#Astrology – #FreeRead – June #Horoscope Highlights by #OlaQueenBee

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If you had the opportunity to check my last 2 blogs leading up to June then you are now ready for the ‘jump off point. It’s the moment where we decide to make big changes. There are 11 major aspects and 8 transits setting off a world wide tour into the Collective Soul intelligence. Are you aware of what Emotional Intelligence is? How it is different from per se Intelligence, itself? We begin to find out as the New Jacks of astrology, tarot, and other esoteric systems create hybrid ways of reading mind, body, spirit, soul, and heart of a matter. We are determining in stone what matters MOST as sources or Springs of personal bliss. What determines happiness, eternal optimism or realistic planning & strategy?

There are some of us who live life literally by the crotch of our pants and we make it OK. Then there are those who have to plan everything right down to when it’s potty time. These tendencies are classified under OCD, bipolarity, schizophrenia, and other labels used to classify shifts in Mood. June will be about understanding our triggers. Why? When we know the root cause behind our turmoil we can do something to change it for right now or permanently. Right now involves temporary fixes like going on a diet to lose a fast 10 or 20 lbs. Whereas a permanent change involves changing something on a daily basis, reprogramming, and mindset habits. Patterns. Patterns define, clarify, and expound on what is pushing us as influences, controls, and matters of self-control. It’s hard to like our self if we can’t look in a mirror and embrace the image staring back at us. It’s a sign there is something missing inside.

Passion is spirit and in the spiritual realm, Holy Spirit. It is the ether or ethereal. What we can’t see with the human eye but feel to exist nonetheless. Passions – life, Qi, Chi, or prana – has to be rebuilt. It is ‘attention, attention to details, and being engaged or engaging another’s interest to gain attention. The more we pay attention to something the more value it builds as interesting, stimulating, sexy, appealing, and something worth getting to know further. Are we this to our loves? Are we this to our job or vice versa?

Passion at some point must and will become compassion through one word, experience. We can’t possibly know how actions influence until we see reaction. We can’t make a ruling, decision, or proper judgement on a matter until all facts, data, and knowledge has been processed. There is a process, procedure, and method to all madness we call genius. June is the month to ‘love, be loved, and develop a love for something, someone, or some project we hold special. Out of two of more choices what we like most determines or reveals what or who we truly love. Our nature, our understanding of our nature, and how it influences what we drive or what is driving us.

Screen shot 2016-05-29 at 7.19.41 PM.png

The other side of June after the 20th involves a dumping of spirit into the Chalice or Cup that is our very SOUL. When we embrace something from the soul it means it resonates. It doesn’t have to be meaningful because our soul is understanding. A light is coming on inside when we figure out the truth. We have less reason to be engaged in what is not healing or grounding, and MORE accountability to consider what we will label as engagement worthy. All that glitters ain’t cold and appearances like it says in the ‘mirror can be misleading. Is someone what they portend or are they frontin’? The 3rd in all of this is being too judgmental. We can’t point a stick at someone without seeing the many pointing back at us. How can we tell others to get their shit together and we ain’t doing a damn thang to self improve? It’s the pot calling the kettle black.

Throughout one day we do one thought process most. What is it? Compartmentalization. I myself am very well versed in classifying, re-classifying, clearing, and blocking out – feelings. Fear of heartbreak. Fear of loss. Fear of winning. Fear of moving. Fear of moving on. Whoa with all this fears it’s easy to feel taken away from it all. Distractions will do that. That’s why we compartmentalize to protect our heart. Nothing not even money unless money is at the center of heart what we love – aka – love of money, love of power, but Love Of…something doesn’t classify it as love itself. No. When we love we go the distance. We walk for what we love – through all of life’s UPs and DOWNs.

Walking means we aren’t going or moving too fast to get the point of where we were to where we end up at. We appreciate what we have more when there was a story towards getting or achieving them. We overcome mountains whether personal, business, or professional June involves setting realistic goals and not being too proud to START OVER. When we lose the love – passion has dwindled and can no longer support us going or thinking in that direction any longer. Answers become obvious.

This or that just ain’t gonna work and we can either set a temporary fix or build a permanent solution. We are at the beginning of a new path. The year is half over, and we can start over where we are without baggage, or pick up our burdens to roll into the next chapter. We are writing the books of our life. Each chapter is leading up to the next. But who is the Reader of our personal Books of Life? God. Spirit. Source. Nature. Universe. Archangels. Angels. So on and so forth. We have to put in place triggers that counter us from making the same bad decisions by paying closer attention to the mistakes we continue to make over and over. Why? How do we re-boot? Metaphysics. Metaphysics is the ontology study of character – strengths. What will make us stronger versus what is weakening sense of Self Control or natural Confidence. What beliefs could shake up foundations? Create upsets? Change?

Gemini involves ‘Swords or random thoughts from the intuition that keep us on the right track. They can also be what pulls us away from where we are destined or meant to be. Duality. Why? We have a major Transformation Transit between the mutable signs – Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces. There are external planets or – Cosmic Directors – in each of these signs. Check it. Sun transits Gemini. Saturn transits Sagittarius. Jupiter transits Virgo. Neptune is nesting the hell out of Pisces – its home sign. So whether we like it or not, things come to an end or are never the way they were before. We are different inside out and no amount of frontin is going to convince otherwise. Keep in mind we have 5 of 10 planets in retrograde so there is a theme of Self Improvement, Self Love, and the setting of proper emotional boundaries going on as a Life Lesson on a Collective Soul basis.

Soul Awareness happens whenever Sun reconnects back to Moon or lunar energy. We are brought back to our origin, nature, truth, or higher calling (Ascension). How well aware are we of our connection to universe and universal transits as opposed to non-universal transits? Non-universal being things we do on the daily which may or may not be leading up to some big change, direction, or perception. They usually involve asteroid transits, aspects, and synastry. Serendipity. Synchronicity. How coincidental is it big stories break out to enhance an event or make it more than what it truly is?

There has to be a matching of things to make them more pronounced, meaningful, and inherent to one’s will or state of well being. Soul Awareness is the journey of The Mystic within. The moment we realize we are much more than we thought we were and see proof of it when we garner strength to voice what we truly feel. Inside. We are going beneath the shell and into the core – the heart itself to engage with it. Then we take its image and mirror it to what universe reflects as what is Meant To Be at any given time of life – history. As Above So below. Higher mind has to be embraced and acted on by lower mind sensations. The Eternal has to meet up or intersect with The Infinite. And it always does whether in one expression – form – or another. Law itself is the measure of What is meant to be…destiny, destined, and destinations.

There is a nexus. June is a nexus of character-defining moments. What brought us to our best or worst – how well are we assessing the answers? This is what causes the shift of mindset, when we realize ‘Hey I just don’t feel that way about it any longer. In love if a mate wants OUT we must LET THEM GO and LET RESENTMENTS GO, too. We have to go through the emotions and not around them to come out safe & secure on the other side of them. We can’t see running all the time and that’s why we WALK emotionally through them. We are studying so we can re-compartmentalize or clear out old emotional baggage weighing or weighting down the soul.

The soul is light and must be enlightened as ‘light or The Sun of our personal universe. We have to clarify what matters most, now and down the line by being or staying in a present mode of thought. So we don’t over analyze, over fear, and over estimate what is indeed MEANT TO BE found in Cancer. For those who are Cancerian mindset or comfortable with Meant To Be thought processes. You know all of this. You match things others miss as crucial details. How? Intuition. It tells ahead of time what to expect as the next step, level, or move forward. It is the consummate Chessplayer in our mind.

If we do this that will happen? Is that what we want to happen or THIS? If I do this then they will do that, or it may open an opportunity for this or that to happen next? Can I live with that if it does? All of this is thought process being mirrored. 3 planets + 1 key asteroid = Venus’ Mirror.


Screen shot 2016-05-29 at 6.20.26 PM.png


Screen shot 2016-05-29 at 6.21.09 PM.png

It is called Screen shot 2016-05-29 at 6.31.33 PM.png

Venus’ Mirror. It is the process of coming out of one’s WORST and rolling into one’s personal BEST. It’s also called – Coming Up, Growing Up, and Being Wise. Awareness of others foibles leads to higher levels of Self Awareness. All those things others said meant something other wise it wouldn’t have been said unless it was said from a place that lacks character. Inner strength.We may not know what others will do but we can trust how we will react by maintaining a positive perspective or spin. We can’t ever lose a sense of home. The Guiding force of reason that leads to being accountable for one’s own and staking claim for all efforts good/evil, light/dark, high/low – it’s all self as a whole.

Screen shot 2016-05-29 at 6.34.06 PM

Now what process or step do we take to heal or feel like we’ve been made whole, new, or OVER into some greater version. Emotional Intelligence is the key to unlocking the full potential of Self Awareness. But everyone and every thing has its own set of codes to define personal Emotional Intelligence. We are not all on the same level emotionally. So like a key we find where we fit. When we do doors open. Life improves and so will we – with ease because we are using what we love to pull us through that door, out of the darkness, and back into the light of understanding – ‘Oh that’s why I had to go through this BS. There is male/female within every person and nature is matched or balanced by the Feminine and the Masculine.

This is shown by Cancer’s glyph. Either we embrace the whole of self or nothing at all. But we most likely do is accept the good of self by rejecting the bad, suppressing it emotionally. Hiding it out of fear others just won’t understand. I don’t judge. Why? Because those who judge get judged in the process. I have a laissez faire attitude towards life with respect for all life forms. Just because something has no label to us doesn’t mean it doesn’t to God. There is what we create and what God ordained or set as The Divine Order. When we go against this set of rules (universal laws) we suffer because we are blocking our own entry into states of bliss, that Garden of Happiness. Out of ego, pride, guilt, doubt, and fear we are blocking the way towards what could be the best memories of this lifetime.

We are bypassing people out of fear of being rejected, scorned, or mistreated. Why? All the BS we just emerged from. It takes time to get to know these types of personality. They are considered odd birds. But Birds of a Feather…well you know the rest. We must be around those who are most like us to get to know self. Then we grow. Then we reach potential. We have to lower the tendency to be prejudice. This means doing what we truly believe. If this is too hard to change embrace it as a reflection to build on, work on, and improve. Loss is impossible unless we give up completely. Even that can be positive if we are giving something over to a Higher Power to resolve it for us. That’s how universal laws move us out of emotional ruts to see the bigger picture. Destiny. The reason we are acting out of character or staying neatly IN.

Screen shot 2016-05-29 at 6.38.45 PM.png

We do it all day when the dark side of who we are meets the lighter side. Hustler or Dr. Jekyll by day and Mr. Hyde by night. We are making moves in the mind long before we execute them as actions or reactions. The other side is intuitively others are doing the same to us in the process. We are judging. If we judge too much based on the superficial we miss things. If we act hastily we end up re-doing, failing, or succeeding by failing. It’s our 3rd Eye of perception giving us the hand out of doing the same ol’ BS over and over via universal laws of attraction. Balance. We can’t make someone love us, or fit square pegs in round holes. Either something or someone FITs or they don’t. When they fit it’s based on matching up by the nature 1st – we call this our temperament.

Screen shot 2016-05-29 at 6.18.25 PM.png

Character -Know Thy Self

Long before someone can write a script, another had to live it as wisdom. When we write the story we can follow with passion to develop compassion. Now soul has awareness. Because now it has Food For Thought and Chicken Soup For The Soul. We can take the truth with ease instead of forced discomforts. The manipulation of ‘ease is ‘dis-ease. Diseases are the roots inside our core eating away at us as things we didn’t do but desired to do. Bucket Lists unfulfilled.

Business as Usual

In business practices we must include groups, address types, and offer variety for all characters. We do as specialists. This is where the devil is in the details in a successful manner. When we have been through the ringer and come out on top, we have expertise to share. What we know can make millionaires over night or cause serious ruckus in business realms. We can create bidding wars over our ideas or new ideals. We have markets or niche markets to service here or abroad by respecting and including different cultures. We are not narrowing concepts to fit other models or business templates. We are enhancing the logic of left brain thinking with going by what we feel is right for self – right side of mind. In using both we create a 3rd perception of blending. What happened when someone took peanut butter and mixed it with chocolate? Reese’s Pieces.

Every thing has a secret formula that makes it globally relative, successful, and worthy of trying at least once. The 1st impression or goal is to make it something special others can’t do without and are willing to pay to acquire as a system. Look at Microsoft – famous Scorpion Bill Gates didn’t just create a great product but he made it a standard in industry for others to imitate if they wanted to sell or move product. Are we doing this? Meaning don’t create something as a continuance or knock off, but really look at what it is offering and what it doesn’t. Now how can that thing that’s missing be YOUR NEW IDEAL? Because now we have grounds for a BRAND, style, and standard of quality.

Business practices and being transparent is crucial to dealings in June. If others feel we aren’t bankable by our actions or what we say, it creates a decline of interest. People aren’t taken us seriously any longer, or we’ve gotten out of touch with our craft. Personally, as a Metaphysician I don’t believe in – Has-beens – unless that is where a person wishes to stay as a mindset.

We can get out of holes using OUT THERE or OUT OF THE BOX thinking. Working with fresh faces, new places, and talent keeps us active, moving, and constantly on the minds of those with clout. In business trend doesn’t define standard of quality – fashion does. A trend can be hot one minute cold the next. It’s because people don’t feel fulfilled after trying something for the 1st time or don’t feel fulfilled from the last time of trying it. Whereas a fashion never goes out of style because there was a lot of thought put into making that one idea into an ideal.

It’s a product that has now become a system of feeding others with money, a lifestyle, and mode of living above one’s means. You can buy that big ticket item because there is no worry of lack of abundance. Whatever you drummed up as an ideal is a sure thing on the market that will never lose its appeal unless there is lack of quality. This applies to ideal industries like the automotive industry, entertainment, clothing lines, and brand names of any type. Love makes us fall in or WALK the hell OUT. If you want something to stay look to where ever your personal Pluto is placed and go from there with a reputable astrologist. It’s about rebuilding, rebirth, and the right to re-grow in a new direction.


6-4  New Moon – Gemini

6-6 Huge Life/Love Changes – pay attention to events! They are signs of what is Meant To Be

6-12 Mercury enters Gemini

6-13 Neptune retrogrades in Pisces – It’s cases of the Exes. People, places, and the past. Past Lifetimes. Books of Life opened for review, heavenly judgement. Divine Intervention invoked!

6-17 Venus enters Cancer – We are seeking the comforts of home in everything! OCD!

6-20 Full Moon – Sagittarius

6-20 Sun enters Cancer – Welcome Home. Expect things to be ‘Heaven-Sent

6-27 Chiron Retrogrades – Pisces – Time to address Soul Wounds. What is holding us back or missing from being happy right now?

6-29 Mercury enters Cancer

6-29 Mars goes direct – Scorpio – Getting Down To Business and Taking Care of It at Home – 1st! Self Love therapy begins.

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