Hatching The Master Plan – Ontology and its connection to Sirius


The Moon and Saturn are communicating what is Meant To Be. Venus in Leo is standing by to take orders and execute. Eros and Pallas both will be dipping back into Aquarius in August. Everything is a path. A door. A thought. A idea. An intuitive plan. SKIRK! What does that mean we see ONEs and then the notion of PAIRs or things coming 2s. But it’s true. Everything including the spiritual comes in ‘multiples of self. Self being the Absolute whole of ‘anything. What do we look at when we step before a mirror? What do we look for? We seek the truth of the true self. Who are we as a whole individual? Who are we without the identity of another? How credible is what we stand for and ON as soap boxes. Do the rules we create for others’ to succeed match what we’d put self through? Or – is it just natural to accept duality in all its wonders and mismatches?

Yes and No. June into August represents the review of Books. Thoughts. Motives. Why? Just as the legal system makes judgements, natural laws make rulings about things, people, places, and destiny it SELF. Regulus is the heart of all natural law activity. So what better way to manipulate universe? When we question the strength or confidence we weaken it unless…whatever we were expected to do so. Universe gives surprises it never receives them unless the seal of destiny has been broken, tampered with, or out right stolen for example ‘stealing someone’s spotlight, taking credit for work not done, or not paying others what they truly earned.

Hey it happens if we keep allowing it. History can be altered by being more alert during next go-arounds. What we didn’t know then we do now and that can be applied as wisdom. Wisdom populates potentialities or outcomes. That is what Pluto in Capricorn is challenging us to do. Question what is destined by asking for signs from universe. Clues. Synchronicity. Serendipity. See those BEEs on the Empress’ garment? They are signs we should be aware of as what is meant to be and what isn’t or WHO. Like the Empress we create our new life up to a point. The bubble on the outside of her is UNIVERSE it sets what we are destined to achieve or succeed in life at as a profession, wonder, genius, or any thing else. We have to take back our power but first we need to know what those are, from the inside out – strengths. Confidence. All this worker bee energy sums up into some grand outcome or certainty of riches, wealth, wisdom, and dreams coming true!

What is destined to be for me? We all love Hollywood films about gypsies and their crystal balls. But how much do we know about stuff? How much does resonate when the right people break down information that makes it so EZ enough for a 3 year old to get it? It’s the law of metaphysics at work and light workers from all sides of the spectrum throwing in their 2 cents. Casting is an ancient art to divine what the Moon is communicating as lunar energy. Star potential. The good stuff that luck of all types is made from. There are events that we cause to happen and those that are just meant to be. Those which fall under the Natural Law of What’s Meant To Be – take precedence. Meaning if we create a ‘memory that may or may not agree with what was destined to happen.

Here’s another example. We wait and wait for that one GOLDEN TICKET. Something tells us it’s coming. Then we get flashes or have dreams of what it will be like when it happens. We feel a deep esoteric connection towards our thoughts. Thoughts power the Sun as long as there are positive thoughts there is energy to go back and forth and feed the masses. Now if we had a message to get through how could we do the MOST good to reach the greatest amount of people? Timing.

More specific DIVINE TIMING. Ask a Leo how they get their $$$ they won’t tell you but they will share secrets on knowing when something will be hot, trending, or newsworthy to cash in on. The Moon harvests talent we work on under darkness or in darkness. The Sun or ‘attention brings it to light. It’s the moments when we out do expectations or surprise others and they just say – ‘Wow I didn’t know you could do that. What can be more surprising is to self – secretly we didn’t know we had it in us either. But others can and do see potential. It makes money – BUCKETS of it!

Last year in 2015, August 26th – we had the 8th month, 8th day (2+6=8), and 8th year (2+0+1+5). In Chinese astrology 888 is the luckiest numerical sequence to receive or be born on. However there is the flip side, in order to trigger the full potentiality of this awesome number there has to be HUGE FLUXES in energy transfers. Meaning boiling points, crises, and people getting fed up. Why? When we all get tired of the same things that’s when we do something proactive to fix or upgrade them. We began a new system, cycle, and era of psychic awareness that is the key to future prosperity of any kind. That new world order or Olam Ha Ba is Olam Humbug if there is no strength to support it. A system needs believers to continue. Strength requires ‘numbers – one person can make the change when there are many others behind that one supporting the beliefs they stand for.

America started a new cycle on July 3, 2016. It’s all related to a system that wasn’t so popular in its day but now is – underground. Thelema. No it’s not a girl we dated in high school and forgot about. It’s received a lot of press, mostly dark because those who support it misunderstand its true principles. It was an idea that began with a good intention but became a wicked tool to dishevel power structures via metaphysical approaches. Thelema like many systems was corrupted via abuses of natural laws. From the time it was put into practice July 3, 1914 into present day. Time is self-correcting or mirroring what is true versus what is illusion or illusory controllership.

Thelema when simplified is the art of understanding how to properly work Natural Laws via Self Matching Gnosis. Huh? In short memory. If we remember history we are less likely to repeat it unless it is intentional. If it is intentional the system of law itself will regulate it or put things back on the right track. The trouble is honesty. Justice comes with a price at a price with a cost and at a cost. So does karma. Karma is history we have yet to correct or re-correct back into normalcy. When natural laws are stirred the balance of what is natural has and will be balance by nature itself. When this happens we experience greater natural disasters.

Anger and emotions balance weather as consequence, they are counterintuitively balanced by the weather. A sunny day makes a sunny disposition. A rainy day can trigger depression. But neither exists all the time, but in cycles, seasons, and diving timings. Thus when we are giving astrology we are actually giving the ‘energy of the day or what kind of day it’s most favorable to do stuff on. Natural timing is when our sense of time and The Divine sense of time ‘match or equal. Problem is – current systems have drastically failed to ensure fairness, equality, and as a result justice has been severely hindered. This changes in August when Saturn goes direct on the 13th, exactly one month after Psyche and Venus entered Leo. Coincidence?

Humanity is at a crucial turning point in history but we need more to wake up and enter spiritual journeys. Recent race wars are fueling ‘turning points but its how we are interacting with the lion that influences the path we take moving forward. What cycle am I referring to? Our Soul Cycle of the Collective Consciousness.

Screen shot 2016-07-15 at 12.32.40 AM

Psyche entered Leo yesterday on the 13th. Psyche is the star of The Collective Soul or where we all join or come together as one ‘thought. Many say well why would God allow all this crime and stuff to go on if there is a God or if God truly cared. Truth. God does care. However, light or light of darkness is a neutral power system any initiate can access. Psyche has to do with our emotions and it guides the ‘sphinx of all time – Sirius, the great Gateway of All Gateways. Sirius bestows amazing powers of knowledge, gnosis, and soul navigation. We call it quantum physics, astral travel, time travel, and anything related to ‘time itself. Now back to ‘888 if this number is diluted per se by external circumstances outcomes of prosperity can be altered but its only temporary or until Natural Laws adjudicate or balance the scales with a series of just outcomes.


Sirius relates to Isis and Osiris from which it gathers its namesake. It’s the delphi or point of return for all time. So isn’t it only fitting America’s birthday is July 3rd when this star is 1st accessed? America is a gateway of wonders in the world. It is a world leader  in all industries because it offers platforms for true capitalism. But if we are not exchanging based on fair trading practices? How is that truly prospering? It’s like getting a tour of two cities which are actually one. The same issue happened in Ancient Egypt – then it was called Upper and Lower Egypt. Egypt was separated by the Nile River and is to this date. However, access to holy relics, places, and wonders is no longer as simple as before. Why? People used the places to cast. Spell work or wicca is working with natural laws or manipulating nature to manifest whatever our hearts desire. But if those using a system are corrupt how can we ever truly expect fair outcomes of any nature? True or otherwise?

August is when we’ll get enough of getting fat off the land or chewing more fat than we can handle in business dealings. Sappho, Jupiter, North Node, and soon – Mercury (Mercury enters Virgo July 30th). Ceres entered Taurus in July and this is spurring all of us to rethink the path we should go as a profession, career, or lasting passion. It is also making us rethink relationships. Whether there is potential or if we should chalk it up to it just wasn’t meant to be. The key is whether we can see that other person in our future. August is where all realms collide, melt, and meld to form oneness, one center of thought, and it happens when the Sun reaches Elliptical peak. What’s this? When the Sun comes closest to the Earth, scorching it. That day is August 26th. It never changes no matter how our calendar expands or compresses. This day is when the Sun connects to Earth and triggers Sirius upsets in our socio-climate.

It is a day of Celestial Rulings – serious Wake Up calls on why this person or that didn’t get their wish. That’s the other side of prosperity. It’s when a person knows it’s meant to be for us to be a singer. We get a job but find out it doesn’t pay. We must prove our way with passion. How much do we want this or that destiny to manifest? When it does are we ready for what comes with it? Sirius is the star that bring Isis and Osiris powers of universe together. It’s when darkness comes to the light as a process, procedure, and entertaining of an idea or thought.

The mind’s potential to create remains undiscovered territory because as a transmitter of the spiritual realm, few are able to transmit esoteric secrets and live to tell about it unless – they are aware of their Past Life. Akasha. These records were long thought to be hidden in the Pyramids, perhaps to some extent they were but the pyramids are constructed to Natural Laws not those of modern day calendars. Thus when we are meant to know – universe ensures we do by unearthing more treasures, scrolls, or archaeology of substance. Ontology as a whole.

Ontology is the measure of universe or those who are spiritually gifted or chosen to read it. They are given the foresight as a person, culture, or society even for ‘knowing stuff before it happens. USA sets precedent in predicting world trends and as such its market is MOST attractive in foreign Supply & Demand exchange markets. USA is one of the countries that sets the worth of a single unit of money. If something is truly of value it will do well in American markets. If not, it’s just not meant to be. See the duality of economics – globally? But what if something is of value in a country out of culture and not an easy item to score in American markets?

Depending on distribution and distribution laws – price can be exorbitant because its based on natural laws of supply and demand. Something is in demand because something was introduced into the nature or pH of a system at a limited supply. Once there are knockoffs, copycats, and more upsetting the market now the niche worth is gone unless we – created an idea as a ‘brand. Brand ability comes from knowing what we buy is from a trusted source. We are willing to pay whatever to get that brand because we know we (we being the soul) will be satisfied from using it. Thus we have a demand. Brandability like the lion is based on the concept of royalty, being royal, or being The Best on the market. Brands mean ‘love is in the product.

We can feel the love because we can see and use the quality. USA was able to turn around a major financial crises in the 40’s post WWII by boasting things were Made In the USA. It meant it was made with love, and pride in artisanship. An artisan is an artist who has closed themselves off from the world to create some great masterpiece. A game changer.A mystic expert with access to Divine channels of information. Have we reached this point in history?


Artisanship is keyed to Card XX Judgement in the tarot and the astrology sign of Virgo. Virgo strengthens markets by identifying injustices and regulating them – calling them out for all to see what was fucked up, who fucked up, and WHY things got fucked up so we can adequately fix, repair, modify, or out right rebuild a new or upgraded system. We have to make better versions of things and this means using natural materials or working with raw energy of genius.

All those things we can drum up in our mind can be Smart Technology in other markets. But the problem is piracy. Those who want to take but not pay or pay as less as possible for sales, use, or licensing. All of these fall under the laws of distribution, fair business practices, and customer appreciation policies. These are regulated as quality control and for quality control purposes. If we don’t have government adequately breathing down people’s necks they may not be so disposed to being honorable, transparent, and on the up and up. Now most don’t mind minor system injustices and some might say we expect hiccups.

But when things are upside down purposely or there are outright injustices that pushes buttons – because we are fucking with people’s money, their means of supporting themselves, their families, and all the communities feeding off the power of that one $1 in potential. Black Wallstreet in Tulsa became a scale model for showing the power of ingenuity. When racism kept people apart money and commerce brought it all back together. Money is not racist but it fuels racist propaganda. If we are all fighting over who has rights to sell or exchange in this or that market who is guarding our money supply?

Who is regulating it? The unseen hand. That’s the secret system running the system we all use as regular people. High and low divides more than societies it creates Caste Systems. A division of philosophy can be a powerful weapon politically. Nothing gets more people in an uproar than money. If we don’t learn how to share natural resources becomes the means of global control again. If we aren’t sharing natural resources fairly wars get incited. We are taking stands but not for the reasons we are being given to believe but for the undercurrent interests paying for the war in the 1st place.

We have much to think about but nothing more than protecting Earth’s natural resources which is why recycling takes center stage. If we want to keep certain groups of people out of a financial water hole we create sanctions, black lists, and bad press. In weakening a market we get control of it or do we? Some markets crash and never return like that of the Ancient Civilizations until we repeat history. Thus the supply and demand of knowledge. Knowledge is indeed power but its true power lies in the strength of the numbers generating or populating the data we need to know more about.

If we kill markets or keep the little guy out we create our own cancers for down the road. Why? We could be interfering with natural laws and this creates karmic cycles when universe yanks all power for us to control any damn thing. See the dilemma? In choosing diversity we increase chances for survival in ‘anything and generates more ‘abundance, prosperity, and expansion which is true growth. The organic. Welcome to the new world order we make it after we learn how to go natural. We need to support others sharing their work as ‘systems, brands, and new approaches to old problems. It’s the blood keeping a system alive and the poison that can annihilate it in the same token of justice which is simply ‘energy exchanged or balanced.

The Ancient civilizations paid high costs for upsetting the natural balance or Divine Order. They were forgotten and that’s the process of Divine Timing. If God forgets something it ceases to exist because it no longer serves a purpose or meaning. This is how and where we are set up for September’s clearing or Reaping of Harvest. There are those who are entitled but in the end we all earn what we receive, because we deserved it if we didn’t universe turns it all around with more random events to put us back on the right track of thinking, again.

Now we enter the lesson of compassion, mastery, and self mastery to the extreme. That is the Book of Scorpio. On the 30th of September we experience the only #BlackMoon. Whatever events transpired in March, and as of June forward repeats as ‘life lessons. So when things happen think back to that timeline for reflection or answers on ‘Why it is recurring now. It is a sign of individual knowing of one’s purpose – as Cosmic Awareness. Time will be bending on itself to reflect all we have done or not done to meet that purpose. As a result many will change careers, professions, and start their own businesses to change current socio-climates.

Screen shot 2016-07-15 at 12.24.50 AM.png

A Black Moon happens like a Blue Moon in principle. The Blue Moon is a 2nd Full Moon in a month. Whereas a Black Moon is a 2nd New Moon. This Black Moon will happen in Libra 8’15 and will be a most omnipotent moon to draw lunar energy. But because all major planets are in karmic cycles only those with good karma or clear karma will access it. It directly follows the last set of eclipses. A Solar Eclipse in Virgo on the 1st and a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on the 16th. Events leading up to these dates will be what’s destined or Meant To Be but those who interfere in the destinies or courses set for others will be mirrored onto them as both Mercury and Pluto are retrograde.

Screen shot 2016-07-15 at 12.11.14 AM.png

This is why Hebrew and Islam ceremonies are so sacred because its an appreciation for What is Divine and Mystic combined. We live this balance in our government systems. The covering or Shekinah of protection from one’s own karma is lifted like a Veil and gets exposed. We aren’t protected under the law we are bound to its consequences. Imagine what would happen if God exposed its self in totality? ALL WOULD CEASE TO EXIST from the impact of the exposure – radiation. That’s is why relics are protected from being exposed to the wrong types of light working. It’s a SEAL of protection any Rabbi, Shah, or Wiccan practictioner will caution us about before tampering with spiritual powers we can’t control or have rights to control. Those who can are meant to be what they are and every life or form thereof serves a purpose – a higher one and a lower one. Radiation measures the vibration or frequency of light but there is none to measure that of love. Which makes LOVE the absolute law because in totality it is GOD as a whole.

The exposure as a process is God either remembering or forgetting. The Book of Remembrance is a summation of all one’s Past Lives rolling into the current. It’s when all lessons are handed out by Saturn transits. It is the MOST FEARED because its a ruling from GOD directly on all we have done with our energy towards self and others to make others feel whole, happy, and healthy or restored.

Screen shot 2016-07-15 at 12.13.00 AM.png

Its God’s insurance that we will peaceably learn how to get along, share this planet, and practice what is ‘righteous. Thus the Book of Remembrance can be accessed via akasha by the select CHOSEN. Tdzakim Nistarim. Lamed Vavniks. Those who are selected benefit in multiple ways from the Black Moon with access to new powers, abilities, and charms of intelligence. We’ll see a huge increase in psychic awareness and the real new world order as beset by The Divine Will of God. If we are meant to be somewhere or do something it shall come to pass, and anything intercepting or steering our will down the wrong path will immediately be cleared, sanctioned, and written inside the Book of Remembrance as a new beginning or a final ending.


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