January 23! It’s a Horoscope Ho’Down Y’all! – Bee #InDaKnow

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The Sun enters Aquarius January 20th. So hunting for something about Pallas a very key asteroid and projection of Virgo, I came up ’empty. Pallas in Greek mythology was best known as Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom with the famous Owl of knowledge perched upon her helmet or arm. The same pose takes place in the tarot card 9 of pentacles. It is a woman with a Falcon perched upon her arm sitting pretty inside her own garden. There is something most satisfying to be self-made or to be the frontrunner of a Grass Roots idea, movement, or creative expression.

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Millions are made and millionaires are fruits of genius, being in the right place, and meeting the right people. There is a formula – several – towards meeting goals, solidifying dreams, and making the world turn on its ear. We think we know what is refined, classic, and beyond the norm – then we see how the other half of the world lives. Suddenly life seems so subdued by comparison. But should it? Should we just always play the game or is it ok, and when – to have the attitude to WIN the whole damn thing?

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Bad Ego! Now get back in the dark and decrepit corner I banned you to until next’s week’s Power Meeting. We do this to our self all the time. We sit, stew, and deny what we feel is rightfully ours to possess, own, have, and ride around the block 2-3 times in. Hey for some that’s as close as one gets to owning something new that no one has put their booty prints inside. 9 energy as a whole is all about awareness and how well are we aware of what makes life so fascinating! What events make our hearts putter? What moments do we secretly wish to be in on when the shit hits the fan? What person brings out the beauty of our inner beast and tames it with the care of gentility? What heaven can we divine from the hell we are living in?

All of this comes under the sudden revelation of who, what, and how we feel under the mask we wear day in and day out to those who know and profess to know us? When in truth we have no idea of our own self and thus 9 takes the powerful emotions of 8 and directs this energy into something useful to metabolize or burn away. 9 is the energy of distillation. We strip things down to their bare to see what we are really working with and towards as dreams fulfilled. I reached my ‘9 vibration this year in turning 45. When I read what the 45/9 vibration was keyed at first I wanted to just cry. 45/9 vibration is keyed in tarot to 5 of Cups (Five of Cups) – Mars in Scorpio energy.

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Yes, I hit my peak in many areas but would one of these peaks be the rush of adrenaline needed to jolt a secret desire into being? Would I be so stirred or touched by another so as to change something about myself? 6 energy as it relates to The Lovers if the ‘present and presence of love, knowing when you’ve found it. This makes 6 a very ‘present – in the know, in the now – kinda of energy. It can be fickle and change at the drop of a dime. The Lovers is keyed to Gemini.

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is all about how things can be mercurial or change on the dime in a sec based on revelations provided by 9. A temporary circumstance can easily become a permanent situation given the right elements. It can also strike out of nowhere as what dispels what we thought was true or meant to be. In numerology, 6 and 9 flow to represent ‘flow of thought. Thought streams generate flows of persuasion, we either be directing to flow this way or that in how we think on a matter. Either it’s going to be heaven or hell but either way we’ll have the devil to pay for the ride (wisdom).

Knowledge costs when we have to experience something before we know for sure and true it’s good or bad to our well being. Who doesn’t love ‘try it before buying it options? We taste the forbidden in hopes of not getting ‘hooked on it to our own detriment of thinking. Something new can be just what we need or just what we never desired. Wishes have to be specific for this reason because we are working with universal flows of Qi – energy that makes wishes.

We are answering universal calls when we follow destiny. We are being guided to what will truly satisfy desires and in some cases the less we know about what we want the more we experience what we don’t wish to know. It’s all about knowing how to work laws of attraction for personal benefit but not at the cost of creating personal loss or “bad karma” with others. Balance. When they are side by side they resemble the symbol for Yin Yang, balance. 6 balances everything in the present but 9 balances everything – moving forward. It is always seeing things in terms of consequence. If I do this I’ll trigger that and then this will happen and so forth.

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If you are a 9′ birth day meaning you were born on the 9th, 18, 27th day of the month you’ll be impacted greatly from the Mars transit in Scorpio. If you have Scorpio in the 9th house you’ll be deeply impacted and transformed from what is learned while Mars tours Scorpio. Where ever you have 9′ energy – meaning your 9th House – in your astral chart within 0-10 degrees of any fixed sign – Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo – expect radical changes to day to day thinking or doing.

Mars is at home in Scorpio but represents the crone, goth, and deeply rooted Dark Goddess (Hermit) essence of Lilith the asteroid (Moon). Where the Dark aspects the Full Moon the Black Moon aspects the New Moon energy. Well the New Moon energy is karmic and redirecting us back to the Dark or the unknown part of self. There we find self truths, “Why” answers, and all we didn’t know but needed to be more aware about to make sound judgement calls. Lilith T-Squares with Uranus in Aries in tow, anchoring pleas or requests for justice. Universe is asking us to play fair, be fair, and be fair to self when making decisions that matter most. We are being given 2nd, 3rd, and more choices to get back on the right track.

Lilith represents natural state or sense of nature.Are we being fair with self in love, career, spiritual aspirations – are we satisfied or is there more to experience to know for certain what or who we want?

Do we choose because it fits our nature or it creates the ideal persona for image? Image is everything for some professions and for some opportunities thrive on one’s looks, appeal, or style of attraction to the public. There has to be that IT and X Factor going on to turn heads. Some have it naturally by others must work and hone their crafts with vehicles of transformation and fresh perspective. Like a menstrual cycle we recirculate the same energies year after year but how those energies configure differs and this changes the scape and scope of astrology forecasting.

When I came up with New Jack Astrology I saw it as the new style emerging versus – in how we forecast, capture intuition, and use ESP tools. What we interpret can never be as important as ‘how we are interpreting. As a process, formula, and technique this changes and so we do we in thinking processes as a whole. Intelligence is formed over time and steeped in how we answer those ‘Why questions. It’s the main incentive to become a ‘Go To expert or create a niche. I also noticed everything was set to astrology and that made it the ‘crown industry or head of all other industries in controlling trends or calculating what would set turning points into motion.

Turning points direct us to whatever is destined or meant to be with the speed of Lunar/Solar eclipses. October was the last set and the 1st set for 2016 comes March 8 – Pisces 18’55 – and March 23rd – Libra 3’17. Pisces and Libra quincunx and inconjunct so as energies they balance us out by giving us jolts of reality. We get zapped to speak with electric thoughts, insights, and ESP about one another or situations. So when we add 12th House revelations thanks to Neptune ending at 8’26 in Pisces on the 31st PLUS 7th House ‘fairness there is an explosion of honesty, being caught with one’s pants down, and vulnerable. It is our vulnerability that contributes to the term ‘human frailty.

We harp on the perfect this or that when in reality perfect doesn’t exist in that context. There is only the perfect time to say, “I love you”. The perfect time to ask our boss for that raise. The perfect producer or Powerhouse Hollywood EP who green light our screenplay into that Box Office Wonder! One thing is set up after another as events we trigger with Emotional Intelligence. The more emotionally aware we become of how we feel versus how we choose to feel the more in control we balance out to be in life coping skills.

We are far less to take shit when we know there is something much better or that we deserve better than what is being given. Where Libra is about ‘give an take in equality, Pisces says – “Fuck it! I’m taking the whole damn thing because I put up with yo shit the most to deserve it. You ain’t got to give me a damn thing – I already took the shit and bounced!” BeeBeepZoooooooM

On the 25th Eros joins Venus in Capricorn! Talk about INTENSE! With so much activity ensuring we play fair – it is hoped there will be less emotional outbursts than expected. Then again clearing the air of pent up frustrations is therapeutic and downright satisfying! Don’ we feel wonderful and wonder filled when we stand up for what we feel is right? Don’t we get the troops rallied and people all revved to storm castle-type systems, regimes, and restrictions of all sorts? Financially this creates all kinds of storms when we argue we upset the pH balance of finances. Why? Finances and deep emotions all classify as 8th House items of power, shifts, and endings of matters. We are either all for or all against the moves we make in money.

If we are married to someone whose financial values don’t match it can be mudslinging hell, silent treatments, no sex, slamming doors, and lots of yells from one room to another – type environment. When money tightens so do tempers and vulnerability factors. A person who loses their cool can also lose their fortune because the New Moon in Capricorn is 100% karmic. What does that mean? Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules the 9th House of timing, materiality, revelation, discovery, and finding true love. Capricorn is “true love” itself. In tarot Capricorn is keyed to Card Key XV The Devil.

We have a devil of a time figuring out where we want to be, who we belong with, and when life take us to our greatest call to destiny. What are we destined to achieve, what is destined to be fulfilling, or who as a true love’s calling? Capricorn is when we draw down lunar energy or take the new energy it gives us for the entire year. Now the positive is if we have done the work Saturn Rewards apply to the New Moon in Capricorn. But if we have spent a lot of time being devilish to others or wasting energy – Karmic Debts or Saturn Collections apply. Sagittarius is keyed to Card Key XIV – Temperance, the power to conjure things up, summon spiritual essences for fair play, and calling of all shots ‘in the dark.

The 9th House rules criminal elements and uses a ‘all lights out practice of making us play fairly in business, home, career, personal, and professional aspects. All of it! Whether we believe in one belief system or another, everything has a check & balance to make us be even Steven in karma. Capricorns are naturals at sussing out the superficial, just try to get in with them – there is a waiting list for their IN CROWD and applications at the door. Caps like Leo feed off energy. If the energy is good – light or dark – to them, it’s a go. They get a feeling like Cancer because they are downloading an ESP memory – intuition. Caps and Cancers alike are intuition driven.

On the 23rd there is a Full Moon in Leo! Leo represents the greatest concentration of ‘intuitive powers, thinking, and maneuvering emotionally. Why is Leo being brought up? Leo represents ‘strength, light, and the Sun or ‘heart of a matter. Leo is ‘8 energy and Caps use the energy of balance or ‘8 energy to discern whether something is truly what it says it is or NOT. Sun is fire. Leo rules ‘gold. The Sun is gold. When we hold anything up to the Sun it gives it a ‘golden glow and creates a shadow. The shadow is Lilith energy – our natural state – what we look like without the lights on. You know like how a woman truly looks without makeup in the morning. In marriage we desire a true love most because we know its a relationship built on solid foundations of attraction and attractiveness.

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Psyche in Gemini turns direct on January 26th at 10’56 degrees! Lilith is a TWIN and holds the secrets of Gemini as the High Priestess pictured in tarot Card Key II. Lilith holds the secrets that power CUSPS in astrology. She holds the secrets of the zodiac we are leaving and taking into the next zodiac in sequence. The twin energies of Gemini are Leo-Virgo, The Cusp of Exposure. We open up to let the light shine in and tell us which way is right not BEST to go! Each twin fears being drawn out and exposed by the other. Good vs Evil. Light vs Dark. Male vs Female. Based on what we’ve acquired as wisdom about our nature we make a choice we can stick with in commitments of all types. For Twin Flames this is what causes each to be destined to meet NOW as averse later. We reach peaks in self-understanding to know what makes us tick or what will simply TICK us off.

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Where as with friends with benefits, girlfriend/boyfriend, and being engaged – as status they are ‘in the present, temporary, and yet to become ‘meant to be. We are deciding whether we want to buy. lease, lease to own, or use up what we need before returning it. Be honest how many of us have bought something with the intent of never keeping it or returning it for the cash back? We were ‘borrowing so to speak. But in court of law – borrowing – can quickly mercurialize into ‘theft, scandal, scam, cheat, and charlatan. All of this is 9th House activity.We’ll be holding court on life decisions – with self as judge, jury, and execution of delivery. Decisions will be ‘final and finalizing meaning destiny will be changed and adjusted for fairness, equality, and show of compassion.

The 9th House answers the most important question about life events – “Why?” It represents the karmic residue carried over from past lives as lessons we perfect in the present to build the right future (lifetime). In the 9th House law is reviewed for debate, interpretation, and possession – ownership, claim, and high stakes.


In tarot all 9 energies fall under The Hermit – Universal Knowledge – as Card Key IX and in finality under Judgement as Card Key XX. Why? ‘Judgement is keyed to Vulcan – Virgo’s natural ruler and Virgo represents all the facts we should be aware of before making a judgement call. Analysis. Pisces – across from Virgo on the zodiac – rules Psychoanalysis. Isn’t the North Node balancing all matters between Pisces and Virgo unfolding?

Yes ‘enlightenment is being created within us to transform how we make the right judgement as averse what’s best at the moment. What’s best now may not be down the road. So the Hermit’s ESP comes in handy if we listen to our Intuition found via Judgement Calls. The right ones. Intuition comes as random thoughts and may or may not agree what what we think we desire. It agrees with what we will desire and naturally love. It’s the light guiding us out of the tunnel to the light of a new day – that moment we understand why that was the right judgement call to make. Foresight. It’s the only way to access Wisdom which is neither light or dark – it just is what it is “the unknown” we have yet to experience.

When we look at someone as a love potential or potential of any kind don’t we make judgement calls? May be they aren’t concrete or final but we go with strong feelings or 1st impressions – most of the time, especially when it’s been “right or spot on”. Pallas in light-bearing – Shadow Work oriented – Aquarius leads us to ask more questions related to, “Why?” Why do I love this person? Why am I working this job? Why am I living in this place instead of another? Why did this person screw me over? Why? Why? So what is the remedy for all these “Whys?”


Ceres enters Pisces January 28th! Ceres represents what feeds and satisfies the soul. Soul is mapped by what feels destined, right to do, and right to believe. Karmic Astrology and Karmic Tarot readings. They relate to 9th House and Saturn transits specifically to root out what is causing bad luck, how to create more good luck, and what is missing to manifest any idea, wish, or dream.

The 9th House (9th Gate of Self Awareness) holds the truth about who we are likely to marry for the long haul based on certain attributes, qualities, and philosophical values. Light changes form but what is expressing that ‘light doesn’t if its true to what it is. If we are the same person inside we have grounding to trust self in all decision making – fast/slow – won’t matter. It’s fun to know and assess strengths/weaknesses. It’s how we figure out what we are made of inside. Once we know what we are destined for – do we have the guts to go after it and make it true about something we experienced?












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