Game Changer – Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Pisces – September 16, 2016 Pt. I by #OlaQueenBee

Screen shot 2016-09-12 at 7.04.51 PM.png
The Twilight Zone by Rod Serling TV Show

So what will most of us be doing at 5:03am EST? For those on the west coast It will be 2:03am PST. Somewhere between the civilization of the east and the civilized of the west, we find middle ground. Somewhere between two heated parties lies a solution to both of their long-standing problems. Now see one of the parties as having the key and the other being the door.

Neptune represents the door. Jupiter, Sappho, Sun, Uranus, and Saturn are the keys to those emotional openings or doors. Making someone happy is opening a door to his or her heart. Presenting ideal organic solutions to corporations is a door to being a brand. Being in a long standing personal situation myself and being a Pisces rising joyfully look forward to the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which happens to be penumbra brings up the past so that is cleared away. An antumbra covers the expanse leaving a ‘ring around the Moon much like the Solar Eclipse in Virgo’s New Moon on the 1st. One is heralding new energy IN while the other is pushing energy OUT proverbial doors. New Moon create new doors for us to enter, whereas Full Moon direct us on what doors to ‘shut closed FOREVER. Forget about it is the feeling, thought, and mood of Full Moon energy shifts.

Venus, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta are the ‘lights leading to opportunity. So we have quite the pile up going on Jupiter entered Libra The Scales on the 9th and we felt a huge shift in how we treated one another. This was a positive thing because Jupiter is the beneficent parent of Father Energy of Cosmic goings on. He’s always in a good mood because everything can be explained AWAY via philosophical thought processes. We don’t mind people taking advantage, getting their way through power of might, or being malicious. Why? Karma is now the scale by which all receive their luck as karmic reward or karmic debt.

Karma is energy we put out and are assured to received in multiples. Libra makes things even-Steven so to speak. This forces resolutions where there were only standoffs. We find a way by intuition. Universe sends us messages, impulses, and dreams on where we are to go, be, and do as a profession or new way of life. Life style changes will be what’s trending during this 1st of many exponential Jupiterian trips through Libra. Libra as energy acts, as the agent, the middleman, the middle ground, the negotiator, and the balance that makes us feel whole. It’s the construction or foundation of a legal system.

Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter are game-changers pulling strings behind the curtain of ‘not knowing how to achieve true success. Pisces brings things to the surface psychically so we can see ‘Why a person did this or that to bring harm or ‘Why this or that particular event had to take place now due to a wish we’d long forgotten now manifesting. Pisces, Libra, Cancer, and Gemini are all outwardly dual signs. We see those with any of these zodiacs shift, change, or move by change in behavior, attitude, mood, and feeling. What was feeling us or WHO is now saying, “You know on 2nd thought, I’m cool on you. I’m good.” Why? They’ve found an alternative pass to open a different door that leads to where they do wish to be instead of waiting on someone to grow a conscious, be kind, or just do the right thing. God created all varieties of personalities. Just as there are the proactive game changers with visions, there are those who like things just as they are. So what if the system is broke, fixed, or rigged for certain groups moreso than others. It’s working right? Consensus says – “Wrong!”

Mars-R and Chiron struggle for dominance. Power is with the might, right? Wrong. Power is with the energy or support behind it. If we stand for something we must make sure we have the support of others to back us, sponsor, or champion our ideas. If you are feeling the Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse energy – it’s feeling a lot like ‘genius. Brilliant ideas come like fruit falling from the tree. But remember universe is a broad agent of change and what we receive chances are others have received similar ideas. How? Psychic energy downloads from universe, angels, archangels, and the like. So what happens if you’ve been working up great ideas and one by one someone has been stealing, reinventing, or pawning them off as their own? It may be for 2 reasons – to instill fear and keep you in a box from progressing, or to teach you to think bigger, better, and something they’ve never seen before. But this time you launch an idea you will have learned a thing or 3 to make sure folks know you did it. How? Branding ideas is nothing new.

During Michelangelo’s day there were many competing artists all vying for a spot Michelangelo would go on to define, refine, and redefine again and again. It’s natural to be a bit jealous over the guy who is always pregnant with visions of artistic grandeur. But instead of blocking his genius patrons of the art like the Pope of that time benefited by paying Michelangelo what he wanted to earn. They incited his genius by patronizing his right to be happy doing what everyone loved him to do express his art. There wasn’t some invisible force blocking him, bribing court officials to lure him into cases, threats to harm his family, or the like. He was just allowed to do his thing. Doing his thing made millions because people appreciated his art form, style, and brand of expression. But there were competitors like Leonardo DaVinci. But Michelangelo never felt he was competing until one day he overheard people guessing at who did a recent sculpture of his. Out of anger he chiseled “Michelangelo Facibat” translated it means – “Michelangelo did this”.

Screen shot 2016-09-12 at 7.02.51 PM.pngScreen shot 2016-09-12 at 7.03.04 PM.png

It was an angry answer to what he felt to be a dumb ass question. How could you not know this is a Michelango original? How can we not know something is Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, or Giorgia original couture? Are you insane? Look at this – that’s how you know only their brand does this or that. I had to learn about purses this way. Who taught me? An Aries. Aries, Leos, and Capricorns pride themselves on knowing what is couture or true genius and what’s just another ‘pretty face in the crowd. We will exhibit this talent of ‘knowing the true from the lie thanks to that Aquarius Full Moon in August. 30 days after August 26th, Pluto goes direct in Capricorn – pointing at some big life changes coming up. The powers that BE change thought processes, universal support swing votes, and as more planets go direct we chart new paths for where we find the ideal for us personally.

How does one become personally satisfied, content, and happy enough not to rob Peter to break Paul off? Simple. Ding that will be Leo! Leo energy is the Sun but what is the Sun without the Moon to back it? One is a satellite of the other. The Moon does the hard work of traveling the entire cosmos gathering information and transmitting it back to the Sun to expose as what’s new, brand new, and in the now. But see the Sun as Paul robbing Peter the Moon to pay off debts. Karmic ones. But Jupiter is saying, “Alright break it up! Break it up! It’s not going down like it did before. This time you two are going to work it out by putting the truth on the table. You tell ‘em what you want or need, and you tell what you want or need in exchange to manifest it.

Now we have doors, keys, and everybody is happy! Right?” Sure in a utopia that would be ideal but the reality is we are by human nature downright selfish sometimes, impractically so. We don’t just want the idea we want the whole damn ideal, dream, and fortune attached. Because we have the power to open doors we get 1st crack at. Jupiter opens doors by causing us to see opportunity where there was chaos. How can we create solutions to get out of self-imposed isolation? Asocial behavior? Or people who just don’t want to be a part of it all? We make offers that accommodate incite and inspire them to join in or share their ideas. Like art patrons of Michelangelo’s day we play fair when it comes to salary, income, and revenues. Every one will get a piece of the action by diversifying where we search for talent, new talent, and re-invented talent.

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No matter how far space programs seek out new planets if the old one isn’t reaching potential we’ll be proverbial Moses and Aaron-s. We see the Promised Land oh yeah, we see but do we get to make it to live in them? Justice comes in all shades, cycles, colors, and forms of expression. Why? Because karma is now the Wheel of Fortune fair business practices, laws, systems and more become platforms for inspirational jump offs into that new frontier. Adversaries unite when it comes to ‘bottom lines we all desire to produce as tangible metaphysics. If we continue to isolate those with genius but pimp their ideas as our own social media turns that around. Someone somewhere will see ideas and do what’s right to bring in fresh perspective. Fresh perspective, it’s what Critic Anton Ego ordered from the menu in Ratatouille, remember?

Screen shot 2016-09-12 at 7.07.58 PM.png
Anton Ego, Ratatouille  (2007) Pixar/Disney

Leaders are only as strong as the roots of genius they spring forth from. Ideas sprout to spark new ways to make a buck, turn a buck, and expand an empire. But we must rise above squabbling over petty shit that really has nothing to do with the matter or goal at hand. Negativity has to transform into positive outcomes. How? We grow the phuck up to see the bigger picture. We stop being so damn greedy to be revered as philosophical, ahead of our time, innovative, authentic, and power-feeling. Power gains support when we build outcomes based on positive events. People love to feel good especially about themselves. With all the new holistic gifts coming in from the New Moon in Libra – an auspicious Black Moon to be exact. The stage is being set for September 30th, when the world gets a metaphysical makeover of the royal kind. August 26 was more than just a birthday – it was a culmination or point of centering. The belly button of time aka – the Delphi when the slate is wiped clean of bad vibes we felt but couldn’t identify until now.

Screen shot 2016-09-12 at 6.59.40 PM.png
Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet – Titanic (2012)

Whenever the Sun conjuncts Regulus the king-maker time starts over. Regulus finally made contact from the estranged Rigel via emotional communication. Getting ideas over means getting others emotionally involved to react or take the right action to solve problems. Clean up is everyone’s job not just the working class. When the Titanic sank do you think for one minute Death was prejudiced? We will see industries die or tank from people changing life styles or just not feeling the vibe anymore. So it’s time to get with the times and they are a-changing. Either we progress with the Wheel or we counter it with meaningless rejection, greed, isolation, and outright fights over resources no one owns but God.

Screen shot 2016-09-12 at 6.57.34 PM.png
Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp Tombstone (1993)

Property rights or seeing others, as personal property will be out with yesterday’s trash sitting on the curb for someone else to scavenge or discard. The other day I watched Tombstone the infamous movie about how the West was Won Over. One man – Wyatt Earp came to settle down, set roots, and take stock of the new boon of wealth. He brought his family and close friends like Doc Holiday to partake in the new money. What happened? All hell broke loose because unbeknownst to Wyatt a local gang called the Cowboys wanted to prove territorial reign. Meaning, they wanted to be above the law and prove it using force, force of will, and bad business in general. Bad business dealings attracts demons because it feeds them misery, unhappiness, and all sorts of other health problems. Illness is the reverse psychology of allness. Allness is wellness. Feeling well we keep our cool, make sound decisions, and cohabit without grief. So what is the purpose of negativity? Opportunity.

How we see opportunity in worlds of chaos is how new industries are born as tomorrow’s next boon of wealth. But who will live long enough to capitalize? That’s where the question of health, healing, and energy healing become most important. Irony doesn’t have to prove a point does it? Aren’t we logical enough to be fair about sharing the good stuff? There are more people seeing life in this POV. You can see it in how we are growing up in introducing the fresh ideal, the new ideal, and re-doing the same ol’ shitty ideal. Systems don’t fix themselves. We do it. From computers and technology to every day tasks we fix what is broken by being more proactive about seeing what is working and tossing what ain’t – or WHO. We bring light to the darkness by showing those in the dark a reason its safe to come out and shine in the world. We don’t use intimidation tactics to keep them like mushrooms we can profit from. This means clearing our conscious being kind genuine, and transparent in the terms we set or intend as new laws, contracts, or any other collaboration.

Screen shot 2016-09-12 at 7.06.03 PM.png

You can always tell when people are burnt out in an industry. We see more remakes. How many ways can one story be told hiring the same ol’ faces and places? Why do we need to punk people out of their ideas? Payoffs can be beneficial rather than vindictive, can’t they? A new aeon has arisen from the ashes and we are being demanded to get with the program or perish from lack of growth. Judge not lest ye be judged is the adage in business, love, career, and finding lasting happiness. Live and let live is what Pallas and Eros in Aquarius are demanding equality, equal rights, and equal access to new boons of wealth but without strings drama or bad karma. People are more likely to let us in when they feel we don’t have bad intentions to use them as stepladders for personal success.

Those who step ON get stepped ON eventually. Friendly competition is not only the way to go but also the way to grow. If a plant responds to positive words, how much more so does universe when granting wishes. Praising genius and making room for it in today’s market gets the numbers rolling, and systems working right. Give freelancers opportunities to step or step it UP in the real world of being commercial. That investment will yield fruit you can eat off for ages and your family, too. Take the time to converse. Make that meeting. Extend your hand and be transparent about options for genius to live off the tree, too. It’s fear based thinking to keep someone closed off or hidden as the back up singer. Yes we pay our dues but that doesn’t have to include offering what we ourselves would loathe to do would it?

Is a dream taking forever to manifest? Don’t doubt. Realize universe is working sometimes the reason dreams aren’t happening can be others running interference. How do we side step or get around those issues? We seek out alternative territories. The Internet is worldwide and world-wise. Initiate websites that entertain, inform, and fascinate general populous. Get intimate with who is buying what you produce. Not just with surveys but communication the old fashioned meet & greet kind. Put on special events for communities. Sponsor volunteer events for local government. Ask others what you can do to be of service.

“Ask not what your country can do for you…But what you can do for your country.”JFK, US President


Published by: Ola Queen Bee Of Astrology

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