#FREEREAD – #Astrology – New Moon in Taurus (TONIGHT) + VENUS + PSYCHE – Take That To The Bank

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Well, if you are an astrology buff like me you read everything you can seek related to sky phenomena. I love studying stars, The Moon(s), planets, and comet transits. They are God(Spirit)’s natural time piece and an ageless masterpiece of telling tales as old as time itself. Time becomes of the strongest essence in tantamount to what our soul is screaming for us to do. It’s a child within screaming at the TOP OF ITS VOICE – “I want to know what true love IS!”

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In Egyptian lore this process is known as answering nature’s mating call or hearing one’s call to return to nature or natural ways of coping with life’s greatest stresses. It’s the calling down of the Goddess energy, lunar cycles, and understanding what ‘life as a process is all about. Growing pains for spiritual and spiritually aware. It’s that Dog and Wolf baying at The Moon, tarot Card Key 18. This card is keyed to Pisces as it represents the Keeper of The Flame, Giver of The Light, and The Gateway to one’s future. The gifts of psychic awareness, metaphysics.

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The only way we can heal away all problems is by taking an organic approach to solving them. We must return to the ‘root of a matter to uproot its hold on our life. Whether it’s losing weight, losing one’s innocence, losing one’s cool, losing one’s head, losing one’s senses, and so forth. Looking at WHY we acted out is the 1st step towards healing at the source or root of a problem. There is where we find was was missing all along from feeling whole. The Moon is our subconscious. It requires a different approach to self-healing and feeling whole or at one’s best again. If you’ve been feeling UPs and DOWNS more frequently than usual there is a good explanation, astrologically speaking.

On May 3rd, 2 days after the asteroid Osiris retrograded in Sagittarius, Venus in Taurus met with Psyche in Cancer – 3 times. Pluto materializes The Moon as forms or actions of compassion – kindness. Venus is making us check and see if we have enough karma to access secret stores of ‘energy. Cosmic Awareness. We are allowed freedom to push forward on dreams by taking practical steps and not setting the bar too high this go around. Some goals must be managed or attained in baby steps. Slower approaches. It’s not how fast we can advance but how well we advance using the right spiritual approaches, processes, and rites to power by getting a manual or green light from universe. We know intuitively when something or someone is meant to be. But we aren’t aware of this if our soul is disconnected. If we feel something or someone is missing. The craving creates a greater whole until it devours a person inside out. Making them act out. Or strike out.

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1st time – 3′ 20 – Divine Judgement of some kind, moments where we feel The Divine interacting or ‘calling us psychically. Working with our own conscience.

2nd time – 3’26 – Divine Expression. We’ll feel like doing things happy go lucky and ready to take on the world. Ready to start some type of fitness program or self healing therapy. Shopping for new philosophies that make us smarter. Mediumship. Calling down The Empress energy which is received differently thanks to Mercury in Taurus retrograde and Moon in Pisces reflecting or deflecting on the conversation between Venus and Psyche. There was a validation process going on. What values mean something and what doesn’t?

3rd time – 3’52 – Divine Transformation. Plagues. Woes. Karma clearing. Death. Endings. Radical changes. Explosive reactions. Self sabotage. Obesity. Negative self image. Over eating. Over indulgence of ‘anything of any kind. Awareness to Self. Others making us aware in some way of our character or lack thereof. Feeling judged. Feeling judged for no reason at all. Suicidal thoughts. Emotional clarity. Love renewed. Loss but Gain through learning one’s lesson. Wisdom restored. Innocence again. Divorce. Nasty legal issues. Delays. Kibosh or the act of putting one out there.

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The Number 3 in numerology is Goddess energy or Qi and 3 times a year it is The Triple Goddess energy making it too powerful to control with just the mind. It takes certain types of fitness to manage which is why Yoga is the best known method to manage these kinds of feelings or emotional drives. It is likened to the 5 of Cups in tarot. It clears. Levels. Attracts more Goddess or Qi energy by grounding it. Something comes to life when we give it a desire to do so, right?

This is that Queen of Cups/King of Wands we are feeling in The Lovers, tarot Card Key VI. When interacting with this energy we must treat it with great respect as it is seen as Holy, Sacred, and Sacrificing. In astrology it is Neptune vibes making us get in touch with our emotions to clear them out once and for all. Its universe saying it’s time to clean out our emotional closet to make space for MORE stuff. Life experiences. Adventures. Happenings. We are writing a new Book of our Life by living it one goal, one love, and one wisdom at a time.

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What life is made of in metaphysics. Breath. A reason to live. Motivation. What is motivating or inspiring or moving us to take the right action or path in life. It’s the Hand of God giving us a ‘sign or proof of a matter in prayer or thought. The Subconscious links the conscious to the Superconscious – The God Energy which in numerology is keyed to the Number 26. This energy can be balanced when we are doing what feels natural or out in nature. It has room to expand, grow, and connect in oneness.

But when we try to harness psychic energy it becomes reckless, ruthless, and cruel in nature – acting out so to speak to feel free again. Using psychic energy this new kind requires taking life and decisions more closely with proper means of evaluation. If we feel others are exerting control over our advancement, growth, or right to move forward we feel more than shut out or thwarted. We feel pure seeds of resentment. Resentment thrives in the shadows and all it needs is the bitter water of more resentment.

In Ebonics it’s called hateration, haterade, NO – not #Lemonade – but juice to feed negative vibes. That feeling of keeping shit going. Drama that goes no where in meaning a damn thing of value to you. Junk food to the mind. Foul air. Funky attitudes. Now what kind of energy is that? Demonic energy, the negative of the positive. What we aren’t seeing in going after too much we have little knowledge of working. Power abused in epic measures. Bad spells. Lazy High Priest and High Priestess practices. Neglect of proper Wicca processes. Not reading the label before taking or making.

When one exercises or directs energy in the right way there is shamballa – happiness – bliss.

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There is one truth in Wicca which is keyed under Cancer and Capricorn, do as thou wilt love is the absolute law. So whatever is cast must be done as love and as a loving gesture. A kindness. To do otherwise is to be counter intuitive to karmic energies. It’s that picture in the 8 of wands of all those arrows going in the wrong direction depicted in the 8 of swords. Going backwards in one’s thought process and overanalyzing all the negative things that can happen without regard to all the positive. Or feeling entitled to the positive when all one has put out is negative energy towards universe. It’s stripping one’s soul of all its good. Robbing one thing to camouflage or cover another. Nature’s tricks, one of them.

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This energy existed as The 10 Plagues God of (Israel) sent to Pharaoh. Proof of The Divine and a Divine Message to be followed to the letter. It’s the reason Judaism is still practiced and Islam is lived as a way of life. If we are constantly aware of our issues and doing what it takes to clear misunderstandings we express The Divine properly. It’s the reason behind eating only KOSHER foods or being a VEGAN. It wards off being sick, unbalanced, hungry, detached, and a lunatic like that Wolf and Dog. The Moon has a potent influence when karmic. Because The Solar Eclipse in Pisces, The New Moon in Capricorn, and the Lunar Eclipse in Libra – where Lilith is – all this energy is fusing into one hell of a reality check to us. Awareness of one’s Soul Health or well being.

Like all professions there is a process to becoming someone called by The Divine and a proving process or testing of one’s temptations. Temptations are desires we’d love to do but feel guilty about doing so. So we indulge secretly. Problem is eventually universe gets filled up and has to let things go by exposing them in a big way. Prophets were sent to forewarn and forearm the people of God’s coming or the receiving of The Presence. There are 3 times when ‘time folds in on itself or transforms.

It coincides with these rare astral aspects, and synastry we are experiencing now. Remember the frogs plague? What do people look like when bloated, full of gas, and intestinal bugs or parasites? The eyes slightly bulge from the pressure and the person appears to be trying to ‘get out of some jail from the expression. Jail isn’t always about bars but the feeling of being trapped, stuck, and unable to advance in life.

At some point we break out by changing our habits, turning life around, or writing new chapters striking out on our own some how. Prophecies come to light as ‘signs from universe we are taking shifts in time. One order comes to an end for another to roll into its place. Belief systems and believers are tested. Is what we believe valid based on how we live our life right now? Are we doing as we say or telling others to do what we say and not as we do? Huh? Double talk. It’s a sign of a person trying to get out of an uncomfortable situation. A distraction not to deal with what is truly hurting or keeping self from healing over a broken heart. There in lies the shadow, the duality, the passion and the compassion of the whole thing we call our daily life.

Happiness in all its faces and expressions. Happiness is self-content. We feel whole all the time and it shows in how we aren’t afraid to love others even when we are hurt by them. There is no greater love than to feed one’s enemy not to hold it over them but to teach humility. It takes great humility to understand why someone is screwing us over and to not be angry with them. Why? Understanding gives us the psychic awareness to see psychically what is troubling their soul.

Now we can have compassion because we’ve been there and done that. Eros is leaving Aquarius and the 11th House of Wishes, Friends, and community wellness. It enters Pisces on the 20th. Mars will run neck in neck opposing Vesta in Gemini (enters May 17th) while squaring Eros. Did we choose the right person to love? Are we in the right career based on what we love to do as a profession? Are we living in the right home and where can we find something better? Curiosity is being formed for us to seek out what out in the world to satisfy self – happiness.

We can’t cover or cure a pain by neglecting, pretending its not there, or avoiding it. At some point universe is saying via astrology transits – “Please Deal With Your Shit! At least love yourself enough to do that!” And to those who are ready to move forward but felt helpless, universe says, “Here take these Keys Go to this Door and Open. Walk through and never look back again. Congrats Kid, you put in the work and you get the life change!” More than just Goddess energy but we felt The Presence of The Dark Goddess itself in us.

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Dark Goddess is Triple Goddess, one of its faces shown when we practice bad karma or manipulation of Universal Laws of Attraction. It’s the Door to places we don’t want to go in life. But fortunately tonight’s New Moon is about bankability, one’s character or lack thereof being shown. Can we be trusted? Is someone worthy of all our trust? A mirror being placed before one to see damage done to the soul for unwise choices, decisions made in haste, and those made from assumptions or prejudice.

Like back in the days of Egypt – we are being asked to judge not lest we be judged or called out on things. Isn’t that how we judge bankability or ‘truth. Proof is in the pudding and we know trees by the fruit they bear, right? If someone isn’t trustworthy why and how in the world could we justify giving them all we hold valuable? Like our heart. Or codes to the bank accounts? Freedom to use our good name for their ventures.

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None of us truly knows what another is capable of until we see it to believe it. None of us has the power to judge a person or condemn out of selfish gain without receiving like treatment. If others are depending on us to live by a code of some sense of self respect can they bank on our potential to make something stick, real, or land smack on mark? Target practice takes just that lots of practice. We are to assess where we went wrong to see how to do what’s right or be in the right place at the right time to receive harvest, abundance, and blessings galore! Being nice to that stranger could be all that’s needed to turn life around. We never know who we are helping when we open our eyes to see how we entertain angels without ever being aware.

“Boys in the yard will pull your card.” – Ebonics, Truth

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Published by: Ola Queen Bee Of Astrology

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