Holistic and Organic Digestive Aids – Heal Your Colon With Nature

Papaya Enzymes like this one aid daily digestion. They taste good too!
Papaya Enzymes like this one aid daily digestion. They taste good too!

Okay so we’ve been seeing the ads with “avocados” in them on unhealthy foods to eat. The truth is different foods have a different affect on every and each person. Some eat according to blood type. Some eat before a certain time of the day. Some are only eating 1 to 2 meals per day. But the biggest change in stopping bloating, discomfort, and indigestion lies in these simple rules I use myself.

  1. Regularly drink hot tea with meals
  2. Take walks after eating or move around
  3. Invest in keeping herbal detox teas in the home. Herbal teas give the body an instant hit of herbs needed to remove gunk, buildup, and toxins in our colon system which cause or contribute to cancer and colon cancer.
    1. Peppermint
    2. Spearmint
    3. Ginger (fresh)
  4. Drink lots of water – Hydrate with the right water for your body type and purpose.
    1. Weight loss – best water to drink are alkaline waters brands of 8.8ph or higher. A denser water flushes harmful toxins in the system immediately! Gives you instant energy and glowing skin.
    2. Daily Water Intake – Spring Water is the best to drink on a daily basis because the nutrients haven’t been boiled or processed out of the water. When we drink SW we are revitalizing the body with minerals and vitamins.
    3. Research how much to drink based on vitals (age, weight, height, BMI index etc.)
    4. Read the labels before putting a new water brand in the cart. Look for “sugar” or sugary substitutes as the 1st or 2nd ingredient.
  5. Catch sales on these types of products and stock up.
  6. Wash all vegetables and fruits even those in packaging prior to consumption. Remember things are sprayed on foods to repel insects etc. When we consume them we consume all that was sprayed on it, too.
  7. Wash meat prior to cooking it and make sure to cook it at the right temperature until it is fully cooked. Avoid keeping meat in the refrigerator more than 3 days (tops) and cover all foods or put them in containers.
  8. Try Papaya tablets (organic) or Green Papaya to flush and regulate the digestive tract and colon. It will give you more regular bowel movements and shrink the stomach, too. Can we say instant weight loss?
  9. Eat smaller portions. Separate meat after purchase into portion control baggies and containers. That way you aren’t wasting or tempted to overeat.
  10. if you have a sensitive stomach have a cutoff point for eating certain types of foods which require a minimum of 2 hours to digest. Incorporate hot teas with lemon/honey, wellness snacks, fresh fruit, and less granola – in diet. Granola is good but over time it can be harsh on the lining of the stomach and colon. I know this from experience and it also puts weight on if there is sugar or brown sugar in the ingredients. Opt for no sugar foods you can add sweeteners to instead of ready made foods with sugar or sugary substances in them.
  11. Have a day to FAST per week or have a day without meat in the weekly eating plan. Plan meals with foods that are tasty, healthy, and giving the body the results you crave. Various foods give different success stories. Green up lunch and dinner! Spinach is a natural anti-depressant. Greens (Collard, Tender, Spinach) all give the blood oxygen to promote better circulation and remove excess around the waistline. When we research our body type we can find foods that fast track us to natural good health and wellness. The point is to find better ways to take care of our health with holistic, natural, and organic methods. Mom once told me everything can be cured using herbs from Earth, I’ve found her to be right! Cucumbers tighten loose skin inside and out. Watermelon rehydrates the body and satisfies sugar cravings without side effects.
  12. If you drink alcohol or do illegal drugs of any kind regularly detox the liver with herbal systems or teas created just for that. Drink more water by keeping a container nearby or with you and SIP. You’ll find teas and herbs like Golden Seal, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, and Yams at any wellness & health store – just ask the clerk or Store Dietician. The liver is the largest and 2nd most vital organ because its primary job is removing toxins, gunk, poison, and fat from the body – 24/7. The good thing about herbs unlike drugs is they naturally treat ailments and recorrect the body’s system while you enjoy drinking. Because they are natural they have less effect when mixing herbal use with alcohol consumption.
  13. Regularly do Google checks to see if your brand of alcohol is on recall, law suits, or usage investigation. If it is immediately STOP consuming. To cut costs many distributors are watering down the product with fillers and shortcut fermentation methods. While this saves a buck for them it causes health bills for us down the line.

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Good Health To You and Thank You for reading, sharing, and commenting –

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