#OlasTarot – 7 of Pentacles – The Key To #Abundance, in #SoManyWays by #olaqueenbee

“There are doors. And. There are doors.” <Cleopatra, VII, Ptolemaic Dynasty, Macedonia>


The 7 of Pentacles is a key tarot because it opens doors to where to look or be drawn in thought, when seeking abundance. Universal Laws of Abundance which are felt as Qi or ‘energy from the Star of Regulus is depicted in all 4 of the 7s minor arcana cards. Each is a key to one of the Royal Fixed Stars. RFSs for short in the remainder of this blog. RFSs navigate direction of ‘thought as the forces pushing one idea out of stream of consciousness into a new channel or conduit of expression. It’s the process of being inspired with genius’. The journey of the true or organic artist. It’s also the journey of the con artist or charlatan. 2 journeys. 1 Destination. 1 Outcome that is Meant To Be. The Laws of Abundance. We have to go with the flow of thought to get caught up in the stream of abundance or Good Luck. But first we find the right approach or style to do it by building it from scratch.

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Without going into too much depth and losing thought energy, 7 is the Journey of The Mystic. Mystic meaning, darkness – of the soul. Our other side. The Hyde to our personal Jekyll. Everybody who has dated a Gemini or been with one say it taught them a valuable life changing lesson. Why? Gemini in astrology is the House of Angels, where one gets their wings. How? By going through the worst of self and coming out on the other side all the better for it. It’s brutal acceptance of self truth. Ever notice how Geminis can get away with things others might be prosecuted to the highest stint of the law for? Because as Air signs they do feel ‘Above It All – air floats and keeps things in levitation, motion, moving around. How do things move? Awareness. We develop a higher psychic link to how things should go or are destined to be when we are aware of our true nature. That Dark personality concealed but slightly exposed in the right Light.

Geminis as an energy of things coming in ‘pairs knows or intuits somewhere out there it has another half or ‘whole to its soul. Being aware will make you sense things. Pain is awareness. Without pain how would we know sensations? Feelings? Or be curious to know Why? Our pain or awareness comes as proof of hard FUCKING work – fruits of our labor to get from Point A in life to Point B in a new better life. It’s coming out safe and sound on the other side of one’s own personal Hell. Fear. The Fear Factor. Severe self loathing triggered by ‘guilt. It’s a dialog going on, a conversation of the mind – Monkey Mind, that it. Normally it’s a symptom of mental dystrophy, emotional unrest, the ability to relax or feel at home in one’s own skin. But here’s the kicker it’s all self-projected. Meaning what is stirring on the inside of our thoughts is being played out by real life situations, people, incidences. Huh? Hollywood made several films on the topic – one being Adaptation.

Ok so 7 is the Mystic. Well what is a mystic? A person who knows how to work the system by being one with it – one who studies, takes time to know, and grow with that system. For the purpose of breaking off and starting in another direction. You see this implied in the Rider Waite interpretation. A man looking at his harvest. But are all those coins his or what has inspired his growth? Creative rights to a thought can be hairy because someone has to prove plagiarism. That can get real ugly in Courts of Law when people are fighting over 6 or more figure power deals. In LA having a winning/sinning script is HOT. Hot scripts sell for BIG $$$s and all agents are on the hunt for that. It’s a pretty girl going from 0 to GOTT DAMN! You fine as hell in value. It’s what everyone wants to eat from and feed off as an energy. It’s bankability incarnate, that huge check or payoff you always knew would land SMACK in your lap, face, or however you get your jollies off.


This is also the 7 of Pentacles in a nutshell. It’s keyed to Taurus in Saturn. Taurus is the stubborn bull that takes its sweet ass time getting ready. But when it does hot damn it’s a guaranteed FUCK of a lifetime. But will the satisfaction be as long lasting as the wait? Can we turn all that time waiting for something into the world’s new Light of Higher Understanding? Can we take something complex like say – metaphysics – and give it SLANG appeal? You know make something hard, E-Z?





Do we have the chops? Natural flair? Savvy. Cajones – Bull’s have huge balls – to call ownership, possession, or entitlement to that we didn’t work hard for? That’s the expression on the man’s face. How do we know all that stuff is his? He could’ve walked up in time to take the picture while the real worker went for a Coffee break. Hey in tarot world and behind the scenes stuff, this happens more than we care to admit. Until someone brings light to a matter. That person is that one coin off to the side, that’s the real Worker Bee who built up that mountain of coins. Ever see a fat chick with chops be the Voice while the hot skinny chick with bodacious ta-tas is on the cover?

It’s how we make something hot, commercial, and that sweet new piece of ass everybody is wanting to BANG or POUND. It’s a sure thing. But what happens after we land it? A girl thinks about this twice or more before laying back to swing those gams open. If I do him will he call me later or have respect for me in the morning? You know what he’s thinking – how do I get this? Hit this? And dive out to QUIT this if it ain’t all I hoped it would be? The same goes in business. Intellectual property rights and the laws that protect rights of original artists is not new, but how we are re-interpreting those laws to apply to the new platforms of distribution IS. It’s why we have unions, mason brotherhoods, secret societies, and PEOPLE in the dark we call to manifest true heart’s desires.

See how cool this card is when figuring out what you desire MOST? It also tells you how hard you’ll work or toil to get it? But it’s a key to opening doors in the psyche – the soul when used in astrology. Saturn in Taurus feels at home because both are known to take ‘time to culminate, happen, or manifest. In one of my fav’ love stories which has been made over and over in several platforms – Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, which is based on an old Greek myth. Shaw chose this not just because he was inspired but because it was free to use under ‘copyrights law. Re-interpreting the classics is hard but when it happens folks call it ‘genius. How many of us couldn’t understand Shakespeare until some hip and super cool person broke it down to us?

Screen shot 2016-06-16 at 12.49.31 PM.png

They made it intriguing, hot, to know secretly this man was a true Sex Addict getting paid to talk about dirt, scandal, and sexual perversions under the guise of literary chic? That’s a genius who figured a way to express himself naturally while at the same time staying gainfully employed. Now he had money to spend on his true habits of debauchery and clout in society, too. Respectability is super important under the 7 of pentacles. When we do things and get away with it honestly, it’s a What The? I did THAT – kind of moment. But when it’s that angry MoFo across who knows the truth and can use it to bribe you short of JOINT and a beer, that’s when we put more into thought processes.

Adaptation – 2002 – Starring Nicholas Cage

Now we are inspired on how to get what we want by any means necessary because bribing gives a person inspiration to screw another – guilt free. How many ways can genius be exploited? In Hollywood it’s endless and they make it pointless to fight for rights to entertainment intellectual properties. Those with the cash have time and resources. Those who don’t – the starving artists – usually don’t unless universe steps in to fight using universal laws – Court in Heaven. You know, as Above, so Below thought processes?

Psychically guilt translates, and it’s how people can intuit the difference between what we are saying versus what is actually happening. It’s evidence of curses or blessing. When we go about getting something the honest way – the fruit is ABUNDANCE in GOOD effects. When we rob Peter to give Paula a Mink Coat, the fruit is SOUR GRAPES – ABUNDANCE. We get what we want but there is something missing from making off with the stash. The thrill ain’t there. It’s getting the dick UP or the Vag’ ready – but for no reason, someone was a 3-Minute brotha or a fucky twat sistah – we’d rather have not waited for. Yeah, that 7 of pentacles is mean because it represents The Crone stage of The Goddess or Qi energy. It’s karmic or meant to be energy. If the right person gets the right ending, there can be a sweet and abundant re-birth or new start. The fruit is yummy. If the wrong person gets credit or takes it the fruit is tainted, cursed, and absolutely valueless. It holds no satisfaction factor.


7 of Pentacles harnesses the talent of intuition for public relations, personal gain, exploitation, wisdom, or any other door of opportunity. Once we let someone down how in the hell can we woo them back? Once our product doesn’t live up to expectation, how do we woo customers back? Once people find out the truth how do we naturally or organically rebuild their trust? Question now is living with a guilty conscience, how long can it last? Ahhhh! My Dear Watson, 7s represent eternities of time. Is something worth what it entails or requires to pass as the real thing? Or will the truth be exposed by some one who knows how to play the game, better – that’s the person or coin OFF 2 Da Side.

Screen shot 2016-06-16 at 12.46.49 PM.png


‘So many ways. How many times can I flip it on ya ass? – So Many Ways by famous Capricorn, DJ Quik The original artist can always reinvent but the copycat only goes so far with one idea because it was never theirs in the 1st place. Notice how The Matrix sequels never quite equaled the quality of the 1st?


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