Vesta in Taurus – 3/8 – Just How Strong Are We? Where It Truly Counts…

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So again, I’m waiting on what I see as ‘missing from astrology blog topics – Strength, the Right Stuff, and for many a No Guts No Glory Attitude. I personally have a very high regard for those who have shoveled the shit and the snow to be in the spotlight of their industry. It took a lot of hard work, grit of character, being fastidious about details, and holding on a dream that seemed like it would never happen. Then. It does. It’s that feeling I had the other day while being inspired.

I use music – lots of it and as much of a variety as possible to stimulate my creative sensitivities. Sometimes I just play a YouTube ‘Ocean Meditation video you know the one that lasts for ‘hours? Ahhh in fact, I’ll put that on right now writing this blog for you. You’ll truly sense the difference in quality, enrichment, and flavor it adds to things when we are relaxed or in our element doing them. Sometimes we fall into ‘Rabbit Holes only universe can dig us out of – if you understand what I mean.

If not, in the words of my Great-Grandmother affectionately nicknamed “The Lady” – “Jes kep layin dunn and gattin up ‘ventual-ly you come to ya senses Guhl! Jes kep  layin dunn an gattin u..p”. The Lady lived to the ripe old age of 96 years. Stubborn she’d whisper to me as a little girl combing her long silver hair – “I ked live longuh but I ain’t stayin to live in no home!” My great aunts and uncles all decided rather than putting up with The Lady and taking care of her at their home, it’d be better for everyone if she was to live out her days in the place she hated the most – Ol’ Folks Home in West Memphis, Arkansas. It was the only thing that broke her spirit.

I saw it in her. She had the attitude:

Life – I can take it, make it, let it go, or let it come back.

Hair in thick silver braids past her waist. Her face was smooth still – and showed little aging. Her beauty seemed to blossom more as she aged – ‘younger. The Lady was blind with silver eyes that looked like Full Moons for pupils. She was most bewitching and as the product of 3 different Native American Tribes, Africans, English, and Irish blood calling her feisty was an understatement. Folks from all around town came to her for healing – of all races. She had an innate talent with herbs, concoctions, and she was a Mid Wife birthing several children of diverse cultures.

When folks were too poor or far to send for a Doctor they sent for ‘The Lady. Born August 25th, one day before my birthday – she was known as a tough lady who took no guff from anybody or anything. By nature she was a balancer of justice. We are products of the stock we come from in our bloodlines. That is what creates the quality we draw from – that and being connected to Source – balance. Between getting to know our roots and knowing God we balance. We find inner strengths. We need no ‘guns to see what we are truly made of to make out all right in life.Like martial arts we learn for the sake of defense anything else is unjustifiable.

Native American Lakota Sioux Indian woman holding a rifle on loo

In the country, The Lady lived when we had nothing but horse and buggies. Stubborn to a fault she never bought or owned a car. She was a petite woman of solid strength and when she hit it had the same impact as a 300-lb man. She carried a rifle gun and kept a sawed off shotgun by the door at all times. When she lost her sight no one knew because she’d found a way to memorize everything in her house and continue with washing clothes or whatever other chore she was known to do. Once when a prisoner – a white man was on the lam from the Sheriff, whom she knew very well.


The man ran into The Lady’s home begging for cover. The Sheriff rolled up minutes into her yard and attempted to rush into her house – ARMED. Sheriff took two steps when he heard CLICKS of The Lady’s rifle aimed and cocked at his head. He didn’t contest her but apologized, got back in his car, and zoomed OFF in rolls – billows – of smoke. She smoked a corn cob, lit it and took a deep puff. The prisoner was in awe. She fed him and put him on the road telling him to never cross her path again. He didn’t.

That’s just one of the stories of glory about The Lady. I am the last of her nature in our family and as such became Her, within. So to me having strength takes on several tones but the greatest is to FEAR nothing but GOD ALMIGHTY. God doesn’t wish us to fear but to know what true love truly can be in our life. And this is the message universe is sending as a broadcast for the Solar Eclipse in Pisces – March 8th! How much faith do we have in our self? How well do we trust our own ability to make sound decisions, judgement calls, and express what we truly feel – about – anything? Do we live a life of honesty and keeping it real or are we just frontin?

3/2 – Juno retrogrades – Scorpio 15’10 – Sudden & abrupt endings

Have you noticed we’ve invested more in weapons to instill fear than lessons of love? How fast have we as countries or foreign powers been to grasp at a weapon to solve problems? Isn’t that taking the coward’s way out? Wouldn’t the lion-like thing to do, be – to find a way to discuss plans of action all can agree to keep rather than create more destruction? It’s easy to destroy but it’s only Divinely possible to create or re-create something better in brilliance. We tap the supernatural every time we learn how to love something whatever it is or may be we show respect of life as long as it does the same.

Moon, Saturn, Pluto – Aspects – How we set what matters MOST as PRIORITY

Love is a process of knowing or using what we like or love to build, rebuild, and balance what is ‘missing. We are naturally born to be happy and to seek it by nature. When it is missing it is due to lack, abandonment, and no longer giving a Rat’s Ass about repercussions. But natural law of selection seems to be selective about who has the right to be happy in society. Why aren’t things matching? There is a difference in what we truly believe to be right and what we say is ‘right. When we aren’t saying what we mean or vice versus we are living parallel lies and lives. The one we wake up to daily, and the one we are dreaming up as the real happiness.

We show more love to animals than we do to those who aren’t of the same race, belief, culture, or sexual orientation. These are evidenced by lacks of clarity and holes in the ‘system of law, adjustment, and what is rightfully owned. Yes we are born to be a singer but we are working as a janitor at a Record Label corporation. Hypothetically. When does the glass ceiling shatter? When do we crossover from one world into a new one. When do we GATEWAY? We can be quick to judge a person if they aren’t up to snuff with our standards. But whose standards should we truly be adhering to? That of religion or that of spirituality? Which is the higher of callings between the two? Clearly – it is spirituality.


Religion is something we learn to do as a safety guard to promote good habits. But hey – everything comes in all flavors, colors, and so forth – but there is only one True Energy – God Energy or quantum physics. Quantum physics employs the laws of nature in processes, rituals, or nuances to keep us from doing harm, evil, or hurt. All energy has to be balanced, purified, and cleared or cleansed away to protect the immunity of the system.

Venus, Lilith, Ceres, Pallas, Psyche – Self Discovery: What is our true nature?

The system of what? Of anything. Nature itself is a Divine System of life happenings. What controls what happens? The system of Natural Laws (Dharma) and Laws of Natural Selection (Karma). Everything has a system or a normal current it flows. Just as water ebbs and flows so do we – emotionally. Mood changes are a major concern and health risk needed to be addressed. We must find ways to nurture, calm, and soothe savage emotions that erupt. We need to be all of these to make good decisions for the long run. Let’s see if I do A than B could happen when what I truly desire(want) is C.


Life is duality. It is also balance. Are we purifying, detoxing, and clearing out the self as a whole? Mind. Body. Soul. Spirit. Heart. It’s all connected to ONE SYSTEM – we are a ‘system – of The Divine. Within us is the strength to overcome major life hardships, upsets, and disruptions to that calm currency. It hurts when we didn’t listen or trust our intuition especially when fears or what we didn’t want comes true. But remember the phrase, “This too shall pass.” It was uttered to the wisest King in history – King Solomon, the ‘youngest King in history to date to rule the world that could be seen and unseen. With a special ring King Solomon was believed to accessed unusual psychic talents to control or maneuver ‘the spiritual.

Saturn & Pluto – What creates necessity for Judgment? How well are we answering Divine Callings?

3/25 Saturn retrogrades – Sagittarius 16’24 degrees

As a young man he’d asked for only one thing – wisdom. God gave him everything else as a ‘bonus. He appreciated what he had and showed humility with his prayerful wish. Are we doing this when applying for new jobs, employment, or funding sources? Do we go in hopeful but come out steaming mad when we didn’t get it? After all that hard work. Doesn’t mean we’ll never get it, but it did mean at that time maybe we weren’t ready. But remember all time comes in ‘cycles, seasons, and circles. We are traveling and astral traveling through ‘space. That which is space of mind, space of body or person, and space of soul. Cosmic Awareness is growing and causing great quantum leaps in our psychic growth.

3/12 – Venus enters Pisces – The Triple Goddess or “The Lady”
3/12 – Isis retrogrades – Scorpio 14’36 –
Osiris tours Sagittarius strengthening Mars & Saturn – Finding what works for us based on our nature
. What kind of healing system can we stick to using as new lifestyle?

Now we channel this New Love energy from Jupiter (R) and N/S Node in Virgo/Pisces.  Showing appreciation and acceptance of the new ‘self harnesses energy of all types into new forms of life, inventions, products, technologies that offer options in wellness/balance, and mental awareness. We must recognize the “artistic” part of a process or put ‘fun back to appreciate value of that system.We are more attracted to foods that satisfy and make us feel better when they taste or look appeasing, right? How can we make a healthier life style more appeasing to try and stick with?

Screen shot 2016-03-05 at 6.34.02 PM.png

We must open our higher mind and be open to ‘culture or diversity. Fresh perspectives can grow from righteous trees when we seed them the right way as interests, passions, and compassion. We can choose differently by seeing consequences 1st. Is this something we want to live with for the long run or just sample? We are the fruit we plant, eat, and harvest as Fruits of Labor. What are we working so hard towards as goals? Life goals? Stability?

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus, and Vesta in Aries, Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Pisces! – Facing Fears & Overcoming Odds With Self Belief!

This requires not only loving the process of making something better but building anticipation or appreciation for the hard work of the process. How do we feel when we pull ‘rabbits out of our ass and succeed? Rabbits are random thoughts of genius we’ll be intuiting and receiving by loving the process again. We are finding new approaches to solve old ass problems.

Screen shot 2016-03-05 at 6.35.51 PM.png

What? Why mental awareness? The higher the mind goes in intelligence the more care it requires to be soothed, calmed, and satisfied. Soul Satisfaction is reached with this Solar Eclipse in soulful and soul-loving Pisces. Pisces like Libra seeks to see what it will take to make us feel whole, loved, and well enough to walk into new lifetimes, life cycles, life lessons. But all the signs teach one lesson that is true no matter what – How to love.What is to become NEW LOVE to raise the quality of life – wellness.

Hate is a ruler on what we don’t like, want, need, or desire. The soul will naturally stay detached from what it hates unless we use things like alcohol, drugs, and other sedative means to control what we are feeling or aware of. Remember when we shut off or reject one ‘sensitivity it enhances others which can fuel the imbalance in overall psychic health or well being. We are dancers trying to get our balance to know what is our groove, our thing, or any other expression of what we truly love. It’s good to have all this intelligence to create cures but how well are we doing at creating treatment that heals? We want what we want. We like what we like.

Screen shot 2016-03-05 at 6.38.17 PM.png

We desire what we desire. But we don’t seem to choose who we truly love or do we? Some have and for those – God love you for teaching the rest of us! How well are we doing to fix old systems and backed up caseloads in our judicial systems? If we were to see all these – screwups – as BLOCKAGES. Like a person can experience a blocked artery – eventually shutdown comes. How long can a person go with no water or compassion to be refilled in the soul? How long can a person be treated unjustly to sooth the need and greed of those they aren’t aware of?  Living off of their well being or lack thereof as well – entertainment?

Screen shot 2016-03-05 at 6.40.53 PM.png

3/8 – VESTA ENTERS TAURUS + Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Pisces – Taking Our Exit!

We all love Treasure Hunts but in the Darkness of The Soul we love to hate Scavenger Hunts. Scavengers take what is dead or consider ‘unworthy. Why? To transform the ‘ZERO into the ‘NEW HERO. We exhibit scavenger beliefs when we harp on self or abuse it with negative thinking. Instead of feeding the soul we are draining it dry by thinking nasty thoughts or not expressing true desires. We give out of fear instead of a place of love. For instance, we deny self the job we truly desire to take the one that pays the bills. We say “It’s only for a little while” but in reality we are lying to our self and holding our soul back from what it needs to “live”. We become the very thing missing to balance out by either denying or being put in states of denial out of fear of not having.

This is why it’s good to always put in place a Personal Budget for Self Rewards. It’s a crime against our nature to deny its very existence. We live it in the black and self in the dark by not venturing forward to pay back Self Rewards for hard work. If you worked for it you should enjoy it. This also includes if someone we employ with withdraws, withholds, or takes monies we earned with the intent of never giving them.

It’s an automatic Crime against Human Nature in universal laws, and immediate BAD KARMA or negative energy. We are stealing from Peter to never pay Paul. This is the opposite of Self Love because now it’s SELFISH and NARCISSISTIC AS A “NEGATIVE”. We are carrying the guilt of screwing someone over to get what we thought we wanted and end up no longer desiring it at all. Narcissism is in the “POSITIVE” when it expressed as SELF LOVE. It will strengthen instead of weaken or take advantage of because it carries the Lesson of Compassion. Completing Lessons of Compassion gives us access to Higher Self powers to make magic or the supernatural happen.

Giving comes from the heart and boy does it feel good to give from it – to the soul! But giving to the wrong people enhances resentment, feeling taking advantage of, and being drained or “punked” out of one’s riches (magic). How well are we identifying people who are toxic? How well are we detaching from them as influences or drains of self-empowerment? Are we saying “No” when we need to? How often do we put Self – 1st in decision making or wish granting processes? If we give we give out of and from Source of Love, if it is taken we feel wronged or like we wasted all that talent on NOTHING. Sometimes people and universe is testing just how much we desire wishes by seeing how far we’ll be pushed to wall before we come out SHOTGUN 1st!

It’s touching to the soul to put the needs of others before our own. Just make sure those we are sacrificing for are – appreciative, not feeling ‘entitled. Sacrifice is honorable when balanced. But it can be detrimental to the health if all we are giving is not being returned to us. It’s not hard to feel un-appreciated but it’s foolish when we aren’t doing anything to stop parasite behavior from others. We are responsible for how well or un-well we are treated. How do I know this? I’ve experienced it 1st hand. Many don’t believe I truly am what I appear to be but when we meet they see right off – I am truly who I present myself as no more no less.

Screen shot 2016-03-05 at 6.48.03 PM.png

I chose a profession which benefits and appreciates my personality, talents, and bluntness. I’m not one to mince or mensch words. When I feel it I feel it. If I don’t – it reads in my expressions. If there is disappointment don’t front – or shrug it off. Saying what we feel or mean is therapeutic. Truth heals even when it creates a destructive FIRE. It’s better to release the emotion than to let it set in as diseases in the body or corruption to the soul.

Screen shot 2016-03-05 at 6.51.47 PM.png

Moon, Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter (R), Ceres, Psyche, Mercury, North Node (D)

This is how Twin Flames heal the other. Each is a deep physical truth, value, and appreciation to the other’s existence or connection to Source. Each serves as the door to the other’s Higher Self. The person we truly are inside. Twin Flames can not only see the other’s true potential but help them accept the whole self. They balance each other or in a negative sense they can cancel the other OUT by starving the self of ‘love. If no love has been deposited there is none to be withdrawn or taken. Notice how soul mates and twin flames complete each others thoughts, sentences, behaviors, and counter the other in the same truths?

Moon, Isis, Chiron, Neptune, Lilith, Pluto, Sappho (R) – 3/28 – Leo 11’48
Vesta, Osiris, Mercury, Uranus

Recipe of Self Success To Attract and Receive ‘The Love We Truly Want/Desire To Express/Give/Share with others.

Screen shot 2016-03-05 at 7.06.55 PM.png

They also can suffer the same forms of disease or destruction (transformation) so one can cure the other when one is ‘down or ill. Just the presence of one’s Twin Flame can be what brings what was dying or dead back to life. Watch the Twin Flame couples YouTube videos you can see it in body language and much more how we can all reach the highest vibration of being – true love is happiness.

Screen shot 2016-03-05 at 7.09.54 PM.png

It is not blind or unknowing but it is all-accepting. If Twin Flames aren’t growing closer it is a sign of lack of self love or self care. Without that ‘flame to remind them of how great the quality of life can be – spirituality is dimmed inside. Strengths self-destruct into weakness. We become set or stubborn because what we love is MIOW – Missing In Our World.


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