Mercury in Taurus – #June – #Astrology – SEEING IN TRUE COLOR

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Mercury entered Taurus April 5th, and leaves June 11th. Remember the story of Pandora‘s Box? It was related to a woman who was designed by the Greek dieties in mythology as a ‘gift and she was gifted to mankind with a box, marked with instructions. The instructions read, “Caution: Think. Twice.” Why twice? Let’s face it some must go through something more than once before catching on to what’s really going on.

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We have to see the process of how something took root in our soul. How did something truly get under our skin? Or influence how we feel or think in some grand impression? Myths in particular Greek myths are well disguised heavenly encrypted messages. You know how we learn stuff watching TV shows, movies, cartoons, or any other form of entertainment medium? Truth is we learn more when something is entertaining because the message carries a deep undertone.

During April into May many endured tough retrograde events that disrupted or changed our life in huge ways or waves. We had to do things more than once and when Mercury went direct after the 22nd we are offered 2nd or more chances to get it right. How? We study the process of production. Closer. Ever watch a movie or see a photo more than once only to notice something new? When we read or learn via the mistakes of others we are getting the benefit without having to pay for the ride as a personal experience. We are learning by applying lessons of other’s mistakes or mishaps. But are these cycles of mishaps brought on by us or the efforts of hidden enemies? Movies or stories in general are told to create CAUTION labels.

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We understand because we aren’t being told how things went wrong but shown. Character is flows out of the mind onto the finality of ‘print as a process. Much like in nature how an oyster processes an irritation into a well cultured pearl. Something of worth, value, and meaning. Through storyline we understand what is someone’s pearls of wisdom. Secrets. Discoveries. Enlightenment. Serpentine Fire. But it is always wisdom. Wisdom is where we collect data about understanding others. We are made wise to their nature.

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We actually see more about a person under Moonlight than in the Sun. The Sun can be blinding just as our love keeping us from seeing whole truths. Character is the duality of life. It is our strength. But strength can be double sided. What we see on the surface of what a person appears to be, and the underlying experiences that made them who they are right now. History. Don’t we backtrack, background check, and back peddle on every word a person tells us as what they call truth? Do we take it as gospel and move on? Or do we wait to see, stick around, and count observations? If we do more of the 2nd than the 1st we’ll come out with more accurate readings of a person’s true character.

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Before you make a deal, have sex, or kiss a person what do you think of as things that could be CAUTIONARY? CONTROVERSIAL? HEALTH OR LIFE THREATENING? Every thing that looks good AIN’T. And everything that looks BAD, ISN’T. I recently read the storyline for the play WICKED, the prequel to The Wizard of Oz & The Wiz. Two very different women. But one intersection or thing that brought them together. What brings us together for a project? Moment? Funding? Enlightenment?

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JUST AS WE READ THE LABEL 1ST – WE MUST BE SLOW TO ‘LABEL, SOMETHING 1ST without proper process of investigation. We either deliberate or deliberately self-sabotage by shutting others OUT of proper self expression. The Laws of Abundance mean there is enough space for everyone to be unique and to be respected for it. If we are saying this but it’s not reflected in true measures of justice in our Justice Systems – who are we truly mocking? The people we screw over or our self when we have to face the music of universal balance? Hence the caution. Just because we have the power doesn’t give us the universal right to destroy, malign, or defame the true character of another.

It all comes back as karma, karmic justice, and dharma of what is to come. We don’t have to burn bridges to crossover or be seen as commercially successful, do we? Conscience morphs into Truth of Conscience via Neptune, Chiron, Eros, Pallas, and Moon in Pisces. Pisces says, the last shall be 1st because it’s only right for those who sacrificed to be honored for what they gave as a path for others to cross – safely. When our military stands the line – yes they are paid, but they do it more from a sense of duty or call to action. Do we have this kind of character in making daily decisions related to the security of others?

Purpose brings us together but it is the passion of being on a mission that strikes the light under our ass to make moves. That light is our intuition, inner voice, inner knowing, ESP, 6th sensibility and so forth. But what do we do when our ideas go against the norm? Do we follow instincts and fly by the crotch for a secure landing in some bigger market? Do we strike out on our own after careful planning stages? Do we go out and talk to those in industry to get proper How To steps?

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How do we get what we want without screwing others over to acquire prestige? Well like in the play – there are 2 distinct methods. Doing it with hard work, going to school, and following the path set before us by other geniuses OR – using charm, cleverness, lies, cheating, and having a BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY attitude? There is the proper manner to do a thing and the shortcut.

Depending on external circumstances and the strength of a person’s conscience shortcuts do work for a time. But then there is the ol’ adage of what’s done in the dark coming to light truth. Remember character has a light and a dark side. The middle is the true story of how it all fell into place as a plan, plan of action, or blueprint of strategies carried out in teams. Organizations don’t strike on their own because there is strength in numbers. If numbers don’t add up every one takes the hit, the fall, or the disgrace of being proven wrong. It’s the race between the Turtle and the Hare. Do we go FAST or set a pace we can live with, stick to, and adhere as personal philosophy.

Remember we have to get up in the morning to face stuff. We face self in the mirror. We face others with daily interactions. We face the world if we are a professional. We face God if we are a spiritual or pure light being. Faces have undertones of duality. When we stare at a photo is all we need to know staring back or are we missing something? Where is the fly in the ointment? What’s in the box if we open? Can we open it without truly opening it? Can we get another’s talent or charms without getting them, paying them, or acknowledging them? How do we tap the well without getting caught on the sly? Well Mercury in Taurus is the wise guy out of the bunch with the gangster blueprints under one arm, and the clean hand for shaking on the other.

Taurus has a reputation for being tried and true when it comes to being practical or taking a practical approach. But like it’s Soul Twin – Scorpio – Taurus has a very seedy, dark, and pretentious side. Remember this is the sign before we enter duality itself known as Gemini, The Twins. Life is a balancing act but how long can we keep tossing more stuff to do in the air while juggling the shit we are already trying to complete when Aries was in tow? Astrology shows the way by striking a match, lighting a torch, and pointing us in the right direction of ‘thought.


The month of June begins with the Moon in Aries and ends with it in Taurus. In June on the 12th Mercury makes it into his home zodiac – Gemini. But it like us will be well traveled and traversed in habits, what is meant to be, and hidden truths. We need to stick around before leaving without hearing the whole story of a matter. We need to go back over whatever intuition is telling us we missed to get a deal, sell a book, sell artwork, or procure the right agent. What have we been doing to fail? As a process. What can we do to tweak or change the process? How can we transform a major fail into a lasting success? Alchemy.

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We have to make the right choices based on matching the right true values. True values are not common values but Capricorn’s version of truth. Capricorn loves to put us through the ringer like Major Payne just to see the character they know we have inside. Capricorns like Cancer see potential. Potential is lasting success. Money. So is intuition. Capricorn lives by its intuition and Cancer creates it by going against the grain. One is intuitive and the other is counter-intuitive. A circle. Cycle. Beginning, Middle, and Ending towards one final conclusion, climax, or fresh start. Uranus in Aries is that fresh start. If you have any planets or asteroids in Aries this is the root to be addressed. Is a thought a weed or a true flower? What a person says may not match what they are doing. If that’s the case, there in lies the root of duality and the reason things are failing.

Virgo knows this by nature is analyzes this way as a process of thought all the time. It’s what makes them experts, and the zodiacs biggest critics. They can tell you all day how something is wrong by going with 6th Sensibility. Cancer and Sagittarius both are known to spend hours getting that one detail down to a science before showcasing some new idea, song, or version of something. But all of the signs are taught to use the gift of ‘elemental thinking. We use all our intuitive functions to derive one meaningful interpretation. We open Pandora’s Box in the mind long before we put it in print.


Drafting ideas, free writing, and keeping a journal all provide the outline of a process. All things being wise we begin as a thought 1st and fall into the final outcome by universal process. Yes, universe thinks! It’s how we get balance in everything. Karma. The same energy below is working ABOVE. As in Heaven so below throughout the Earth. What goes UP must come Down, what is at the bottom when stirred rises to the very top. We have to get things stirred up to revolutionize the right changes. We must read in silence before pronouncing strange names or words OUT LOUD. Remember how the Mummy was unleashed by Evie, the librarian? She was well meaning but destruction and plague came just the same. Some things in history depend on the stupidity of others when they are stored away. Things being that which is spiritual or esoteric in nature.

It is a play on the intelligence. We desire power, intelligence, and to know it all but truly we don’t. The more we have the more we have to be accountable for and that’s where we can’t open the box. The other meaning of Mercury in Taurus carries the theme of spiritual identity crossover. Compassion. Shape shifting is the dark side of Taurus and a gift to use for survival. However it’s the part of us where we will do anything including impersonating another to get what we desire most. So what if it kills someone’s reputation or history of character. Here in lies the question of having scruples, conscience, and being responsible for opening things or threatening to disclose secrets as ammunition. Incentive for the criminal instinct.

There is always that one thing we missed no matter how smug we feel. That is the expertise of intuition. Gut feelings come from sprouts of evil thoughts. We may think we are countering intuition but in universal thought processes, it’s being broadcasted in aspects, alignments, and astrology synastry. It’s God and universe’s way of telling our business. Enlightenment as a process. So think twice about doing things by looking at the consequences. Think whether it’s something you wish to experience because if done whatever we put out as ENERGY comes back with (3) times momentum.

That momentum can be of infinite strength depending on how long the energy has been OUT THERE waiting to be cleared, balanced, or acknowledged. This is what the Israelites discovered while out in the desert for 40 years of judgement. They realized it was best to just do whatever God said. When they did that’s when The Promised Land appeared. The same goes for space and space discoveries. We can say we found this or that all day long but until this planet balances its social conscience to respect universal laws – all we can do is what we are doing. Taking photos. Drawing. Imagining. It’s just plain ol’ metaphysics. The language nature speaks as Laws of Nature itself.


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