DEATH, THE DEVIL [of VANITY], & THE HARVEST an original by Ola Queen Bee #metaphysical #literature


It was the end of ‘time and a new cycle was to begin.


There was a meeting between Death and The Devil.


God had assigned the both the task of creating ONENESS, the reaping of the harvest. Automatically, one felt in all passion it should belong to him. The other – knew the foresight of the eventuality but withheld it for the sake of a good debate. Neither could resist the temptation of a good and sound debate based upon reason and reasonable doubts. This intellectual sparring processed the ‘harvest by giving it true value both in heaven and throughout all HELLS where souls were bound, roasted, and kept to the strictest of terms made in SPIRITUAL CONTRACTS. One spiritual contract constituted or accounted for the ‘harvest of one soul. But one spiritual contract could bind one or several to do the DEVIL’s bidding. Meaning in short whatever a soul acquired thus and no more could ever be expected to return – be it ship, person, incarnation, or life – in general.

The debate also served as a way to one up the other in each’s prospective business of taking care of GOD’s business. Death knew where the ships of the ‘harvest would go – eventually. Why? Death above all other angels and archangels INCLUDING METATRON held COUNSEL or walked with GOD at its most private of times. DEATH was GOD’s most trusted CONFIDANT. The Devil was the one doing the work of God’s business. It was The Devil’s job to tempt suckers into ever lasting contracts based on terms they could never fulfill. A CUP running over with contempt, loathing, self hatred, and absolute dejection of one’s own nature and character. A CUP filled with the blood of those squeezed of life like grapes, scythed by DEATH, and all that considered of the unrighteous.

We drift into the CONVERSATION.

“God is all things right?” spoke The Devil, grinning and admiring his new KEYS. What were these keys? SECRET doors leading to the AKASHA of all the new spiritual contracts acquired from the most recent cycle of harvests.

“I said it once, and I’ll say it again. A man will sell his soul for the sweetest of life! I hold the key to all doors! So it should be me who gets the AOTY award! I earned it fair and square. I do the work so why shouldn’t I reap the benefits?”


STIRRING, his MARTINI – DEATH waved its HAND to the SKYLINE. With a slight the entire environment went from where they were to where he chose to be at that particular time. An island resort called PARADISE HOTEL. It was the swankiest of places and everyone around them seemed so damn HAPPY! Hell, even The Devil blinked itself into shorts, and a HAWAIIAN shirt.

‘Doc – Hunter S. Thompson – in paradise

DEATH smiled, quietly taking another SIP.

“Let’s see you say you do all the work to create the HARVEST – SO, you should be the one to reap, you say SHE is only entitled to what you feed her, right?”


“Yes – quoth the raven! Yes! I have what it takes. I look the role. I mean I can’t bring on death but damn it I can put on a pretty good theatrics. Why what I’ve done for the entertainment, oil & gas, travel, and now this metaphysics game – speaks for itself.”


The Devil shifts his enormous nut sack just as a cute BIG BOOTY BEAUTY passes, giggling. The Devil winks to let her KNOW ‘What’s UP, it was his way of insinuating. She giggled and keeps walking.

The Devil wonders – Why didn’t she stop?

“You’re wondering why she didn’t stop aren’t you? Has something to do with natural laws of attraction.” replied Death, still in the picture.


“I’ll get to that. Now about this harvest and who should reap it. I’m going to agree with you.”


The Devil in SHOCK – SPRAYS his drink.


“Yes. I mean you did the work as you say and I’m sure GOD will see your perspective. Well, speaking of time – I have bodies to collect and souls to account. Let me know how things go, OK?”

With the wave of a hand DEATH EXITS.

Things go back to normal and the Devil stews in its same old crappy environment – HELL. Home where his powers thrived. For no one knew like the Devil the power of having a happy home by being deliciously SELFISH, self-centered, and self-gratifying. Yes he heard the SOULS of the damned crying out but did it provoke NEED for CARE? Hmmmph…on some level the poor suckers had it coming whether this life or the next, they deserved their fates. Nothing and no one could convince the Devil otherwise.



GOD COMMANDs – all Angels, Archangels, and those of the spiritual realms RUSH to assemble and comply to be in THE PRESENCE.

But for some reason the Devil thinks if I want to be DEATH I have to act like IT and NOT comply. GOD heard the devil’s thought and preserves it in a SECRET AKASHA.


Every thought is seeded inside this forest as TREES of infinite PROBLEMS, LACK, WORRY, AND SELF-LOATHING. Every time an un-wisdom (un-wise choices) is selected a TREE sprouts to the surface. A SCANDAL waiting to be exposed. A curse. A poison. A toxin with no remedy save the grace of GOD.


Well the DAY came for all to be assembled before THE THRONE for accounting. A TASK specifically to DEATH until the conversation between Death and the Devil took place. As always GOD arrived drawn by THE CHARIOT pulled by the SUN and SUN? WHERE was the MOON? God inquired of all the Archangels? A chariot driven or pulled by dual SUNs would ensure BURNOUT of the ETERNAL FLAME, a most sacred job. There was a great murmuring amongst the ANGELICs looking on – all wondering WHOSE responsibility it was to harness the MOON? Where could such a LUMINARY hide or conceal where no one and nothing could SEEK it out?


In comes the Devil, chin HIGH – so proud and flanked by its minions. One minion in particular – named ________________.


___________________ was the Devil’s #1 who did the dirty work. Why? To artificially STIMULATE GROWTH of natural sequence of events that created desired harvests. In short, ‘play God with people’s life, livelihood, and anything else that makes them ‘bow down or lay low by actions of enforced surrender. It was ______’s job to get whatever reaction the devil needed by any means necessary. Whatever reaction would turn the Wheel of Fortune for others to the devil’s direct benefit. You know – dark things – fruits of darkness.

The Devil watched THE MOON – even employed HER – to understand how natural laws manifest and made it __________’s job to select certain souls for the artificial – made to look organic – refining process.

­­­­­­­­___________________ hated its job because it meant delivering evil whether a soul deserved it or not. But the Devil explained how one can’t make an omelet without breaking a few Humpties.


Meaning, how an event happens doesn’t matter as much as what happened or does it?

“The harvest quality is OFF.” God spoke.

The Devil looked around uncertain of whether God was directly addressing IT. Nearby angelics withdrew from sitting or standing close. In fact they creating a RED SEA effect in leaving the Devil completely alone before THE THRONE. They were not covering his ass because they like DEATH knew the foresight.

“I can’t taste any MOON sweetness. What new process did THOU use this cycle? Do you have any information on the whereabouts of your sister and WIFE, Lilith The Moon? Her PRESENCE is withdrawn, unaccounted, and from the looks of it – she has been completed DEPLETED and M-I-A.”

The murmuring RAISED into a CHAOS of noise and activity. No one wanted to be the being who ANGERED GOD, as THE TOWER of IMMORTAL STRENGTH. The Moon served to calm, soothe, and temper GOD. She was its DWELLING away from God’s daily distresses. God doesn’t have distresses. Yes because it was the Moon who swept them away like tides of WATER – Lilith created the HOME effect.

“Are you answering my question or scratching the pimple on your ass?”

The Devil felt this immense PAIN and looked behind him at an ENORMOUS tumor-SIZED PIMPLE rising to a HEAD but never quite making it there. The sucker had a vibration and HUMMING noise that made all the other angels LAUGH and roll on the floor. GOD was not amused and showed no sympathy.

The Devil whispered to __________________.

_____________________ shrugged trying to FOOL – GOD of what really happened as ‘random acts of unjustifiable cruelty. About this time GOD took notice of DEATH’s absence. The Devil sighed with relief for the momentary DISTRACTION of God taking care of business. The RIVER of FIRE bubbled like a great and wondrous CAULDRON – BELOW. The River of Fire was where all creations of life were PURIFIED. Some made the boiling process and transformed and some didn’t – suffering ETERNAL and INSTANT DEATH sentences. Sentences carried out by the triggering of GOD’s TOWER. Had to believe how valued this MOON was to GOD unless ONE could see the oneness of how one hand washed or balanced another.

“Beckon and sent out a SEARCH for The Moon, and let her KNOW I demand of her PRESENCE. NOW!” commanded GOD. Remember the COMMAND God sent out earlier? Well, this was what was entailed.

“Can we not stand on what I have acquired YOUR MAJESTIC ONE?” said the Devil, to God.


FIRE, THUNDER BOLTS, AND LIGHTENING ALL FLASHED – shaking A VIBRATION of ‘ONENESS – car alarms WENT OFF – in all neighboring realms. There were spirits inside BLACK HOLES peeping OUT to see what was creating so much COMMOTION of EMOTION. IT WAS GOD – ON THE WAR PATH.

“Yes. Get the FIRES raised.” God said to METATRON. “We’re about to have a celestial roasting.”



The surface beneath the Devil vanished and nothing was between it and the ROARING – LAKE OF FIRE – Eridanus, the FIRE that DEVOURS all and purifies to the nth degree. “Your Grace! Please! I can offer a NEW MOON.”

“Who?” spoke, God.

The Devil shoves _____________________ who proudly sticks out its chest, ready to fill the position of God’s personal dwelling, known affectionately as THE EMPRESS – THAT WHICH CONSTITUTES ‘ABUNDANCE.

God points its FINGER – issuing a – EYE OF ALL CONSUMING FIRE so strong it completely devours all existence of ___________________ instantly. The entire angelic realm looks on in pure AWE and befuddlement.

“Who? Did you say you have to replace my MOON?”

Swallowing hard, the Devil contemplates the next word to speak in reference of THE TOWER standing over it and the RIVER of ETERNAL FLAMES beneath it. You might say GRACE itself was the only force keeping the Devil in suspension. The force caused the Devil to SPIN, each rotation presenting an alternate reality of GOD’S TORMENTS.

All the angelics stepped back even further to create an even greater RED SEA effect or PARTING OF THE WAYS. This would be a RESPONSIBILITY the Devil alone would take and a ONENESS of CONSEQUENCE it would bear.

“You have offended MY COUNTENANCE with this tripe! How dare you pluck my TREE of HAPPINESS! Now you shall be fully CHARGED…if the TREE can not be retrieved! What have you to answer – GUILTY, not GUILTY, or uncontested? THESE ARE YOUR OPTIONS for starving my MOON of ETERNAL BLISS.”



Entering with a big smile, DEATH arrived successfully retrieving God’s TREE of BLISS – The Moon. She was greatly disheveled, beaten down, and unaware. She had suffered so much grief by ________________________ and the Devil, nothing remained by a shell and the angelics wept at her presence. Still beautiful but sad, unresponsive, and vacant OF expression, The Moon faced God with THE EYE. God read The Eye as an akasha of all the events suffered at the hands of the Devil’s greed. Suddenly those keys disappeared. In her silence was where God found the most of power in the Moon. HIGH PRIESTESS never exposes but reflections never lie. She’d been attacked psychically for the Crown God had given.

“If it weren’t for HER do you not know what would manifest UPON you?”

The Devil remained quiet, uncertain of what to answer.

“I have read her thoughts and the akasha serves as records against you. There were spells, enchantments, and magic done against her from root, to seed, bough, and leaf of her! Murder of a child to seal the deal of political aspirations, distress of finances to make her live on a mindset of scarcity, lack of abundance, and greater distress to her emotional functions which were hell bound thoughts of negative disconcertion. Now come and open your eye!”, said God.

Reluctantly The Eye of the Devil was opened and read. The AKASHA of EACH ‘EYE was MATCHED AS A PROCESS OF organic TRUTH. God SEARCHED all the records of each EYE, with supernatural impunity and matched intentions. For the Devil’s eye was two-fold – the male of what had to be given, and the female of what had been received. The Male was the eye of the Sun while The Female was the eye of The Moon which birthed said Sun. Without the Moon, the Sun would burn itself out and become BLIND or blinded by its own greed. Dissatisfaction of one would create IMMINENT DISCONTENT of the other. A balance of the imbalances and this is the natural process of ONENESS – which DEATH or DA’AT held as foresight on that day at the Hotel Resort. Death was The Empress’ Guardian Angel and thus the ultimate AKASHA of the devil’s misdealings.

The natural way of doing involves using the Moon’s powers of harvest. Any other method or process is artificial. So yes, the Devil does the work but the hard work belongs to the Moon and therefore it is the Moon that essentially harvests. Without the Moon there is no process, receipt, or proof of delivery of anything making the harvest – worthless and all the toil associated with it. So of course knowing what process had been used to produce this cycle’s harvest, Death wanted no parts like the angelics and it too – conceded to a parting of the ways. It would not accept responsibility.


The Devil would be on its own UNLESS…it could get the MOON to forgive the insidious debt incurred. We cannot invoke spells or curses that cause the Moon to divide or disassociate. For now oneness becomes the void. If one is doing, wishing, or invoking harm upon the very vessel used to do said work it counts as an automatic haram. One is plucking from GOD’S personal stash or TREE of BLISS, and not eating the fruit but selling, discounting, and devaluing its power.

“Do you even know what YOU have done?” said GOD.

Scratching its head, the devil answered, “I have sinned.”

“Greatly! For the very thing you wanted you gave away by deceit and doubt of the what defines a miraculous process. You sold [sowed] your miracle away into darkness. She is the balance of you because it is from Her there is strength to harvest. You robbed your own soul [tree] with un-wisdom and a ____UP belief system. In trying to look good you made your image over in the worst of impressions to ME. Is this truly how you wish others to view what you are about? Is this really the process of being true to self when the other self is the Moon? How can you see yourself without the power of reflection? How would you know how beautiful or bright your light shines without her light to reveal it to you? Distorting what makes the image does not hide or conceal crimes of passion to provoke evil that is not considered necessary and unbalance-able. So do you still wish to reap the harvest ___________________________ [the Devil’s true name to God]? Actions that are classified as unbalance-able fall under the mercies of forgiveness. How far is unforgivable? Was that the question?”

“Yes it was. But…”

“But? Or your BUTT?” We hear a MIGHTY LION’S ROAR – AND JAWs CLENCHING – the angelics shudder just thinking of the FATE destined for messing with GOD’s personal MOON. “If it weren’t for her you would not have a function! What is your cause for such revelry? Please, ENQUIRING MINDS. …would love to know! Entertain me with regalia, and draw out my anger to build your EMPIRE!”

Unable to take GOD’s direct WRATH – the devil squirmed for how could one argue with [GOD] THE EMPLOYER?

“She was defective.”

“How?” retorted, God.

“She did not come to me as I hoped so I thought by showing you how dissatisfied I was…”

“You’d teach me a lesson?” – God’s 3rd EYE FLASHED and the ENTIRE AREA – VIBRATED from God’s INFERNO of ANGER – the TOWER reached an epic level of EVENTUAL EXPLOSION.

“Because she didn’t look like So-And-So you allowed this concession of laziness? You allowed your minions to attack the very tool beset to do craft? You purposely uprooted the very one I created to DEFEND your actions? Because she didn’t look a certain way?”

The Moon hid a SMILE, and a tear of JOY rolled. She and DEATH both saw the foresight the devil was blind to see.

“How do you look to her? Hmmm? How great are you in her eyes for what you did to her and those beloved or protected by her rays of DIVINE HARMONY? I CREATED BOTH OF YOU TO REFLECT all sides of my own GLORY. NOW you have the unmitigated GAUL to tell me how imperfect she is to you? OR is it that you have become so blinded by your own self importance you can’t see the TREE protecting you from the FOREST of destruction I have secretly planted inside of YOU?”

Now the Devil DRAWS a-VOID.

It had no idea how important The Moon was to it or anyone else, but certainly it did know how valuable She is to GOD. She ALONE produces the fruit GOD loves most to EAT and shade itself. She provides DIVINE HARMONY, luxury, and ease from one’s distresses. Her very essence is the substance that forms the LAWS OF LOVE, which governs ALL as VENUS. Because of The Moon we know and understand what true beauty IS and ISN’T. BEAUTY is a law unto ITSELF – for BEAUTY truly is in the EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, right? What one sees as worthless another can see as priceless in value, esteem, and honor worthy of praise.

“I thought you only cared about the harvest not how it was processed, YOUR GRACE and ALL MERCIFUL ONE.”, said the devil, most humbled. But I desire someone pleasing to my eye.”

“Have you put in the effort to effect such?”, said God – “Or are you allowing assumption to cast judgments of doubt upon you and all that you represent to ME?”

“The process is what makes the fruit edible. That is where the quality is built, refined, and experienced! Why wouldn’t that be of MOST concern to me? Why would you believe ill reputable resources against your natural partner? By their fruits one shall know a tree? Right?”




Published by: Ola Queen Bee Of Astrology

Hi I'm Ola - I love to royal-lize things by adding astrology, metaphysics, and lots of Feng Shui. It enhances potential and creates new doors of opportunities for my clients. If you'd like to get deeper into the esoteric of you email me - OlaQueenBeeOfAstrology. Yes - I am seeking to expand my line of astrology & wellness products like Apple Newsstand's Astrology Tomorrow. If you are an astrology professional and wish to receive love instead of give - it's okay to love you, 1st. Check my monthly blogs to re-charge and give you the fresh perspective you deserve. Readings are done on a donation-basis because I want everyone to have access to heavenly-charged solutions to daily life problems. Let's get life re-organized - together. XO - Ola, QBoAstrology I specialize in #Egyptology #metaphysics, #magi , #lightwork, #businessastrology, #businesstarot, akashic records access (mediumship), astral projecting, astral telepathy, occulesics, herbal iridology, organic techniques, organization, keen eye to detail, kinesthiology, kinesthetics, Hebrew astrology, Chinese astrology, Feng Shui, astrology, tarot, love tarot, love astrology, soul astrology, sidereal astrology, clairvoyant, clair intelligent, clair sentient, quantum physics, meta-quantum physics, Egyptian pyramids, and my personal favorite Hall of Records (mediumship), spiritual medium, angel communications, archangel communications, Jinn specialist and interpreter, holistic healer, karma accountant (mediumship used to balance+clear+cleanse bad karma, aura healing, praise & worship (Wicca), ability to understand foreign relations, soul pod healer, death and bereavement counseling, karmic cleansing, herbal detoxification systems based on personal astrology profile, read & interpret astral charts, specialize in adding personal touches to businesses (small, medium, large, and gigantic), creative analyst (Get Your Creative Mojo Back!), sexual astrology, sexual aura clearance/cleansing (When Your Sexual Preferences Change and You Don't Know Why), animal communication/telepathy, numerology, numerology life path charts, Maturity Cycles, Soul Cycles, diagnosing Yoga Moves to initiate energy healing (personal favorite), herbal & wellness advice (When you want an organic option to heal)

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