#SuperMoon in #Taurus Highlights – What You Should Know To Move Forward by #OlaQueenBee


November 14, 2016 – Tomorrow we experience a grand time stargazing or just sitting on the porch with a cool beer, drink, and the one we cherish. Sounds sweet? Well with so much written on tomorrow’s Super Full Moon in Taurus – I thought was there anything to add? Actually there is. So I’m going to fill in the blanks of what you can expect, and how to work the new ‘mojo coming in to you. Mojo is nothing new all it means is energy to get things done, or to manifest. How do we make this person take notice? How do we get that job? Once we do get this or that how can we understand how to keep it?

We are challenged to meet the new changes ushering in 2017. A new President, system or call to order, and way of getting this or that done or completed. It will take energy to get up and go after making dreams come true. It takes energy to deal with people we’d rather not. It takes energy to get work completed before deadlines. It takes energy to tend to the family and take care of business in the home. Well, where is this energy coming from? A fresh perspective.


You can be beacons of hope in the new world emerging all around you now. Taking risks will be rewarding by waiting for the right signs of wishes in disguise. Something looks like it’s right but appearances or surfaces can be deceiving. The only way to know for sure if something or someone is meant is setting intentions. If something is not how you imagined it to be work with the process by going back to the drawing board. Be willing to admit no one knows it all. Having this innocence or mindset gets doors to open because it removes a judgmental attitude. If others are acting thankless for all the work you do don’t sit and stew – speak up. Do so diplomatically but in some cases if the truth comes out it just comes out and we deal with the consequences. Karma or shadow work is life saving, time saving, and energy building. You’ll have the energy to do this or that by getting more organized with how you spend personal time. If devices are taking over your life or you can’t exist without the phone try roughing it by taking a hiking trip or going on nature walks. The fresh air will produce more than good health but a clear mind. In love singles who are anticipating the one could be throwing themselves into work to avoid thoughts of lonely nights. No worries. Angels are working overtime to right wrongs or bring that one true love back to you. However watch out for jealousy from exes or those who don’t have your best interests at heart. Know when someone is a true friend or just perpetrating. It can cost happiness down the line for a happier home life. Couples spending more quality time means putting imagination into things. Not allowing others to cramp IN or drop by for unexpected dinners, borrowing money, or just squatting. Set boundaries. Be there for pals but have the proper balance of how much time to share or give so as not to upset your spouse.


Some could be dealing with the law or legal components more than usual. This can range from courts to court room drama. In business it means contracts, selling real estate, and walking away from the table with mo’ money – mo’ money – ‘mo money. IF…What do you mean IF? Well karma has much to do with what is received or divvied up from the Moon’s energies. Whatever we put into a project or matter is what to expect from it. The plus side is being optimistic and using muses to drive leisure time into profit. Whatever you’ve been working on or at into the wee hours can pay off exponentially if – there goes that word again – if everything is done right in the preparation process. Success can be gifted from the heavens but usually hard work or toil is entailed to draw down the proper energy for good luck, prosperity, and happiness. This means not fearing arduous nights or days running around or calling people up for meetings. Communicate what you need whether it is an intention to universe or putting out a WANT AD. Make it clear what you need so it can be well provided in the proper time or timing. Some things take or may require more effort, time, energy, or a new space. If you have worn out a spot search for ideal places you’d love to live. Get a price in mind of what you’ll have to sacrifice, then be on the lookout for the means to those wishes. Keep an open mind and listen when total strangers offer advice, insight, or free tips. It’s universe helping you out of tough jams and showing you how to be kind, again. When we are exhausted we need to be refilled, regenerated, and remodeled – inside out. Whether it’s a relationship or a home – renovation can be fun when we pace it out and don’t try to do too much too fast. Set things in terms of milestones so even if you fall short you have still succeeded beyond what you thought you were capable of doing. Singles you could be mooning over someone from the past. But if that situation is something you outgrew admit it to yourself. Let new love come in or at least see what universe has to offer. Cupid calls but if we are too picky it can stifle the selection process of meeting worthy new loves or ushering them IN. Couples it may be time to stop doing the same ol’ thing or having the same ol’ meals. Try to incorporate more culture. Try exotic recipes that catch your eye or to suit a new eating lifestyle that is wellness oriented. Going organic can be just the magic you need to bring the mojo back in the bedroom. Try herbal places to treat issues in sexual performance or stamina. It might work for the long term.


Nothing is certain but the Moon, Stars, Sun, and universe or is it? Sure things don’t just drop out the sky but for you they will. How? Power of belief. When you believe magic happens! No it’s not fluff and fairy tales but in some cases it can be that simple in believing it IS. The mind is a powerful tool to put wishes into being, process, or happening. It’s called the Power of Projecting or Positive Thoughts. What can you be absolutely positive you’d love to experience next? It’s not easy to be the Zodiac’s Merlins or Mary Poppins but it can be by making life simple again. When things get too complicated scale back, put it down, come back to it later. If the mind is too overworked it can do you no good in pushing on. Take more time for daily naps or rests. It does more than restore aching muscles or stress -it realigns you with universal flows of Qi. Qi exercises are a holistic route to increasing energy that you deplete throughout busy or hectic days. Try meditating at least 20 minutes whether to start the day or culminate it. You are natural processors of information vast stores of it and it takes lots of energy to process on single thought. Learn how to delegate some things but micromanage in a smart way with software, mutual internet hubs, or links where you can supervise from the ease of home. Just remember to stop working when it’s time to refresh and stick to this to promote higher energy reserves. Singles you meet someone who makes you feel electric. Every time you talk to them you light up and your eyes get the ‘sparkles. When your eyes flash it’s a good sign of a genuine love connection. You will be intensely into this person and they into you. Like radios you’ll tune in or be on the same frequency or wavelength. But you may have to make time or get them to make time. Believe, trust, and set the example for them to follow suit. They will. Couples either deepen commitment or try to set them as new ‘understandings. Life is change. If you are more active or growing in a new direction – give your spouse opportunities to keep up. For some this can also be what drives the two of you apart – that or infidelity. Both are signs that things have to be adjusted to work. Either there is a ‘team theme going on or not.


Whatever wasn’t fair, equal, or on the same page is now addressed Cancer. You’ve been silent for so long but that soon changes when adjustments are made either for you or against. But either way a change occurs to reset whatever was stale, stagnant, or keeping you on stuck like a skipping record. If you find yourself repeating things a great deal it means slow down this time around. What can be done differently? Better? With greater flair, style, or delivery? Could you say something with less potency or insult? Seasoning our words with salt is nothing new but it may be new to you or those in your environment. You aren’t one to hold it in for too long when you feel the back is against the wall. Just make sure it’s the right thing to say at the right time. Need help? Pray for the right words before speaking so there is flow and the right outcome. Some things we get to do over and others when its done its done. Watch for communication snafus when sending out letters, documents, or court legalities. Be slow to sign contracts. Take the time and save the energy to review what is worthy to you or stipulate this as a ‘checklist item if you work with contracts for a living or profession. Others may look to you for leadership if you are too busy this can mean missing crucial details or catching them just in the nick of time. Nothing worthy is worth doing too fast or in a hurry. Singles could be out having a great time this month and meeting new love or reinvented ‘Exes. A romance that never got off the ground swings back around. This time you are a different person and capable of rolling with the punches. Being more mature means you’ll appreciate this experience enough to forget past mistakes or history. Bygones will be bygones because you choose to be happy. Couples how about booking a retreat, getaway, or some place exotic? Check for specials or travel to places either of you have always wanted to see but couldn’t before. Timing is on your side because the intention is there.


You may look like a lost little lamb but nothing could be further from the truth. You’ll be either laying down the law or getting to know the lay of the land in new jobs, places to live, or with a new family life. Some are adding new family members with pregnancies, relatives in need of a place, or being the facilitator for the less fortunate. You’ll be more protective than usual of loved ones and will rip heads of those who dare interfere with your business. Not one to mince words you will find enjoyment cooking family meals or hosting family gatherings. For some this may be the first year of cooking for relatives. Don’t allow the pressure to get to you. Who says you have to cook everything? Who says you have to cook at all? Maybe the best way to go is catering services. Now you can look fabulous be refreshed, and ready to dance the night away with your beloved or some new love that fancies you so. Business deals go well for those who are slow to sign on the dotted line. You want what is meant to be. Need to know for certain? Try spiritual tools like tarot or business tarot readings. What you get will make sense and make money flow. You want to be in alignment and if things are going as planned or hoped it may require using esoteric tools like tarot or astrology to problem solve. You are intuitive by nature and as a calling it’s the 1st place to check for answers – your intuition. If your mind isn’t clear hiring someone’s whose is beats paying for costly mistakes. Singles it may be time to redecorate the home, bedroom, or find a new place to call your new ‘love nest. New digs can be all you need to infuse life back into dead or stale love life situations. Plus it will make you feel like entertaining when home has that Love Feng Shui appeal. Hire a decorator or do the research and DIY. Couples everything isn’t always black or white. So why make it feel that way to each other? Leave room for growth, good conversation, and can a person get a back massage without asking? Let your spouse know what pleases you physically so they can accommodate and you likewise.


There are two things going on at once. Either you are reading too much into something or not reading enough. Ferret out what you can’t see by clearing mind of all thoughts. Overthinking things can be costly. Just go for it when something FEELs right to you. There are several famous Virgos who don’t do anything unless they feel it first. Doing so will make you feel good about the decisions you have to make whether on the spot or down the road. If you feel you don’t have enough to go on – don’t decide. Wait. Let the information fall in your lap by requesting universe to ‘download it to you. Meditating allows you to draw down information psychically from universe when you need to know. Remember with universe everything is on a need to know basis. When we need to know that’s when we get random insights, pieces of information, tips, and insights from those in the know. Don’t look gift horses in the mouth when people just give to you. Let them. Even if there are strings that too will present itself. The point is to not limit your power to empower by limiting who you receive from. If you are starting a business or hoping to do so study the types of customers that will inspire you to work for or with. Set up business systems which allow more time to get to know customers for one-on-one. They’ll eat up the 1st class service you provide and won’t mind paying top dollar for it. Real estate deals are highly lucky for you because as children of universe you FEEL what’s right – WHEN – and WHO by knowing ‘Why, intuitively. Trust intuition and stop 2nd guessing yourself. Singles you could have a choice before you. Go with someone you feel is meant to be or try whatever comes your way. If you go with what is meant for you you luck out but if you go against the grain – the grain, being universe – you take your chances. Couples may be dealing with feelings of being hot one day and cold towards another the next. Don’t brush it under the rug as meaningless. Tackle problems with love and love talks. Those wee hour conversations can rebuild troubled communication or estrangement. In what ways can we be closer? Go from there.


We all have a set destiny or path to walk. But what happens when Past Lifetimes come into play? Huh? Yeah reincarnation is not just some Hippie Byword its a real spiritual experience for all life. We all leave and return as someone new or something different. Move up the ladder by taking into account all you wish to achieve now and in the near future. What new things can be done to make a new you? How can you relate in a new way to old connections? What can be done to stop others from interfering with what is destined for you? When events keep repeating it’s a sign of outside interference where we allowed others to choose for us. In the end no matter what happened unless its a case of others taking charge or taking over there is something we do control. Participation. Either you are on board or not. Be clear about this up front. Don’t agree to things to pacify or ease conscience if you truly know what’s best or for the higher good. It’s okay to say, ‘Let me think about it or ‘I’ll get back to you. As long as you follow up. You aren’t putting restrictions on yourself by leaving openings in timing. If something has a deadline do the work daily so there is little build up. If a boss or superior has you as the lead and you delegate make sure the people are trustworthy, productive, and accountable. Why? Because you’ll be responsible if the work is done wrong or shoddily. In some cases others could do the work half-assed on purpose for job security. Call it out or be slower in picking the right people or experts. Just because someone comes on a referral doesn’t mean they are the person for the job. Find out for yourself with background checks or credential verification. Singles find someone new fascinating. This person every thing they do seems like magic. Is it? It might be you are drawn in to the spiritual or esoteric and this is how you meet the right love. Few know about your deep side but being in a relationship with someone who does feels the most natural. Try going the spiritual route in picking the right person to love. Being too religious means keeping too many secrets and who has time for that? Trust is never too underrated. You want someone you can confide in. Couples will be dealing with secrets and the secret side of your personality. If you need space don’t start acting funny just be blunt and go off for some quality personal time. Being honest will keep suspicions down. If devices are an interruption stipulate under what terms you can be contacted and leave it at that.


Are you starting too many projects? Are you trying to accomplish too much at one time? Slow down. Pick what is necessary or prioritize. Sometimes more time going into prep is what makes things have smooth sailing in meeting deadlines. Be particular if you are outsourcing work or depending on others to carry through on work. Be more savvy with monitoring progress using software or new software that integrates project analysis tools. Build systems that do work for you in getting out the work instead of being on ‘stuck cycles. You can’t afford to waste time micromanaging so hire only those with the chops and ease in getting stuff done without question or questions of quality control. Work with freelancers you can depend on to do what is assigned on time. Be quick to let go of those who don’t. You don’t need excuses you want results. Some get promoted now by being this way in management style or some publish prize-winning books, ebooks, or reading materials about WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO in industry.  People pay high dollar for system advice that works. Make what you know something they can buy in to or invest in as sponsors, partners, or silent partners. Holidays has you jumping but don’t work up til the last minute of holiday dinners or outings. Take off and go for fun, outings, and gatherings. All work and little play sucks the life out of you. Singles meet soul mates. Either this new love is an Ex who grew up and is now ready, or its someone new that reminds you of an Ex. You may want to spend less time in the home alone and ask your new love to move-in. Be patient and allow them time to think or respond. Couples are happy home hunting. While shopping for homes you could be more carefree than usual and well have sex in public or open places. Many Scorpios are also welcoming new babies into the world or getting news of being pregnant. Congrats!


You could be deemed secret agents now because you’ll be the 1st to know well – anything. When it comes to industry in the know you will be either giving or receiving as ‘middle men, agents, or go betweens. If you work with money – expect to work with more in bulk, chunks, and in some cases by the pillowcase fulls. It may be your job to transmute cash or earnings into businesses, partnerships, or connecting talent with money. Now is a good time to subscribe to industry magazines or trade publications. What you either take from a situation can give it a whole new spin as a new product, industry, or business for overseas markets. Marketability is a profession you’ll also exceed at. If anyone knows how to put a spin on selling it’s you. If you need to take classes or brush up on industry jargon invest in your future. Those who walk the walk can talk the talk or just talk good shop on what is trending or what will be. People pay to be in the know by reputable Words On The Street. Be one as a business, consultant, or freelancer. You can set your own hours and that means more playtime, right? Time to simplify the process of making more money. Golf? Many find ways to do what you love while making serious loot. Now write a tell all book and get paid for the philosophy or start a blog, website, or radio talk show. Sky’s the limit! Singles are ready to commit. Trouble is is the other person? If someone is giving the runaround – let them run, out the door and out of your life. If it’s meant to be they’ll return and hopefully you’ll be ready and not married to another. Couples deal with infidelity, wandering eyes, and sexual appetites. You have a taste for the exotic and in some cases the ‘out there thinking scenario. How do you tell? Do you tell? How much? Being direct with some things will work but being discreet works best in knowing what to say, how, and when. Wait until people are in good moods to divulge things. It keeps it light besides you may not be done with the other person you are involved with. But being open or honest about what you will divulge can be that saving grace. Being honest even when doing dirt works for you because then you can say, ‘I told you in the beginning….? That leaves little room for arguments because they accepted the terms, right?


Many are working on refining how wishes are made. Remember the film, ‘Bedazzled? He had to find out the right way to wish and to do so that meant unconditional love. Universe teaches life lessons but never gives more than we can deal with or cope through. You meet the one but there are issues of acceptance from others. You learn to distinguish when a wish has come true and determining whether its worth it to you if the wish needs more refinement. If it does you have full or exclusive rights to its potential or to harness the power of the wish as you see fit. But how much work will have to be done? You don’t mind carpentering but if something has to be completely gutted out that may require 2nd thoughts. Do you have the energy to spare? If you do invest how can you be sure when you fix or restore it back to original health it will remember to stay, be loyal, or never abandon you? You’ll know intuitively. Of all the zodiacs you’ll be most keen to use intuition or know true worth. How? Authenticity. You are experts in knowing the true from the fake. As a business you can thrive as an expert in showing, telling, or consulting for others. This can be the next level in turning a buck into billions of bucks. Here and overseas for you travel is nothing when it comes to the metaphysics of turning buckets into Cadillacs. Singles you meet someone new or not so new, it’s a Twin Flame. You love each other on the spot but this person may not fit in with those you associate with. What to do? Well what’s more important being socially accepted and alone? Or having the true love others would gnash their teeth to be with? Hmmm…options don’t sell yourself short by paying too much attention to opinions. One man’s trash is another’s treasure. What will they say when every time they see you – you are happier than the last time? Hmmm…What matters most to you couples when it comes to emotional security? If you are working all the time for those big dreams when does one find the time to build that quality soul connection? Like penguins you know your soulmate and will mate for lifetimes or in sequences of eternities. Be up front about the depth of commitment. If a mate can hang it’s a good sign of undeveloped potential. If not, it’s a favor and sign you can get the right person – elsewhere.


Many are either working in professions that require high confidentiality, secret keeping, or working with high intelligence information. Don’t get sloppy or allow others to schmooze it out of you. Responsibility, accountability, and loyalties are on the line. Besides knowing stuff is how you get doors to open and opportunities to drop out of the sky. Some may want to be Chicken Little to inform or whistleblow – find the right ways, channels, or methods to distill misunderstandings. Being diplomatic, kind, and elusive in conversation gets the right people to move behind the scenes for you benefit. Some will need to take off from jobs that require too much gatekeeping. Take the vacation or start shopping around. Airing out and getting away helps you remove cobwebs and revive a dead sex life. As the zodiac’s brainiacs you think too much and require more time to build or rebuild energy. If others are exhausting you by telling you all their problems but not listening to yours – see it for what it is – one-sided. Learn how to screen calls, say ‘No, ‘No thanks, or ‘Email me the details. Stop trying to remember so much stuff you’ll end up losing anyway from brain overloads. Save some brain space for writing that novel, painting that masterpiece, or going golfing with the guys/gals. Balance is needed to stay alert and that means giving self more emotional timeouts from BS and BSers. Unplugging and getting into nature can be exactly what the Doctor (Universe) is ordering for proper R&R. Some could be getting into changing lifestyles by going organic. Try wellness herbal teas to revive you or remove sicknesses for good. They take longer but the effects are lasting for good health and good healing. Singles you are in the midst of changing your life and this is how you meet the right person for you in love. This person could be a guru or specialist. They are so passionate when they talk about ‘stuff. Ask them out and see what happens. Couples it maybe time to refine eating and drinking habits to build or preserve sexual Qi or energy reserves. Taking more naps is also going to make you feel better. For some you love a good head to head but set a boundary on far to take competition, keep it friendly or in the bedroom. There’s nothing better than trying to out do how many way you can make each other ‘scream out ‘What’s my name? Right? Now take that – ‘No you take this!


You are the zodiac’s Muses. It’s your job, profession, or higher calling to make others feel good again. Some enter new careers in wellness, health, and wellbeing. The world couldn’t be more overjoyed to have the help healing the world over. Understanding is your special psychic talent. Harness its power or potential power as a business, personal consultation service, or being a spokesperson for big wellness outfits or corporations. Getting the word out or staging organic transformation awareness gives life infusions of prosperity! That new life you’ve been longing for or the new love is as simple as changing what you thought you knew to be true. Any knowledge can be expanded or reinvented. That includes the holistic arts, esoteric services such as tarot, numerology, or astrology. Yes you are ‘out there but we love you for it. Now go out in the world and make something big of what you know or have learned. Teaching is how you reach the masses and some travel now or are paid to travel to expos for marketing new brands or expanding old ones. Staying ready for changes is how you are always ready for the new adventures life brings to your door now. For others you’ll be launching some great new artistic project or selling screenplays. If things were dead before that changes. After not selling anything – you could sell no less than 3 screenplays within DAYS to hungry studios, agents, or film people. So put imagination to work for you and put those fantasies into writing as some great new blockbuster, sci-fi, love story, or genre no one has even thought of until now. Spend more time going places and writing what you observe. Start a blog. Be a professional or commercial blogger. Or get a new gig as a broadcaster. The world needs art to heal and you are healing specialists. Singles you could be the ‘fish that got away that gets scooped UP for good. Someone has been eyeing you from afar but now they are ready to put a ring on it or drag you off into the sunset. No worries you’ll enjoy this new love universe is sending even if you are hiding out from it. Love finds a way into your heart. Couples deal with boredom, infidelity, and emotional affairs. You find someone endearing to be around trouble is – it may not be the person you married. Can you incorporate these qualities into your spouse? Or ask them to try new things with you? Try that before leaving or at least have ‘the talk about before pulling disappearing acts.



Published by: Ola Queen Bee Of Astrology

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