SAPP-HO(E) – The Money Star and Catalyst for Big Decisions

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March 28th – Sappho retrograded in Leo at 11’49 going direct April 1st.

Mercury completes Taurus by saying, “I know I have all I need to make this work. I just need to know how to make it all come together”.

This feeling (6 of cups/Pentacles) SOSs universe via Psychic Impressions.  These Distress Signals psychically CALL a person to there ‘home or where they belong. This is how Powers of Thought work with Laws of Attraction to become Universe itself. We are inside the SHELL rebuilding it from the inside out – using only the unconscious to guide us back to where self feels at home, whole, and wholly loved. It is the feeling of being well received and trusting those feelings as true awareness. I know this person or that idea would be the ticket to bring me to this point in my life. We are called to do things to complete heavenly missions for our life. Somewhere in our unconscious and astrology natal chart is the answer to the problems we created in the past.

We are charging universe with ‘wishes but either going back on decisions or giving back what was sent as the answer to prayers – (at the time). Emotions change how we feel. What we wanted or needed THEN ain’t what we FEEL NOW. We matured in some way. Our beliefs are still changing but what is CORE about self remains. We are testing what we believe and being tested in return by TEMPTATION. Are we true to self or just frontin?

It was a universal message that there are some battles only we alone can fight. There are some feats or people we were meant to be with. Why? It’s destiny to dance with the dragon and tame the beast within to see where we’ve been headed all along with our life direction. Remember how Dr. Hunter S. Thompson came up with the idea for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? He wanted to make a point and what better way than to live it LIVE – CAMERAS ROLLING! He had the vision now it was about filming or capturing the ‘mission in process. How he made his own pearl and turned the world into a giant oyster for the taking.

Hunter completely submerged into his dark personality to turn on the light. See what he could find in all the murk that could enlighten, thrill, and satisfy the senses on what it was like to live that kind of lifestyle. People often see the glamor or finished process of being a Star but how much is known about the road it took to get towards fulfilling some meaningful dream or nightmare? Doing so is what satisfies the senses. Once we’ve filled the cup we are aware of what’s inside the Cup. We can drink from it or pass it by without having taken so much as a sip. Yearnings or Soul Callings have to be fulfilled or they’ll drive us bat-shit crazy. Remember the bats he kept seeing in the desert?

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The Unconscious is the bridge to The Superconscious (God) – The Divine Mind. A heavenly point of view and maneuvering of direction. Cancer knows it ‘can question is what will happen when it does? Capricorn says, who cares look at all this $$$$$$$ we made doing it. It is a playing of the conscious by leveling out whose exactly on the field to play. We are in simply trying our luck to see if intuition is right or wrong. Is the Lady of the Mind indeed one in the same as the Lady of the soul? Who is the Lady? The Empress. Our ability to create anything out of pure imagination to prove contact with the Ethos (The Spirit Realms). Something we are drawn to experience could be to answer or solve a much bigger problem because now we have data or wisdom. Someone lived to tell. But first someone had to ‘go to there mentally to return emotionally.

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With drugs, alcohol, and any other sedative a trip to neverland is EASY – getting back from OZ and the Emerald City is what presents the issue. It shows in the quality of what we produce. Ever notice how something comes out really great the 1st time? But less and less until a new approach is taken? The Matrix franchise for example? The Star Wars franchise for another. Once we have a formula to GO THERE in our creativity we need a ride out of it so we can ground and come back to reality.

For some this point of desperation for ‘inner peace can be a person, a place, or thing – that represents home or what we’ll come back for. We have to give our self this motivation daily.Whatever we are feeding on is what comes out in the wash of our productivity. Our ability to maintain TOP DOG positions in industry. Our stamina to stay active, potent, vital, and confident about What We Know and acceptance of What Is Yet To Be Written. Genius in the making. What will that moment be for us? It’s different for every person. The route we take to get there determines how long we will indeed be able to remain TOP DOG – for right now or ETERNITIES.

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Because we exhaust our selves going after the wrong type. It looked like the real thing. It probably even smelt like the real thing but in truth we knew it wasn’t. But we were happy with the fantasy anyway. In the film Cleopatra 1963 there is a scene where Cleopatra holds a banquet for Mark Antony. She tempts him with a fake Cleopatra. She was making a point that he couldn’t tell the real and true thing if was smack in his face! Intuitively he got the point and angrily it made him come to her to demand what he desired most – possession of more than her body. He wanted the soul of her! He wanted to feel every essence of her being as he knew Caesar had done before him.

Why? He saw how satisfied Caesar was to be with her only. Her soul was consuming and her passion – all consuming and all nurturing. Ever met someone who made you feel like that? Like all you ever needed was within that one person and them being around – all the time. Mark Antony was aware of the Soul Connection and wanted to see if it indeed could be broken or reassigned. Could her heart be re-written to follow a new path? Could her affections be invested in another direction? Before his death Caesar appointed Mark Antony as his High Priest and left Cleopatra as his sole intuition. In her were all his memories and that is a Soul Connect and a Twin Flame union. True Love. I love you so much I know you by my soul. It is a question still trying to answer itself to this day in our behaviors about love and what we define it to truly be. Love is a Cup to be fulfilled with all desires being satisfied. Self contentment.

Until the ‘mystique wears off and we got Fool’s Gold Fever. That Full Moon in Scorpio on the 22nd makes us SCRATCH beneath surfaces by becoming more PSYCHICALLY AWARE OF SURROUNDINGS. In doing so, we must become more selective about Thought Processes. What do we wish to think about? Why? How can it be MORE beneficial to continue in that lane of mindfulness? We are digging for what is true and what ain’t based on our soul’s calculations of what ‘home is to self. Now how’s that for PRESTIGE?

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A true magician knows its strengths and plays them out to full advantage. Are we making the most out of what life is offering or bitching for more or better when we haven’t done the work to earn it? Mom had a saying, “Yeah – Life is a bitch when folks give her BAD PRESS.” We put the thorns on our own rose bushes. We start shit we have no intention of completing but we also get others emotionally invested to see results. We have to go the extra mile from our soul to pull real and true rabbits of distinction, honor, and reasons to be famous.

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He was showing us the process of how we feed our soul to feel or NOT feel surroundings. Comfortable numbing of the senses to indulge in Powers of Imagination. For in the Power of Imagination we are bound and gagged to discover the secrets of CONJURING. He couldn’t talk about something he hadn’t experienced fully. In order for him to get others to relate to him he had to relate to what was going on at the time. Sex. Drugs. Rock N’Roll.

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We have to go into the ‘beast or system to transform it. Inside Out. How did he know this? Hunter was aware of his Past Lifetimes. It was the ultimate Prestige! When we have proof of living through something we earn STRIPES. We have proof we did it and made out of it OK and much BETTER OFF for doing it. Cancer energy takes everything beyond extremes but to the unconscious. The bare root. Beyond the naked eye and before the bared soul. It’s the grounds for poetry, romance, and making things more romantic or dark than they truly are. The magic of glamor – the back story – of where it ALL started and HOW.

Sappho went direct April 1st at the same exact location. Ok, so I searched and streamed for some kind of data on this asteroid and found very little. So to fill in the void I’m writing this in hopes it helps where it is most important to know. All right, now that’s out the way let’s get to the good stuff. Money. Astrology. Can money and cash flows be well tracked via universe? Is universe itself following the money, creating the money, and showing us the money? But is money all it takes to feel important? Vital? Young? Bewitching? Powerful? Satisfied? Instead of ‘gratified.

In between the lines of ‘satisfaction and ‘gratification lies the whole truth about Sappho, The Money Star. It’s transits dictates what’s hot what might be, what could be (potential), and a reflection of what has been. Speaking of has-been some could feel the end of the road in career choices. But it’s only if there is resistance to change in general if we don’t follow the natural ebb and flow ‘life is coursing for us. Money like life has a ‘flow. Flow indicates a current from a source.

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For many that 8th House can be that moment of feeling blindsided. 8th House reactions can be classified as ‘anything from the highest high to hitting one’s lowest. The Wheel of Fortune is preparing for the incumbent Pluto retrograde on the 18th. Pluto is in Capricorn – the Investor and Emotional Capitalist. How grounded are we about what we truly desire? How down to Earth do others find us in our approach to being happy or seeing what matter? Capricorn will hit its home in Saturn January 2018. Well, that’s so damn far away you think. Is it? Not when we see time in terms of Divine Timing. It’s a hand’s breath away.

We are building up emotions and if those emotions aren’t vested, invested, or directed in the right channels as ‘sound or good choices, confidence is shaken and stirred like a #007 Martini. Universe is pressing us to make decisions. Pick ONE! Hurry, hurry, hurry – it’s feeling like when we read it psychically. Why? Saturn is clearing energies, cleaning house, and letting go of what no longer is working. This means huge cyclical changes across the table for all. When our Moon goes into void, it puts pressure on all the other planets and asteroids to take up the slack. But like a woman needs a menstrual cycle until a certain age of maturity, so too – Moon or lunar energy has to be purged, cleansed, and cleared. It goes through emotional detox as a universal function of changing universal laws.

Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 12.33.38 PM.pngScreen shot 2016-04-04 at 12.35.16 PM.png

Until now astrology was limiting itself in not opening the mind or heart to what universe was channeling to us. We have too many ways of measuring ‘one item or transit in universe. Why? We are all different aspects of The Eye in the Sky – the governance of Universal Laws via lunar cycles, houses, and so forth. We have yet to confirm what we intuitively know about universe.

Like for instance, intuitively I know there are sets and pairs of ‘everything. This includes our Sun and Moon. Each is a Twin to the other a place to bounce off, balance with, and come to terms for compromise. It’s a solar-lunar partnership, marriage, and institution build on ‘trust. Just like we work on a marriage or marital issues on the daily we do the same in working on problems – big or small. We are expected to find exits and master keys by seeking them out or creating them out of thin air – “expertise”. We have to care enough to create home or homey environments where we can grow.

If we want to reach set goals we do so at a pace that if comfortable for self and realistic to do on the daily. Are we? Just because something didn’t work before doesn’t justify giving UP on it NOW. We deal with what problems are most pressing, organize, and prioritize what personal battles we’ll fight to win. Not keep fighting to fail. We have smart technology for heaven’s sakes shouldn’t daily problem solving match what we are programming as new support systems? We have to be true to self on UNIVERSAL and UNIVER-SOUL levels. How deep can we go to uproot our selves from dire circumstances? We have to play ‘hero in to save our own life but do so in harmony with universal energy – the 26/8 or ‘888 standard.

Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 12.34.06 PM.pngScreen shot 2016-04-04 at 12.36.19 PM.png

The Sun trusts it will do it’s thing and The Moon will do hers. But do we ever think that the two as energies can trade off with the other and live the other’s life for a time or cycle? It’s what creates those wonderful feelings of being at ‘crossroads. Saturn needs the Moon to release ‘life lessons, pain, agony, and all the other symptoms of a heavy heart, guilty conscience, and dark insidious soul. Just like gangsters use ‘fence operations to hide or wash dirty money – Saturn needs Moon to take care of the business of converting ‘dirty secrets.

Transforming bad situations or the negative into a fresh positive. This month the sign of Gemini has the task of acting as lead transformer. Many will look to you and seek you out Gemini for advice on what direction to take. It can be as simple as a buddy to as important as a President or Ambassador of some great and foreign diplomacy. You will have to lead the way in showing others how to give a damn and when to do so. How can you do it if your life is in shambles you say? Why am I getting the call, aren’t there 11 other zodiacs on the hook, too? Yes – and to give you relief on the 23rd the keys of controlling our soul direction pass on to Cancer. Cancerians are Masters of Emotion.

Cancer rules and is ruled by The Moon. So working with feelings and making sound decisions comes natural. Cancer is the zodiac of The Father, fatherly love, provisions, guidance, counseling, and a truly great gateway of secrets. Cancer don’t just keep secrets they die with them or bury them deep – so deep they are submerged and weighted in the ‘unconscious. The Unconscious represents nothing but ‘darkness. Intelligence will no longer be defined by how smart we are intellectually by the brain but how well put together we feel from the heart. The Heart is where nothing can be accepted as a lie. It simply won’t do it.

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Like a Black Woman with a nasty attitude – if it ain’t true it ain’t Cancer. Sadly some of those truths can be left unaddressed for ‘aeons to fester from lack of exposure. Leo represents taking all the shit we internalized and pushing it out to say, “Hey World! Yeah it was shitty but I survived. All you haters can EAT me! Thanks to you I’m sold the rights to my life story and I’m getting MONEY for my expertise on turning it all around.” Who doesn’t love a great hero story? Hell, Greeks wrote an entire mythology system about the self-journey as some great thing we had to go out into the world to discover for self. We had to find out something was or wasn’t true. We had to validate data and back track what people say.

We have to match what is said with what we behold to be going on in deed and activity. Some one can say they are trying or doing whatever and never left the comfort of hole in their couch. We are sleeping our opportunity to rule situations or change them for the better. So universe is doing the deciding for us. For some that can be scary as hell because it involves opening up and facing the ‘unconscious. This area of self is housed in the 12th House. You’ll know when the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th houses are enlightened.

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We are more energetic, talking fast, moving in and out emotionally, and hypersensitive. These are all Moon or Lunar charged houses of controlling the whole system of astrology – The Aeon, A. E. Crowley wrote and referred to as the Page of Wands Card Key 26 in tarot. This card is keyed to drive universal flows, currents, and exchanges of all types. It is the 888 or infinite source of potentiality. This number is numerology becomes a multiple of outcomes. But there is a synastry as of ‘lines. Three 8s all in the same line.

Eventually like that slots machine in Las Vegas we’ll HIT JACKPOTS. Jackpots come in the form of ‘true love – what we truly love, who we truly love, and being focused on discovering ‘Why. The ‘Why is defined in the presence of the Hermit in tarot, Card Key 9. If ‘8 energy or 26/8 energy is the gate – the way back to that gate ends or concludes with 9 conformity. All that passion has to go somewhere or be invested into something worthwhile or worth the time of getting to know – more about. ‘9 energy is ‘more where 8’ energy is – the infinite. When we lay an 8 on its side it becomes the Infinity symbol. When we put 9 on its side it becomes a transposed ‘6.

9 x 9 x 9 = 729 = 7 + 2 + 9 = 18/9, 1 + 8 = 9
9 + 9 + 9 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 99/9 = 1
9-9 = 0

9 represents the ability to give to self the ‘6 energy. What kind of way can we heal our self? What ways can we get out, do the work, or take the risk in trying something new? Organic? Holistic? Truly beneficial? What can we do to screw self over? Self-sabotage? Or get in our own way? Get super high super fast to feel on Cloud 9 again? 9 represents ‘extremes of direction we are taking all that ‘8 energy we built up as ‘confidence. Strength. Hidden desire. Belief in occult themes or gnosis?


Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 2.33.10 PM.png

We are buying something with all those memories or wisdom we store as experiences. We are buying more than a ticket to some sweet ride, the ride is taking us places. Heaven or Hell? We decide by making better decisions to create greater ‘quality in choices. We know and we don’t care how’ we know is all 8 energy. When we become the gate we create the self over as a gateway, the 8 now has a home to park all that love or raw passion. Within the 9 is a hidden 8 waiting to unleash like a dragon. This combination of energy 8 + 9 represents an eternal bond of some kind, and the culmination of reaching epic satisfaction where gratification is well balanced mentally. We get enough in a good way or bad.

We feel we can never get enough of what we find ‘good to us. But just because it feels good in the moment doesn’t mean it is good for the long term or that endless road of life ahead of us. Our decisions take us places to match the life we intuit with the one we are living day in and day out. All of this energy is channeled or directed into Sappho. In Greek mythology Sappho was a Lesbian, wise woman, and person others consulted for advice on their love life. She was an Oracle who’d learned how to be satisfied with self. This is the loner type or those who are hermit-like in personality. In astrology they are those who mate on an eternal bond level of commitment.

8s and 9s as Love Potential have a do or die personality. They can love a mate to death and back again literally. 9 energy is likened to Edgar A. Poe when dark. It is macabre, noir(e), conflicted, twisted, cruel, and lovely. 9s and ‘9 energy doesn’t change it morphs. It is so thick with all that tension or desire controlling its every direction. Life moves very slowly for 9s until…they meet The One. When a ‘9 energy or its astrology counterparts – Aries, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn will all choose a mate by how this person feels to their SOUL. Soul connections aren’t just confined to love. Capricorn it rules ‘every thing and every way loyalty is or isn’t satisfied.

Those who mate on soul levels have a predetermined set of criteria. Only the one who meets this criteria gets the ‘master key to the heart. One has to go through a lot of BS and put in the HARD WORK to get in with a social circle, setting, place of secret allegiance, power, access to that power, and so forth because Capricorn rules and is ruled by the 10th House. In the 10th House is where we find ‘time – ‘timelines and when this or that is set to happen. In Cancer opposing Capricorn – we see ‘how these events happen in the unconscious 1st. Thought, thoughts, and unexpressed ‘ideals. Vendettas.

Plans we didn’t carry out in Past Lives set to be completed in this Lifetime. Ace of Wands is ‘what has to happen but it’s that pesky but persistent Page of Wand who is determining or announcing what it will be – (INTUITION) itself. God’s Word on a matter. In every day life the Page of Wands is the Town Cryer, our Publicist, and those we wish to get to know better and MOST. What is most pressing at any given time to deal or cope with. As a star in astrology Sappho represents HOTNESS and HOTTIE potential. Attraction. How attractive we find something determines how much we are willing to pay, sacrifice, or satisfy for it. When our beliefs change so does how we shop, drop, and roll our money flows.

Oneness is what we are seeking. That feeling that makes us feel HIGH and HAPPY at least MOST of the time. Businesses will need to take spiritual approaches to court new fan bases, demographics, and feeding grounds for profit. When social climate is this sensitive remember PSYCHE  is in Cancer as of the 23rd of this month. Cancer is all about the attitude of ‘Ok, if I do this what’s in it for me – 1st? Cancers look for what feels like ‘home to them and is homey to be around. They can also be Homies to their friends, that person you can all at ‘3 or ‘4 in the morning to rant and rave about shit keeping you awake.

All the 4 Cards in Tarot are keyed to CANCER  is SOUL and Soul is DEATH – How we live, conquer, die, and rebirth –

The Emperor, Death, Fool – TELLING TIME
4, 13/4, 22/4

Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 12.26.48 PM.pngScreen shot 2016-04-04 at 12.26.36 PM.pngScreen shot 2016-04-04 at 12.26.25 PM.png

Cancers judge friendships and loyalties based on who has their back when they were down. When they forgive it’s universal – like a pardoning – grace – good karma. When they don’t it’s a feeling that been festering – pure bad karma. They remember eternally those who stabbed them in the back because they can feel it in the soul. Julius Caesar – The Ides of March? All of this relates to Customer Loyalty, Customer Appreciation, and Customer Feedback. If people feel satisfied leaving your business, it’s a guarantee they’ll return with more new customers. We aren’t worried there won’t be enough customers we are concerned we won’t have enough to FEED everyone. Remember JESUS and the parable about the LOAVES & FISHES? Unconscious feeds ‘abundance but when we become negative satisfaction slides into desires of gratification.

No, I don’t want a commitment I just want to fuck you now and maybe down the road so stay on reserve when I come back, ok? No! Cancer says. Either we are doing this or we ain’t. – Cancer, the zodiac


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