Today’s Solar Eclipse – What it means for Each Sign by Ola Queen Bee

I was really looking for the spiritual message I was seeking. In the stillness, I heard – one word – clarity. This is the central focus of today’s Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Virgo. Virgo is the 6th sign, rules the 6th House in astrology, but it is considered the energy of the universal child – awareness – giving, humanitarian, and the energy of the number 9. When we flip the ‘9 upside down we get the 6. When we flip the ‘6 upside down we get a ‘9 and this is Virgo’s Twin – Gemini. Gemini is the 3rd sign, rules the 3rd House, and creates the awareness Virgo is analyzing. The two share rulership from Mercury but in shadow Virgo is ruled by Vulcan – what is considered for now a hypothetical Solar Power.

Vulcan in Greek mythology was the deity of artisanship, husband to Venus or Aphrodite, and residential all-knowing genius. If the deities wanted to make something, manifest a desire, or invent some great new ideal they came to Vulcan. He was the fire and pyre of ingenuity. Now we enter this energy thanks to today’s Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Mercury though retrograde since 8/30 – turning direct 9/22 – reaches epic levels of genius, intelligence, and superintelligence by interacting or acknowledging the spiritual to integrate into the physical. Yes, we discover how the physical becomes the metaphysical – the process of genius, itself. Artisanship is defined, redefined, to become more refined in what we find useful or something to get used to being ‘real.


Now where is the energy culminating from or rooting from? Sun meets with Mercury (R) on the 13th of this month to form an Inferior Mercury. It’s when those who have been stuck or locked away in concealment emerge to speak their truths, introduce new ideals which are light years ahead, and to reveal what they’ve been doing with all their time while away or out of the limelight. We have anxiously been waiting for some to come out of their comfy cubbie holes. But have we given them a reason to come out and mingle with the general public?

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Many geniuses are natural . They feel things, people, environment and it can be overwhelming to see everyone’s nastiness, truth, and psychic secrets without screaming. The weird thing is this is what most empaths attract the weird and dystopic. Why? Remember the film, The Sixth Sense – where the little boy says, I see ‘dead people – there’s a parody I love where he says, “I see dumb people.” True we do dumb things to self and each other but the fun is being brave enough to cop to it. It takes courage to be our true self in or out of the limelight or public eye.

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 7.26.39 PM.png

If we truly knew what people were thinking giving interviews, speaking in public, and in private moments it would spin the back of our head. That’s why there is the curtain of privacy, private thoughts, and very private moments. When we feel alone we feel secure, naturally confident, and like losing control to be present in the moment, and downright sexy. Now Pluto (R) in Capricorn is saying look – I need to capitalize on this shit. Look at this fool over here now do you know how many millions would find this interesting? Hey, it’s how Reality TV stars become real stars or shall we say known for other things beside their public personal life.

Now I’ll tell you straight up most shows – even reality – are scripted. Very few just turn on the camera and we get what we get. Taking the 2nd approach is wild, unknown, and potentially career breaking for the negative or positive. Remember how Dr. Hunter S. Thompson turned his fascination with drugs, rock & roll, journalism, and being Bigger Than Life into a documentary which was truly a mockumentary? He was giving us a Superman take on a the glamour of being vulnerable, completely open, and straightforward. Now that’s cajones, right?


Yeah it’s also knowing thyself and letting it take place like a staged event. That’s genius and the vulnerability is the ingenious part because on spot such an idea of being so raw sounds ludicrous, death-defying, and like a Barnum and Bailey act people pay top dollar to see or witness for themselves. It’s the perspective of the world from a bird’s eye view at a bird’s level. From the top of something we get a flawless perspective – the bigger picture. This is the way many geniuses or empaths see their every day world. Every little thing or detail has meaning whereas in a Seinfeld episode it’s meaningless-ly meaningful, demeaning, and a reflection of self.

Greeks were the eldest civilization and distant relatives of the Roman civilization. They have more than mutual concepts but there was always a need to outdo the other. This mentality has continued in present day commercial dealings. Do we always have to out do or one up competitors? Why can’t we just have a niche? A brand? Something artistically done so well, we are forever known for it? No matter how many come after us – we’ll be the pioneer, Father, Mother, or parent of a brilliant idea? How do I know about this? Like Doc (Hunter) – I had to go into deep cover to discover my self truth. Before I could speak it on facts, I had to do the work to find out. I had to take the ride universe was handing me as a ticket to Palookuhville.

I met many characters some which made a profound impact on the world that is shaping into my new life. There are many others I aspire to work with, collaborate with, and learn from. In doing the astrology, and many other spiritual sciences – I discovered the true self of me – all of me, and the potential within to unearth something the world has yet to see until now. There was a reason I was so fascinated with studying about my personal PAST LIVES and so much MORE. They represented values I wished to reincorporate or rebuild within the new self I am creating. The new life, mission, and the nightmare. As universe mirrors and symbolizes the fall of Virgo from Heaven to Earth – so we go through the cycle of evolving. When we evolve we love.

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SEE it’s an equation:

When WE LOVE, we EVOL WE – same letters except the ‘V becomes a ‘W. The word Earth spells – H-E-A-R-T see it’s a mirror language? Geniuses like DaVinci and Michelangelo protected their journals by writing in a way where one needed a mirror to decipher entries accurately. We all look at a painting every person looking at that same 1 painting will walk away with a different take on it. Does it mean one perception is better? Worse? No. It’s what we can take from the perception that holds the ‘fire or Vesta of meaning. Vesta in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn are trying to renew, reconcile, and rewrite what has happened between Moon and Saturn transits.

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 7.15.39 PM.png
Star Trek – Mr. Spock, The Vulcan


By nature Virgos and Pisces are natural problem solvers a trait of Vulcan (Hephaestus) the deity of fire. They naturally know the right choice or decision to make based on intuition, feeling, and empath qualities. Those with strong Virgo or Pisces in their chart are extremely artistic, withdrawn, and passionate (fire) about their craft, vocation, or dream profession. This is how we must be towards goals in life. What will make us whole? What seems like the perfect option or solution to a long term problem?

How open minded are we when it comes to loving, forgiving, and forgetting the past? When thought is in this process it is clearing out old or negative perceptions to attract or bring in new positive solutions. Nothing is set in stone to Virgo or Pisces because there are infinite directions to take one idea, thought, or passion. But out of all those potentials there is one that fits the MOST for what we are searching for as the ideal. This is how we find our way or bring the visionary into the mundane world. Feeling is balanced by logical processes well defined by the Sagittarian/Gemini mindset. Well what is going to last longest? What makes the most sense to try? What will bring the most awareness?

Things have to be cleared in order for a clear image to be mirrored. What we say or feel in the dark matches what we see in the light of our day as every day activities. I have been on a journey for 4 years and my body along with mind, spirit, and heart have all evolved. The person I was is not the person I am today. It’s time for us to take the proverbial monkey’s off our back that have been preventing us from entering our own ‘Oz or financial paradise. Who likes to see their ideals stolen and then interpreted in ways that have nothing to do with the original spiritual interpretation? There are many artists who will not allow corporations to turn their brands, music, or person into commercial articles you can buy for ’99cents.

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 7.13.41 PM.png

For some art has no price, it’s conception or inspiration is priceless. Yes, artist wish to sell their wares but not their souls along with them. We had to get real and stop submerging independent Self Expression. Remember Pluto needs material? He’s writing a new script for the new world order. There have been some serious changes in who is doing or destined to do what. When others take ideas it’s more than infringement on one’s bank account, it can be a turn of one’s destiny. Now a new ideal has to be created and that means letting go of the old one that is no longer in your possession. If someone wants something that damn bad, let ’em have it. Universe has marked all gifts or charms as what is destined for who’ when’ why, and so forth.


If order is skipped now Divine Intervention/Order/Providence is invoked. That’s when things just synchronize, happen, or manifest by spirit – what we perceive as the miraculous. It’s universe readjusting the wheel of fortune and balancing things to make outcomes fair. Remember justice can be fair and not just, just and not fair, or a combo of ‘all the above. The point is we are given new opportunities to get out in the world and introduce our ideals having learned the proper steps – to launch said ideals. The legal system is here to uphold, protect, and monitor rights – intellectual rights in particular at this time. Copyright is the responsibility of the artist.

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If ideas are presented before you put your name or stamp on it, you are responsible for what happens. But when we do take the time, care, and process to copyright, brand, register we now hold official rights to license, sell, trade, or own by all legal possession a single thought. In Egyptian mythology Mercury the Magician is equated with two dieties – Thoth as the male form, and Isis as the female. Isis is the one goddess who knew the true name of Sun God Ra. When Mercury is direct it is male or ‘thoughts. When it is retrograde it is ‘female – or a goddess of healing, the one righting all the wrongs created when Mercury was direct. It’s a time to self reflect on what is working versus what isn’t and cleaning. Cleansing to be more precise.What is the hermit lighting UP? Universe. He is the invisible hand both guiding and being guided down a new path that was destined or meant to be all along. Time = Eternity (?) Infinite potentials. What will be the right time for your destiny to take root, reveal itself, or mirror to you? What if universe has a different destiny in sight than the one we visualized?

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 6.41.03 PM.png

Clearing when it applies to karma or energy. Enlightenment when it has to do with destiny. A cloaked figure hides duality – and a dual personality. Mental health or healing issues will be of great interest as many Twin Flames come out of cocoons to mate forever. Like penguins Twin Flames will go through insurmountable odds headed in a certain direction. That direction leads to a destination. This energy will influence Leo and Pisces greatest thanks to Vesta, Pluto-R, Moon, Sun, and a host of other planets locked in key positions. The Garden of Eden is being rebuilt one Twin Flame at a time. But does one Twin Flame’s perception match the other’s? Which will have the right to manifest from one parallel in time towards another? Each will be brought together to make a choice for all time of ‘status – stay single or mingle to couple? Most TWFs are hermits by nature – old soul empaths that have learned to live alone, solitary lives of simplicity.

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 7.31.03 PM.png
Marge Simpson, The Simpsons “D’oh!”

Then there are their mirror-images of other side who match in essence but mismatch in status, life style, or status quo. God has an amazing sense of humor to remove or qualm the world’s ills by making some TWFs natural enemies or adversaries of the other. God mirrors The Devil and so forth, and we are created in God’s image. So you do the math? When I discovered my Twin Flame truth I ain’t gonna lie – I was hornswaggled, butt-fuddled, and downright dumbfounded. I became dumb, numb, and a human plum. Demanding ‘Why? God, Why? What did I do to deserve such an injustice? Then I was grounded by my angels. I had to face the fear, the facts, and put together the picture God was projecting or destined for me to complete. I had to forgive in the biggest way imaginable!

I ain’t lying it was like curing a nasty hemorrhoid. Burn baby burn. For many Leos and Pisces we will try to find a way to turn a serious negative into an overflowing positive of potentialities.

Aries in Uranus, which went retro July 29, a time when Cancer was flowing into Leo. Psyche is in Leo grounding us to face whatever has been making our soul feel pain. We’ll be more open to natural healing, remedies, and holistic care than ever. This is the process or ‘Why many Twin Flames are called into action. It’s Mother Earth calling us to fulfill our purpose to reunite and heal Her back into a state of prosperity for all beings living throughout the planet.

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Instead of home shopping in space for a new planet, God is saying – Clean Up the one You Have NOW. Don’t be lazy about recycling ‘perfection. We’ll all have to roll up our sleeves to receive our wings and that means not making more messes, nasty karma, and unjust judgments.

Screen shot 2016-09-02 at 11.08.13 AM.png
Ask the Archangel Zadkiel to help you transform negative situations into positive fresh starts. Meditate.

The Books of Libra – The Egyptian Book of Life and The Books of Scorpio – The Egyptian Book of Death, Rebirth are OPEN. We co-write where this planet, our life, and community will all evolve into next. It’s the meaning behind the scarab rolling a ball of shit up the hill to become a beaming BRAND NEW SUN, the world to come.

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 6.49.18 PM.png

This eclipse energy will be here until the next Virgo/Pisces – 19 or 20 years from now. Virgo and Pisces are the ‘clean up zodiac because they represent the coming to end of one’s cycles – personal and otherwise. What happens next will change the world we live in forever because if we can hit the high expectations of the Sagittarius/Gemini genius – we connect eternity with infinity. As Sagittarius/Gemini is eternal in its thought, so Pisces/Virgo is infinite in how deep emotional thought can venture. Intuition needs feelings to navigate the right path. We know something is destined when it feels or makes the most sense to do. We know something is genius or brilliant when emotionally we can calm the self to channel the knowledge.

One hand is holding the other, not robbing it to make a mint. One hand holds the key to make the other feel whole, alive, and born ‘again. The New is a process of genius. Genius can come from all walks of life if we’d only respect, cherish, and open our mindset to share the knowledge. Honesty and integrity guarantees whatever is shared will be respected in its natural form, order, and design and this is how universe mirrors or manifests blessings.

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 6.53.31 PM.png

Keys are lessons we’ve learned as good habits that take us further into the unknown potential inside every person as a gift, talent, charm, and talisman of magic. Notice the two versions of the 1 ankh of Life. Life is balance, a cross, a tree, a system, a book, and an ecosystem of potential. We are clearing the history of Roman (Left-brained thinking) with Egyptian (Right/Whole brained emotional feeling. What we think is right must balance with what we feel to be the whole truth.


The eclipse energy will make you think too much. Set aside time for self renewal, reflection, and balancing to clear emotions. Is something as important as it should be? Or should it be re-prioritized to make good sense? Is it necessary to spend money you may need down in the 3rd week of the month imperial now? This goes for big ticket items or making risks based on sex or sexiness. All that glitters ain’t gold and there are some real cool cars you can fix up. Buckets can become Mercedes, you know. How much are you willing to invest? In love if someone is pushing the wrong buttons say it without getting devilish about it. Yes you have the power but what about the responsibility for the clean up, the broken heart, or the devastation? Thinking of consequences before acting saves you big time and merits the best in good karma. Good karma is credit, money from the universe for blessings you get to spend as good luck, eternal love, or bliss in general. Being the healer makes you MVP to all the other zodiacs. Someone loves you and says it in the oddest ways. Yes it could be childish but read through the extra demands. Are they giving you the eyes or looking away when they feel you catching them? Read the signs, and ask for a date to talk as colleagues. They don’t have to know ulterior plans for now. Love is a hide & seek mission. You are on the hunt to know once and for all – yes, that’s nice but how do you feel about me? What do you think if I said I could love you all my life? No, it’s not a movie but ain’t the line panty-dropping sexy?


You could be over your head on something or someone you thought was cool with you who is NOT. Sarcasm will be a theme. So read between the lines does someone mean what they are saying or are they just saying something to throw you a curve? Not reading the signs or ignoring intuition will cost dearly as new life lessons or karma to repeat. D’oh! Sometimes universe could be testing values to see if you truly are what you say you are all about. This will really run in the professional arena when others will tempt you into speaking on a matter knowing you haven’t done the homework on it. It’s a Catch 22 and a balance of not being too suspicious but being suspect enough to investigate facts on your own. Love partners could run the gamut from iffy to hell naw! Find a happy medium Taurus – what qualities do you endear most? Now ask self, am I receiving this from ______? Is it something I can give myself? Tally up points to see how a relationship is balancing you instead of the other way around. If you are giving far more than receiving it’s a sign of being out-of-balance and out of passion. Draw clear lines of respect so you don’t have to go there.

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 9.52.29 PM.png
Audrey Hepburn, My Fair Lady aka Pygmalion


Universe hands you keys. These keys relate to the unknown because it comes from the intuition. Yes you are right most of the time, but what about those moments you are all over the place or just outright wrong about a person, situation, or endeavor? Missing the boat, letting true love slip through your fingers, and missing out on financial windfalls will be the doors to those keys. The key for you is to go through the motions and find out by allowing the experience instead of harping on what didn’t work out before. The past is behind you and the new door of opportunity is before you. True love came, went, and is back again Gemini. But have you figured out the pieces of your own Sphinx? We are you know – the solutions and soulutions of all life’s problems. We create or destroy whatever speaks to the heart. If someone is speaking to your heart more than your eyes – say – looks are an issue, but everything checks out OK, push onward. See where their heart is in regards to self improvement. You heal others by bringing them out of their shells. You turn geeks into bombshells. So what it’s a bucket right now, but ambition can change things. Just guarantee when you fix them up they’ll be loyal to stay and not get caught up in the hoopla of others admiring your proverbial Pygmalion. Married? Make plans to getaway secretly. Start shopping for babysitters, options for locations, and setting up emergency contact lists. It takes time to rock someone’s world, especially yours. Time is quality for you. Quality sex makes life much sweeter and the world, too.


You seem to have this ideal of what something should be or shouldn’t. Universe says you are right! Much to your surprise by holding the ideal close to the heart, it manifests. Just when you think this or that didn’t work – it does. For you the key is letting go of outdated ideals by allowing space for new ones to drift in intuitively. Quiet time and meditating clears out the OLD to let in the NEW. Potential is what you specialize at seeing, knowing, and sharing. Open up that closed book of thoughts. Share ideas via social media to meet new people, places, and experiences. Go out. Take pals up on invites to party. Life requires a balance of so much work, and so much fun. Being hard, crusty, and unapproachable is one way to keep the losers at bay Cancer. But there is that one person who will see through the barrage of clicking clampers snappy remarks. What happens when they do? Where will you run when they are UP CLOSE and kissable? Don’t say you just ate garlic – they’ll either say ‘So did I or pull out a Tic Tac. Yeah you’ll meet your emotional Wanda – I got you!

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 9.50.14 PM.png
Wanda, aka Jamie Foxx


‘I’m bored! That could be why you feel stuck. Now how to get out of that box you put yourself into. What do you mean put myself into! If so-and-so wouldah….Listen having a woulda-coulda-didn’t mentality is keeping you from being happy-er. Realize you are a new person with new values and this means attracting a new type of anything. Dibbing and dabbing in this or that proves to be formulas of success for you. Think of all the bragging rights you’ll collect when others praise you for being so courageous to introduce new ideals into the world? You lead by example and roar by Divine Order. Take a chance, a well-educated one – and listen for timing. You have the gift of knowing when something is going to be, happen, or materialize. Same goes in love but in love the laws of attraction work differently. Just because you know when doesn’t mean you know how. It’s filling in the blanks by feeling what makes you feel whole. In love patience, courtesy, and being sweet is needed to reconnect to a Past Life love or soulmate. Try, try again. Universe will keep throwing the two of you together until there is sweet music, again. It’s destiny.


Universe is sending opportunities, the one, and a host of other miracles. Problem may be you – Virgo, being too anal about details. Loosen up, tie one on with friends, or get away from the problem to see it differently. What is the blessing in disguise? For others being more analytic diverts disaster from striking. Go over contracts with a fine tooth comb. Remember Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd. This has a lot to do with delays, upsets, or reworks of anything. So to keep things from coming back, create checklists of what must be done or completed to pass the 1st time. Others end up being in the right place, right time, and meeting the right people who change your life. It will seem they were just destined to meet you or vice versa. For you it’s all about putting life in proper perspective by re-organizing how you feel. There is a bigger picture. Intuit what that is. Meditate.


Facts. Present them. Seek them out. Ferret it out. That may be all you care to hear from those who have beef with you. Disgruntled employees bring things to the table but are you being fair in who you are listening to as sound, true, or focused on the matter? Is it expert advice, expertise, or something Joe Blow down the street told you as a ‘sign from the Divine? You will be the arbitrator, peace maker, or diplomat who gets things done or makes a name doing such as a business. In love home cooked meals mean a lot to you. After a long day at work if your spouse or love can cook it turns house into home, again. Dark chocolate, carab-based foods, alkaline water, and less processed foods all heal the digestive system which causes irritability, mood change, and rudeness. Look for ‘why someone is acting a certain way before making a ruling or judgment is the core message. Be faster to give a person the benefit of the doubt. Hear them out. See whether what they say matches what they are doing, then decide on whether you want to stick around. For you it’s about clarity or being clear about the facts of a matter to give it priority or importance.


You will be the most clear-headed of the zodiac. Why? You know how to read between the lines, do the homework, and come up with fast solutions. On the spot genius is gifted via universe and a keen intuition. However watch being a know-it-all and be the last to comment. Observance makes you a solid winner every time because having the last word is not the last word for competitive situations. It’s a door to explore more information. Planning is where you come out the chosen one for those seeking solid leadership with no excuses, or political drama. Where’s the beef? Here it is along with facts, figures, and a solid reputation. All of these speak volumes about character – yours. It’s all about building solid relationships built on the same values that sways support and creates systems of more support. Power is silence and opportunities will be golden for the take. Formulate ideas with free drafts then see what works by building systems and networks of experts. When it comes to being a leader, supervisor, or boss you land it by being the cool head in times of crises. In love you have the magic touch to know what will make your love’s wishes come true. Some encounter soul mates disguised as soul mates or Twin Flames. Remember a Twin Flame can be someone who was an adversary in a Past Life and this can make you not want to be around them. But people do change for the better. Open your heart chakra to see why you are brought back together this time around. Base the love on just that – the present and very near future.


Home is where the heart is. You’ll either be moving to a new home, shopping around, or about to close escrow. Check the pricing can you get a better bargain? Ask and demand to see details. It’s your money and you have every right to know how something is valued. What is valuable to you may not be of the same value to another – vice versa. But it is on you to check the numbers, stats, neighborhood, etc. Same goes in business. A location or where you will be determines whether it feels right to follow through on. Status can change now in relationships of all types. Is something or someone going to add value, prestige, or opportunity towards aspirations? The point is you want to get closer to your ideal or dream and lessen chances of being distracted along the way. Some could meet your soul mate or true love out and about. But watch appearances or judging on that alone. Universe is testing to see what is truly most important in finding the One to win your heart and keep it for the long haul. It’s not about race, gender, or lines of distinction rather how well you can relate and be on the same path as some greater spiritual journey, together. It’s about being on the same page and writing the same book.


Some of you are either cleaning up a bad reputation with an Ex or because of an Ex. This will apply in career, home, and relationships of all types. Clearing your name is part of the process of becoming a better you, Cappy. Don’t be so stubborn – give a little, make allowances for forgiveness to transpire. Open the door to prosperity instead of slamming it shut out of fear of facing the music. It’s therapy and damn good for the soul to heal or feel whole again. That person who triggers us the worst can be the catalyst to move us in the best direction. Think about where characters like Rocky would be without the Mickey Goldmills to goad them on to greatness. For some you could be the hidden Life Coach for another’s moment of glory by showing them what’s wrong or in need of balance. Love covers all things even ego trips. That could be all it is to turning around negative situations. Seeing the gold or potential in others and not capitalizing on it but freely sharing advice or experience helps you see the other person’s side of a matter. See? Now you have a good way to channel your inner Devil’s Advocate. Let others self express so you can see what indeed is not in balance for yourself to fix, repair, or reconcile differences. You are NOT Jesus and no one expects you to be, but we are expected to be our natural self most the time if not all of it. In love you meet someone who really gets your goat, and you could very well get theirs. But in the end there is a new beginning and you see it when the lights come on inside. See their inner beauty then hold up the mirror so they can see it too, through your eyes. It turns both of you into ageless wonders. Youth incarnate meets a fresh start. Love makes you age younger.

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 9.55.02 PM.png
Burgess Meredith (RIp) aka Mickey Goldmill, Rocky


Star children! You send out messages that say, “I just  wish I could be with people who truly get me or what I’m all about.” Wishes do come true especially when you get signs days ahead with dreams, visions, or cold sweats. You get this feeling when something is right. Stick to that and let no one steer you away from what is destined to be yours. Whether it’s the ideal spot at the company, home on sale, item on auction, or love of your life – know what understands or represents the true self. We are mirroring potential and what you see as a symphony is not how another might. Doesn’t make either wrong just different or unique. Being authentic is a driving force behind decision making. You want to make a real brand on the world or be known for something you feel destined to achieve. Dream big, think sensibly, but plan pragmatically. This draws the right persons to you to make light of big tasks. Asking universe, wishing on stars, is not kiddie stuff. We’ve been doing it since the Age of Time. Start yours by making the eclipse energy bring in more of what you want and distill what you don’t. Focus on building wishes instead of making them out of haste. Study the process of how a dream will materialize and visualize daily with meditation. Seeing self doing something prepares us for when it happens. Now is also a good time to be of service and put wish power to use for volunteering, charity work, or doing something kind for those in need. Many will ask you to lend more than money to a worthy cause close to your heart. It will be hugely successful because of the effort you donate. In love Exes return or soul mates. There are different types of soul mates you know. Having a soul mate union is loving someone on a completely unique level that you master with ease. You love having someone who speaks the same language, just remember to choose a soul mate that offers authenticity for this life path. Yes, we speak the same lingo but are you going my way?


Many are headed to eternal states of bliss – no, not death but recovery from near death experiences. Some of you reached pinnacles where there was no alternative but to change eating habits, lifestyle, and not it will be status ‘quo. Universe has treats to give as good karma for those making the transit from Point A in life to Point Z. Mentors or persons of importance will be sent to take or guide you. Relationships for you will be soul-based and spiritual in nature. You’ll bond with those who see the true you beyond the mask you wear so well. Speaking of wellness, some become beacons of light in wellness campaigns as spokespersons. Be prepared to be on TV, or places where the public can vibe with you. Others want to know how you coped, what you did to cope, and for some writing a book or e-book is on the menu as life’s next big adventure. Hire a ghostwriter or become one. Writing is therapy and words jump off the page into soul when you use self-expression as a tool for higher-self understanding. Consider adding this to current work processes to strategize more effective output levels, or higher quality in production. Universe gave you experience to harvest the next crops of genius, mastery, and magic – as teachers, professors, and mentors. Doors that were sealed fly open when we express how you feel. Some have been carrying a torch and a broken heart. Someone you wanted now could want you and tell you so. Let forgiveness play like a romantic melody to make sweet music out of sour notes. No one is perfect and no one understand this better than a Pisces, you are the oldest soul of the zodiac. Only God knows for sure how many times you have came out of the fire to be the light of higher awareness.


Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 9.56.41 PM.png
Sir Richard Burton & Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Mark Antony & Cleopatra, Cleopatra (1963)

Published by: Ola Queen Bee Of Astrology

Hi I'm Ola - I love to royal-lize things by adding astrology, metaphysics, and lots of Feng Shui. It enhances potential and creates new doors of opportunities for my clients. If you'd like to get deeper into the esoteric of you email me - OlaQueenBeeOfAstrology. Yes - I am seeking to expand my line of astrology & wellness products like Apple Newsstand's Astrology Tomorrow. If you are an astrology professional and wish to receive love instead of give - it's okay to love you, 1st. Check my monthly blogs to re-charge and give you the fresh perspective you deserve. Readings are done on a donation-basis because I want everyone to have access to heavenly-charged solutions to daily life problems. Let's get life re-organized - together. XO - Ola, QBoAstrology I specialize in #Egyptology #metaphysics, #magi , #lightwork, #businessastrology, #businesstarot, akashic records access (mediumship), astral projecting, astral telepathy, occulesics, herbal iridology, organic techniques, organization, keen eye to detail, kinesthiology, kinesthetics, Hebrew astrology, Chinese astrology, Feng Shui, astrology, tarot, love tarot, love astrology, soul astrology, sidereal astrology, clairvoyant, clair intelligent, clair sentient, quantum physics, meta-quantum physics, Egyptian pyramids, and my personal favorite Hall of Records (mediumship), spiritual medium, angel communications, archangel communications, Jinn specialist and interpreter, holistic healer, karma accountant (mediumship used to balance+clear+cleanse bad karma, aura healing, praise & worship (Wicca), ability to understand foreign relations, soul pod healer, death and bereavement counseling, karmic cleansing, herbal detoxification systems based on personal astrology profile, read & interpret astral charts, specialize in adding personal touches to businesses (small, medium, large, and gigantic), creative analyst (Get Your Creative Mojo Back!), sexual astrology, sexual aura clearance/cleansing (When Your Sexual Preferences Change and You Don't Know Why), animal communication/telepathy, numerology, numerology life path charts, Maturity Cycles, Soul Cycles, diagnosing Yoga Moves to initiate energy healing (personal favorite), herbal & wellness advice (When you want an organic option to heal)

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