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9 o Cups, Book of Thoth Tarot – Are we seeing what universe is offering? Is it worth the risk?  Will a decision yield Good Karma, Good Luck, and Good Vibrations to attract PROSPERITY?

June was when the heavenly books are opened. Did we treat others as we’d like to be treated in kind? Did we screw others over to get over? Is it something we’ll get away with – now and down the line when those same bridges must be crossed again? Crossover success is the basis for all these celestial mix tapes. What happened on the surface may or may not match what actually took place according to Akasha. What is Akasha? The Hall of Records believed to be housed somewhere in one of the pyramids in Egypt.

But is this the secret location? Or is there more to the story unfolding as regular every day events. Can someone push our buttons when we know or are aware of ‘Why? Can someone stop, delay, or block blessings by redirecting our path? How closely are we being tracked for progress by universe? Well, July answers these questions and MUCH more. When Sun entered Cancer, joining Psyche – the asteroid of Soul Searching – things change. What was inside is now hanging on the outside. What was shadow now comes to light. Whether it was someone who blocked or stole the spotlight from you or fear of succeeding hindered key decisions to break out – life is now an even playing field. How? We are living the digital age where access to information is EVERY WHERE.

Whatever we wish to know or know more about there is a blog. Because somewhere or at sometime the questions we have now are the same answers another was learning and sharing in some blog we can read today. There are many who have been where we are now. Learning or studying how they coped until they made it can help us heal what is broken. I love watching the Mission Impossible films. Why? A lot has to do with my lunar placement. My Moon is in Cancer a critical point in fact that directly relates to Isis. It is through our Moon we discover where we are meant to be and who WITH for the long term. When choosing the ideal in anything but especially in love, we want to be with someone who will love, truly love us through and beyond hardship into loveships.

If you haven’t done a birth astral chart by now, there is no better time than the present. There are several ways to get this info FREE online. So back to my Moon. Cancer is the sign of Death, Transformation, and Spiritual Manifestation over The Material. Before we can do something we have to receive the energy to do it. Universe is all energy – positive, negative, and neutral. We charge it by making decisions to go this way or that, do this or do that, like this or like that.

We are building  a ‘heart or longing for something. We are identifying what we crave MORE or LESS OF. If the old ‘heart is keeping us stuck in a rut, we must BREAK our own heart to create a NEW ONE or the ‘NEW energy we do wish to fulfill. This is the process, procedure, and processing of thought created from the realm of Gemini. Cancer is Gemini in ‘shadow. It is the same energies as ‘darkness, what we don’t know but feel to be true. Cancers are intuition driven like Capricorns are ambitious. It’s the flip side of everything. Sagittarius is the flip of Gemini. With Sagittarius it’s getting back in control of addictions, cleaning up our act, and going for big moments.

With Gemini, it’s the need or drive to be stimulated to find or discover what is ‘new – out in the world. Sagittarius create or divine something new. One is going – OUT with the energy while the OTHER is about energy coming IN. We either stimulate or become stimulated. It’s the button pushing process in a nutshell. Eventually there is so much where we clam up, shut down, and do our own thang. Now we are in Cancer country. Cancers are super slow to make a decision about anything. Why? They are evolving into Leos, Sun driven stars in the making. Potential. Buckets of it. If a Cancer can master their need to express the self they merge their energies with universe to direct channels to express that energy or become famous, known, or reknowned.

Cancers are naturally Dark/Light energy where its predecessor Gemini is Light/Dark energy. See how it’s the Wheel turning around until both become Leo – which heats, purifies, and creates self truths to be cultured in Virgo. One is feeding into the other, rolling into the other, and expanding the other. If we hope to break out of shells it takes stimulus. The right kind for self and soul that can manifest what we truly desire. Music stimulates. Don’t we use it to get work accomplished, work out, or get back into a good mood? Stimulus changes moods. Mood determine which way luck will blow in or blow out like a tire on a car in motion. We need to know when something is meant to be or meant to be right now. We can’t make long term decisions based on short term Options or Choices. We have our heart to consider.

If we marry or get with someone who is Mr. or Ms. Right Now can we turn or transform them into Mr. or Ms. Right forever? Pluto in Capricorn is overseeing the answers personally to this question. Why? It is grounding the energy Cancer creates by ‘thinking about things, conjuring up stuff, and creating the miraculous out of thin air. Imagination is an energy, a powerful one which we cultivate to stimulate self towards the best or the right decisions for the long term. Should I do this or that? Should I give my heart to this person or that person? Well what feels most natural to you is what Vesta, Juno, Isis, Mercury, Venus, and Psyche (until 7/13/16) are all querying?

We all talk about what we’d say if we could speak directly to God. But some get choked up or cut off when we can’t seem to voice what we truly feel. Are we truly feeling it or is this someone else’s feelings we are channeling? Remember Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and the Moon has been losing weight by dumping all those things we feel long term or temporary. Where is the energy going if the Moon is so backed UP? Venus. But now that changes as the Moon holds court all during the Cancer cycles to pronounce celestial rulings on matters of the heart over head based decision making. It was good at the time to do this or that. It seemed like the right feeling to screw this person’s life up because I needed the juice more than they did, and I knew what to do with it.

Did we? Do we – have the right to exercise choices for others against their will or without their knowing? Is it righteous to keep others in the dark for their higher good or for our own? Cancer and The Moon serve as the Wheel of Fortune itself. The Moon and Mercury are the only 2 luminary bodies that out travel and scan the entire zodiac in MOMENTS of time. They go at speeds which are considered Supernatural. They are connected to the ‘wild, nature, and what is related or tantamount to either.

They are ethereal forces which form the basis of natural laws like ‘What is Meant To Be, ‘As Above So Below, and What Will Be. This is why Cancers, Leos, and Cancer-Leos often work on the same missions, come together, and usually stay together out of deep loyalties. Say for instance we love 2 people one for this and the other for that. Naturally we’ll be closer to one than the other, but at different moods of self of ‘time. Why? We are evolving. Love makes us do that. Yes you like this or that, but what do you truly love? The answer is what universe uses to draw us to our next destination as an experience, book to be written, or great feat to be known for. We evolve into superhero status by becoming larger than life – inside. We can look confident but not BE confident or on point and this is where we are being strengthened, broken down, or rebuilt.

Key Dates

7/2 – Isis enters Scorpio – New Systems emerge! Looks good but will it make wishes come true? For who? What? When?

7/4 – New Moon in Cancer – Moving towards an ‘Abundance Mindset

7/8 – Juno enters Scorpio – That’s what I like, but what do I love?

7/12 – Venus enters Leo – Many enters ‘Hottie-dom! – New Hotties Alert!

7/13- Psyche enters Leo – I want to know what LOVE is!

7/13 – Mercury enters Leo – Hear me ROAR! I am here WORLD! New Leadership emerges!

7/16 – Ceres enters Taurus – Watch out for those who are ‘counter-intuitive towards progress or meeting milestones. How can you keep a positive attitude?

7/19 – Full Moon in Capricorn – How can something be a successful commercial crossover? I’m ready to invest in real estate, jewelry, intellectual property, and ART! Where do I look?

7/22 – Sun enters Leo – Seeking a Diamond or Pearl in the rough? Here it is! Shadows come to the light. I can see your potential, let’s talk!

7/26 – Vesta in Cancer – You remind me of home. You love them but are they truly meant to be yours? What has been offered to secure happiness?

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He says: “I own you!”
She says: “Really? I don’t see no strings or a ring on this here finger…”

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