PT. II High Priestess + Superior Mercury in Scorpio = Reaching Potential!

While hunting for blogs on Superior Mercury in Scorpio, I couldn’t quite find what I was seeking so I decided to fill in the blanks. This particular Superior Mercury packs a punch by shifting global and cosmic social climates. We are being transformed! Awakenings. Ascension. Higher ESP.

We experience amazing clarity on calling things before they happen. Foresight. Aliens, what are they & more important WHO are there, and how long have they truly been living in or on this planet? Ancient Technology and fascination for civilizations like Lemuria, Atlantis, Maya, Khemet, and the Days of Noah are all hot topics in astrology circles.

Superior Mercury Scorpio Wiki.png

Superior Mercury Wikipedia –

But how does all of this fit into the bigger picture of this particular Superior Mercury. Sun conjuncts Mercury as inferior every 116 days during Mercury Retrogrades and about 9 times out of the year when Mercury is in direct orbit. Retrograde means a planet’s orbit is moving so slowly it appears to be moving backwards when in deed it’s moving forward and has a more concentrated pull when inferior, but a potent effect on the psyche and intellect when Superior.

This particular Superior Mercury is the last of 2015 happening in the razor sharp and deep emotional sign of Scorpio at 24’56 degrees. Now as a “person” it refers to meeting those who are persons after our own heart. There is ease of being around a certain person, group, or someone special in our life. This person adds spark or makes us spark in ways we’d forgotten. They influence our thought patterns, how we feel, and what we find exciting, new, & curious.

As energy (food for the soul) we are seeking out these kinds of relationships, interests, and desires. We are quenching our fires using self-prognosis to reach higher self-gnosis and self-mastery. Companionship with afterlife benefits is closer to detail with Pluto at 13’44 Capricorn and Neptune going direct in Pisces 7’01 degrees on the 18th. This energy complements the North Node backing into Virgo 29’58 degrees on the 12th.

We are being yanked and pulled like taffy then placed on the right direction, path, or mission to fulfill the bigger picture, the next chapter, and for some a new Book on life experience, wisdom, and becoming “angelic”. Divine Callings happen all the time but this season is different because of 2 major factors taking place on Oct, Nov, and Dec’s Full Moons in Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer all at 3’19 degrees on one side of the world and 3’20 on the other side. Not to mention in other parts of the world where Eastern countries are preparing for 2016, the Year of Red Fire Monkey.

fire monkey.png

Red Fire Monkey – 2016!

With all we learn from letting go we take away master level advice, counsel, and lifestyle changing information. We transform the old into the very “new” by using our noggin instead of other parts of the body. The second important nod happens on November 20th when Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. We reach conclusions, bottom lines, and clear answers to soul contract questions. “Is this the one?” Many will be asking about new loves who feel like “home” and old ones, it’s time to let go of completely. Yes – Twin Flame love is Divine and as such it takes a Divine Power to either reunite or sever a tie completely for two happy or suffering souls sharing the same soul, mind, and spirit.

The heart is the only link that ties the two. Both hearts of each Twin Flame must be on the same page emotionally to “match” and be matched. If the vibrations don’t match the tie is ruled as “obsolete” and severed permanently. The separation releases and extracts obscene levels of “emotional power” which act as celestial driving forces (Merkabahs).

There is a need to find this person to “live” or feel alive again. Remember in the myth how Isis searched Heaven & Earth for all the missing pieces to reincarnate Osiris. However, some use the energy commercially as a personal battery charge. The problem is that it generates immeasurable karma when we “jolt” one another in Twin Flame unions. These jolts cause great damage and result in “health issues”. It hurts like “hell” to lose one’s soul because that is what each Twin Flame is to the other.

So universe balances this loss of energy by grandfathering in old soul mates as the new Twin Flame. Vesta sparked a (Violet) flame when it went direct Pisces 28’45 degrees. Something or someone lit a fire inside our soul or “touched” us spiritually! Thus the meaning of “Flames” in Twin Flames, it is about wanting the same thing, at the same time, and being on the same page emotionally. A Divine Love connection where two feel made in heaven for the other. The same goes in business partnerships and commitments of all kinds. The Dark is being united with The Light of the same self, spirit, soul, and “heart” by raising our vibrations or “knowing what we want” and concentrating just on that.

Night and day – Dusk to Dawn – who or what are we thinking most about? What? How often? In what or how many ways? No matter how much we try not to think of that person or energy, we do it even MORE! Crazy isn’t it? Not really. It’s just the mechanics of metaphysics. What happens Above has to manifest Below. That’s why we are told to focus on our dreams and what we wish to achieve, accomplish, or possess most. As long as it is in harmony with spiritual laws universe aligns to make it happen. We give birth to thought by turning them into realizations, self-realities.

But a new Twin Flame union may or may not have access to the energy from the old Twin Flame union contract depending on how well each TWF as lived up to what was written and agreed between them as “Twin Souls”. Yes, we actually agree to this subconsciously, super-consciously, and consciously when we “awaken” or become aware of whom our Twin Flame’s identity is. Twin Flames are “angels and that of the angelic within the human experience” being matched to the same.

There are no “alien life forms” only angels, the angelic, and The Divine. It is our angelic DNA which makes us smarter. When we tune into our higher frequencies we are tapping into the angelic side of soul – the self. When we are objective and use intuition to base decisions we tap 888 Higher Consciousness. 888 is the numeric code for “universe” in numerology.

Screen shot 2015-11-22 at 8.31.28 PM.png

Angels have no gender. They are made whole by mating as humans 1st – evolving into “oneness” with universe – oneness with the allness of Like those pillars they are the Divine Likeness or Consort to the other. Divine creation. Mysticism. As of November 22, Osiris (AuSarEt) is in Scorpio 6 degrees while Isis is in Libria 17’17! Mars semi-sextiles Osiris at 6 degrees Libra and Isis conjuncts Hekate forming that new energy of transformation, while Ceres trines Osiris at 6 degrees Aquarius. Who do we have our heart set on attracting as “The One”? What is the Queen of seeing inside that great Cup of hers? What is she conjuring? As an energy this is what we are doing by focusing on what we want in “love”. Remember Osiris bears “Isis” name within his own.

S I     I S–>ISIS

Osirius = Sirius = The Dog Star (Star Gate) – Nature & Natural Laws (Spiritual Laws)

Without these two polar energies coming together or submerging into “one” everything becomes “nothingness”, the epitome of Nihilism. We find life meaningful when there is love to feel us up with good memories, n’est ce pas? Not to mention we have the ceremony of Samhein lingering – why? Because the proper energies for Osiris and Isis are aligned in the metaphysical but not in the physical is why. It’s like having a brand new TV and now power outlet to fit the plug.

The energy is suspended in Neptune and that means facing fears, exploring our emotions, and psychoanalyzing how we feel moment to moment because the transformations will be that profound! Neptune is where all Twin Flames travel psychically through Venus’ charge into deep states of consciousness. Ever feel when you meditate you are “floating” away but still very much in the body? Well Twin Flame encounters feel this way when two Twin Souls come together they form “stuff” spiritually speaking and this transforms the entire global system at cosmic levels. We need more love in the world to counter war and encourage “peace” talks.

There is a universal unity to Twin Flame love that heals the entire planet! It is the Horus of Osiris/Isis’ love, the product we create from “love” and being loving. Our cup has to be filled or overflowing with love to truly know what love feels like doesn’t it? We do this by finding out what we love, by reviewing favorite things, liking pages in social media, and creating playlists.

We are storing this information to access it quickly. Why? It makes us happy and turns on our inner light. Happiness is what is used to attract one Twin Flame towards another. This is why self-love is so necessary for the process. Like pyramids, everything is a a process, a formula, and a key to greater success at getting what we want. First desire like fire has to be sparked to burn in the heart like an eternal flame for something we are carrying. We can only give it to that “one” – the TWF.

Screen shot 2015-11-23 at 12.33.08 AM.png
Tarot Key VI – The Lovers (Gemini) – Power to Choose Wisely and From The Heart – Notice the King of Wands (Emperor) to the left, and the Queen of Cups (Empress) to the right. They are being brought together via Divine Intervention (Synchronicity) Notice the egg, book, children, Eagle, and Lion – The Royal Marriage of “Thought” and the formation of Intuition. Divine Light radiates from the central figure (Angel) and 3rd Eye Perspective of a matter (Heart) – A fair ruling (match) is taking place

One doesn’t complete but complements the other Twin for that wholesome feeling of “innocence” again, it’s when the Devil meets Ms. Devil and there is no more evil in the world because he’s getting it on the regular. Two hearts (Fire/Water) of the same energy two polarities are now “in agreement” = Cosmic Shift of all energies, time is reset, world of thought is transformed. Blind Dragon appears! Abracadabra!

Each alpha energy is a “pillar” mirroring the other behind the Keeper of The Akasha (intuition). We have to trust intuition it is the centrifugal force pulling us towards what is destined or “who” as one’s Twin Flame. Each being is comprised of male and female energies so there must be balance within self before we can handle Twin Flame vibrations (emotional maturity) and spiritual mastery. Each energy is a “key” towards opening or sparking off the other. Pushing the right buttons to get the right results.

“Regulus” –

Remember Regulus? Well it’s 3 degrees into Virgo and haven’t we felt the shift since 2012 when Regulus entered Virgo? The next cycle of Full Moons all will aspect Regulus to regulate the flow of abundance on a daily basis. We’ll be working daily towards getting back to the life we want or transforming into the new life we wish to experience. We are between those two pillars behind The High Priestess – crossroads, final decisions, and changes of destiny based on “signs” of the things to come. So we can make the decision or set the heart, and universe sends “The One” to fulfill that desire. Wish Maker meets Wish Granter.

high priestess.png

High Priestess –

Twin Flame vibrations literally bring Earth back to life from “dead” states of cosmic and planetary gnosis. This is a whole new realm, dimension, and access of information – powers – and metaphysics because when two TWFs are together they’re love alone defies “laws of science”, it’s that strong and more. Some TWFs can hear, sense, and feel what the other is thinking but not emoting because the heart chakra has yet to be initiated and this is the job of Superior Mercury in Scorpio.

It is clearing out all old emotions to make space, room, and life for a new Twin Flame or love vibration. Two hearts are literally beating as “oneness” to promote good cosmic health, awareness, and positive energy. But like we said if one TWF usually an old one is hi-jacking or “zapping” the TWF for energy and neither is strong enough for transformation and the only way to balance is to tap the energy of Ceres by feeding the soul with positive thoughts. The opposite of this is “emotional starvation” which is a craving to be loved, noticed, and praised.

We put the Veil back so to speak and this weakens the old TWF union into non-existence. We are now clear and ready to attract the New Twin Flame by changing attributes of The One we’d give our heart to. Love covers all things as a Queen of Cups energy transforming into the confidence of The Empress.

Now that The Empress energy has been located as “888” is circulates the cosmic body going back to the heart of it all and seeking the answers to life questions. It is literally acting as the “beating heart” of the collective soul – Isis, the Egyptian Goddess is this energy of universal love circulating the veins of existence to prove something. We are that proof! Each and every creation functions as a piece of the whole collective, we all matter regardless what we believe, all life matters because it is all scaled for continuity, consistent, and “survival”.

We are the kittens fighting our way out of the “proverbial” paper sack of cosmic possibilities. Possibilities are the directions life can take us or we direct life to go in “evolving” into maturity spiritual and otherwise. When we reach spiritual maturity we enter new realms of “gnosis”, knowing, and global shifts of epic proportions! We as a collective grow the H-E-DoubleHockeyStix-UP! We aren’t afraid to love who makes us truly happy. We are more mindful of emotional pollution and keeping our cool during crises – personal or global. We tap higher streams of consciousness that make us work smarter, better, faster, and more consistent with current belief systems.

We automate self-navigation to access self-mastery levels of intelligence because we are earning it by respecting Spiritual Laws – Path (Ptah) of Samekh (AA Samael). Temperance in tarot is keyed to Sagittarius, the 3rd Eye. We reach full potential of North Node in Virgo 29’58 degrees just by being “good” at heart. Start forgiveness classes for self-love. It starts 2016 on the right foot to being on fire with new wisdom.

Wisdom makes the world move. Wisdom powers all knowledge and gnosis as the Pillars of Understanding. We become wise when we take the time to just understand “why” this or that is going in the wrong direction. Blinds come off and we can see again through our collective Pineal Eye! This is the secret meaning behind “Eye” in the Devil, the World, the Tower and several others. North Node closing Libra taught us there are 3 sides to everything.

  1. His Side. Her Side. The Middle (What really happened)
  2. Left. Right. Straight down the middle.
  3. Dark. Light. God is ALLNESS as both are sides or aspects of The One True God (Divine + Mystical=The Sacred (Holy, Holy, Holy)

Superior Mercury (Inferior) tabsuperior merc 2.png

Why? Ancient akasha are the heavenly records used to “match” universe to cosmic alignment. Each record or “life” shows we are reaching turning points in choosing one reality over another as destiny. In one we live as we are now and in #2 we live as we all hope to live by making better decisions based on new wisdom. What do we know now that makes us different, wiser, and more learned about life as a whole? How can this information be transmuted into something valuable in the world as a product, production, or vital philosophy?

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