Mercury, Venus, & Neptune -Is This Love That I’m Feeling?

DEEP within the Psyche (on 23rd enters Cancer!) we have the power to bring out the best or worst. We have the power to discriminate, judge, and decide what soul deems to be true, pure, and of ‘virtue. If we don’t intuition (Angelic Messages) provides ‘crumbs to see the light back ‘home to our hearts. Someone lights us up in the right way but don’t be so quick to dismiss those who rub you the wrong way. It’s a challenge to see what we are truly made of inside as inner strength – Power of Will and Powers of Willful Thinking (Thought).

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Words to the song, “Is This Love” by Whitesnake loom, linger, and liaison new thoughts on how we see self fulfilling prophecies. Is this what we’ve been praying for? Or is it a nightmare we are praying to be saved or delivered from? Of what benefit is love? It strengthens – true qualities and reveal true imperfection? Is this person the real thing or a really good ‘knock off? How strong is our memory of what we know to be The One? How can we power imagination to attract only what we want and less of what we DON’T wish to experience AGAIN?

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Is it more than we bargained or expected? Is there someone still playing ‘Magician out there trying to rain on our parade? How will universe yield fruit (outcomes) from the seeds Sappho planted? Did we rise out of poverty consciousness at least long enough to reconnect to Spirit? For those who are aware of what is destined universe strikes a match to deliver home runs for wishes made. For others justice and that Full Moon/Eclipse in Libra – we get messages related to past karma.

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Did we treat the one we truly love with respect, kindness, and a good hand? Or – out of fears did we push this person away? Did we isolate or set clear boundaries of personal space? Was it to clear the mind or just be clear of them, period? Partners and mates feel greater distance emotionally than physically when finances come up as roots of arguments. Sharing is caring but did we share our heart and treasures with the wrong person – for the long run? Or did we tune into intuition and follow a new much more rewarding path for self happiness? Couples, partners, and joint ventures of any type were tested for what kinds of foundations we built. Are those we deal with transparent in business practices, keeping promises, and sticking to their word? We hold each other in courts of accounting metaphysically long before it manifests courtroom battles, door slamming arguments, and in some cases – ‘contempt.

It’s not what others say or express that hurts much. It’s what is not being said or expressed but made known to universe. Universe runs on the Power of Thought. Rome, Caesar, and many other scholars discovered this secret. But one ruler of the time in particular lived it. Cleopatra. An eternal scholar of the esoteric, promoter, and Teacher – Cleopatra’s entire aim for creating the world-famous Library of Alexandra was make all pertinent information available. Books are thoughts. Words are thoughts. Thoughts are words we have yet to express or make publicly known as ‘opinion. Where we stand in our thinking processes says much on what direction we are headed in life.

Systems are all built on ‘thoughts 1st. In kabbalah or the Tree of Life thoughts emanate from the World of Absolutes 1st – and then the World of Creation. Fire and Water merge to create the Essence of Life. This is depicted in the tarot card 5 of Cups. There are several decks which show the negative side of this card but there is a much greater positive to knowing and embracing ‘disappointment. A person who knows ‘disappointment exhibits a greater proclivity towards a sanguine attitude. Good if it does and I expected as much – if it didn’t. 5 of cups personalities read people differently using a higher sense of psychic awareness connected to the Moon and Neptune. Neptune has the highest octave and one has to develop or enter a heightened sense of awareness to tap its ultra powers of manifestation. What is 5 of Cups energy? Mars in Scorpio. Mars cleared Scorpio as of the 7th of March to clear out all nasty feelings and reset how we feel moving forward.

Once we are no longer hiding resentments or apprehension, we are now ready to open the mind to channel Neptunian vibes of abundance, prosperity, and gateways of psychic gnosis related to universal thinking patterns. We are now comfortable enough to brave insanity in a manner that makes sense.

We are paying attention to the right sources of information and discerning faster ways to shut out what no longer serves us. This can make us hot one moment and all fired up to go, to quickly changing our minds after seeing ‘truths. What someone is hiding as motive, agenda, and bigger picture planning. Ever met someone who just seemed to good to be true but you took the ride anyway? Did you meet another who triggered deep feelings of ‘knowing? Which of the two did we pursue? Chances are we went after the 1st but later wished we just waited on the 2nd. Why? The 2nd was related to intuition. How many times have we done something only to say – I wish I’d listened to my 1st voice! Mercury conjunct Neptune on the 11th of March and Venus conjunct Neptune on the 20th.

Around these dates something became clear on ‘why we should have listened. Jupiter (R) sets up fresh opportunities with Uranus to ensure we are in the right place at the right time to make big life changes. Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 23rd made one thing super clear – have we been making the right decisions? About self? About others? About life changing choices set before us?

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If you are any of the mutable signs or have strong placements in Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius plus or minus 0 – 9 degrees decisions are weighing heavily on the mind. Did we do what our heart feels or what felt as safe as Linus’ blanket? Many times we pick or go with what’s safe out of fear of the unknown. But what if the unknown was the right door or path to enter or take? We are ready to advance, grow, and move out of one ‘place into another – The New.

This all replays in April as results. It is by results from said decisions we manifest fresh starts better suited to the new personality. If we didn’t make decisions universe makes them for us by making sure we are guided to true callings. For Twin Flames – this is truly momentous. One right move leads to another until we hit pay dirt or strike oil by tapping the right root of self expression. Yeah we are more creative, spiritual, and in the trenches to prove what we know to be true intuitively. But the one person who can help can also hold us back emotionally. If we are hung up on being with just this one person who is emotionally unavailable all those miracles, choices, and gifts bestowed by Universe are delayed.

Intuitively we can feel when someone gave us the shaft on a deal, or oiled the wheel of justice by paying off people, or took our ideas to shop them as their own. Here’s the kicker they felt justified doing it. Why? Old karma – from past lifetimes.

Karma Astrology and Karma tarot systems are not to be taken lightly when shedding light on what is truly at the root of our problems. Manifesting is magic, light work, and the ability to use powers of concentration to make whatever we want happen. Doing things at a certain time, or because of a certain feeling is our God given right to change our stars. We can pick the right destiny by knowing what choices to be on the lookout for and against. If we feel someone’s energy isn’t up to par we have the right to ‘pass and wait for universe to send MORE, better, and greater. But if someone doesn’t want us to progress and they are aware of how to work universal laws of attraction Divine Justice is required.

‘In the Garden was an Apple of Love or Discord that was eaten? Why?

Twin Flames feed from the same soul tree and are rooted to each other by Divine Rights. God. Source. The Eternal and Infinite Alpha/Omega. Two spirits sharing one soul of potential. We agree to be born to fulfill certain missions. But if one chooses differently than was agreed by Divine Union or Divine Contract – the union itself enters ‘voids. Black Holes to be cleared away via key planetary & asteroid alignments. I did research and was guided intuitively to this person Leila Waddell.

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Why? Only God and I know for certain. But that ‘crumb from Neptune, Mercury, and Venus expanded my entire view of my present state of consciousness. I saw ‘why a certain person and organization were doing what was manifesting. I could clarify Bull Shit. Propaganda. The World itself. I use all types of astrology systems and tarot spreads to arrive at whole truths. Seeds I’d rooted with karma. How do I clear them away to spark off my true destiny?

How do I use what I know as intuition to manifest what I see metaphysically? Experts are paid to do this commercially every day huge $$$$$$$s. What we know when we are suppressed and fighting like cats out of ‘bags can surprise us as feats of human strength. I never knew until now I had it in me! We are reading universe in terms of Queen of Wands energy which is the karma but neglecting to read in terms of Queen of Cups out of fear. If I give this person what they want will they still choose me? If I open doors for this person will they surpass me on the job or show me up? If I fund this person’s dream will they remember to thank me or look out for me financially down the road?

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Sounds like questions of loyalty and royalties doesn’t it? Well get ready it’s going to be a bumpy ride as famous Aries Bette Davis quipped it. Quality, Quality Control, and standards thereof are being tested or manifested. We are seeking certain qualities in a person to determine worth. Is it worth getting to know them or is it better to let things be and move on? If someone is truly for us it will show in their actions and what they seed for us to experience. But if we are well rooted in self love we don’t have to question loyalty because we know no matter what they do we will be true to self. Being true to self protects us from ‘fucking up and fucking over other people because self quality originates a true personality.

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We are growing our soul to harvest greater pastures of wisdom. Even if that person or organization is trying to suppress our talents universe will reconfigure ways (paths of enlightenment) to guarantee outcomes that spell in Word & Deed – SUCCESS.

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Published by: Ola Queen Bee Of Astrology

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