Venus in Sagittarius – What More Do Our Little Hearts Desire…?


December 30th Venus the planet of love, ruler of Libra and governess of Taurus enters the sign of Sagittarius. Pluto, Mars, Lilith, 5 major asteroids, Uranus, and Saturn are all in a huddle to teach us lessons. We are old dogs learning fresh tricks of the trade and learning better how to trade feelings to create compassion.

We are on the hunt for some big idea, the next big thing, and the next great lay (sex). Once we’ve had IT that good it’s only naturally to desire more of it, right? But – what if we haven’t really had IT but we can still FEEL it as though we did?


Ok, so now when I map all the pertinent data of planets, key asteroids, and other cosmic bodies. We mix it up and taste the Divine New Soup we’ve stirred or set in motion. Intentions are powerful. If you have Sagittarius in any prominent placing in your astral chart now is the time to start thinking and planning what your heart desires to achieve in 2016.

Whether it’s love, finance, career, profession, or holistic talent – now is the time to culture ideas into mainstreams. Broadcasting or speaking our self truths fill in the blanks after statements of the mind that begin with …What if ___ did really happen? How would it feel to be in that moment? Don’t you wonder how it would feel to have that ideal love, profession, travel experience, or sexual excursion? Well Venus in Sagittarius positively smolders to bring it home thanks to that Full Moon in Cancer.

Screen shot 2015-12-30 at 7.28.17 PM.png

Trouble roots from oppressing forces – people whose wishes counter ours as ‘opinions – educated and un-educated. So how can we stop so many of these celestial pileups? We have to create a system of being true to self beliefs. Easy.  We consult a expert astrologist or metaphysical astrologist such as myself to map our astral charts. What is that? it’s navigating your vibrations and making moves when those vibrations are most favorable to push open doors that bypass all negative vibrations.

We don’t just make moves, we plan them out to achieve big dreams. We take more time to know what it is we desire and how we are most likely to achieve them. When those dreams don’t manifest we back track on where we went wrong. Using esoteric tools is a proven way to successfully map out the next move to finding that next big idea, goal, or concept which sets us apart as ‘unique – genius – or otherworldly. Why? We are tapping the fruit of Higher Self thought processes.

Now this is a new science to date, but a very old profession and specialty in Ancient Egyptian astrology and tarot systems. Why? Very few know the art of Hermetic Astrology unless one is well tapped into their past life accesses or akasha.

Screen shot 2015-12-30 at 7.29.50 PM.png

Hermetic Astrology is super accurate in fact it was one of the 1st systems used to calculate current calendars. Egyptian monarchs held like Alexander The Great never made a move without consulting his Hermetic Astrologist aka – Spiritual Advisor.

Today the same practice is being used right before our eyes to develop brands or strengthen old ones. We call them ‘awareness – you know, commercials, public media, social media, and any thing connected to advertising or sales at a subliminal or subconscious level.

It’s indirect direct selling you know power of suggestion infused or backed by power of influence (The Moon & Neptune). But on a person to person note awareness is making another aware of how we feel, why, and when. We are giving a clear picture of what it feels like to be in any given moment. That’s data in the business world, reality shows in TV, and something to build a case with in the legal aspect. Ammunition of ambitions.

Chiron opens doors (to the heart) in the form of heartfelt apologies. It’s important to express how others makes us feel or show them so it discontinues altogether. This gifts each person with the compassion of wisdom to unlock what’s in their heart and bring “fears” to attention. But if someone wounded so deeply talk is not possible, let it go in private with crying, exercising, or positive affirmations.

We are responsible for culturing our emotional well being but karma takes care of all the rest. Venus in Sagittarius will provoke us to say something so nothing is left unsaid. If we say nothing then universe steps in to balance the scales (karma). Saturn creates life lessons for the person who hurt to go through what he put – the person wounded – through. One rises (Cancer) and one falls or comes back to Earth.

Screen shot 2015-12-30 at 8.10.17 PM.png

We set off chain reactions to create domino effects of making lots of mooh-la. World disasters, press releases, and everything else is set to a giant psychic timer used by the select to improve “cash flows” by playing with astrology transits. We begin to play the heart like a Stradivarius. Plucking heart strings gets the blood pumping and in the case of false hope strings a person along because heart is engaged.

Intellectually, do we detect the difference? If we do it’s easy not to buy in or be baited in tense or obtuse situations by psyche puppet mastery. Power of projection is lifted up to the light of the Sun to see whether it’s real or ‘Memorex – JK – seriously we are being engaged at multiples levels of intelligence when emotions are involved.

Love is big business. Full Moon in Cancer released high frequencies of ‘love energies at “8” levels. In numerology “8” is power and in Kabbalah it is ‘hod – glory and what we find glorious. Without love there is simply no ‘glue of attraction from Venusian beams. We ain’t feeling it or we do. Synastry. Synchronicity.

Acts of the unknown planned well in advance to trip wires in the human psyche to create and maneuver reactions, engagement, and emotional engaging. Human thought is being steered but in what direction or end? A happy ending or a Nightmare on someone else’s street of dreams made true? Careers are banked on the failures of others – it’s a truth and self-truth. Simon Cowell makes $$$ because he is a master at getting people involved in other people’s back stories on the ride to fame, fortune, and all the experiences Hollywood can manufacture as dreams come true.

Screen shot 2015-12-30 at 8.13.27 PM.png

Don’t you find yourself losing yourself in someone else’s hardship or hard luck story? But the Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn exposes “why” we’re experiencing so much hardship or hard luck. We are being tested by our character to “hang in there” or “stand up and fight” for what we want most out of life. It’s a modern take on David & Goliath, Hercules & his 7 Tasks to reach immortality, or Chicken Little warning the town about the sky falling.

Screen shot 2015-12-30 at 8.15.22 PM.png

Some of life’s worst experiences created the best Hollywood stories. Overcoming the odds of something or someone isn’t a Child’s fable but a truth of life. It is the process of coming out of our cocoon or comforts to seek and secure potential far beyond our dreams. This is Venus (the child & Mother) in Sagittarius. It’s when we get so upset and can’t take it anymore we let the ‘force awaken to kick ass and take no prisoners on our hunt to Dream USA. We stop dilly dallying and get down to doing business straight from the hip by being more direct in how we express desires.

Desires are built up in Scorpio, the 8th House as “8” energy. This energy taps the mysterious, going beyond the veil within our deepest self – “heart” to know what indeed will satisfy us. Venus in Sagittarius enhances sexual drive, curiosity, and allure. Mixed with the super-potent Full Moon in Cancer we should have a real Big Bang setting off 2016 Wonders in industry. Finances in astrology planets and asteroids show a slam effect happening. We’ll have to touch others to get them engaged enough to buy into what we are selling.

No we don’t have to make them cry – but some might not when disappointment sets in to stop any more wondering. When we find out what we missed it can have two effects or directions of reaction. We are mad we missed out or glad as hell we didn’t bother. We are using intuition to gauge whether an opportunity is truly what is professes or just another hack in the sack. Much like anticipation is built up from daydreaming about a certain person we muse about sexing to death and beyond. Now aren’t we all hot in the draws when we see a certain person who makes the bells go off?


Physical attraction is a must to getting it UP, right but mental/emotional attraction is the absolute to keeping it UP. One is the glue to come together and the other is the glue that keeps us from falling apart, stamina. What happens when confidence in self wanes? It changes how and when we attract the one we desire. This desire acts as a mechanism to keep ‘heart engaged for extended lengths of time. It’s the let down of false hope or the realization something or someone just wasn’t meant to be. Truth hurts and wounds, but it heals too. We have given self real choices by opening up to see the bigger picture to tell it or sell it. The same goes when we anticipate getting that promotion, being noticed for our talent, or marrying our own Prince/ss Charming.

Now what happens after we discover the experience? Three outcomes. 1. It’s all we’d built it up to be and much more 2. It’s nothing like we hoped – in fact it’s our worst nightmare come true 3. We feel absolutely nothing, which means delivery fell flat. In metaphysics the building process is our ‘passion and the let down after is the ‘disappointment. These are two very important powers of influence shared by yours truly Cancer and Capricorn. Flow. Cash flow. Love flow. Chi Flow. Energy Flow. Either we are moved or we just ain’t. I know from experience how these gauges work on us financially so I’m sharing it with you freely to establish higher standards of anticipation in business marketing, outreach, and stellar sales performances.

If something ain’t selling it ain’t what the people want. We wanted it but the “people” or social climate who make something popular – ‘don’t. Genius is only appreciated as long as it gives everyone that invested emotionally and financially what they wanted. Why? That’s how something becomes popular. It’s physics, the laws of supply & demand, and esoteric know-how that gets the Virgin to Pop Her Cherry.

Venus in Sagittarius wants us to seek and discover what truly turns us on so we can share it and turn the world on to something “new”. We must find what is “sexy” or attractive about what we are selling to manage and manipulate the market but tastefully. Why tastefully? Pluto in Capricorn demands nothing less than class, but on the dark side it will support the business of “ass and cash”. But everything has its place, order, and time. But at some point we find where light and dark blends to divine blockbusters, bestsellers, and hot items for the season. Venus in Sagittarius will make us more comfortable with exploring our shadows and making peace with them with self-acceptance.


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Love, Light, & Spiritual Growth To U

Happy 2016!


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