Ceres enters Pisces! Today – January – Getting Closure

Have a decision to make? Stop! Don’t base what is right for you by what others feel is right. Many of us have felt stuck in one form or another. Whether it’s feeling stuck at a dead-end job, stuck in a dead-end relationship, or stuck on figuring out what we want to achieve next- Ceres in Pisces says, “How do we get closure on this?” Pisces is the dreamer, the optimist, idealist, and most romantic at prying opportunities. Pisces never do anything they don’t feel is right for them. Everything for a Pisces has a set time, moment, or feeling. All of these ‘items act as signs to Pisces.


When they see recurring numbers like 11:11, 22:22, or any other numerical combination they see hidden meanings, messages, and premonitions. Pisces is the sign of two fishes. These two fishes can go in the same or opposing directions. What changes the course of a fish? A change in water – flow. Changes in water flow or current can be attributed to many reasons or causes. But the fish or Pisces will wait for the answer or walk right into it. How? Pisces is ‘intuition being directed.

Fish know when they are in home waters by the temperature, feeling, and familiar surroundings. They swim with the current to get from Point A to Point B. Fish have a natural sense of direction as averse stopping to ask nearby wildlife for solutions. Yes – unlike Finding Nemo real fish don’t get lost by feeling but by NOT feeling or being touch with their feelings. Pisces is the last sign and if you have it in any major placement in your natal astral chart, Ceres’ will have a profound influence!

Pisces is the sign of “getting closure” or receiving one’s reward or punishment for previous spins around the Zodiac. As the oldest souls Pisces shows where there is closure or a need for it in our charts. Neptune, Chiron, and the opposing Moon in Virgo (exact at 29’59) all want us to do something to solve our problems. It can be baby steps as things we do to reach goals daily to eliminate addictions, codependency, and seeing when we are being misdirected.

Screen shot 2016-01-28 at 6.36.10 PM.png

Do we realize when someone truly loves us versus when we are being truly taken advantage of? Pisces are the last to tap others on the shoulders to do right by them. There is a natural trust in universe that we’ll all get what’s coming. Karma. On this same day of the 28th – Saturn in Sagittarius clocks in at 13’48 degrees. This is monumental because it shows a transformation happening. If we want the ‘new or the ‘young to happen we change how we understand the ‘old or reinterpret the ‘Ancient. Analysis is more than a science or tool of that, but in spiritual applications is a re-modeled, re-scaled, and re-invented template, apparatus, and means to an end. Dreams give the finished product, feeling, and experience of a soul memory (subconscious impression) – what we are doing is building the plan to get there as ‘steps. In kabbalah – steps are timed to astrology transits which act as ‘gates to what will lead us to higher goods.


This is where the paranormal rests and how we tap The Divine or Higher Self for gnosis. The Higher Self produces the dream and in higher states of awareness we can interact with the subconscious. It is during this ‘conversation with a future or different version of self we discover and unlock hidden potential. Hidden potential is knowing what you are destined to become at your greatest potential. Prodigies just know their calling and take to doing it like ducks take to water after birth. They are following what is their nature to be. How many of dreamed of being one profession only to end up doing another which in some weird way connects us back to the 1st Love in Career? It is our nature to do things that accentuate positive outcomes.

But when we go against that nature we create crimes of sin against the soul, karma. Now we not only have to find a way to complete old business but take a better approach which can be filled with good/evil life experiences. It’s like having that box full of chocolates and eating every one to determine which is the right ‘one. Instead of taking the lid of and just knowing or going right to it. This is our intuition. It’s that voice telling which ‘one it is. But how well are we listening and applying what it says?

Our sense of judgement can strengthen or weaken our will to go after what we wish to achieve but destiny insures we’ll fulfill prophecy either way. Achievement is based on spirituality whereas Fulfillment is based on what is destined or programmed into the soul – our nature. It is through choices we find direction to the right current or stream of thinking, feeling, and awareness. When we get there it’s always a gatekeeper – they represent the person, event, or act that led us where we belonged all along. They lead us to fulfillment.


Notice the ‘Two Gates in “The Moon” tarot card. We seem to be ‘entering or embarking on the unknown but familiar type. Achievement oriented persons go for what’s familiar and will take chances on this alone. Achievement is Leo based energy keyed and powered by The Sun. It is what we know about self strengths. Whereas Fulfillment uses The Moon. Fulfillment-oriented thinking goes after what it knows will be what is missing to satisfy desires. It channels intuition or subconscious powers of thought.

The Moon projects onto the Sun whatever it is holding as our ‘reflections. Reflections of emotions of great strength, things we feel intensely to be true or right. In tarot this is symbolized in the Two of Wands. Which path do we take? Which path feels familiar?

Which path is right? Which of the Sun & Moon travels and visits all zodiac signs in a matter of 3 days? The Moon. The Sun rests in the center turning and bringing light to matters of the heart. You know bringing something to mind or thinking of it. Whereas the Moon not only brings but creates awareness out of feeling empty for something. Don’t our souls cry out as callings to what will fulfill us? Don’t we Moon out vibrations to others when we enter a room? We are sending out vibes to attract what we want to achieve satisfaction of a desire. We do this in seconds with subconscious thoughts.


Clarity creates a bridge between Sun and Moon aspects of soul. Moon represents the feeling that is rising up inside as to what’s missing. Once our desires come to light something must be done to satisfy by making what was unknown – known, popular, attention getting, and electric. One person’s nature stimulates others like feeding frenzies for spiritual information. It is only when that spiritual information becomes mainstream that we all get a taste to experience it again and again. Out of one desire we create infinite outcomes towards getting it.

With personalized astrology we have the right ‘looking glass to intuit what needs to be attracted. So trust what you feel as 1st impressions – 9 times out of 10 it’s intuition putting us back on track towards achieving satisfaction. If you usually go with the head on things but are getting different results, it’s a sign to use the heart to make judgement calls. If you are a heart person with a set ideal to match, stick to it with mindfulness. Encourage random thoughts by exploring options to make them happen or attract opportunities to you.

Energy has to be created, stimulated, and nurtured to manifest desires. Clarity bridges the two worlds of the conscious and subconscious to create awareness of the super-conscious. The Moon rules the 2nd, 3rd, 4th while exerting the greatest influence in the 8th, 9th, and 10th Houses. It’s always good to pay attention to these Houses in astral charts if you wish to go after any set goal or desire. It shows if it’s possible, how, and at what its greatest potentiality.

When we go down the wrong path, it’s the time we need to seek out and go down the right one. If something is happening over and over it’s a sign to pay closer attention  with “Why-s”. Using Why this and NOT wasting time with Why Me-s makes us more productive to tap the Ceres energy in Pisces. Psychoanalysis is the process of getting unstuck by emotions.

If you are a tarot reader or watch monthly tarot scopes, and ‘Death is showing up – ALOT. It’s pointing to something being triggered by Ceres’ and lunar aspects. The Moon reflects feelings as shared thoughts, intuition, and light of deeper understanding. In tarot The Moon is keyed to Pisces. It shows how it is our nature to be drawn towards that we feel destined to be. Yes it is a 18/9 vibration meaning it is an ‘8 energy at a ‘9 awareness. It is the understanding of human nature, ours and others.


When we understand what our nature is – then we can create the right lifestyle to achieve satisfactions. It is this desire to know what’s missing shown in the 8 of Cups – The Desire for The Unknown. What new thing, adventure, or person will give us fulfillment? Will we have to create it out of the blue? Or do we seek it out using powers of attraction to feel what an experience would be like when certain desires materializes? We feel like we are stumbling through the dark but there is a strong feeling we’ll get what we want by sticking to the right path towards it. In all the tarot there is ‘direction going on of how we should be spending energies or releasing them. That Full Moon in Leo is all about ‘releasing the past and ‘releasing in general whatever we are feeling to create ‘currents. These currents act as psychic networks that direct us to where we feel we belong and with those we belong with based on nature not lust.

How can you tell the difference? Simple. A guy meets two girls. Girl A ‘looks like his dream gal but doesn’t quite feel like a dream to be with. There are forces of nature at work to shape what happens next with this person. The guy feels this girl has high standards and in order to get her he has to fit. Does he feel like ‘the one or the one for right now? Girl B is the guy’s friend and knows him in & out. There is familiarity but a spark for romance hasn’t happened yet. Why? Neither the Guy or Girl B are in that frame of mind to see the other as ‘matrimonial material. For now there is just an ease of being together.

Each is easy to hang out with or talk to and perhaps a secret way of communicating. In order to keep from messing up the friendship Guy chooses Girl A. It only goes so far. Try as he might to fit this girl’s ideal he just keeps coming up short. Why? Is it destiny playing out or was it a destiny he created out of a perceived need? Often what we need is made aware to us at a very young age. Most people who are in touch with the intuitive know their type by a certain age. As children we develop a strong palate for what will eventually turn us on inside as adults. It is actually clearer to us as children what we want or need than as adults. Like Guy – we probably kissed a lot of frogs to develop one idea of the ideal mate. Then putting this image in a frame we go through life using it to see who fits that picture in the heart and matches what we image in the mind.

What we think doesn’t always mirror what we are truly feeling. So we’ll fake the funk, put on airs, and wear a mask pretending all is well when in fact we know what indeed is missing. But like Guy we are afraid to cross boundaries or are they perceived boundaries? If something is perceived as a boundary we quickly recover to re-assert our drive to get what we desire and find most fulfilling. We won’t take “No” for an answer. Why? Shit. Because we know deep down this is the One! This is the door to crossover into the life we dream of living, experiencing, and perfecting.

We close our eyes and open them to see exactly what we wanted all along. It can be frightening to get what you want after being told, “No” – or not this time, maybe the next. It can put a person on a real emotional roller coaster of self trust, self-confidence, and being a risk taker. It costs more for us to take a risk emotionally than it does financially. With finances loss is easily recovered with back tracking. Not so much with emotional loss. All that energy we built up hoping only to empty the glass that was indeed ‘half full. But for some who see the potential or that ‘crossing it can be a chance to feed on someone’s energy, magic, and dream by doing it.

In a way its stealing but in nature stealing is allowed as a means of survival. It balances. But what if we aren’t stealing for survival but greed, revenge, or malicious intent? Sometimes a guy wants a girl not because he’s attracted but because he doesn’t want anyone else to possess or have her as their own. That’s due in part to Lilith in Libra and Juno, Isis, and Osiris in Scorpio. Osiris stays in Scorpio until the 18th of January. At that point we change course from being pursued to pursuing and from ‘running away to running straight towards that we fear or desire MOST. During this time the powers of the Moon wane as it cleanses, clears, and clarifies emotion.

On the 30th Moon enters Scorpio working hand in hand with Mars. Desires must equal what we are passionate about, towards, and qualifying with as ‘potential to drive us somewhere. Motivation is based on steeped desires. Its the ideal or the thought of materializing heartfelt desires that make us get up to run daily, or go to that job, or approach people we find stimulating. Destiny is the constant while Fate represents the events that get us safely ashore to Dreams Made True. Dreams made true are in reality Dreams Come True but we had to make them happen by putting energy towards making them happen. Sitting at home wishing to win our 1st Million is a ‘seed to the promise. But it’s actively designing our life to attract said goals or million that makes it happen.

But this guy or person has been hating me or doing all they can to keep my wishes from happening. They are jealous! I would have gotten justice if they didn’t stick their noses in or pay off people behind the scenes. I knew I had that promotion in the bag! Then she stole my idea and pawned it off as her own! Then she asked if I could continue giving her ideas to make her look smart to people. Hmmph! The gall! He was my guy, and I’d be living the dream life if she’d hadn’t jumped and stole him from me! It was my destiny! It’s her fault she didn’t become a producer! What dues has she paid? How much is her worth? In dollars and cents, not guilt trips and sensibility. Yeah – I stole her idea but if she was up on her game like I am she could have went to those people 1st. 9/11 wasn’t our fault! It was fluke of nature, bad wiring, people on an agenda, crazies with too much money and religion.

These are just some complaints heaven receives via Lunar awareness. But just like there are perceived notions there is also the truth. We may have missed an opportunity to change destiny because someone ‘robbed the system or simply knew how to work it better. How do we change perception? How do we get to know how a system truly works? How do we build up the clout or authority to reinvent the Wheel of Destiny for not only our self but others? In heaven there is no ‘Complaint Department. There is karma, reincarnation, and the power to regenerate or start anew in the unknown. it takes confidence to transform a negative situation into a positive outcome. But we feel our way when we don’t know or aren’t aware of how to fulfill what’s missing. Having joy is a process of knowing how to create for self 1st. Self-survival.

'How long have you been dead? Do you have any complaints about your treatment here? Do you have any suggestions?'

Some complaints are true and some contrived. We separate fact from fiction by assessing strengths. What are we good at, best at, and a natural at making successful in the world? Where do we fit in? Of what quality do we belong? Top notch? Top shelf? or Top Dog? Is everything replaceable or are their some positions that are destined? We are teeth in a great mouth one replacing the other.Every look into the mouth of a Great White Shark? Doesn’t this blog add dimension to what you perceived as self-truth? Are we like a tooth so easily replaced? Not when we crossover into the other side of Self. Not when that moment comes of greatness. When we share what we know and others are impressed beyond words? Doesn’t it feel amazing to know others ‘get our ideas or see our light? That light represents what others see as potential in us. Are we worth the wait of that moment or Dream Made True?


For all the chances we could have done this or that – truth is, we simply didn’t. We made excuses or flat out gave up. Do you know in Judaism and kabbalah – a student’s desire is tested several times before admittance? Why? To make sure this is indeed what is desired and not a passing fancy that can be a waste of time for Rabbis. Rabbi means ‘Teacher.


So Ceres is causing ‘students to pursue desires by doing the work to attract the right Teacher. If the right Teacher is not responding it is the student’s job to see why and to check for an alternate Instructor or Mentor. We can’t let others steal opportunities or blame them for letting chances slip through our fingers. We have to make it our business to know how to get whatever we want by clarity, specifying, and being objective about what is required as ‘effort on our part.

Either we spend time and energy whining or ‘wining & dining. It’s childish and time wasting to just sit & spin on the same ‘Washing Machine cycles. It’s all in the Rinse, right? If Guy wants a real true love of his own it’s on him to make it happen by asking Girl B out for a date. Sending telepathic messages while being in the company of Girl A ain’t gonna cut the mustard. He has to seed the opportunity and then take the risk to know for sure whether it’s meant to be or just wishful thinking. If we want that dream job we can’t wait for it to come to us – but by applying for jobs that fit the ideal we get closer. In some cases, universe steps in and sends the right job to us!


Synchronicity, ESP, intuition, and learning the esoteric all serve to provide true solutions. How? One piece of knowledge or experience sets another in motion. If we want to win this or that trophy, award, or promotion Pluto in Capricorn says – “Show me how badly you want it”. Saturn says, “Ok, I’ve assessed what you’ve done. This is what you have coming to you based on karma.” Timing and keeping our cool are vital to making Dreams Come True.

Another example, Joe wants this certain position badly. Does he A use whatever means he can to get to the top? Or, B learn how one gets to the top and does the work? Even if others are jealous and using devilish tactics to oppress, the quality of work shines through. Joe gets the notice and he kept his cool doing it.

So what if it takes Joe a while to get there, if he keeps striving, and forgiving past failures he gets ‘there. We may not be ‘Joe but there are millions of us who feel like Joe all over the planet. Someone is wishing for that and Someone is wishing for this. Once two wishes match we have synchronized events about to happen that change both person’s lives. We spin the wheel by keeping our childlike wonder but never wondering how because we are trusting at the right time it will just happen.


Joe now has new awareness and that gives him greater potential to evolve at doing or being what he loves. Love makes us be true to self by accepting what it is our nature to be, by emotion 1st. When we feel we are on the right track, we’ll stick to that one process of mind to complete any task or goal the heart has set to achieve. Self forgiveness is the key to moving forward. It’s ok to fall and people are going to give us the slip.

Prepare for success with a sound plan of action that covers either direction of a choice or decision. Having something in mind the whole time keeps us on target to fulfillment and by setting smaller goals we achieve true lasting results. Go with the flow of your particular ‘current. Staying true to who we are by nature means sticking to a goal and achieving by what we feel right. Accept how unique you are and prioritize your life accordingly. Then there is no disappointment or breeding ground for ‘worries.

What works for Sally may not apply to Paul – vice versa. The same goes in finding the ideal love what one considers ‘below standard can be the highest quality to another. Never cut self short of what it deserves. Do the work of clearing the soul. Conquer fears and feelings that you are all alone by getting out in the world. Contribute what you feel to be right. It could actually be the ideal solution to a long-standing problem. Find alternate currents to fish opportunities by taking advantage of today’s new astrology systems and astrologers. Review tarot videos before selecting an expert to read so you can get

That’s sexy crazy coolness because Joe has proved he is not only worth the investment but also the prime spot to be courted for ‘sponsorship, backing, and universal support. His ideas become global ideals the world recognizes as his brand, niche, or specialization of expertise. Spend the time by making it. Set aside one day a week to focus on one goal of self-importance. We have to invest in self before we can expect anyone else to fulfill desires. We create the desires our wish granters are to fulfill using Powers of imagination and projection to design dreams.

Create Bucket Lists but be sensible about results. Some may be slow but they are worthy of notice because it all sums up or comes out in the rinse ‘cycle. Once we’ve been made clean of dirty secrets – we emerge from cocoons of confidence. We are The Sun others see as bright beacons of light – and resources of enlightenment.


Either we see someone as our Sun or Moon – or we don’t in nature. But if it is an agenda we seek, nature falls out the window 8 stories high – landing 9 stories further on what was destined to happen as New Awareness. The agenda is what’s missing not the person to love or fulfill our desire.

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