#NaturalLaws – What Will Be & What’s meant to be – Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune – by #olaqueenbee


I’m never one to judge another’s situation unless called to do so in the name of being professional. What happens when we witness un-professional behavior? What can we do about it? How can it be corrected? Does it have the capacity to self-correct? When we see things in terms of smart-ware and smart-aware we see the bigger picture and the Spinning Wheel of Justice. Speaking of being professional there is a definite lack of it in today’s justice systems. It is ni**er-rigged and being hustled backwards in the name of Petey Greene. There are those who know what’s right looking the other way until one of their own gets involved.

Yet on one’s deathbed confessions fly like flocks of birds gathering on a cold Dublin skyline. We claim we want justice yet when someone writes a check, slips a bill, or calls in a favor – conscience like those birds go south. Truth is a hermit living inside a cave like existence. We are waiting like those birds for it to come out.

Screen shot 2016-10-06 at 6.42.24 PM.png

I am personally dealing with a rather unjust court situation. No, it’s not on The News at 10pm but for me it’s just as important. Why? I’ve seen the unscrupulous, jaw dropping, and worst of others inciting riots, explosions, natural disasters, and a host of storms no weather bureau could ever predict. Even with the staunchest of technology why? When we upset the natural pH factor of Nature we get a Motherlode of problems that don’t fly but swarm IN like bees. Nature or natural laws has a serious clean up crew that leave no stone unturned. Who are the Guardians of Natural Laws other than God? Archangels. They represent the ‘writing on the wall and what we call Wake Up calls.

Screen shot 2016-10-06 at 7.08.15 PM.png

The Bible and other spiritual books have described them as of unusual size, rank, and terror of being spiritually professional about delivering justice. They sit like Ravens lined up with bright red beaming pupils recording, observing, and reporting the findings of human nature. They are described as many-eyed and wing spans, which can’t be seen fully or captured by any man-made camera. They are the police of God who get things done at Godspeed. When I was about 5 I saw my first – it was one of my Guardian Angels. You see them in the WHEEL OF FORTUNE card ABOVE.  I was playing hide and seek with my cousins when I was made aware. Aware? Such a small word with such grandiose tones and hue of context. Aware of what? Who? Why? To be aware is to understand how God thinks, works, and executes justice from the mundane to the Divine. Nature is ruled by the highest set of regulation – natural laws. The number 10 itself. The Wheel of Fortune. Popularity contests. What will be?

Now question is in astrology where do we look for them? Saturn. Because Saturn controls karma and karmic distribution, you could be scratching your head on this one. Huh? Saturn governs the energy of which way things will roll or whose heads. It rules who is responsible for the fall or upheavals of others. But alongside karma is the energy of intention. When a law is made or when an action is made there is an intention behind it. Intentions falls under the control of Mercury and Neptune wait you say, I can see Mercury but why Neptune? Neptune is a higher octave of the same energy Mercury is comprised of. Meaning when Mercury thinks Neptune feels. What we think is right may not be what feels right. What we feel is right may not be what others think puts us in the right to do – act or take an action. Neptune sees the truth and the lie side-by-side, big and clear like a MOON. Mercury sees what it wants because like the planet it rotates. What felt true then may not feel true now. But is what’s true NOW as important or carry as much weight as what’s the truth as a whole? Not hardly.

It’s like trying to eat a steak one whole cow at a time. So when karmic justice steps in it’s the adjustment side of spiritual justice for universe. It’s a shift in power. A rift in powers that be or the ending of ‘what was once the shit but is NOW a piece of shit in value of existence.

Screen shot 2016-10-06 at 7.11.26 PM.png
And this too shall pass…

Intentions only exist out of desires – unbalanced ones. Like when you are a good person, live a good life, and do good for others. All that activity builds up into something of value because it stands for something of high quality. Morals. Morality is a necessary key ingredient to building the right systems because Quality Control or Prevention has responsibility built in to the system’s controls. It is able to auto or balance itself with little adjustment or cost to those who built it. But if a system or fact is built on a lie it along with those who lied to build it crash burn and incinerate. Why?

Nature has to balance what causes great grief, suffering (whether just or un-just), sorrow, dis-ease, or injustice of all sorts. Why? Emotions speed up the Wheel of slow it down. Emotions push us to act on what we feel most passionate about. If others know what those triggers are they can play them for or against our personal Wheels of Fortune (Destiny). They are seeking ways to play with our emotion and make us do something against our nature. Do we stop to smell the roses, count the moves, and read the analysis reports before striking out? Or do we throw caution to the wind to initiate what could be disaster for one and bliss for self? Is that one emotion of gratification justified in the grand scheme of Consciousness? Will it move humanity further? Will it increase emotional awareness? Will it teach for the higher good? Will it be of value to all or just a selected elite? The Wheel is moving and as it moves energy of it distributes to the masses controlling thought processes, and direction of them.


Justice can be instant or take time to manifest. We know when we screwed another over because karma or karmic justice makes us feel it. It’s a metaphysical truth what heaven saw is now physically happening for all to see and be made aware of. Awareness especially self-awareness are vital tools to coping with grief, sorrow, and being in a position to forgive. Forgiveness is the force spinning the wheel how great is that one emotion? How strong do we feel we’ve been wronged? What is the best way to cope or deal with the situation to move on from it?

Screen shot 2016-10-06 at 7.13.34 PM.png

Some get off on hurting or destroying the lives or livelihoods of others. Why? Some have intent and no karma, or karma with no particular intent at the moment. They create reasons their own to justify unscrupulous acts of sabotaging their own ego. When the ego takes a beating from bad karma, the soul breaks down and dissolves into ‘its rawest state of existence – energy. Universe transmutes that energy into a positive new beginning. A fresh destiny of potential we store inside from going through life’s worst moments to arrive walking into the Red Carpet of a new life. One of quality. Goodness. Kindness. A family that had been butchered brought back by God’s Archangels.

The more we hurt another the more energy we drain knowing they are hurting whether in silence or out loud. For some this is gratifying. Like sex even. We get off on the bleating from the Silence of The Lambs. We thrive on the scent like a shark smelling blood in murky waters. It’s damn and down right scrumptious decadence to tempt others with false fruit, rotten apple dreams, and gory details. Until…our own Book of Life is on the grill and line by line …I’ve never been one to snitch or squeal. As a person who doesn’t judge others I also am very understanding, most many would say to see the whole or bigger picture of a matter.

This is being God-hearted. The heart can expand to see dark to light of any situation and in seconds deliberate an accurate decision intuitively. The key to making that accurate decision is intuition and the correct usage of intuitive thinking. When we make decisions out of lack its based on fear. When we make decisions out of love it yield abundance. Blessings. Positivity universe embraces and gets charged by. For all the headline positives there are scores of secret negatives to be brought to the proper light and regulation. Karma can be delayed but it is certain. During this month that is not the case it will be instant like oatmeal because of a backed up over-worked system of injustices. Either we’ll be shackled to old systems that die or we’ll roll with the flow of the new ones currently in place, esoterically.

Archangels are reading our pages to hand out personal Wake Up Calls. What are PWUCs? Karma. Bad karma. Bad karma is when we get intuition but decide to go against it anyway. Damned be the consequences! I want to see this or that happens or manifests.   Yeah a little kid was sacrificed but it was black anyway. A lil girl was shuffled in the Foster Care system but her Mom was a poor black mulatto. I did them a favor, we think to sway the burden of a heavy conscience. They’ll recover we mock God looks out. One misdeed after another like setting up dominoes we set up the perfect coup de grace. Power to show another they have absolutely no control over a damn thing let alone their life or lifestyle. So what is gained from such a Big Fish story? Is that person able to beat the odds stacked against them? Well we’ll watch and base a popular Hollywood franchise movie on it as the plot of some great childhood flick. Yeah the kids will really love or go for people who would just as soon kill a kid as blinking a eyelid.

The End of Establishments – The New Order of doing things – Hierophant + DeathHierophantDeath.jpg

All that toxin we put out has circulated and been re-distributed into some vile liquid that won’t save us like Alice unless…We see the way out of Wonderlands of other people’s makings – personal Greek bearing gifts that harbor ill will, ill wind, and illness as a whole. One part of the body can infect and offset all other body members, joints, and organs. When we purposely set out to inflict harm that is recorded. It is set up as a karmic lesson via Saturn, written in Mercury, and perfected by Neptune. Neptune can bring our greatest dreams to life or birth the worst nightmares of existence. It all begins by those put in power or controls to regulate others as a whole or in whole sums of existence. Like countries are a whole as an example.

But back to these 3 planets.

  1. Mercury in Libra
  2. Saturn in Capricorn
  3. Neptune in Pisces

Belief systems will forever be changed when the truth starts jumping out of nowhere. People will use the Internet and digital media to put shit on Front Street. They already are and when it increases that’s when those who control stand to lose or sacrifice changes to make for the good and higher hood of the said whole. Savvy? No matter what our belief is we must have systems in place that respect, observe, and maintain equality for the masses. Yes there is good, evil, and beautiful in all things but how far must we take extremes to hang a right around the world? We have to stop making lefts around the globe. There has to be a balance of yin yang energies where we stop turning away from fixing problems, solving squabbles, and addressing bullies in the world. Don’t’ we? If we want the right to express bitch sessions your sweet ass we do.

I’ve been observing a certain group for some time. ‘I be watching you watching me plays from Dr. Dre’s song – ‘Murder Ink, a professional outfit of assassins living normal lives. We’d never thought looking at people what lies behind the mask of an easy smile or fixed staring eyes, do we? If we are intuitive we do. We’ll pay attention like poor folks paying food stamps to get the 411 on what’s really going down on the scene and behind it. What happens when you say play puppeteer and pay off officials to handle your case with a guaranteed outcome? You got balls for one and for two, you have long money to front big ideas and ideals.

You can pick up a phone and tell someone to screw this person or that without ever getting dirty to do it. Until. Damn there goes that word ‘until again – until someone in the system fights the system. Whatever the reason its enough to trigger others to stand up and speak. We are tired of your shit and won’t take it any fucking more! WE scream but are we bleating like lambs -fresh ones- for dinner? The next round of unwarranted warfare on the human psyche. Or are we sound the right bells whistles and horns to alarm us of serious infractions? When I reflect on my own situation I have a hard time believing people could be so _________.

Leaving a trail of ooey-gooey injustice goodness behind them. When will we take install smart responsibility systems of control to ensure this or that doesn’t happen or doesn’t get fucked up in the process? The key lies in the approach we take toward quality control and preventative measures. It’s more than a privilege to speak up or vote, it’s our citizen’s right. These 3 planets will see us do more for bringing darkness to light than ever managed before. We will be embarking on the frontier of building better ways to build smartware – and smart-awareness.

Yet this is the popular mode of thinking and thought processes in all world systems. It’s hard to find a real honest business professional unless they love what they do . They are their own happiness and contentment. So no intention or bad karma could ever break or penetrate such a marvelous human spirit. All shining and full of God’s glory, we can sense when someone is a good person or damn good at projecting it. What about the bad apples who spoil or devour by the laws of spoils of war – inside? Before a war can become a global concern it seeded as a personal belief 1st?

But what if the person who hurt you most is the sole reason behind that fucked up belief system? What if you love that person and hate to admit it? What if we were wrong or got the wrong idea about someone we thought hurt us only to discover it was someone much closer. Say a spouse, love, or best friend? If we did can we call it a true love connection? Can true love exist when karma or personality is fucked up? When does human decency begin? When do we stop playing imaginary violins for real victims of unjust systems?

Whether it comes now or reincarnation, karma completes and all natural processes take place. Nature continues whether we are here to grow or move with it or evolve from it as a lesson. Growth is a natural part of life and cutting others off from theirs is a serious violation of natural laws and abuse of power that erupts ‘polarity shifts. For some there is a ‘line and line up of people waiting to take shots or call them.

‘Of all that you get – be sure to get an understanding 1st.

When it comes to natural laws they can’t be broken, violated, or disavowed from the record. They are what set luck cycles of who gets what when and for how much as ‘karma – good or bad. This is how Saturn sets life lessons. Things we’ll have to complete to understand how we made others feel based on truth not perception or disillusioned assumptions of character. It does matter how others feel about us when it involves violation of their personal rights to be treated humanely. Kindness is not an option in heaven its a form of money. In being kind to others we get that kindness back in ways that manifest true love, blessings, warmth, and a feeling of being at home instead of ‘on guard all the time. But we are waiting for those who control the system to see the bigger picture of what kindness is at a systematic level of controls. In doing a kindness we incorporate the natural laws of eternal gratitude – Divine Protection out of tight situations, dire hardships, and Divine Forgiveness.


In speaking up for the little guy we hold the higher standards to being accountable. This makes us trust the system does work and not just for the select few who can afford to purchase freedom. Truly it is just to be a true professional someone who does their job out of love for what it can do to heal the system. It is noble to be known as someone others can look to for leadership and who is not afraid to call shit from shinola. This is what we pray for most – as deliverance from that which is causing or acting as the root of evil intention. We have to de-root and uproot what has been by addressing problems especially the long term ones – at the root cause. Usually it is an emotional decision made at a passionate level of thinking. But this changes.

We’ll be seeing facts change the system and the system of the whole. How well did we know that person? Truly? Did lack of trust shatter beliefs so we share hurt and pass blame by writing checks to hide truths behind tragedies that never had to be in the 1st place? Well astrology has much to do with how this plays out. I for one will be watching closely the unfolding events of polarity shifting October.



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