Crunch Time! – 5 out of 9 Planets Retro in April to Setup May – What Will Our Shining Moment Be? READ (((NOW))) #InDaKnow

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Ok, so if we were to view universe as a giant basketball game, it could resemble Kobe Bryant’s last game for the LA Lakers. We are entering major cycles of change and going through seasons of transformation. How we start at Point A is not how we end at Point B. There is strong urge to prove self worth, find life purpose, and provide random acts of kindness or charity thanks to Sun and Vesta in Taurus. Sun shadows Vesta meaning is the life we are building the one we’ve been putting together in our thoughts? Does imagination match reality? It is also a time when those who have been shut out or left in the cold come into their own as new ‘lights or wonders in the world.

If you have any placements in Virgo – Sun, Moon, or Rising – Regulus is cutting out what no longer serves growth or has potential. We’ll be cracker jacks at calling others on BS or admitting to our own. On April 17, 18 when Mars and Pluto retrograded the Moon creates opportunities with Mars, and strengthens what we can commit towards. We’ll be more practical in how we go after chasing dreams, achieving goals, and setting new milestones. Every wish is a Work In Progress. Life is nothing but a manifested ‘wish.

Blue shining star with dust tail

In April – Saturn, Mars, and Osiris (the asteroid) all tour Sagittarius, the Soulful Trail Blazer! We agreed to be born and chose the path, now is the time to see how close we are to making good on personal miracles based on Self Belief. Self Belief comes from calling things and knowing or trusting what we call is indeed “Right on the $”. Lilith exits Libra while Isis enters Libra in May. Choosing the right path requires building strong foundations and being in sync with intuition. This aligns chakras with universal pulses and we register psychically to those meant to be in our life long term or permanently. Once we choose the right faith we set daily rituals or good habits that guarantee we’ll make it where we failed before. It’s all about ‘slowing down to see a different side of the equation, spiritually. Stuff has value. Stuff can be quality. But when our personal stuff is neglected we are at fault for letting things go. Well, did we choose the right path? Astrology transit reports tell us.

Now it’s time to reevaluate and redirect passions towards what will advance progressive states of thought. Mercury retrograded in Taurus on April 28th turning direct on May 22nd. Lilith the asteroid which represents finding or respecting one’s truth enters Scorpio on the same date! Lilith is that dark tunnel we are exiting when Vesta enters Gemini on May 16th. We have options, choices, and free will. But do we have the strength to spin our personal Wheel of Luck to take risks on long shots we feel in our very soul to be true or truly worth the sacrifice required? If we go in how can we guarantee a way out of personal hells to manifest the ideal Heaven On Earth? May shows us by turning on the light inside. Jupiter turns direct in Virgo on the 9th!

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Everyone and every creation serves cosmic purpose and a universal purpose we call our Life Path. Life Path can best be calculated with numerology. April helped us culture a new energy, self image, or thought process. Now how well will new ideas work in the real world? How can what we create, produce, and put together as creative ventures bring like minds together to serve mutual missions?

Yes – on top of all of those retros – we’ll be going back into time ALOT. Depending on the level of ascension or the spiritual journey we embark we’ll meet soul mates, and have choices in current Twin Flames or moving on to seek a new tie that binds. Is a relationship a soul tie, a karmic tie, or a hybrid? We know by the signs of how we behave. Are we as hot about each other as we were in the beginning? Or has reality set in to cool off passions? Or in the case of love triangles, remember the 2nd half of May is Gemini. For Gemini it isn’t unusual to be torn between two lovers – feeling like a fool for choosing the wrong ‘one. We all do it. Universe is resetting and putting us in retro status to re-evaluate. The only planets moving direct are Venus, Uranus, and Neptune. Our emotions will call the shots in decision making. Is someone making life better or are we thinking the worst – of them?

May is a time to ask for favor, special favors, and call favors from those in high positions of authority. Why? It’s May – the sign of being Motherly towards others. We will be dedicated to nurturing those in need, and casting out those who are just sucking or draining us dry of resources. Because it’s Spring we’ll be bit by the Love Bug! Singles in hiding emerge to turn heads, stop traffic, and call shots of how life is going to be from NOW on. May is all about the now because it’s taking what Taurus energy taught us in building self worth and putting it to valuable commercial use. It’s also a time for investing in real estate, stocks, long shots in finance or capital acquisitions. But because May begins with Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and Isis (the asteroid) in retro – we are stuck in dead end systems. It’s time to find out why something isn’t working. Why isn’t that person returning calls? Where are we headed next? Is a relationship going to last? Are we staying with someone out of true love, fear of the unknown, or the comfort of the familiar?

All soul connections aren’t going to be positive experiences, but they will end on positive notes when we seek a mature outlook. Did we do the right thing? Are we in the right? Have we been protecting our rights as individuals? Bullying can be the dark side of Taurus when we want things NOW, quick, and in a hurry. Customers can be quite demanding and to keep a sale we practice the art of patience, being well informed, and personal service. Personal Service is nothing new but the approach we take IS. We live in the age of SMART ware, too many devices, and an undying fascination for the occult.

How do we differentiate choices on what’s wise and what isn’t long term? Some in ‘shadows know our potential but prefer to keep status quos as they are. Where Taurus reflects personal wealth acquisition, it’s counter – Scorpio represents GROUP investments. Are others believing in us as much as we do in our self? If the answer is yes, it turns ‘passion into compassion. That means our vibrations are so high others can feel us psychically, connect, and want to hop on for the ride. If not, it means we are probably going through a new cycle – The Butterfly Effect at a personal psychosis.

Speaking of psychic and psychosis, Psyche in Cancer has a DOUBLE intensity! We have to feel things in our soul to do them. For some we will feel to do things from the soul. Doing so is how we are being true to self, and that’s where Self Belief origins. Things happen in multiples. Soul Awareness expands! We’ll be more interested in the occult, esoteric, and spiritual. These will be the types of approaches we’ll want to problem solve. We want to know exactly what it is we are working towards or against. Soul Cycles create ‘Destiny, alternate destiny, and encountering the unknown. We’ll be doing things just because and intuition acts as our radar to attract The One, the ideal career, and that new profession.

Are we ready? Venus, Neptune, Uranus and 3 special asteroids carry us through the dark into the light of new happier lives. Change is a process of the inevitable. Nothing ever stays the same, but we do reach what is true about self. We call this the journey of Self Gnosis. Life Purpose. Divine Calling. So for Twin Flames May means more reunions, reconnection, and the urge to feel whole in some way. We want to rekindle passions that set or spark us off! We want to be courted, moved, and coddled into luxury lifestyles. Now how will we make it all come together? At a practical rate or pace for self achievement? It’s important not to bite off more than we can chew or commit to that which no longer excites us. Keeping the home fires burning isn’t just a phrase but a life philosophy coming out of April and zooming into May surprises.

How we spend our create quality time depends on what we do on a daily basis. How close we come to making some big venture POP depends on how much we devote towards it daily. How much others love, respect, or value what we do depends on daily performance. If we don’t have passion how can we expect any one including universe to jump too? Vesta backed by the Sun is asking how do we keep the home fires burning? Personal Astrology. Personal tarot readings. Weekly Personal Days. Being optimistic. Avoiding negative influences. Being helpful or charitable to those who can’t stand up for themselves. Health is wealth. Healing if being well inside. Beauty is in the 3rd Eye of the Beholder. We’ll have new Looking Glasses as we all feel a bit like Alice falling into new passions or out of old ties we found a bit too binding to carry forward.

If you’d like specifics on a daily basis – Hang out with me on Twitter!

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