#OlasTarot – #TheLovers – Tale As Old As Time

We can all sing along the magical words to the theme song from ‘Beauty and The Beast. In fact I’ll place them in the body of this message in a bottle. April was about creating the right energy to get from where we are NOW to where we always hoped to BE. True Love and what we truly love. What is it? How do we know it’s the One? When will this event or person cross our path?

Are we contemplating the worth, value, and consequence of our actions or just pushing boundaries of Free Will? All the traversing planets in Taurus are cleared and balanced by the Full Moon in Scorpio in April. We had to go through the crap to see the cream of life. We had to get beyond the machinations of lower based thinking to reach higher goods. The higher we go in the mind the more powerful we become knowing we are not the power itself – God is.

We are simply channeling The Divine into everyday life practices. Magic becomes practical, meaningful, and full of life as options, choices, possibilities, and potential again. Dead-ends or feeling stuck ceases because we are shown the light or merkabah to get out of harmful situations.  Remember how Peter Pan felt about his shadow? That’s because it was holding secrets. His, he didn’t want EXPOSED. The shadow like Tinkerbell was a metaphor of how we extend, move, and get beyond every day BS by thinking in the positive. Think about it our shadows reach where we are headed before we do. They are contrasts of light between our aura and the unconscious. The hologram is now real. Thoughts can not materialize.


Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 2.26.26 PM.png

Man has searched and continues to seek the answer – The Sphinx when we should have spent more time looking at its counterpart – The Gryphon. One very key man in history did just that with the help of some friends, and a very important element to make it all come together.

Just because we have the power or knowledge are we right or just in making it tangible to others even if it means harm? Some things like Egyptian artifacts and archaeology digs have ‘traps set on them to prevent information from falling into the wrong hands.

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 4.01.19 PM.png

Albert Einstein, World Famous Scientist – lamented sharing the formula that evolved into the atomic bomb. If he’d known what others would have done with it as foresight would he have shared what he knew – anyway? It becomes a question of morals, this Sphinx which is the brilliance of the human mind. But when it is balanced by the fear of the Gryphon we develop an appreciation for sacred, holy, and secret spiritual information. We are quick to guard it for all the right reasons. We need to know how to steer clear of negative thinking.

We get out of things by seeking the Higher Good in self. It leads to seeing true purpose for psychic awareness. Gifts we received from God as ‘Get Out Of Jail Free cards. Escape hatches. Loopholes in contracts. When we love the self we won’t allow it to be bound up in BS from the opinions of others. This process is captured inside the secret of Unlocking Potential. Opening the door to the soul that sets us free from ties we have outgrown in thought processes. At some point we exit childishness to become childlike or innocent again. Young. When we can see self in new light we have hope to keep moving forward with ideas. But when we give others the opportunity to rob us of brilliant ideas we are allowing room for The Devil to come out in our character. Self love depreciates into Self Loathing.

Breadcrumbs. Children’s fairy tales. Reflections of a history we have yet to conjure. From thought into manifestation, The Lovers card reflects, portends, and conjures all that we love for true out of ‘thin air. Magic or prayers answered? Do we and are we solely responsible for making our dreams, wishes, or thoughts become tangible? Or – are we co-writing our personal Books of Life with God, The Divine, The Alpha & Omega?  How do we fill in the blanks of what we feel to be missing from life?

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 4.05.48 PM.png

How do we re-create the mindset of our very soul? How do we tap this Infinite Potential of Self Love? We must BE the Sphinx. But all things come in pairs. The Sphinx has a counterpart to its mystery that’s missing. The Gryphon. Both are considered Guardians of ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE  – the gnosis of Kings, Queens, and all monarchy are built on its architect of value, quality, character, and all we know for sure to be true about GOD, IN ENTIRETY. Hard to believe but think about it.

The 1st library ever known would not be the one Cleopatra built in Alexandria. No. Go simpler. Farther back. Planets. Yes! Planets like trees hold their value, power, and meaning based on ‘energy and energies collected throughout all Cosmic systems. If we were to analyze the dirt from the oldest planet we’d come up with all kinds of valuable information for us today. This Earth itself is but a hologram of several all projected from God’s mind. A giant library collection.

In tarot, this information is depicted in the High Priestess. In Kabbalah this energy and process on the Tree of Life is keyed to Chokmah, the balance of Binah, The Great Mother. Binah is the energy protecting or veiling us from the inevitable destructive qualities of Chokmah’s energy. How? As universe, universal laws, and spiritual laws in totality. Ever hear of the expression…”The Mother of all Mothers of ________?” That implies the greatest of something doesn’t it? Chokmah is the great mirror we seek to peer into as The Oracle of Truth. That moment of truth is this here and now all I can do and will ever hope to achieve? What have I done in Past Lifetimes summed into this one right now as Life Lessons completed and to complete?

Who are the souls I am meant to be with or that are meant to be in my life? How do I break curses, spells, hexes of all kinds, and illness of all types? All of this information is housed in Chokmah – aka – Akasha, and Akasha is housed or found in the 4th and 10th Houses of one’s personal astrology chart. Heaven (4th) and Earth (10th). How do we create our own Garden of Eden – aka – Heaven on Earth? Matching. Good Karma. Good judgements of character from others. Accolades. The Sphinx and The Gryphon are figurative figures of ‘fears we conquer to access information from our soul – Inner Knowing.

Inner Knowing builds into confidence. Confidence is a reflection of trust in self judgement. Hence the expression, if we think positive – positive happens. Even when others counter-intuit or run interference. They are only delaying the inevitable not stopping it. God is a continuum of force and The Most Ancient of All Energy – thus Alpha and Omega. How we start anything builds the foundation of what will be or become as The Last of a matter. If we use high quality materials we get high quality harvests. We can’t cut corners when thinking goes into the thought of building something to last as long as the Pyramids themselves. Since this planet was formed it is believed they’ve been here.

As structures and 8th or 9th World Wonders OR – Observers – WATCHERS of the ANGELIC kind as depicted in the sci-fi film A Clockwork Orange. Directed and adapted by Stanley Kubrick, the film is based on a book by Anthony Burgess. It’s a tale as old as time about ‘fucking up life after lifetime. Alex is seen hypothetically jumping through various timelines of his soul. In each he is pushed to repair or fix what he broke as karma to other people. But like that 7 of Swords – instead he escapes or searches for trap doors and secret exits out of the debacle he co-created.

Is it fair for others to have to suffer or clean up the mess others leave in their wake of internal suffering? Is insanity the only reason a person should be let off for their crimes against nature? Or does nature exact balance by forcing it to relive faux pas as the victim instead of the masochist? Remember karma is a Mother of options we created some time ago that are playing out now as payback from Mother Nature, itself. We may get away with something NOW but not down the road when we needed it most.

That’s the Catch 22 God made in The Garden. Remember when God said, ‘Of all the other trees you may eat except for the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? <Genesis Ch. 2-3>. We may think we are getting away but God knows different. God is seeing how far we’ll go to push limits, boundaries, and moments. God wants to see what we are made of – soul deep. So there’s a reason Past Life connects return. It’s to test whether agreements made then hold any water or meaning now. That person we said we’d love forever, is tested by them being in our life now. But what if they are the one person we love to screw over, mistreat, give a bad shake to, or simply ‘keep in the dark to grow like mushrooms?

Now they have become a shadow or fungus growing in the garden of personal thoughts. We won’t give them the attention or light they need to grow but we hold them hostage by not releasing them into the unknown. They are the ties that bind, soul ties, karmic ties, and the hybrid of both – The Twin Flame. Adam and Eve weren’t alone in The Garden. Eve was Adam’s 2nd wife not 1st. But to keep down confusion a campaign was created as a “Guard” or veil to keep us from inner knowing the true self. Man is the product of all who and what was in The Garden at a specific time in God’s Mindfulness.  Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 3.08.34 PM.png

There were 3 players and a 4th hidden element. Adam and Eve, and Lilith and Samael. A Quadrion marriage of 4 energies manifesting all we know and don’t know of universe, universal law, and cosmic awareness. Cosmic Awareness is knowledge of one’s purpose in the grand scheme of things.


When we know who we are and what we are born to achieve true nature kicks in and we do it or die trying. This is all depicted in that beautiful picture of The Lovers.

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 4.13.17 PM.png

The 1st sin happened in The Garden of Eden but it would not be the last way for any to redeem soul. That’s what we do every time we pray. We are asking God to forgive and wash away what we did to so-and-so and allow us to prosper. But what happens when So-and-So launches a campaign to counter our prayerful requests? God weighs and weights us with Soul Analysis – aka – Psychoanalysis. Ever notice how we the last thing we like to do is cop to the shit we did?

That means going into dark recesses of the mind and retrieving subconscious memories which are valid or validated by things we are doing now. If we keep making the same mistakes it’s a sin we haven’t learned a damn thing except how to get away with shit better the next go around.

We are not blessing self or soul but robbing it blind for a high or rainbow chase right now. We are not getting away with anything but delaying or relaying. It’s a CD song SKIPPING. But if the person we screwed does nothing to retaliate guess where all the karma goes? Back to the one who originated or initiated the evil or wrong action.

Mars’ retrograde is demanding we stop and think about the consequences of actions as a kindness to self. This planet is telling us we should love our self enough to stop repeating bad patterns, behaviors, and wrongful doings. At some point the soul will have to balance and pay for it all. That was the beauty of the Twin Flame arrangement. Two halves of one soul, sharing the beauty of those Trees depicted in the Lovers’ card. See them behind each figure? But of the Trees which is the Knowledge of Good & Evil, and which is the Tree of Life? One of them Adam and Eve were eating from daily. It was from this Tree of Life – immortality was manifesting.

No longer eating from the tree also meant no longer being tapped to The Divine. Instead of Apples of Love there was nothing but the bitter fruit of Discord. Soul loss. When nothing has meaning, worth, or value and we think truly this is AS GOOD AS LIFE CAN GET. But it’s all an illusion as pointed out by the 5 planetary retrogrades and all accompanying asteroids are moving direct. There is a Cosmic Awareness thing going on between Mercury, Mars, Venus, Lilith, Pallas, Isis, and Osiris. Up til now few comment on the whole of astrology and we often receive information that is censored or well guarded for righteous and unrighteous reasons.

Ignorance can protect it was working for Adam for a long time. Even though he left with Eve he was forever trying to transform her into Lilith, the one that got away. He could never seem to ‘get it about letting people be true to their nature, and isn’t that what we do today? When we block others from blessings or use smear tactics to inject fear into a social climate would otherwise be fruitful and meaningful? What if Adam was unhappy and out of spite didn’t want his 1st wife to be happy in her life, either?

How many of us have had Exes who didn’t mean us a bit of good but the thought of seeing us with another drove them Bat Shit Crazy with jealousy? Lilith in Libra is charging us to stop using Double Standards and to create systems which are truly equal in offering anyone the opportunity to feed their soul with fruits from their labor. Think of all the royalties artists have been screwed out of because someone higher knew how to work the system? Or fix things to ensure certain outcomes?

We can’t be the Ostrich burying our head in the sand for the whole world to look up our asshole for evidence of a heart somewhere. Putting others out for the sake of our comfort is wrong, no matter how much we ignore, block, or sedate. Deep in our psyche lie roots – soul deep, that spell out what we don’t want others to know. But what if no matter how much evil we did there was still that One person who could redeem us and bring us out of a shell of hell? That’s the Twin Flame connection. In exchange for a Divine Marriage each enjoys the fruit and each shares the knowledge equally.

Twin Flame energy is the (26) energy the (22) needs to revitalize itself at a soul level. Because each is feeding off and building up that tree, unless there is a violation of Free Will and proven act of self sabotage. This is called a crime against nature, one’s own as the Twin Flame. That person we are doing in turns out to be US as the other side of The Tree we’ve been feeding from. In most cases, that tree represents Soul Wealth, and Health of the soul. The power to heal itself back into wholeness via self love.

When the Twin Flame reaches a level of judgement about the other, it cancels the tie – severing it. Death is inevitable. Either both don’t move on or ONE moves on to be tied with another Soul and that’s how and why there are 3 depicted in The Lovers and it’s mirror Temperance. In the lovers there are 2 people and 1 angel. In Temperance we have 2 beasts and 1 angel. We can make decisions from lower mindset or higher mindset. When we think from lower we go with gut, need, and lower vibration emotions which root from fear of not having. When we think from higher mind we see and employ Universal Laws of Abundance.

We don’t feel so competitive with others but just the self for the sake of self improvement. We want to go the extra mile because from a higher mind we are motivated to be or reach personal best. The Lower mindset in astrology is keyed to the 10th House, the house of fame and those who are considered greats in industry. The Higher mindset is spiritual wealth or wellbeing yet to be manifested from the 4th House. When both are exposed in some great masterpiece, shining moment, or act of courage – we are gifted with Cosmic awareness in abundance.

We are given visions of what is meant to be. We can fight or take flight. No matter what we have to clear the conscience which houses both. The conscience is shown as The Hierophant in tarot. It represents all those places we can take big ideas. When we pitch sales ideas to Big Corporations we are appealing to their conscience of doing the right thing at the right time. What happens if they are fed the wrong information? Unbelievable mayhem, criminality, and efforts to save our own ass in times of crisis? Think about it the bigger a corporation the more risks there is to be shared as loss, right? So who wants to be the culprit, scapegoat, or patsy for the fall that protects the collective consciousness of others?

There are doors and there are doors – as Cleopatra spoke to Caesar.

She was indicating there are other means to get where we wish to be and like that palace of hers there is always a way out of darkness and despair. It is through shifting the gears from lower self thinking to higher self thoughts. Both are necessary for balance, passion, drive in life and desire. Desire helps us manifest because it projects the image we are building up to as that ONE great moment that leads to DESTINY. If we can’t be with our Twin Flame in the flesh we are not stopped from reaching them in the spiritual to balance cravings to be whole again. Self Love does this.

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 3.50.37 PM.png


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