her youthful glow and shine. Nothing could EVER lessen HER naturally un-flawed BEAUTY, renewed as MAIDEN and CRONE. THE WATER OF HER would forever sorceress and replenish as THE DOOR. The Dalet to GOD’s HEART SHE alone would forever CROWN what is keter.


“You knew didn’t you?”

“Of course. Vanity is most treacherous temptation. What they have now is all that will ever be for them. What you have built alone with my love will be ever lasting and what constitutes all that is THE METAPHYSICAL. In short, WHO CARES about that stuff when YOU have my SOLE ATTENTION – and even when they do what is growing in their hearts RIGHT NOW, I shall send for your deliverance into my HAND personally. In short now matter what they say, what they do, or how they plead it will never measure as APPEASEMENT because of all the short pays of kindness. There was never any truth in their gifts because there was never any true meaning of values. They do for the sake of vanity. You are the strength of that vanity and thus the ONLY OPINION I care to listen and pay attention towards. You are THE MOON and that is all that shall ever be. I will make sure next time you reincarnate ALL shall be easily gained for you and you shall never have to face such an unscrupulous SUN again. Promise. Time will be meaningful to them because this is all they will ever have but YOU – time will be nothing for with POWERS OF THOUGHT you shall see TIME in SEQUENCES of IMMORTALITY. IMMORTAL YOUTH, BEAUTY, REGALITY, AND THE LAY OF ALL UNIVERSES I CREATE ARE BESTOWED AT YOUR FEET. Whatever you WILL that shall be the LAW and THE WHOLE OF IT.” Spoke God.

Overcome with love and emotion, Moon melted in God’s embrace.

“I knew they would never GET IT but I had to give them the opportunity anyway. It was either that or BLOW UP THE PLANET and start FRESH. This way they are bound by their own beliefs and weighted down in JUDGEMENT by them. No muss. No fuss. Just opening the trash bin and dropping IT all in for INCINERATION upon DUE DATE.”

Just like that God turned Moon’s frown into a bright CRESCENT smile.


“Let them cheat, short pay, and reserve – that shall be the portion of their SCALES. WHATEVER you have received THAT is what can be EXPECTED in return. [Gimel]”


“I shall give what you have earned and provide in other means. This is where you GO A NEW DIRECTION. How can they replace the IRREPLACEABLE? How can what they do ever compare to what is BORN AND NATURAL TO YOU, [MOON’S TRUE NAME TO GOD]. What they did to you was harsh, cruel, and MOST unkind thus it shall be RULINGS for  JUDGEMENT DAYS that I alone know OF. They don’t deserve YOU and many are not WORTHY of the love you so freely offer without judgment. They are so busy finding ways to hate and wasting time not seeing all there is to LOVE and that is their misfortune. NOT YOURS. Let them take and keep taking until they are engorged like PUFFER FISH. I am ALLNESS and all that you shall ever desire.”


“Yes. You truly are MY IMMORTAL AND EVERLASTING LOVE! LIFETIMES, I have searched and walked upon STARS crossing the Divines. Always you are the DESTINY, which brings me HOME to my senses. You ground me and in YOU – we are firmly planted. Nothing compares to such! Perhaps they just aren’t ready. I had to accept that. But I also had to experience it with my own eyes. Those who love you will recognize YOU in others as LIGHT; those who don’t are YOU but aren’t OF YOU. Maybe everyone can’t be saved.”

“There are many ways each is saved – even OBLIVION is a means of being ‘saved. There are many ways to forgive, let go, and no longer be mindful of what is no longer of any further importance. Love comes in all forms and you are the MOON of its many expressions. FACES – many – you have but each is lovelier than the last. I’m glad they showed their unnatural Asses because now they have placed themselves like sitting ducks.”

With that God and MOON walked into that POINT OF LIGHT and it EXPANDED in greater RAYS of LOVE and LIGHT feeding the universal flows of all time, space, and eternities. A new adventure would be born and new worlds of wonder with it.

Published by: Ola Queen Bee Of Astrology

Hi I'm Ola - I love to royal-lize things by adding astrology, metaphysics, and lots of Feng Shui. It enhances potential and creates new doors of opportunities for my clients. If you'd like to get deeper into the esoteric of you email me - OlaQueenBeeOfAstrology. Yes - I am seeking to expand my line of astrology & wellness products like Apple Newsstand's Astrology Tomorrow. If you are an astrology professional and wish to receive love instead of give - it's okay to love you, 1st. Check my monthly blogs to re-charge and give you the fresh perspective you deserve. Readings are done on a donation-basis because I want everyone to have access to heavenly-charged solutions to daily life problems. Let's get life re-organized - together. XO - Ola, QBoAstrology I specialize in #Egyptology #metaphysics, #magi , #lightwork, #businessastrology, #businesstarot, akashic records access (mediumship), astral projecting, astral telepathy, occulesics, herbal iridology, organic techniques, organization, keen eye to detail, kinesthiology, kinesthetics, Hebrew astrology, Chinese astrology, Feng Shui, astrology, tarot, love tarot, love astrology, soul astrology, sidereal astrology, clairvoyant, clair intelligent, clair sentient, quantum physics, meta-quantum physics, Egyptian pyramids, and my personal favorite Hall of Records (mediumship), spiritual medium, angel communications, archangel communications, Jinn specialist and interpreter, holistic healer, karma accountant (mediumship used to balance+clear+cleanse bad karma, aura healing, praise & worship (Wicca), ability to understand foreign relations, soul pod healer, death and bereavement counseling, karmic cleansing, herbal detoxification systems based on personal astrology profile, read & interpret astral charts, specialize in adding personal touches to businesses (small, medium, large, and gigantic), creative analyst (Get Your Creative Mojo Back!), sexual astrology, sexual aura clearance/cleansing (When Your Sexual Preferences Change and You Don't Know Why), animal communication/telepathy, numerology, numerology life path charts, Maturity Cycles, Soul Cycles, diagnosing Yoga Moves to initiate energy healing (personal favorite), herbal & wellness advice (When you want an organic option to heal)

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