#FreeRead -Conquering Fears with the Zodiac of #Cancer – by #OlaQueenBee

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Cancer is one of the MOST complex of zodiacs to understand. Why? Other than it being the home and ruling sign of The Moon, the fear factor for this sign runs deep – to the root, heart, and chakra of a matter. When a Cancer is upset they get quiet while everything around them self-destructs or gets destroyed in the process. It has long been believed that the ‘fire signs are the hottest when it comes to anger. Scientific observations and Psychological Astrology prove otherwise. Cancer is the most loving sorts who are known to wear their heart on their sleeve. In theory. Those who have lived with one know better. They come to understand words like fear, fear factor, and hubris.

Because they lived with a Cancer. It’s true you won’t find a sweeter guy or gal but get on the wrong side of this sign and it’s scary-ville. They like the disease named in their honor represent the silent but deadly type of ‘anything. When upset unlike fire, earth, air, or fellow water signs, Cancer implodes emotionally setting off triggers to universe. It calls, transmits, and charges universe to act or take action for injustice of any sort. Like Pisces, Virgo, and its opposite – Capricorn, Cancer psychically charges universe and directs it to move or be moved to act on its behalf.

Ever notice why Cancer’s are quiet when angry? They are thinking or conjuring up ‘thoughts in the purest type of thought energy. The frequencies of their thought powers trigger the Sun to react or in some cases – combust. The charges are ultraviolet frequency in quantum physics and this energy level becomes or evolves into Leo – theta or God energy when fully potent. That is why in Cancer we find, know, and identify the ‘potential, potentiality, and potency of a what a person has in them to fight, win, and conquer.

It’s the Power to Cope, go with the flow, roll with the punches, speak to the Dead, interact or interpret on behalf of the Dead, and eternal love. They produce the stuff as ‘pearls of their own personal brand of wisdom. Remember how everyone sat and talked to ‘Forrest Gump? Now do you think we’d do that in today’s social climate? How many times have we – done just that, sat at a bus stop to listen to someone else’s problems? Uh….we can count can’t we? Some on one hand – others on a few feet.

Truth is emotion. When we here something so emotional for someone else to have survived it makes us want to stop and listen to whatever they have to say after overcoming all that shit, hell, and manure. They say the best flowers are grown by using the best grade or most potent manure. Because from it we get the best potential that flower can grow because of the pH factor in the soil, and the grade of the seed planted. Can a single seed weather the storm of Mother Nature? Pushing up through the soil watching, absorbing, and in some cases witnessing the best and the worst of scenarios?

Hey it’s more than just a jungle ‘out there – in case, we have forgotten – Out There is Right Here – our home, where we live, shop, and reside as Earthlings. Cancer is Cosmic Awareness. It knows and most Cancer natives – Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus – and key critical degrees, particularly – there is much more ‘out there in space we have yet to see ‘again. Again? Yep again. Cancers as Moon Children are natural navigators through space. Yes Hollywood would like you to believe it’s famous Aries – Captain Kirk (William Shatner) at the helm, holding the globe, and branding the scepter but it’s actually Cancer. Cancer and Aries are fire and water of the same type, as Capricorn and Libra are the earth and air of the same type.

What type though? Thought. All cardinal signs represent the realm of ‘Thought or the Egyptian God Thoth – pronounced ‘TOE. We’ve been mispronouncing it for years something as simple as knowing as a ‘body part on our foot. That’s God energy and God or Divine Wit for you. Divine Intelligence is when we are closer to God and it resides under the watchdog eye of The Moon which rules what sign boys and girls? Com’on – The Moon, that’s right.

The Moon when it expresses itself becomes a Sun. Aside from what NASA and all the other space stations believe we have more than one Sun. A Sun is a supernova of fully charged Star that can burn and not give out its light. Why? It is considered ‘fat. Think about it. If a person has enough fat and density of that type of fat – it can burn a long time or make it hard for a person to lose weight as fast as hoped. They have to incite sparks of fire or sudden rises in ‘heat or pH factors to upset natural balance. It has to get hot in therre. As a water sign Cancer loves to sweat or burn.

Like Aries it’s therapeutic to run for miles and miles and miles and miles when the  mindset is set on ‘cruise control mentally. However getting to that point means a lot of sparks or adrenaline. Notice how Tom Cruise always takes it UP a notch for every new Mission Impossible? He is demonstrating how to conquer fear by facing fear factors and believing you’ll come out on top, all right, or without a paraplegic body part. Remember the story of Isis and Osiris? Where she had to replace a certain body part to make her hubby well endowed and whole, again?

Not to mention her happiness since it was her own handiwork. Doesn’t it feel absolutely amazing to have the best sex, bust the greatest NUT (orgasm), and cuddle? Well for some getting BBQ ribs, a beer, a cigarette, and some good porn is right UP THERE as a personal den. Cancer is the most un-judgemental because they understand the real vices or things that make one feel good or better. There’s always a level UP by adding this or that, trying this or that, and always – giving passion lots of love. Love is the magic ingredient to everything. I’ll tell you as a Moon native I don’t have to use a bat to get a man but to keep them off. Cancer women nurture and love their men by treating them like Kings all the time. Cancer men love to be nurtured and will make the time to listen to their woman even if they are putting on a darn good act at it.

It’s showing care and that we care about something or someone enough to make time and give what is needed. Cancers don’t just call on universe, they bring it down to Earth to answer calls for help and this is the energy of this July. We have July every year – what’s makes this so damn special? True. We do have July every year but we don’t have the frequency we have this year because it’s a new energy that will set us up into the next Aeon – whenever God says that is. You see Cancer is all the concept of Diving Timing. A day to us is not a day to God and vice versa. So if things are going haywire and you’ve been waiting for some injustice to work its way through – have faith it is, because it is. God needs NO ONE to explain God’s Job(s) or Works.

It is the ‘One True energy. We summon it within self every day when we pray for strength, patience, endurance and more ‘virtues. Virtues power ‘Power itself as Energy transforms into one iota of ‘power in units. Thus the God Energy concept again. Never underestimate potential. It’s what creates Suns and sets Moons. Just as we have more than one Sun we have its counterpart Moon. The two are a set. Divine Pair. Match made in heaven and so forth. In Natural Laws these are coded as Laws or Metaphysics, the steps God used to create ‘everything. The original book handed to Adam as ‘instructions from the AA Raziel. That’s why Cancers are all into learning history, and helping others know their own.

When we identify the ‘home of something or someone we see its roots. Some problems are best solved or resolved at the root or heart of the matter, right? Otherwise we repeat history as cycles, patterns, and bad habits that take us farther not closer to God. We are no longer at Higher Self value or worth because there is little or no virtue to one’s soul. Cancer knows how to start from the bottom. Cancer crabs live and feed at the bottom of ocean beds. They can thrive under pressure.

As a lesson from nature can we do the same in every day troubles? When others do all this stuff to us how well can we cope through it to come out better on the other side of it? Now you have an inkling of why Cancer is ‘fear, ‘fear factor, and plagues. All are types of deaths at its most root causes. So if you love a Cancer or live with one – shaking or nodding right now – understanding them is the only recourse. Like nature they will bend but never break to pressure – it’s that hard shell of self belief protecting them, universe supporting them, and God backing them. Intuitively they know the cycle of ‘truth. Emotion moves the Wheels of our Fortunes. There will be Ups and Downs but through it all we are guided by universe and there are some feelings we just have to follow through on. Destiny always makes it’s target and always has round trip access because in death there is no true fear. There just ‘Is what It ‘Is.

Is What It Is. It made me sad to see the name of universe misused for the wrong purpose of inciting fear in others. It is a vehicle for political propaganda to stir up the masses by disturbing the natural pH factor of Emotional Intelligence. When we get all shook up inside it is reflected in Heaven and soon we will all have that day or meeting with God but why call down the Thunder when we don’t understand how potent it can be yet? We made it through the Milky Way but we are smack dab in the middle of Andromeda and have yet to know the map or lay of the lands we travel through as a planetary ‘spaceship or Mothership. Even Captain Kirk respected the natural laws of space, dynamics, and scientific respect.

We can’t and won’t be allowed to see what we dream until the reality of where we are living on this planet matches the state written by God as Regulations of Godly Respect. We have to respect Natural Order before we can go in ‘ordering things around or changing up others’ right to destiny, free will, and the right to spend their own Wheels of Fortune. Remember the Butterfly Effect. This is also something we’ll learn probing in Space as The Divine gets UP CLOSE and PERSONAL with this Earth for clean up, recycling, and getting back to the natural of all things as ‘types or respect thereof. We can’t just say ‘live and let live when we don’t truly believe by our actions. Diversity is respect of natural laws because it is God’s way of expressing how to share ‘energy. It’s honorable to be aware and its our duty to build awareness for self and others. It’s like showing respect while freeloading at someone’s home. A matter of respect and clear emotional boundaries not to be crossed.


Published by: Ola Queen Bee Of Astrology

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