2016 Yearly Tarot For All The Signs- #InDaKnow – Part I

OK, guys and kiddies it’s time to get on our new ship that brings us out of 2015 into 2016 moments. We should have a pretty good idea of what we hope to achieve in 2016. But how? What will be the navigation points or ‘signs we’ve made it to that special moment of achievement? What will be the items to keep on the watch for as the metaphorical transforms into the real and happening. Life is movement, flow, and flow of emotions. That’s right we record all memories and make all impressions via emotional drive and what emotionally drives us kicking and screaming to goal lines.


How did we close the deal? How did we woo that ideal mate? What triggered that reaction to take a stand? How did we find a way to align with universal Chi? What new journey is ahead of us to complete as some great new part or chapter in Life? How did we know we were ready to love again? Well the planets are all aligned in astrology. But tarot gives us a steady reading of emotional flows or “Chi” in Eastern cultures it is called Prana or “light”. It’s what rejuvenates, sparks, and makes us feel young all over again. Heavenly alignments between Venus and Jupiter on the 22nd of December and Uranus the planet of “light” all put us back on track. Enlightenment about a matter has occurred at subconscious levels and is now working its way to the frontal lobe.


Well, psychologically this means we are finally aware of what we need to do or get accomplished to reach certain goals that lead to freedom. Freedom? Yes – freedom from self made and literal “jails” or “prisons” of the mind. Those feelings that say we can’t do something we knew we must to break free or cut loose from bad habits. A person. A job. A place to live. Negative thinking. All of these are forms of holding the self back from what feels destined.


The ‘force of the Full Moon in Cancer on Xmas 2015 surged a lot of old emotions to the surface. No we don’t have to go hillbilly crazy to turn the tide or the page to something better, new, and more of a fit. Or – do we? Tarot helps us curb emotional overdrives by showing the central emotion or “current” we’ll be swimming against. It’s the standard of the tide we need to make something spark or change. We are being ‘set up to ‘set it off by acting on making dreams come true. If there was a person or Twin Flame situation to work through 2015 gave us the tools to turn on the lights – inside.

Queen of Cups energy now transmorphs into the overdrive of the ultra creative Empress. We’ll have the entire year to self improve and turn some idea into the ideal as a goal we made happen with hard work. Yeah! All those energies of blockage and blocking are removed or dozed over by sheer genius of slowing down and re-tracing steps towards goals. Yes we have this image but if we don’t take the time to cultivate the right love for what we wish to do, it’s wasted energy that has been misdirected, or derailed by the efforts of others.

No we don’t play the blame game when someone blocked us out of position. We reset emotionally using tarot to re-map a new method to our madness to getting self-satisfied. Divorces, breakups, and keeping it real will cause us to unsettle, shake up, and shift whatever has been a weight of ‘oppression. We become aware of how to use strengths to counter weaknesses (shadows). It’s time to see the world from a fresh perspective and new set of ‘eyes that see from the heart but balance the head. We are creating and harvesting new thoughts – you know, how we approach problem-solving?


Thanks to new platforms of expression we are accessing more free information than ever! We are getting led in fresh directions with the powers of thought. For some born during major Uranus transits change can be difficult. But it is rewarding when we learn how to share by accepting our differences. By changing how we measure relativity we change frequencies of understanding. We gain insight because what we didn’t know is now mainstream in culture to repopulate thought patterns in social climates. Scratching your head? Capricorn is the sign of manifestation but what and from where is it manifesting? The realm of emotion controlled by Cancer, The Crab.

Cancer has a reputation of being the energy that makes us feel comfortable at home with our darkness. Cancers are natural counselors of what hurts inside or finding what wounded the soul. Something did or said hurt to hear, didn’t it? Something said or done made us mad as hell and not wanting to take it any more, didn’t it? No? Well just wait Cancer is the Cosmic Mother energy. She loves and disciplines. How? Karma and karmic endings to things. Karma gifts us with compassion to understand how what we did made another feel. Feelings power up into emotions. Feelings are those electric charges we give off when we are emotional or emotionally engaged. When we are engaged we express how we feel in masses and at mass dosages.


As a highly strung individual and Cancer Moon I can tell you I can get H-O-T. My passions act as incinerators nuking all emotions around me when in overdrive. Anger Management is nothing to make light of. For some being this upset can be an upset to environment as a whole. So this is how tarot can be healing because in seeing the root of problems we are alerted to how to fix them. Emotions can be engaging, invested, detached, and disengaging. When we feel for we activate ‘love when we detach we activate hate and deactivate love vibrations. Dr. Hunter S. Thompson was KNOWN for his temper and change of emotion at any given moment. So we aren’t alone in acknowledging anger as a problem, what are doing to manage it?

Screen shot 2015-12-29 at 7.06.25 PM.png


We are either pulling something or some experience in or pushing it out. We either let it flow, go with the flow, let the good times roll, or feel rolled over by bad times. This is the energy of the Full Moon in a Cancer (nutshell). Cancers either feel or feel nothing at all. If they don’t feel it can act as an agent of killing or killing off of something. It is emotionally pushing or pulling to get back in balance. Cancer-Capricorn couples and people with Cancer and Capricorn in astral charts can all attest to this! If you have Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, or any key planet in Cancer/Capricorn this is where we’ll see “changes” at their greatest.

It is also wise to see which house is ruled by Cancer to identify clearly what can make one most emotional. Cancer shows us where our greatest fears and comforts are as “what we feel”. Triggers and what triggers emotions the most are all found where ever Cancer or Capricorn are placed in astral chart. In tarot Cancer is keyed or matched to The Chariot (How we get to where we wish to be) and Capricorn is keyed or matched to The Devil (The Fear of Shadow holding us back from getting where we wish to be). Emotionally, Capricorn pulls its power from Cancer – by turning the anger into something of value. All that drive is now ‘ambition. Capricorn locks on what is to be manifested by hearing Cancer’s thoughts.

But if Cancer clams up there is nothing to draw from and nothing for the Moon/Saturn to communicate as ‘flow of ESP, emotional chi, or prana. Emotional energy fuels Emotional Intelligence. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn the planet of life lessons, timing, and cycles of karma. Cancer is ruled and rules all Lunar energies by reflecting, deflecting, and resonating at high levels of emotion.

In numerology Cancer is ‘7 energy to reveal or conceal emotion as feelings on a matter. Either we let some one in to her our heart or shut them out at absolute levels. This is how we cut ties, cords, or get another out of thoughts. Yes the 7th House belongs to Libra but Libra needs currents of emotion to weigh the best decision. This is supplied by Cancer energy at its most raw. It’s Cancer’s heart energy that activates “Heart Chakras” using Capricorn’s power color of “green”.

What do Cancer love to do most make lots of green – ‘cash and create cash flows we can invest towards Capricorn goal setting. If you look at a drawing of a heart doesn’t it look like two 7’s facing each other in “communication” or back/forth motion. Thought and planning all use back/forth motion because it is a curiosity building into wonderment to discover if a feeling is true or false. Can I or can’t I? Should I or shouldn’t I? We are playing with forces of destiny by checking for ways to seal or change our fate. If we feel differently we change outcomes.

All of this happens in split seconds like when #TamirRice was shot. A few seconds of deliberating or calculated thinking can turn a nightmare into a dream or vice versa. But in mirror, mirror – how others make us feel or what impressions they leave also have the same effect or influence. Same works with accepting or rejecting ‘advice, assistance, or help. If someone sees the direction we’re headed they can clear the way or block the path by calculating, planning, or strategy. 7 as an energy is what can create/destroy ‘anything into being or being destined. The North Nodes in Virgo/Pisces reveal the consequences of said emotions or actions along with the karma to be received or indebted as ‘payback. Why? Because where Saturn is ‘karma, the Moon is ‘karmic.


It is reading or discerning what is and what ain’t really true or true for/to the self. It’s what gets the heart palpitating. Remember when Jupiter was in Cancer? Reflect on those timelines and set fresh goals for 2016. Something from 2014 carries over to be fulfilled in 2016.

On lifts and the other will act as a grounding agent, something to bring us back down to Earth. Cancer and Capricorn have the toughest or the easiest time making their relationship work. It has to do with rhythm and setting or deciding from the jump who does what, who is responsible, when, and how towards reaching goals as a team. Either we pick a good dance partner or a lousy one. The question is are we willing to learn new dance steps or approaches to problem solving? If it’s one person’s way or the highway all the time we never move.


Screen shot 2015-12-29 at 7.53.36 PM.png


But if there is room for communication, sharing, and opening up we eventually get where we wish to be. Emotions run the gamut of shame, guilt, to blame and what the root of a problem is. Once we identify the problem what approach will we take to resolve it? Ah! See how this bleats into New Year’s resolutions? We are building up the emotion to resolve problems once and for all fast or slow, in big or mini steps, goals or milestones.

We are creating the flow to cleanse or wash away what is irritating (the soul). We are also using what caused us grief to create “pearls” of wisdom we can share and make money with. But first we have to plan out the process so we are the ones directly benefiting and not someone or something we aren’t aware of as a “influence” or force of fate. We are navigating our way through life using the power of thought, emotion, and creative expression to move, motivate, and gift others with love. What are those gifts, pearls, and diamonds we wonder?

Year of the Monkey 2016 is all about putting our feet where our mouth as been to climb, reach, and set new heights of self-excellence. But with one hitch – most of us will be partnered on our new self-journies. There is that “influence” that is pushing buttons, pissing us off, or making life down right unbearable. These are the influences we’ll be grateful for later as what made us ‘move forward.


Screen shot 2015-12-29 at 7.43.03 PM.png

Capricorn is a ‘young energy where Cancer is the crusty ol’ soul making us turn into something or someone of importance to us. There are the only zodiacs to exchange or transform the other because both control mindset and how we set the mind to ways of thought projecting. When we stop fearing how others think of us (Cancer) we find true popularity (Capricorn) because we are true to self. That’s reaching full potential, right?

END of Part I

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