2016 – 2015 in Review – Setting the Flow

We end 2015 with a Full Moon in Cancer and enter 2016 with a New Moon in Capricorn on the 9th. All the time in between these two events sets the flow, mood, and mindset going into 2016, the Year of the Red Monkey. Cancer and Capricorn are polar opposites in the zodiac. They act as the polarizing forces or events that awaken us to new ideals.

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ESP, 6th sensibilities, clairsentience, and emotional intelligence as a whole rise to epic proportions! Why? We are being given and gifted with the tools of foresight to make wiser choices from heart, head, and soul perspectives. We know intuitively when something or someone is meant to be because it resonates to the soul. We hear music, chimes, and bells go off when something really gets our goat or pushes the right buttons.

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 25th was a phenomenon all by itself because 2015 began with a New Moon in Cancer. There is the air and feel of fulfillment, prophecy, and enlightenment buzzing our cores. We are driving towards some big moment or something is driving us. There is no need to look to the past because that will all be worked out as we master the art of self-expression, self-control, and self-improvement thanks to Regulus in service oriented Virgo. It takes thousands of years for Regulus to move through one zodiac. It acts as the heart of what we call heart & soul. Regulus tempers us with self-regulation. How far are we willing to go to meet or make that dream come true? What will be deal breakers going into joint ventures? Who can we trust? Where can we invest trust or build financial empires?

What new aspirations will we set and how fast should we pace the self to get there? Heaven is knocking but are we so quick to answer if we don’t see or recognize vital signs that ‘This Is It? It’s time to play ball with our futures and put our balls on the line to call in what we deserve. How well we do in 2016 was all built up from 2012-15. It’s important to check our temperatures to keep from rising against a machine we can’t quite see to fight. Those in the know can expect to un-know it thanks to North and South Nodes in Virgo/Pisces.

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We are being driven to see the bigger picture by working backwards towards meeting real goals at a practical pace. Remember it’s OK to slow down and ask experts or those in the know. If information is not flowing we can create it from scratch by building niche markets. We are in the driver’s seat to make our genius work for us by sharing what we know in platforms that populate the masses. Social climates will forever be changed as we make the move to settle into cruise control towards something bigger than we’ve ever dreamed and better than we’ve ever known. We are entering Higher Self dimensions of understandings to balance power shifts.

Published by: Ola Queen Bee Of Astrology

Hi I'm Ola - I love to royal-lize things by adding astrology, metaphysics, and lots of Feng Shui. It enhances potential and creates new doors of opportunities for my clients. If you'd like to get deeper into the esoteric of you email me - OlaQueenBeeOfAstrology. Yes - I am seeking to expand my line of astrology & wellness products like Apple Newsstand's Astrology Tomorrow. If you are an astrology professional and wish to receive love instead of give - it's okay to love you, 1st. Check my monthly blogs to re-charge and give you the fresh perspective you deserve. Readings are done on a donation-basis because I want everyone to have access to heavenly-charged solutions to daily life problems. Let's get life re-organized - together. XO - Ola, QBoAstrology I specialize in #Egyptology #metaphysics, #magi , #lightwork, #businessastrology, #businesstarot, akashic records access (mediumship), astral projecting, astral telepathy, occulesics, herbal iridology, organic techniques, organization, keen eye to detail, kinesthiology, kinesthetics, Hebrew astrology, Chinese astrology, Feng Shui, astrology, tarot, love tarot, love astrology, soul astrology, sidereal astrology, clairvoyant, clair intelligent, clair sentient, quantum physics, meta-quantum physics, Egyptian pyramids, and my personal favorite Hall of Records (mediumship), spiritual medium, angel communications, archangel communications, Jinn specialist and interpreter, holistic healer, karma accountant (mediumship used to balance+clear+cleanse bad karma, aura healing, praise & worship (Wicca), ability to understand foreign relations, soul pod healer, death and bereavement counseling, karmic cleansing, herbal detoxification systems based on personal astrology profile, read & interpret astral charts, specialize in adding personal touches to businesses (small, medium, large, and gigantic), creative analyst (Get Your Creative Mojo Back!), sexual astrology, sexual aura clearance/cleansing (When Your Sexual Preferences Change and You Don't Know Why), animal communication/telepathy, numerology, numerology life path charts, Maturity Cycles, Soul Cycles, diagnosing Yoga Moves to initiate energy healing (personal favorite), herbal & wellness advice (When you want an organic option to heal)

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