Saying ‘Goodbye 2016 and ‘#Hello #2017 – Planetary #Lineup Analysis by #OlaQueenBee

Yellow Violet

Well with a lineup and strong story line written as the last of 2017 astrology – we scramble for last minute reasons to forgive, release, let go, and move ONward. Do we take the opportunities universe is affording us now to reflect, analyze, and reason away whatever or who ever was holding us back. How? Self –honesty aka legitimate psychoanalysis using the proper organic tools of sorting things out or making sense of WTF moments. We had several throughout 2016. But amidst the crazy headlines, sorted stories, and shocks of scandal – LIFE and LIES of LIFE were happening. Was an event meant to be or were hidden factors maneuvered behind a great OZ-like curtain? Whatever we missed in 2016 fulfills it self throughout 2017, over and over, and over again. Why? Missed opportunities boomerang as ‘karmic cycles to clear or reset as new energy to metabolize.

On December 31st, 2016 – Sun, Moon, Mars, and Pluto align and “pause”. With so many stops-and-starts it was downright difficult to let shit go that hurt so damn bad to suffer, endure, or know. Lambs of trust are led or misled. Do we go with current data or diversify resources? Do we over or under stimulate when necessary ‘pulses in the economical bloodline? Are leaks overlooked out of careless processes of care or us not having enough experience? Do we get too caught up to preserve vital lifelines of support? Where will the emotional support come from to manage such mass outputs of sorrow?

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Chiron meet up to ask us one very important question. Are we matching the Divine Plan for what is supposed to happen? Or are we helping things along – magically? Ontological boo-boos are nothing new especially during the time of great light workers like A. E. Crowley and the harvest of new age philosophers. In fact in 1914 Crowley was responsible for either knowing things ahead of time or having the right way to extract desired foresight for the selective elite. Philosopher’s stones or products of the very stoned are the thought processes we use to harvest the New Worlds we wish to experience and to clear the old ones we’ve outgrown.

Filling In the ______________________?s

Mercury (R) [turns direct 1/8/17] and North Node text each other “smh” and “You, too? Damn didn’t see that coming!” History patterns evolve in mathematical precision and only a very highly developed mind can channel such information. Unless ____________________? We’ll be doing that a lot rolling into 2017 – but filling in the blanks is nothing new, unpopular, or nor unique. But it is fast becoming a tool of favor in picking out the details, and putting back the pieces sword-ed apart by thinking the worst about a matter. Prejudice. Is a fruit that can be devoured in more than one way of tastes. For as one person will taste the same fruit in one manner, another shall taste its’ nectar or vice versa.

This shows lack of diversity in many areas of commerce, microeconomics, and judging things in astrology. Branding things will become a vital way to prove your thoughts to prevent intellectual, psychological, and metaphysical thefts. Whose system is it __________? Won’t just be a popular TV game show theme. It will be real life for those who have been laboring with new ideas. Copyright. Benchmark. Trademark. See it as an investment to put your name on what you produce or launch in the world as The New or the New Jack version of it.

The New Jack Perspective – What approach are we using? Organic or Non?

Juno, Eros, Pallas, and Psyche communicate ‘all things in Divine Timing! Perspectives as ‘harvests depend on the proper fertilization of raw materials or quality rotted stuff to feed on or live off. We call it inspiration or daily inspiring thoughts we read or see on social media. We are feeding on good thoughts to have them throughout our day. Mental fuel is just as vital as any other form of nutrition. It is the act of nurturing that keeps us connected to our inner divinity or will power. Whatever approach you take be sure to make it your own so others know your style or way of expression in industry.

The higher quality produced the more likely others will want to cop, bite, or out right steal ideas for broader audiences or distributors. Understand this is the dark side of nature – survival of one’s self. Stakes are HIGH to be somebody. It hurts to see seeds we harvest go as accolades of another. In fact it’s a very bitter pill to swallow but learn to share only that which you don’t mind. Do art for art’s sake so you can keep moving and discovering new terrains of artisanship.

In short, don’t stop believing in your ideas or the value they portend in the world at large. This is more than a philosophy but a tool of emotional stasis to keep going after personal pots of gold. Diversify talents by producing more diverse pots of gold with your name or MARK on them. The point is never fear taking a new approach or reinventing Wheels of fortune for you as a freelance, self-employed, or artistic wonder. Nothing is done in vain and no great idea goes unnoticed.

Today’s New Jack methods of reading astrology, emotions, and life planning depend on someone really loving their craft enough to perfect or brand ‘it. That unique method of interpreting spiritual information can be a breakthrough in technology. Why? Because if a method is automated it speeds up metabolism of thought and that means are not only feeding on higher quality but more of it is available. There is an abundance to choose from when we have true diversity. Why? Now we can customize options or specialize any template to fit demands.

Pallas, Vesta (R), and Mercury (R) agree on 3rd EYE ‘stuff we know now we didn’t know THEN. Having freedoms to choose appeases spiritual material conflict instead of triggering – perspectives of lack. We treat the livestock instead of prodding them for the proper response.

It makes us organically attractive for all the right reasons. Starting a new project? Think of all the reasons others will naturally love or love to use what you offer. Appeal to demographics most likely to get your ideas or services. Be willing or open to try open or foreign markets of consumers. I know – I love the organic process of building empires that make companies purr like new kittens. Because I feed on nothing but the best resources about that industry it is conveyed in the style of writing or communicating to larger groups of cultures, tastes, and beliefs. I write with the intention of sharing ‘food for thought that can truly benefit one to apply financially. Words make $$$. Hashtags prove ‘authenticity of words sells.

Thought creates ‘power or that which is more power-full. Know worth of craft or artisanship – when quoting sales and know it’s ok to be clear about what people can expect from your services.

Card Key V – The Hierophant – Book of Thoth tarot

How the esoteric fits in the picture

There are several manners to read one astral configuration but when we use specific methods there is only one true way to interpret the star’s meanings. It has to do with clarity within oneself as depicted in the Hierophant card. Book of Thoth (A.E. Crowley’s tarot system) there is a woman hidden within the body of the high priest. She is holding a light resembling a sword, eyes steady forward, and a Crescent Moon in her left hand.

Ceres, Psyche, and Uranus offer keys. We can’t fear knowing the truth, admitting the truth, or coming full circle with truth of self. Only with self-truths do we reach epic levels of self worth. We feel good because we did the work to feel better about whatever was hurting or whoever by forgiving them. Heaven weeps not just for us but with us in balancing scales of justice – for self and others. It is not our place to judge things but we can weigh out better outcomes, distributions of power, and options that are priority for us on a personal basis.

New Moon, asteroids’ Isis, Osiris and Pluto provide insight into what are proper values of foresight in today’s global collective. What happens when we do something without Divine providence? What happens when we do things out of natural synchronicity or out of one’s office or station? How does universe regain its balance in our everyday lives? What supports or substantiates natural law of hubris? When do we take matters into our own hands to instill new laws of order or rights? How do we manifest with the support of universe or incite that blessing Crescent Moon to cover all damages? IF one hand can’t wash out the sins of the other as natural occurrences expect high rises in metaphysical emotions. We can choose happiness but it is a cooperative effort all must be mindful to abide. Distortion – psychics, mediums, and channels receive trying to ‘tap the Divine or understand.

If so to what end has higher good or perfect vision of worldly peace been manufactured or home-made? With power of choice we can either rise to new heights or crash in visions of self-love of the negative type? There is 2 sides of everything. Know that’s not the ‘peace sign but for some it could be interpreted that way, couldn’t it? The woman is ‘dwelling inside the male figure or is IT dwelling or being projected from her? She the woman represents the subconscious mind or train of thought.

Those moments when we repeat the same thoughts over and over not realizing what its manifesting. Brooding, holding grudges, and hate as a show of emotion are all signs or seeds of deep resentment. How do I know? I experienced it on my own scale of understanding. See the woman is holding the Moon? She is holding her own experience as a Moon or akasha record – a memory. Memories are the building blocks of being ‘there or having signs of proof you have wisdom, stripes, or chutzpah to call shots. It is also the act of holding secrets whether as an individual or large group or organization.

Chi, Yin + Yang = Energy, balance, balancing forces of nature

Time to forgive – Self + Others = Inner Peace, Prosperity

So what are we doing on the daily to forgive, let go of the past, and call the shots in our life again? How are we planting the right seeds by thinking of consequences before acting on impulses? Are we doing something for a specific reaction or to get a specific reaction out of groups of people? What will we do with the energy we erect or extract from the reaction? Is it to help a person get the right awareness or to put their ego in check? Is it to perform favors for the sake of kindness or more favors of our own? Motives. Opinions. We all have them whether privately or publicly expressed. But when people just aren’t communicating their distresses we question WHY? We should.

The business of favor – Using it as a personal model of life philosophy

Corporations the successful ones use feedback to manage or make all crucial operation or controllership decisions. Every move has to be backed by data that proves what they are deciding is the right direction for that corporation to take. That means having the right people on your team assembled to do their part and to do their part with love or higher love of service. It’s an honor and the honor system hand in hand being the glue in commercializing financial streams of income. Revenues are the bloodline of industry. Now that we have people who are more health oriented, holistic, or organic in their life approaches we see some changes we can’t control.

We’ll see true evolution, as the one thing that could rip this country apart becomes the one thing uniting us to take care of old system problems. We’ll need a strong work ethic again, a love for offering quality, and a united front to the world as a nation. But again we are honest, direct speaking intellectuals – well, those who blog, radio blog, or write metaphysics – will find more eloquent methods of speaking our minds. There’s nothing wrong with expressing our self and we should. But a greater demand in sorrow means a greater demand for healing processes.

After creating wounds New Moon+, Pluto, Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus make us responsible for treating, diagnosing, and offering the right professional care. Universe will show us WHY this or that happened by giving us psychic awareness to foresee or prepare for it. It will also show us the bigger picture of how this incident can be a blessing in disguise.

Isn’t it easier to forgive when someone is truly sorry and petting you back up? Making up is hard to do if we just don’t FEEL it at that moment. What about later? Can we set aside time to just close our eyes, meditate and forgive each other or our self? Time throughout the day is time we can emotionally let go of what is grieving or triggering sadness, sorrow, or discontent. We can center our self to see situations in proper perspective instead of wanting to retaliate, which may be a hoped-for reaction.

Getting into the physics…of forgiving – Hoped For Reactions

Hoped-for reaction causes transformation of energy between the parties at war or not in agreement. There are also ‘turning points when something no longer IS as it WAS and will NEVER BE again. Be it politics, policy, or charter – change is a natural progression or stage of evolution. Taking the initiate is important but how we react is MORE important because it determines whether an energy is – transformed – or NOT – transformed.

What is transformation? Loss of power. Power shift. Zapping. Stealing. Yanking. Removal of something or someone at a sudden whim. Why? The initiate is acting on passion not logic thus it falls under different rules to be resolved. Karmic ones. Karmic cycles clear ‘out old energy whether we do or not. The point of stimulating is the desired effect of getting a specific reaction – a subconscious one. A seed planted in the mind to keep us dwelling on things and never moving forward. It is a powerful military tactic in proving a point or proving one’s point. Dominion. Does not have to be an excessive show of whose dick is bigger or who looks better in a bikini. It’s natural to want to compete and show off confidence. But is it truly going to improve quality? Or generate hype?

Card Key V – The Hierophant – Rider Waite tarot

It is important to have a balance of passion and emotion to carry or move anything through. That means we must reason or be reasonable about providing more care or outlets of care to the less fortunate, oppressed, or mentally unstable. If what we did caused or triggered despair karmically we are bound. They’re concern or needs become our + community’s crosses to bear by providing adequate options, services, and products. Nobility stems from this concept because it is substantiated as acts of chivalry. They’re the 2 guys kneeling in the Rider Waite version of the Hierophant.

Understanding the Professional type

However is one act of Watch this shit…or Keepin It Real with people being secretly surveyed will not serve the hoped-for reaction. There are some people who honestly don’t give a damn about shit or stupidity in general. They are the short on time type with too much to accomplish and not enough time in the day to do it all – people. Professionals. Can we be more professional or provide healthier care for those who have went through serious trauma or emotional harm? How can we come together to address proper controls of emotional stimuli? Is overconsumption or having things shoved down our throats really going to motivate us – to be better for all the right reasons?

If it does, than it can be acceptable organic magic. If it creates wakes of disasters and casts no net to catch stuff it has just over whelmed the system. Because now we are operating at over-capacity levels and that means we’ll need more than bigger jails to take good care of people.

Hitting the Richter Scale of Love…Chi or positive energy, do we have enough to share?

The earth vibrates – aka ‘MOVES ONWARD –> by motivating love, cultivating kindness, and charging UP MORE positive energy = Abundance. Don’t believe? Pay attention to what happens when we have natural disasters – the events surrounding occurrence or re-occurrence. There are ‘patterns to study or notice. These patterns are ‘clues on how to NOT repeat historical blunders or how we must choose different options to circumvent current ones. We navigate energy – direct it (like dams and rivers) to arrive at intentions unfulfilled – Bucket lists. An empty cup or space in time destined to happen that alters one’s course. We can keep making the same mistakes or start initiating new ones, but at least with the new we have room to grow, learn, and expand the sensibilities, right?

We’ll notice a clear build-up emotional hangups, dys-prosperity, disinformation, crimes of passion, and unbelievable records of sexual related dis-easements. But with study of these from the proper metaphysics we can do effective quality controls by cleaning up the emotional spills we’ll have made rolling into 2017.


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