NOVEMBER SYNCHRONICITY – Who or What Do We Give Our Hearts To??? – Lunar Rites of Passage, Karma, & Twin Flames – Who Knew?

Tarot readers and those receiving tarot readings these cards could be more active or popping up than usual in spreads. They allude to 3 planets Mercury, Pluto, and Chiron (R). All of them are super charged UP throughout November! Each brings a new turning point to our life and lifestyles. Jupiter plays a huge role as well aspecting Pluto in Capricorn, and opposing Chiron (R) in Pisces. Mercury flips rails on the 20th when it enters OOPs-Sagittarius. We enter gateways of heavenly callings, purpose, and meaning in love, career, and finance.

NOTE: I mistakenly entered “Pisces” when it should be Sagittarius. I channel when I write and the word often just “fly” as I type. So please pardon the faux pas. Thank you

What is our idea of heaven? What is the ideal heaven to live in and through into eternity? Moon hits all 3 planets bringing unexpected surprises of the happy kind IF…there is good karma to draw from. That Full Moon in Taurus represented dark night of the soul and coming out of extreme hardship, poverty, and below standard living. Lunar energy is charged up and ready to transform our life one way or another. However we are on a new paradigm or shift in consciousness. Mercury in Scorpio is chthonic, somber, and sobering to say the least. It is also nocturnal and complimenting to the Dark Goddess energy stimulated by Lilith and Eros in Libra. We are being cleansed when 2nd chances circle back around as new opportunities to lead, shine, or rise out of “anonymity” for what we do “Best” and “From the heart”.


The Moon has shifted from cycles of “grace” into “karma and karmic distribution”. Scratching your head yet? What this means if you do any wicca work or draw down any lunar energy – make sure you are in good standing karmically. Wicca work relates to the same practice of being a High Priest/ess to draw down the blessings of the Moon to distribute via spellwork, rituals, and the ciphering of spiritual data. As Aquarius represents “data” in general, Scorpio is “emotional data” or the investigator of feelings. Scorpio by nature are “nosy” and love to dig until they find what is really the truth in a matter. Like Leo and Virgo Scorpio brings out “heart” truths – those super deep feelings we’ve been suppressing.


The Moon works as The High Priestess in all affairs of heaven, universe, and whatever planet it is channeling to or from – i.e. As Above So Below. In Israel only Levites and sons of Aaron (Moses’ brother) were privy to administer priestly duties. Aaron had a covenant with God (Source) that authorized only his offspring to be the ones to handle all priesthood duties or duties of conducting worship. They were “shields” and acting as such as mediators between God and the Israelites. But if one of the priests committed sin and especially sins in secret the covenant was stripped and it could bring down curses instead of blessings. Priest duties were given to the Israelites individually to obey the 1st Passover.


By adhering to the Divine Message God sent through Moses, Israel was delivered out of great tribulation under the reign of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses. It was also by following Moses to the letter they were able to walk through the Red Sea, parted in half.

Imagine walking through walls of water suspended by supernatural power? Talk about having faith! Every time I read the story or watch DreamworksPrince of Egypt I get giddy because I can feel “being there” in that moment. What we read has a profound influence on how we work and strengthen our faith and this is how we channel lunar energy by faith 1st and karma last. God gave instructions to make marks over every door to the home so that the angels would know to Passover and not deliver God’s curses.


Those who obeyed walked with Moses and those who didn’t – well, didn’t. Our faith delivers us but karma acts as “insurance” of not inciting wrath or Divine Passions against us as judgment. Well this is now the new way The Moon regulates all energy transfers. If we do well we can expect blessings, if we do bad it’s the same. It’s God/Source’s way of insuring we’ll behave and stay focused on what truly matters –being more spiritual and connected to Holy Spirit (Intuition).

It’s the irony of being one’s own Moon to the universe of karma we’ve created, destroyed, and are recreating by our actions towards others. It doesn’t matter if you are light, dark, or both in energy vibration as long as we recognize Spirit and its place in daily living. Spirit purifies us of evil beset by men’s actions. It shields as “Shekinah” which begins when North Node enters Virgo – November 12th. All wrongs will begin to be righted regardless of our actions because “Thought Patterns” are adjusted via Divine Intervention – (8 of Swords) in tarot. All we have to do is think “positive” and give 100% heart to whatever we are hoping to accomplish. It happens!


I caution people all the time about seeking revenge. God works in mysterious ways and is The Only Being that can Judge. Period. We can weigh and balance what’s wrong or right but in the end when all is said and about to be done, we get Divine Judgment to be “passed over” for Divine Justice/Wrath/Retribution. That’s the message of the Moon when it clears Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. Our commitments toward self-improvement, destiny, and moving towards abundance are all weighed for Divine Measure of “love”.

How loving is it to cheat on one’s mate? How loving is it to short people out of the pay they’ve earned? How loving is it to hand off false information to make quick sales? How loving is it to have an affair with no intention of every committing any further? Is it loving to withhold a person’s money or to legacy that would have blessed them or turned things around? Is it loving, to rape another financially and leave in them in the dark about how value their talents are? You’d be surprised how many would answer that one with “yes”, until it happens to them. That’s karma.


We can make something better with repairs or let go completely for someone or something new in our life. Heaven doesn’t have a complaint department there is only “karma”. That’s how it is seen from ABOVE (Heaven). Heaven is supposed to exist on and throughout the Earth for all and that’s “abundance”. But abundance via Moon currents is selective and selecting because it won’t bless unless there is clear karma to balance with. It locks a person OUT if there is any bad blood between them or another for any reason past life into the current, especially when it homes in Cancer or Capricorn.


Capricorn like Cancer understands life can’t always be one extreme or another so most Capricorns and Cancers alike are “high priests and high priestesses” by astrology nature. That’s where Lilith comes in because Lilith governs all things related to “nature” and one’s natural feeling for or against a matter or person. It acts as the cycle or track the Moon runs on to achieve its function of mediating what’s fair and what’s not. This explains the higher levels of ESP, positive energy, and psychic awareness as a whole. If you’ve noticed changes in yourself like aging younger, being hypersensitive, or psychic about others – it’s Lilith, the Moon, and the Dark Goddess energy because it is rooted or based from the Full Moon in Taurus on the 27th of October.

It’s anchored there to highlight whether something is certain to happen or uncertain based on how well or bad we’ve treated others. It is the act of loving kindness and undeserved loving kindness. Many of us feel we don’t deserve to be something or with someone because of “karma” and “past life karma”. There’s a way to know for certain and that comes by reviewing one’s 3rd and 9th House placements. Check the zodiac in the House and the hidden meaning of such placements or speak with an esoteric expert to unlock the information.

Once we know what our resistance, oppression, and roots of evil bud from we can do something to balance, correct, and retrain via good habits. It’s not easy to quit drugs, alcohol, fast living, fast women, gambling, and a whole lot of other stuff – cold turkey. All addictions link us to the Divine as Spirits to channel. The Divine knows and understands this as the “shield”. In kabala, Judaism, and Islam this practice of “clearing” out the old karma is still reserved to those in spiritual office or High Position – clergy, holy men, and sibyls. It is now also practiced in monasteries, nunneries, and holy dwellings where Spirit travels to deliver Heavenly knowledge or “gnosis”.

In gnosis the Moon reads or scans the heart for truths and then reflects them as events. This process is metaphoric in Crowley’s rendition of tarot Card Key 18 – The Moon. It is the moment of “crossing” or passing over from the bad into the good. Magic. Mojo. Good luck. All of these as energies depend on karma which is a “9” vibration word in Gematria. Gematria gives value and is used to mystically unlock hidden information – esoterica.


A pyramid of possibility is each step we take towards what is meant to be and what isn’t. But in astrology it’s all esoterically coded information waiting to be unlocked and administered as “advice, counsel, and interpretation” for accurate predictions. Timing and all laws thereof are governed by the Lilith+Samael energy. Blind Dragon – gnosis of all time kept intuitively as “akasha” which is housed in Capricorn/Cancer powers of knowing or drawing down lunar energy. Lilith or “natural intuition” powers gnosis and Samael deliver The Divine (intuition).

Those who read “time or timelines” use Blind Dragon energy found by the joining of the Constellation of Leo. The heart of the Lion (Regulus) is crucial in the process! Because Leo/Virgo is the true cycle of nature – Goddess and Dark Goddess energy sources. Many important people with Regulus in their chart are “king makers” and “royalty” for this star’s power to rule and lead others. Regulus is Higher Consciousness or “888” in the Bible and other holistic annals. Personal timing. Natural timing. Divine timing. Imminent timing. Get the picture? Chiron (R) in Pisces is hoping we do as it grants wishes when we get with the program to do the right thing for self and by others as “good karma”.

Being spiritual has nothing to do with being religious which are simply our habits of how we practice spirituality, worship, prayer, and reading intuition. A person who practices goth can be viewed as pure as priest if karma is in “wellness” standing. This is how metaphysics creates, destroys, and stimulates ‘growth of all kinds. We can’t know how to operate something until we are aware or enlightened of the intention of it, right?

When we get a strong feeling Moon and all the other planets are pushing us to act on what we know by the Divine but have yet to prove as human experience. Life is all one big cycle. From being a protozoa to becoming an Angel, Archangel, or Jinn (spirit of nature) – life evolves or “grows up” in us as our own inner divinity or self-gnosis. We must respect natural laws or karma comes back to bite us like the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. Like venom it takes the same toxin or poison to cipher what is causing death or subconscious damage. Karmic Astrology is not new but our interest is because of how well it works in clearing out old gunk, emotions, and spewed feelings of rage toward injustices of all kinds and types. Everything has to clear.

Dates of notice and Synastry

10th – 11th, Moon lines up with Mercury in Scorpio, Neptune – Emotional/Financial breakthroughs, clarity, higher ESP!, commitments, being on the same page, legacy, Twin Flames identified for certain, karma cleared, Good Karma accesses “gateways” of gnosis and this makes us certain on what moves to make and at what time. Angelic and Archangelic communications increase! Influences outcomes in love and love relationships either we are on the same page “intentions” or not. Learn more about astral travel, projection, and thought projection.

14th – 15th, Moon lines up with Pluto in Capricorn, legacy inherited or passed on, Twin Flames activated, spiritual revelations & enlightenment peaks, awareness made known, results, scandals, secrets uncovered & unshielded, karma cleansed or purged when we seek to understand “Why” some dreams manifest and others don’t, Other people revealed as “Why”, we discover roots of evil doings with Karmic Astrology, Past Life interests, Metaphysics, and ancient civilizations. We are prepared for Superior Mercury in Scorpio to access new esoteric powers, charms, and talents (gnosis). Meditate!

20th – 22nd, Moon lines up with Chiron (R), Mercury enters Sagittarius squares Neptune, we hit turning points in life by changing Thought Patterns, flows are “off” or on as Divine Timing, promises + vows + covenants + binding contracts of all types are reviewed or (judged), legal affairs, New habits towards self-improvement explored, Life lessons reviewed, Spiritual self-journeys initiated for gnosis and self-gnosis, lies uncovered, poison extracted or cleansed by telling the truth, emotional freedom of guilt, karma clearing. Synastry or events of synchronicity spur interest in emotional cleansing, emotional vampires gnosis, and working natural laws. Influences love outcomes in Twin Flame connections. We decide who to give our heart to. Meditate.

Thank You for reading and please “pass on the knowledge” to those who can use it. It means blessings for you to share vital information that contributes to building positive energy in universe. Light working is here to unlock and unblock us from moving forward. Namaste –

Hi! Y'all I'm Ola!
Hi! Y’all I’m Ola!

Ola, Queen Bee of Astrology

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