Game Changer – Lunar #Eclipse Full Moon in #Pisces – September 16, 2016 Pt. II by #OlaQueenBee – For each #Zodiac



Your wishes are forefront now. You could think of something and it happens in days or the next day even. All it takes is forgiveness. Whether self or others you branch out of pigeonholes by flocking with birds of different feathers. Networking, being in the right place, and speaking up on what you believe gets others to see you as proverbial EF Huttons. When you speak folks will skateboard to hear whatever nuggets universe has gifted you with as ideals or new ways of thinking. Make sure you get credit to share by setting fees for speaking engagements, or getting credit for small creative projects. That one thing you do could be the next big thing by staying ahead of the game. Follow patterns in social changes. See ‘why people would buy this or that at this or that particular time over any other. Set up business activities which fall in line or set you up to rake in Trading Places Do-Re-Mi $$$. Study the market you wish to endeavor, practice, or master. Keep squabbles in money to a nil by walking away or only giving so much of an idea. Make the world need you by being what’s missing from the bigger picture. Specialize what you can turn into commercial success by being the It or GoTo guy for authenticity. You know how to spot the truth from the lie but are you getting paid what it’s worth to you? If others are running interference you have options – call them out, make a stand, stand your ground, or just walk away to do something they didn’t think of. Universe is energizing you to act on intuition but redirecting you away from starting unnecessary BS. You are 1sts by nature but why would you want to be the 1st to be grounded or 1-upped? Don’t. Being regal, generous, and ambiguous saves the day because it neutralizes negative energy. You detoxify people by saying it like it is and walking away to do other things. Shifting your energy is how you get doors to open, stay open, or close for good. In love someone could be acting fishy. If you detect cheating do investigation work. Schedule that Love Tarot session but make sure the reader is 100% on point with their interpretations. Readings aren’t the gospel but they can dispel secrets. An Ex could be using finances to goad you. Don’t bite. What it does to reputation will not make the exchange of nasty words worth your time. Be above it all. Silence leaves them on the hook to prove what they say. By not addressing negativity you shift its power in your life. When others don’t see us doing what we are charged with things don’t match. Lies won’t hold water. New love comes from people you see in a new light. Trouble is if you gave them the shade you may now be the one in need of being seen in a new light. Kindness is the path to take. Giving from the heart doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Think of something only they would dig like you to get into. Spark a conversation on where you both can go to enjoy more of this passion by being full of ideas. Admit or cop to shit so you can get passed it and get to the loving.


Others will have a vibe about you – right off the bat. Either they like or don’t like. Avoid pushing the envelope by trying to sway naysayers. If they don’t get you it wasn’t meant for them to, capiche? You get wishes granted by working with those in power, rising to power, or who have access to power. Schmoozing will only go so far before they show you the door – out for being fake. That’s why going to places where people are like-minded is the boon of wealth, healing, and waiting potential. How authentic can you be as an artist? What new ways can you incorporate the natural into the artificial? Your gifts will be coming up with ways to bring the dark to the light. Don’t snub your nose at dealing with those in the criminal element. They could be the ones fronting the cash when no one else will. Just do it with terms you can live with and live through. Never bite the hand, and never bite off more than you can chew to get over. Karma. Friends, pals, and old coworkers will give you the 411 on upcoming opportunities to be ready to take on. Have the outfit, look, makeup, or whatever you need to – not only look the role but be it. But remember in being authentic that doesn’t mean trying to be someone else or take another’s destiny. Share the limelight when you are called into by acknowledging those who made it possible. In love don’t make promises you have no intention of keeping down the line when it counts most. A spouse or mate could need you during crises and if you walk out because it was just too much – what does that say about character – yours? Even if the romance has flown south the friendship can sustain the relationship for you to ‘be there emotionally. Listen. Don’t speak. Sometimes all a person truly needs is someone to just let them get it all out. It’s a role you perform well but keeping confidences inspires true loyalty when you need the favor returned. New Love will be hook-ups from pals, family, and friends mostly. Think twice before taking an Ex back remember there is a sound reason for them being an Ex, right? If habits haven’t changed, you know, the ones you hated so much – then you are taking your chances. Universe will not support the relationship and that’s the reason behind hot/cold behavior. Love me or leave. Like it or lump it is the motto.


Usually you are the one always snags up golden opportunities others missed. But universe shifts so that means digging beneath the surface to realize the potential. How can you take an old idea or practice and reinvent it as the new, sexy, crazy, and cool system of doing things? All that time your brain can’t shut down is time to brainstorm. Write what you intuit to design authentic ideals that work for others. Study the market to know how much to charge for specialization services, niche professions, or brand new markets. Being ahead means keeping an ear to the ground for what’s coming IN and what is leaving OUT in industry. Shop your eye for the genius by keeping in contact with game changers or on the rise talent. Keep the waters flowing by clearing up misunderstandings or bad vibes. It’s progressive pimping that works! Initiate a solid trust both or all can agree to stick with as new contracts. Being transparent is key to formulating loyalties that last. If someone is not being transparent but you want to do business any way, study a method to speak his or her language. Ask them what they’d want for this or that if money weren’t an object. Then put the word out and see who bites. Pals and pals in business could run hot/cold on deals or parachute OUT right before signing. No problem have other people lined up by creating waiting lists. It covers all bases to think ahead by sharing the 411 before it hits. Now you’ll have people just happy to make the waiting list on opportunities, right? Some could spear or front cash for social events that spark community awareness. This kind of passion can only be the light out of tunnels of self-despair. If you are having issues with mental health sponsor events to heal others. The joy of seeing recoveries will warm more than heart but it will put you in front as someone to know in industry. You could be more philosophical than usual and this means spending more time at bookstores – spiritual bookstores – all day are treats for you. Schedule it in for personal days to rejuvenate or let go of daily cares. Plus you can pick up cool stuff to read while frequenting the barbershop, beauty salon, gym, or day spa. Feeding the mind helps it to shut down at night and that means a regular sleep regime. Yeah! Slow down on the caffeine for health. Find herbal alternatives that don’t life you UP to drop you way down. Fruits can help sweet tooths by satisfying desires naturally. It heals the digestive tract, too as fiber. In love you’ll be more than anxious to seal the deal with the 1 that got away. Whether an Ex or person you see in a new light – the more elusive they seem the more you want to kick down the door and drag them to your cave. Isn’t that ironic? Because, secretly they could be in love with you, but are too afraid to express deep feelings that bring back pain. That’s why they are being so damn elusive. Help them to separate the action from the person if you did bring harm. Show them how much you have changed by spending time with them on their terms. Going out of your way could be how you get them to go yours, capiche? If not, don’t wait too long for responses keep shopping, dating, and entertaining. If it’s meant to be it will be. Couples spontaneity is needed to keep the flames going. What was cute – ain’t no more. Some could be rather brutally blunt now. But at least you are getting the truth out there. It’s an opportunity to work up a solution together, right?


Many go from being a NO-NAME to one of the BIGGEST NAMES in industry. How? Word gets out on what you are either doing or about to launch as buzz. Some of you have been hidden away working up some serious moneymaking ideals. Now companies, private investors, and celebrities alike want IN or could demand IN by playing financial hardball. Finesse is given to you by universe to have the gift of gab and being in the right place at the right time. How? Intuition. Let it guide you on what moves to make, when, or how. If you get a feeling to Tweet to this person or that, do so –there’s a reason you don’t see down the road. If others are trying to goad secrets or free work out of you, politely call it out – then pass. Offer referrals instead to keep the waters flowing nice and smooth. Why should you have to play the suckuh? Just make sure its not a golden opportunity being handed off as a fake one. Ask lots of questions, the right ones. Wishes come true by writing and exploring platforms of self-expression. Saying what others feel but never speak is a boon for wealth for you. It will make you a voice and solidify careers in broadcasting, travel, and motivational speaking. Schedule book tours at ideal spots no one else has heard of to put places on the map. It creates partnerships – commercial ones that last. Your good luck can benefit your partner because you’ll have insight on what moves to make and when. No partner? Get out and mingle. Who wouldn’t fall in love with your comedic sense of saying off the wall shit at opportune times. Wisdom springs eternal blessings when others embrace you for being original and true to self. Travel is also in the mix so get those trips planned now for the coming year. If you are a boss make it a priority to treat assistants who stand by you. Flowers and cards are nice, but a bonus makes them super loyal to you when crises hits. They’ll have your back and spill the tea so you can keep that sweet office space or move to a better one. You could be either fixing up the home or turning a room into a love nest with Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the ideal way to attract new energy or infuse it into stale relationships. Couples decorate together by planning it out first. Asking your love’s input will mean the world because it means you value or love them that much more! Singles you could be ducking and diving Cupid’s arrow. But running, jumping, and diving into the unknown won’t stop destiny. If someone is meant to be with you universe will put him or her in your path in a manner you can’t control. Be prepared.


Karma is all this Lunar Eclipse energy will be about for you. Put your energy into building good relationships, image, and reputation with others. You don’t need others to think well of you but you will need them to vouch for you to get doors open. Having pals in sweet or high places rolls out the red carpet to that Executive suite you’ve been eyeing since the 3rd grade. Natural leadership skills have others coming to you for solutions and that means upgrading observation skill sets. How can you keep an eye on this or that using software? Technology? Or inside tips from those in the know? You take a page out of Aquarius’ secret book of making others like you. Study one if you know an Aquarius. How they interact can be the missing ingredient for what you wish to accomplish or achieve as a project or personal endeavor. Speaking of stars – indulge that need to gaze up and at them. Stargazing relaxes the mind and makes you feel like a child – again. Your inner child will be in need of attention. This is what is making you drive others’ nuts. The need to be noticed comes from loving self back into balance. As long as you love you others will do the same. They won’t run when they see you coming their way – depressed. They’ll stop avoiding calls and pick up to be there for you. It’s good to let it out but letting it go is what brings you back into balance. If you are dealing with addiction or addiction control nip it in the bud using holistic options or care. Being natural or in nature while exercising revives a tired soul. That’s what is crying out for attention – the soul. It’s also what is crying out for the perfect love. Singles be proactive about Safe Sex – this goes for couples, too. Sometimes we are in such a heady rush to get attention we don’t think safety – at all. You attract this person soon – as universe has synchronized spiritual SWATCHEs. You’ll know this person by how they feel when around you. It will be electric and electrifying. However curb the enthusiasm and court secretly. This keeps jealousy down with pals or family. It also gives you the time to build something that can truly stand tests of time. Couples – if work is all you do, when do you have time to goof off? When was the last food fight? When was the last time you played Checkers, Poker, or Chess – stripping? How about running outside under the moon butt naked and howling? Who cares what the neighbors think or say – just do it to feel good!


Old karma clears out and this opens up space for new blessings coming IN! Finances will be strong and flowing from previous business ventures, referrals, or customers who just love what you do so well. If you work in healing, wellness, or any holistic industry you thrive by showing others how to love self – again and anew. Some land big clients who sponsor your website or YouTube channel. Yeah! Craft ideas but don’t expose them until you have protected them legally as a brand. You’ll specialize at turning anything into a brand. For some this is how you earn a new living in social media, Internet, or as an overseas e-merchant. Sky’s the limit for whatever potential you can crop from using genius. Previous employers could return to offer sweet deals but if its’ the same ol’ position you may do better elsewhere. Ask for more to make it worth your while. You are not the same person you were then so why should you be treated as such? Time to stop playing backup for others. Show support but take the lead in championing new or fresh perspective. That eye to detail of yours of precious or pure gold in today’s job market because you find organic ways to fix long-term problems. When others are scratching their heads, butts, and God knows what else – you chime, “I got it!” Just make sure you get paid for it too. If you do anything for free do it from the heart. It will be blessed and incite universe to bless on your behalf as good karma well earned. Love? When do I have time for love? Universe will set the time by making it happen out of the blue. Just think if this hadn’t happened you never would have met the love of your life. These are the type of scenarios universe is cooking up in the pot. Break out the Parmesan cheese and make it a tasty soup of you + One True Love. Couples – it may be time to do some outdoor activities – together or as a group. How about booking a hayride, horseback riding, or sing along for Halloween? Invite pals and their spouses to make it a Couples’ Night Out. Or do your own at a natural park setting. Bring the pets but hire a babysitter to keep it adult friendly – if ya know whatta mean? Wink,wink. Giggity!


Relationships of all types are priority now. Everyone wants to work with you, hang out, or just be seen in your presence Libra. This mean’s you won’t have to hunt for opportunities because they are being attracted to you. Yeah! Diplomacy, being a middle person, or tapping the 3rd eye on a problem are all areas you specialize at providing as a profession, service, or special talent on the job. Why not ask for that raise, bonus, or compete for the office trip in a sweepstakes? You are hot with luck provided you have cleared up misunderstandings in communication. Make sure people get you by being clear in what you say, present, or project. If you work in the creative industry so much the better for hitting major balls out the park! You’ll be the one to land that global corporation client. You’ll be the person the boss pats on the back for doing the right homework. But you must be the one to reward yourself by taking those Personal Days. If you are going all the time the body will shut down on you. Taking naps throughout the day keeps you from being cranky or short. Lay off caffeine to get by on slow energy days aids natural sleep patterns at night. Some of you need more affection, attention, and could so by shamelessly flirting. Careful, yes you aren’t cheating – technically. But if talking to others or acting evasive to your love while talking is a problem – face off with it. Hear your love out. If it makes them uncomfortable or raging with jealousy think about how it will influence lovemaking or intimacy down the line? Do what you can to curb habits you wouldn’t want them to do to you to avoid shutouts or emotional shutdowns. Singles have the dancing bug – literally. Pals could invite you out to cut a rug and that’s how you meet the one. Not in a club so much as more at a special event for charities or the like. Some of you work for charities that are putting on events and get hooked up with a pair of mysteriously sexy eyes staring at you. Yes – you! Be sure to exchange numbers, emails, and whatever else to stay in touch. But be slow to have sex too fast.


Money, money, money! How much can you make? How big can your bank account grow? You don’t know? Well, universe is sending all kinds of attention your direction. People want specialists – system specialists in specific. This is what you naturally shine at doing – refining anything. Where something can work better, longer, stronger, you have the eagle eye to create, label, or trend. That’s what it is trending power. How are you using yours? Don’t waste it on projects that are dead, stale, and full of nothingness. Know when to pull out of a project, endeavor, or activity that drains too much energy. Redirect energies towards whatever or whoever is proactive, takes initiative, and doesn’t complain. Loyalty goes a long way but test it from time to time. Create opportunities to see whom bites that tells you who is ON BOARD and who is always ready to flake out. If you own a business – go organic and advertise this as a niche on the market. Trademark big ideas or franchise potential. Money will come like they said in the movie, ‘If you build it – they will come – in this case they will fund it. Champion ideas or passions that just make good sense and be on ground floor ceremonies for awareness campaigns. It’s free publicity and for a good cause. Love is where your wish granting powers come in to play! Make a game of sex with more foreplay. The more you linger the hotter it gets for your love or partner. Ain’t that how you like it? Smoking! Singles run into people who unnerve you. Don’t react out of fear and run or avoid. No. Coast. Observe. Interact. Ask for their birthday then run to the nearest expert astrologist to see if this is a soul mate or Twin Flame in disguise. There is a reason this person gets under your skin. They are in your life to teach you some great lesson that is an opportunity for spiritual growth. Tarot works too and to be more specific Karmic Tarot.


All it will take for you to sponsor, love, or open up is to truly be inspired. This happens a great deal now as more people will say the right thing, be around you at the right time, and direct you to the right location. For you real estate, location, and home or new home are one word – bliss. It’s #1 on your shopping list. Whatever will create bliss, attract bliss, or expand bliss is the right ticket to take, buy, or invest in. New talent falls off the trees ripe with potential and perfect for opportunities you have in mind on some creative projects. They’ll have the eagle eye and be passionate about the work offered or whatever they collaborate with you on. This will motivate you to go the extra mile in giving them that boost or good reputation in industry. Generous to a fault you are fast to open doors but universe wants you to be more selective this go around. Hang back – see what they do or have done on their own before jumping in to play Daddy or Mommy Big Bucks. Support freelancers but help them fish for themselves by teaching them what they need to know – ONLY. Some blessings become bliss by experience. No one can get everything from a book or being a volunteer. But they can get something with that 1st real gig. This is where you’ll come in and universe will send you in to recruit new talent. Avoid over-committing or booking dates or appointments. Take public transportation sometimes. Not driving gives you more time to plan, dream, or observe human nature. If you are a writer this can be where your next big book, movie script, or TV show springs. People can relate to every day stories a lot faster than sci-fi. Some meet new loves via bus, train, or station of any kind. Travel brings luck in love. Couples plan getaways now to cash in on hot deals to places you’ve always wanted to go to. That love hideaway in Italy, Paris, or Milan can all be yours at the click of a mouse. Sign up for giveaways, sweepstakes, or special events for couples’ retreats. Call in on the radio. You never know when lightening can strike with more bliss!


Either you need to be amused or find a new muse. Boredom on the job translates. Boredom at home translates. All that we are saying…no I’m not going to fill in Beatle’s lyrics. But you can in fact, focus more on how you can fill in the blanks or turn blank pages into masterpieces of self expression. When was the last time you joined a poetry group? Attended a one-mic night? For you work is only as fun as what you did before you went to work, capiche? Put more into planning activities around the job, workplace, or place of profession to reawaken passions. Go on wine trips, taste exotic cheeses, go to foreign film theatres or opera. You have to stimulate your mind not rely on others to do it for you. When you do this it infuses youth, passion, and va-va-voom into what you do as a profession. Now that job is a symphony waiting to happen. The Bosses will sit up, blink twice, and give 3 snaps in a circle when they see what wonders you can produce with inspiration. It can come from anywhere but you must see the world as the oyster by being the pearl inside of it. Next make it a project to help, heal, or reach out to others. See what wishes you can grant. Playing Santa Claus ain’t Jesus but it carries some of the same perks of gratitude. Buckets of it. Making the happiness of others is something you can do at leisure but doing it regularly boosts energy drives and makes you more ambitious, yourself. You won’t have to ask for credit they will make sure your name is one of the 1st they thank publicly and in private if this is one of those business with pleasure situations. I can see that Grinch-curling smile now! You love to be thanked, appreciated, and praised but no one but God and universe knows it. Now it sends opportunities to make this feeling last forever if you open the door for others. Now is the time many can become Lords of Karma by being someone others look up to and rightly so. Singles don’t like to romance if finance is funny or fickle. So if there is someone you want to take out but have yet to approach try a middle of the road solution. See what live events are being put on free to the public. They don’t have to know, right? Besides it will tell you whether they are coming for the perk or to get deeper into you, right? Even if you have the cashola doing things in an organic way prospers those genuine deep moments of intimacy you crave. Are you a great kisser? Someone new in your life is all about kissing. Do what you must to accommodate by not being so shy to make the 1st move. Go on your sly devil and get with loving already! Tick-tock Couples water is a medium to ignite deep passions. Create the perfect ambiance with candles, roses, soft music, and bubble bath for two. Schedule it weekly or regular for you. It strengthens intimacy.


You could be talking a mile a minute or getting paid to do so. You will be experts at getting emotional reactions from others. Just make sure it’s for the right reasons not personal mischief. Karmic situations have people coming and going out of your life in revolving doors. Just take it as a sign, that it was not meant to be or it was only meant to be for that cycle of your life. Scaling back too much activity to prioritize LIFE as you know is keeps you grounded. You will be super selective or picky about where you share time or who with. This is good. No you aren’t seditty even if you are so what? Just remember however how we treat others is how we get treated. So giving the ice means getting it from those you want to be noticed by. Gentle or subtle gestures of kindness go a long with. If you work in broadcasting – a little name-dropping ON AIR as SPECIAL THANKS opens doors for money, sponsorship, corporate favor, and people in the know. Review more ways to incorporate others into what you are doing to build support or support systems other can rely on as GoTo hubs via social media. Expand horizons by being the 1st to champion grand awareness campaigns, community rallies, or any other venue such as fundraisers. Have extra time? Volunteer but don’t over commit or make promises you can’t keep. It makes you look bad, and feel guilty when you can’t come through. Remove strings from yourself by not committing unless you FEEL it in your heart. Whatever you can do – do with all your might or strength. No one expects perfection just doing one’s personal best. What is that for you as a standard? This way you don’t feel competitive but – like an old Commodores’ tune. ‘Cause I’m easy, easy like Sunday Morning. This can be you on a daily basis if you can scale down trying to be everyone’s Superperson. Being human isn’t an option or channel to surf on TV when you are too fatigued to move. Schedule more live events and anything related to music to soothe the inner beast. It’s alright to want time or space to ‘do or ‘be – YOU. Meditate 20 minutes as a daily goal or catnap to catch up. If you exercise try things like tennis where you can run around, jump, and do whatever. In fact how about doing this with your mate and other couples for sport? Group activities revive you because you get to act a natural fool and have a great time! Being with pals is a retreat. So if this is what you need more of say so in your relationships. So there is understanding and less misunderstanding of whereabouts. Singles will be on the hunt. This means you can meet someone new digging for treasures at 2nd hand stores, bidding for antiques at auctions, or leaning over to ask for Grey Poupon. Love will be everywhere and universe lines up lots of options. In fact you may have too many. So to find what’s true or a lie for you – make love hunting personal using astrology. Knowing self inside out can give you the keys to spark that love you’ve waited eternities to have as your very own.


You’ll be AMERICA’S MOST WANTED whether you live in the USA or abroad. It’s the feeling more so than the label. People will either chase you down, step in your way, or push to be seen. It’s that ethereal Moon quality you have going on. You shine everywhere and bling even when you are trying to hide or blend in. So Pisces for you fortunes are being handed out like free government cheese. But unlike others you get 1st pick of something truly SPECIAL. Keeping it to self can be good if you are planning a big coming out, or launching of an ideal. Every stage has to be perfect. Every stage is a step in the right direction based on what feels right to you. Healing is a major concern. Whether working in a healing profession or obtaining the services to feel better will all rub you the right way and your bank account too. Feeling good means being content, happy, and the more you are of either the greater is happiness. Happiness is the magic stuff that charges universe to give, manifest, and materialize. Finances are super strong or are being strengthened so you don’t have wait around on others to come through or open doors. You’ll be opening or outright creating them using that amazing inner genius. Surprises come when adversaries return to Thank You for being kind. Financial rewards spring from these interludes. It won’t be that you aren’t grateful so much as you hated to have to go through such an experience. It’s exhausting being dark, cruel, or nasty when it’s not your nature to be so. If it is – well it’s Tombstone all over again. Try not to let upsets grudges get that hyped. Walking away will be easy because universe shows you alternate doors that were previously closed. Not to mention your opinion of others will decide whether it’s a karmic debt or karmic reward coming their way from universe. When others see how well you cope under stress or duress from others its downright inspiring! Your work or profession will speak for itself as high quality to big corporations who wish to use your ideas to sell their products or ideals. You could be wondering when is this all going to end? It does in a happily ever after sort of way. See? Didn’t see that coming did you? In love, couples need more time to get away from problems before resolving them. Feeling overwhelmed? Schedule some quiet spot not to far from a favorite haunt like Las Vegas where you can walk to the casinos. It’s exercise and you get to take in the town from ground level. In love you could be more elusive than usual. It’s because healing is taking place at a soul level. You could feel like you were ripped apart only to fall back into oneness. Psychically you’ll intuit the bigger picture to understand the purpose of it all and when you do there will be one person waiting to love you unconditionally. This person will understand where you came from in life to provide an emotional safe haven. Loyal to a fault they’ll stand by you and cripple anything or anyone who dares upset you. Many singles meet soul mates or Twin Flames who are wealthy. Changing status will mean more than getting a new address. It will mean everlasting unions beset by Divine Sanctions. So save your heart but keep what you want ever close to mind. Universe sends this person as one of the people you heal, inspire, or forgive.


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