New Moon in Aquarius + Jupiter + Isis + Osiris – Paying The Devil What’s Due – Reinventing Our Self


Happy New Year!

Out with the old, In with the new.

But what if we like the old? Does that mean we can’t get just a little taste of the new? That all depends on – words. How good are we are using them to express an opinion? A valid one? How well do we come across to others when we communicate? Do they get the picture we are painting? Or is it going WAY over their head? Communication is an art form and for many Earth and Water signs it will be HOW we turn disaster into paradise – financially.

Words. What to say? How to say? How many times? Remember the Cave of A 1000 Wonders? Aladdin had to speak the magic words to enter and access the deluge of treasures waiting and unclaimed inside. What does it mean for something to be unclaimed? And just because it is unclaimed is it rightfully ours for the taking? Are we in the right to manipulate things to our side of the bed so to speak? Is it really invoking great harm to speed up someone else’s time? Is it? Suppose we were healing them of secret generational stuff and being used by the Devil so to speak to evoke righteousness? Then we discover all that mind talk and monkey chatter in the mind was induced by drug or addiction binges. We wake up. The Dream ends. The Nightmare begins. OR – we wake up in time to take the necessary steps towards turning a nightmare into a dream? How?


Moon, Lilith, Venus, Saturn, + MORE asteroids build ‘confidences. Universe has quite the alignment on the 27th when we face off with a beneficial New Moon in Aquarius. The New Moon in this case is the Cave full of ideas and creative ingenue yet to be potential+ized in the world. Or are they? Some ideas aren’t unclaimed just unexpressed. Meaning someone didn’t have the money to spark off a great ideal or launch a new product that can make us all feel organically better. Or have they? Where Pisces represents ‘secrets – Aquarius is all about finding out secrets that can benefit down the road. But how we come about those secrets can be under great confidentiality.

That confidentiality or those secret door or crypt keepers are worth their weight in titanium. But those same ‘door keepers can be the DOOR that is set for us as something that is meant to be or meant to happen at said time in our life or akasha. We feel the most hurt when we are cheated out of what we felt was rightfully meant to be. So where’s the forgiving in that? Do we give up on community? Stop trusting altogether? Or just learn a better way to filter what’s good from what’s not beneficial? Taking this route removes us from walking paths of self-pity.

There are also ways we can us what hurt to heal us. How? Keeping an open mind and trying that tarot reading or astrology session to see where we are in life. Astrology is and can be a vital ‘friend in need to coping oneself out of hot spots or toxic environments. It can offer hope in knowing what doors will be open and WHEN to enter them. Now we are using the tools of wish making successfully. Provided those we get such advice from are in good karmic standings of their profession. Monarchs have ruled nations using the advice of the devil and done so successfully for eons. Provided those spiritual advisers knew their shit, cared about the quality of the care, and told the truth.

It’s hard to find people we can truly trust these days. Those we knew we could are already planning exits or disappearing acts when ISH hits the fan. They’ll be long gone and we’ll be the ones caught up holding the bag, the axe, or money. The money is a lot but it’s not going to benefit us directly -no there are stipulations on this bounty.

Lindsay & Austin // Engaged

It’s not unclaimed. It’s riches that belong to the poor devils who were screwed, stiffed, and stabbed in the back for what they knew. This New Moon goes back to events related to the Black Moon in Libra September 30th 2016. So reflect on what happened around that time. It relates to unsolved murders suddenly coughing up – answers, truths, and facts. Aquarius and Libra are both not very emotional but can be very emotional about dis-loyalties and disloyal ties to those who are covert enemies. What was hidden will reveal itself in a mass onset of ‘confessions. You see to get to the gold and promise attached to all that double, triple, and more good luck happening on the 10th – we have to earn it. Aquarius believes in hard work and if something is come by without it there are trips – guilt trips. How do we skate the issue?

We must be direct about forgiving, asking for forgiveness, and truly mean it to receive any of the yummy goodness of The Moon, Jupiter, Isis/Osiris, and any other supernatural wonders inside the cave of astrology Wonders. Timelines are shifting via North/South Node. This means shutoffs. Cutoffs. Evolving. We can’t access any of this until we work through problems – on a personal basis of being giving, forgiving, and being open to receiving.


We also can’t access this incredible power by belittling others to feel better about our self. Just because someone rubs us the wrong way or we feel like someone lied, until we make the effort to speak directly to that person – nothing will fly with Divine Blessing. We’ll be taking consequences of playing ‘God upon self. For those forgiving just to get this person off the radar, slow down to apply compassion. Let them have the satisfaction of one upping you. Life is a giant school of lessons – karmic ones. We don’t dwell on the hurt to make others feel the burn or the pain as a ‘food source. Although for some that is what gets them out of bed in the morning. That too – is their karma – don’t make it YOURS. We dwell to reflect – how can we heal from this? How can I get back up on the saddle of life? How can I be happy again? How can the person I hurt be happy and fulfilled?

‘Well at least I’m not living like So-And-So…So-And-So could be the one God sends to redeem our ass.

Yes we could be holding our self back OR we could be held back by unseen forces which arrived from the 7th – 12th via key astrology aspects and alignments. God aka The Divine is speaking via planetary and asteroid movements. As ABOVE must manifest what is indeed BELOW. Aquarius rules astrology, astronomy, and the sciences of ‘telling time. All except Divine Timing. This Moon is a ‘light surrounded by landmines – random events we can trigger by losing it, losing our cool, or letting someone sweet talk us out of things. Don’t be that guy or gal. It’s also a time when we’ll push for rights. Government controls will say OK to those highly public cases but there is something that is sacrificed. ‘OK we’ll give you this for that, and we walk thinking ‘Wow I really got what I wanted. Only to discover what we sacrificed is what we need down the road to truly benefit.


This New Moon has the element of the devil to pay to get what we want. What will the price be? Who is in the best position to negotiate? Those with a clear conscience, in good health, those who have suffered the MOST for the LONGEST – these are the 1st cases heaven takes care of. Those cases which have been hung up in the system or STUCK.


How long will we hold on to what is no longer relevant? How long will others do what they can to make sure we can’t forgive or forget? How? By making things reoccur or continue to the point it exhausts one’s willpower. We get good and tired of people. We’ll either tell them so or quietly find a way or new approach to bury that hatchet. Releasing resentments is the 1st true step towards healing and accessing the true vitality of the Isis/Osiris/Moon/Jupiter connection! Beware and wary of those who solicit information or try to squeeze out confidence they can benefit from. If they do and you know it – give the information and let them go on their way.

If it’s mean to work for them it will. No sweat. If it’s not meant to be it will backfire in their 11th House – the house of their Wishes Coming True. Here we have the stuck ‘value and the need for Divine Timing to occur. Which it will and we’ll know because of how things fall in place or fall to pieces. Why? Perception and perceptory powers are higher – psychic awareness is RISING. We know stuff and we’ll be less likely to fall for the Okie-Doke, and even if we do universe is saying – well this is karma clearing time so don’t worry. We’ll get you on the other side or the ending. We either collect up front or at the end of a mission. But waiting alongside with us will be the devil with its hand out like Ralph the Doorman.


We can clear this by creating good karma, doing good things for others, and playing Secret Santa instead of the secret satan. Face it many disagreements can be easily worked out by communicating properly. Sticking to the facts, doing the work, and not allowing our self to be belittled or devalued because of envy or secret insecurities. The Cancer Full Moon will work lovely with the New Moon in Aquarius to help it adjust and see fresh perspectives. How? Both use intuition. Intuition is entering that cave or knowing the magic words.


That means doing shadow work or clearing away fears or feelings of insecurity. I wish I could be like ____________. Don’t wish that, just wish to be the very best you can be and offer the world what is meant to be your legacy. Doing so releases the karmic bonds or ‘chains depicted on Card XV in tarot. Here are two people a man – a woman, but it also depicts the masculine and feminine qualities within our self we must balance.


Address what’s going on with you inside so it’s not projected but you are managing well whatever pains are hurting the most. Allow times to meditate, confess, release, and keep it real between you and God. Want someone bad? Take stock of where you are now? Are you emotionally available? Are you single? Are you ready to let go of a current relationship to ensure a loyal union or Divine Union? We have to be ready for true love because though its unconditional it involves unconditionally loving our self and others to be balanced or ‘wholesome.


Wholesomeness creates ‘virtue. Being wholesome has nothing to do with gender but everything to do with what we believe to be true about our self. Are we as good as we express to the outside world? Do we feel as happy as we are portraying? Or are there currents of rage rolling just beneath the surface? Beauty the true kind is DEEP but if we are just trying to fake it to make it, that too works if we believe in what we profess as truths. But forcing truth should not be some sort of game to play with the natural course of justice. The Devil – meaning the Spirits sent to execute Divine Orders or Divine Justice could give a rat’s about personal reasons for unnatural unnecessary events. Events and the power to be a wish granter will be reviewed by The Watchers and in turn executed by Archangels of Death to bring them to a close permanently.

The Fool represents the hand of fate but can be either positive or negative in results. Understand you do have the STRENGTH to clear what no longer serves you. It is clearing out old emotions that make things happen. Our efforts yield good karma, the Good Luck x 3 applies – if efforts yield bad karma – constantly recurring – the Archangels step IN to bring about Divine Timing. We can walk way from any given situation. We can look in the mirror because we are being true to our self, no matter what or where we are. Home is where our heart IS at any given moment. Heaven wants us to create ‘paradise by thinking, believing, and doing at our own pace. But doing something towards the positive.

Divine Justice has already been measured weighted and is now being delivered on time. We can’t bargain by claiming defenses based on this or that – if we didn’t take the effort or make the effort to correct the problem on our own. For Twin Flames these issues will apply according to terms of your spiritual contract. Whatever that contract stipulates will be how current situations are weighted for measures to MOVE FORWARD OUT of emotionally stagnate relationships.

WALK-INs will be appointed based on Divine Judgements. We’ll know if someone has been sent as a Walk In to a Twin Flame relationship whose eternal flame as gone out. This person will bring us back to life and remove the harm brought from previous series of Twin Flame related events. Divine Justice is karma pure and simple. It happens when it happens. Magic is magic regardless of the type used – nature has its own magic and will simply readjust back to where it was after a karmic cycle clears. So constantly doing the same thing over and over to a person to create a Ground Hog effect will be stifled. Something will give and God will step in to BREAK IT UP.


True magic doesn’t need helpers or those who use the black arts to manipulate time, timing, or just to create overall suffering for entertainment. Power is to be used wisely and not abused or shared with those we think are our friends who will also abuse. In the end we are responsible for how we use our charms, talents, and gifts to heal. We are being watched. The Watchers are a group of angels light and dark whose job is still observe and report for the Akasha records.

Did an event happen as it was written in heaven or was there confidentiality involved? Does the person or persons involved have the right to know what or why random karma is happening? You bet your sweet ass! That’s why we’ll get answers in dreams, visions, or meditation. We’ll also be given instructions on how to avoid toxic people and situations. Things won’t feel right to us to move forward. We’ll be reluctant to sign contracts. Or we’ll stop and do the research on what are the right questions to ask before signing any contract – legal or spiritual. This includes Twin Flame Contracts which have run their course or completed said ‘missions brought up by the Cancer Full Moon. All of this will be happening as a ‘process of Elimination. Prayers being answered – directly by God as ‘what is meant to be from this point forward.

The Good Stuff we do want to manifest in our life. Virtue is more than just a word it’s also a class of high level Archangels and angels who assist us in getting ‘unstuck in our life. Whether we believe in the spiritual or not, it believes in us because we are born of Spirit and we return to Spirit. As above so below. Altering records or other’s destinies only slows down nature or natural processes but it won’t prevent what is meant to be for you. The key is cultivating more patience to wait for it. Ask for help via prayer or answers from God – when we ask not demand they arrive – in Divine Timing.

Published by: Ola Queen Bee Of Astrology

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