Eros in Libra until November 2 – Being Prepared To Succeed This Time Around

What goes around comes back around. But how well have we prepared to meet up with success in our daily life, ventures, business prospects, career, and love? Have we aligned with universal Chi to insure our chances of survival of the fittest? Do we study our nature to know what we are naturally good at doing, being, and knowing? All of these are examples of inner strength or passion.

Are we associating with those who share the same in systems of values, passions, and interests for personal growth? Are we aware of our strengths? What we like? What we love? What we value? Have we aligned what we want as individuals with what is being offered via universal Wish Granting? Or are we watching the growth of others waiting for the perfect time to steal, take, or profit for self? Getting ahead is not the same as being shrewd in the positive. Universe doesn’t discriminate but we should when it comes to who or what we attach ourselves to emotionally. Where we invest energy, time, and attention is what dictates what happens or manifest next as moments.

What do we love and Why? Eros spills the #coolbeans to show us the $$$!
What do we love and Why? Eros spills the #coolbeans to show us the $$$!

Only we know when it’s time for this or time for that. How? It’s based on what we feel, like, need, desire, want, and emote as “love”. Yes, love is the flame literally keeping us alive, well, and in animation. It is also what holds us back by being that certain something or someone whose missing from that perfect picture of bliss.

What’s yours? I mean what is your perfect picture of absolute bliss? What would create Heaven On Earth for you? For some it’s 6-8 figures in the bank as “savings”. For others it’s a new yacht you just bought and paid to sail the world in. For some its leading the world on some great new adventure or escapade into political doldrums. For others it’s simple.

It’s sitting under your own Palm Tree on your own land before your personal ocean panorama reading a horoscope that says, “You Win!” Then looking at the winning ticket that brought you paradise. What is our winning ticket? What is destined to make us famous? What will be the one event which moves us out of the ghetto into the mansion at the top of the crescent hill? What could happen to make you neighbors with celebrities, famous people of influence, geniuses, and other minds of the planet? Simplifying things.

When this life is over we are asked one question and told one statement.

“I gave you life. What did you do with it?”

There won’t be any excuses to be heard because none are acceptable in the land of Free Will, Perfect Understanding, and Divine Prudence. It is the last of these 3 which matters most to universe in manifesting wishes, making dreams come true, and uniting us with the right/best Wish Granter. Universe keeps all the books, records, and akasha for all we do as karma. In New Age books and some Ancient Egyptian annals these are called The Hall of Records. We know of the proverbial Hall of Records in heaven. You know the vision of St. Peter writing while we stand before him as an Angel to Heaven’s entrance?

For all the winning ticket to guarantee freedom is Heaven – it’s God’s eternal Garden of Mindful Bliss with no annoying commercials. Do you think of what your version of heaven would be? Would it only be safe for you and not others to occupy as space? There are several right now thinking of heaven as being a state of mind away from troubles, woes, and toxic people. For those seeking love it is finding the absolute perfect match to strike a new life with. For those maturing spiritually its finding and recognizing a lost soul mate or something thought lost from soul’s joy.

Soul’s joy is the equivalent to Fool’s Gold in human scope. The soul finally reaches light of understanding. Enlightenment when some random thing happens to make a matter worthwhile or just makes good sense to act on. Soul contracts come under scrutiny to see where we are and where we have fallen short. Karmic Debt has a lot to do with this to adjust natural laws playing out as karma for good or bad luck. Remember energy itself is neutral until we add the fire of thought to it as good or evil intentions.

It just makes good sense to act on sure things, reliable talent, franchise investments, a home, maybe 3 and money in the bank. But are the people we depend on like money in the bank or do they feel more like money we owe that never seems enough? Giving love or loving that which doesn’t love in return is equivalent to throwing a Tic Tac down a great white’s throat.

Another analogy that’s a bit baser but the same in concept would be the smallest dick trying to fill the biggest hole (vagina). You fall in and keep falling instead of hitting bottom. Bottom is the limit we use to bounce back from dismal situations. How many of us have to hit bottom to see or even consider things need to change? When we decide to change are we changing for the better or worse? We have to align with universal energy flows or get bumped off the radar. This happens when we feel emotionally stuck.

We know something has to change but we are in flux on what “it” must be to happen. We see the place where want to be but are apprehensive about how we’ll manage to get there. Well this is being reflected in heaven as cosmic alignments. Pluto went direct in Capricorn on the 25th. Mars entered Virgo conjunct Regulus in Virgo. In numerology if “9” is the question, than “5” is the answer, HINT: working hours are 9am-5pm, right? This timeline regulates all that happens during business hours.

Regulus determines this in astrology by measuring and balancing, “boundaries”. How far are we willing to take something or let it go before we act on feelings, ESP, or any other intuitive function? Only we know for sure because we are the ones living out our dream, nightmare, fantasy, paradise, or heaven. We are doing it in 5th dimensional attitudes, thinking, backtracking, evaluation, and re-evaluation tactics. When we meet a person for purposes of love we are already wondering 21 questions of how things will play out before we get their 1st name. Now imagine how Twin Flames feel at this level of making life and afterlife decisions? There is much pressure to make sure you choose the right life mate for this world and all others to come. Why? Answer.

Time is shifting and so is the Earth’s solar plexus of time itself. Our heart is changing because we are spiritually ready to “grow up” and know more about everything. We have to love God to enter God’s kingdom that is housed inside our heart. We have to purify, detoxify, and infuse energy. Energy has to be transformed into something to transmute garbage into golden opportunities of more bliss. We see energy in terms of experience, life experience. What has and is life experience teaching us right now as life lessons to complete? Saturn entering Sagittarius remains in its zero degree radius until well after 2016.

Sagittarius rules, governs, and vibrates numerically to the number “9”, the 9th House, and the 9th Stargate which is “888”. In numerology and sacred texts the number “888” is the number of the universe. “8” is power, material wealth, powers of manifestation, cause and effect, laws of what attracts to us, and all things assigned to the mystic, esoteric, and occult. All three of these encompass all forms and practices of magi. Whose magic wand is strongest? Who will nature listen to as a great shaman, empress, emperor, witch, or warlock of the mystic? It’s when many new charmed ones get their charms recharged, extended, reassigned, and annihilated. It’s a giant cosmic balancing act to sift the wheat from the chaff, the real from the fake, and the insincere from the disingenuine. Capricorn like Cancer holds the tempest of “flow” what matters and what doesn’t. What materializes and what will never see the light of day. But all of this power, knowledge, and powers of knowledge are housed in the akasha or one’s own personal hall of records. Thus only we as the self can answer our own questions because we are the only ones with access to it via meditation, prayer, and constant flows of good/evil thoughts. Where thoughts flow energy already “is” there to manifest.

This is why even the laws of supply and demand fall under these two zodiacs and the Houses governed by them in astrology. Cancer rules 4th House of – heaven, life experience, wisdom, pearls, Moon – and Capricorn rules the 10th House of Life Lessons, life expertise, wisdom acquired, and Saturn. Both signs vibrate to emotions – which fall under the Moon and Saturn. Last month Saturn and Moon met up to exchange energy that answers What happens next?

With the New Moon in Libra energy harnessing all energies for balance purposes, we draw clear conclusions about what matters most to us for personal happiness or bliss. If we’ve been in relationships which felt more 70/30 or 25/75 in terms of finances this changes – for the best. If we’ve been trying to get out of a dead end job that pays very little but demands way too much – universe causes change for the better. If we’ve been unequally yoked in marriages not founded in real truths and strong spirituality – universe and (self) make changes for the better.

There is a rare balancing act going on and we are being forced to make decisions. If we are aware of some great new talent but doing all we can to hide, conceal, or steal another’s light – universe brings instant karma for abuses of powers. Universe is set up to make sure every person’s wish comes to light in some way or another. When we get in the way of that happening it just drives right through us carrying us or dragging us to the right choice. How? Our conscience. This is where Capricorn has its biggest effect on us. Capricorn keeps secrets like money in the bank. One never knows how some useful information will pay off. However, like Pisces – Capricorn has a tendency to hoard guilt. It shows as physical symptoms of obesity.

When we hold in our feelings we are carrying extra weight. When we are holding back feelings we need to express we are creating extra weight. When we are resentful, jealous, backstabbing, double dealing, or figuring out ways to clown a person from their inheritance we are creating scandalous acts of maliciousness – unnecessary evils that show up in the body physically. Metaphysics is a science shared between Cancer and Capricorn with great respect because of the intelligence value and nutrient it provides to avid thinkers. Cancers and Capricorns, along with Sagittarians and Geminis are always thinking and thus powering the flow of thought. Whatever we are focused on, thinking about, or considering the most, as energy of thought is what we can expect to happen, manifest, or come to realize.

An artist is consumed with passion for their favorite type of art or discipline of it as a craft. They’ll think, eat, and shit whatever makes that artist heated or excited. The only way to have a conversation is to talk to them about what they like and “Why” they love it so much. We use this same energy to power magic. The more we do what we love the better we become at doing it. Love powers all things by making them stronger passions within us. The more we come to know a thing the more it matters and the more we LOVE it or love to express it to others as what we learned or are learning. It is the power to influence the masses, to create popular appeal, and to put on giant magic shows for what others love.

Eros is “love” in Greek and a variation of sexual lust shows us plainly what we love, why we love it, and who we are most likely to love for eternity as a type of something. It’s the choice we make between doing one thing or another, loving one person over another, and being one way or another as a lifestyle. If we love not having so much to be responsible for or have a fear of losing it, we’ll experience fear of success, being shy, feeling rejected, feeling not good enough, and not feeling deserving when we are. It is the “sun” of the self coming to light of soul purpose.

In our soul we know it is destined but the self has to be convinced because it is weighted down with a guilty conscience. This energy continues until November 2, when Eros enters Scorpio to sextile Regulus. Universe hits “repeat” for life lessons and we experience more Spiritual #Groundhog Days where we are to #Gopher aka – Go For – what we want. We have to be the light of change we wish to see to spark it off! Movement comes by generating awareness, populating opinion, and vibrating joy, enthusiasm, and passion.

We inspire others to seek truth and motivate them to act/react using “proof, results, and before & afters”. But what if its the supernatural and hard to believe? Keep going for those goals. Set ducks in a row. Stir the public mind and stimulate the heart to express more thoughts. It builds up energy that supports the movement of some great campaign, fundraiser, idea, concept, invention, or product. The world loves those who love their craft and become “lovers” of them. Why? Gemini represents being a jack of many and master of none except what you truly love as a personal joy. Think of all the wealth “inspiration” generates in the world as “crown industries and economy markets”. Who doesn’t want to feel uplifted?

This itself is the shift emotionally. We’ll either be all in or all out of any thing we do. We’ll either be 100% or 0% committed as North/South Nodes (Rahu/Ketu) clear Aries/Libra, 1st/7th House command posts. North/South Nodes shift into Virgo/Pisces on November 12th30 days after the last Sun + Moon syzygy on October 12th when Mercury is direct in Libra! The celestials are weighing all we’ve done into a Divine Equation – of whether what we are doing right now matters in moving forward. If it does we’ve been on the right path and we have proof in what happens next as karmic rewards if not we receive news of karmic debts to be paid off as random acts of kindness.

If someone is being nice to you out of the blue question the motive but don’t question the source. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. It doesn’t matter how a person gifted you but it does matter to thank them and mean it from the heart to bless it. Conscience is a sticky matter to Capricorn because intuitively we know what’s best, what’s right, but 9 times out of 10 we can be put in situations where acting on it can be sticky, too. Do we disrupt what we have to go on some world crusade? Do we toss home life or peace in the home for a piece of random ass we may see again or not? Do we act more like Cancer and carefully plan it out with mindfulness first? Do we navigate the best times to act and not hesitate to act. This is the difference between the two in means of perception.

Sexual Astrology - What Eros says about our type
Sexual Astrology – What Eros says about our type

But all common sense goes out the window for both signs when it comes to great S-E-X! Go figure that two zodiacs of mastermind genius weighted down by not being able to express a healthy and supernaturally freaky libido! Who have thunk issues like frigidity, satyriasis, rape, pedophilia, molestation, domination, and even necrophilia come be housed between these two? Sex is “flow” of bodies, bodily fluids, movement, positions, stroke detail, and all that we love or loathe about one’s sexuality. Remember the secret to making lots of sales in Wolf of Wallstreet? It was jacking off, masturbation, and one’s own private heaven/hell of sex magic and the black services of sex magick.

We have to get clear on what we like and what turns the lights on sexually. Be honest about it and accept it. If it’s right we go after what we want. If there are some psychological issues we are expected to build awareness and seek professional help to avoid criminal intentions.

There is no more saying, “The Devil made me do it”. We are expected to use personal astrology to discover “Why” we are doing it and how to repair the karma that created the bad habit in the 1st place. This is what spiritual grown ups do we heal the self and stick to some sort of program to progressively get farther from bad behaviors. Bad habits stunt our growth but there is the realization that some habits can’t be quit cold turkey. Some healing must come in phases, steps, and milestones to be reached. We are expected to spiritually build the strength to make the change or universe via Venus in Leo steps in to manage for us. We are expected to regulate, and live a moderate lifestyle to finally see what or “who” is indeed MIA from our lifestory. Gemini in Psyche is acting as an agent to enforce natural laws by making us stick to our word, soul contract, partner, and self-belief system. Either we are bout-it, bout-it – or just “Frontin”.

Guess which zodiacs govern Sex, Power, Regeneration, and Getting Ahead in life – Leo (5th House), Virgo (6th House), Scorpio (8th House) and Aries (1st House). Both of these zodiacs are ruled by Pluto which just went direct September 25 in Capricorn at 12’58 degrees.

We are reminded to put up or shut up about wishes not coming true. Either we do the work and put in the effort or walk away to leave it alone for good. There is no half-stepping in heaven and God has not decided to install a “Complaint Department” because we are expected to act like grown ups in life decisions. There is no excuse for being unhappy unless we are mindfully fucking ourselves over or fucking the self over with mind-numbing sex that blocks clarity of thought. It’s hard to make good decisions with our crotch instead of our brain, isn’t it? Sadly many of us have.

But that’s the past now we can do something to change for the better and starting forming the new us in time for the Full Moon in Taurus 3’44 on the 27th of October. Whatever destiny is meant will be and nothing or no one can steal it away unless they make us believe such utter nonsense – aka – Bull$hit. We have to know when people are BSing us out of our blessings because they see what we don’t. But in using astrology we quickly see what our blessings to receive are because a wise and accurate astrologist is using their expertise to point it out. If we are seeing a natural astrologist that is Wiccan they’ll put the whole thing motion to the Moon to work our jelly or mojo for us. The best part is those who practice Wicca understand all the natural laws of good karma because they are born to do what they provide as spiritual cleansing services for lunar energy withdrawals. One is DIY and the other is taking the “Hire An Expert” approach for convenience. With one we are aware of trust and in the other we are ignorant but take a well-calculated risk – anyway.

Do We - Know How to Achieve Whatever We Want? Whatever matters most? Or are we creatures to stuck in habit to go with the flow of
Do We – Know How to Achieve Whatever We Want? Whatever matters most? Or are we creatures to stuck in habit to go with the flow of “change”?

Lunar energy relates to the Soul as Solar energy relates to “self” i.e. self image, self appearance, self-love. Just replace the word “self” with “soul” and we have the same dynamic. We are building, working, and moving closer to the soul we truly are by becoming the self we know we are to be in the future but as the ((((present))))). This is 5th dimensional or Higher Consciousness thinking. Higher Consciousness is the “888” energy universe vibrates to at all times constantly.

Led by Regulus, The Four Royal Stars are fixed and act as guides of this Divine or Goddess energy we use to nurture a new and better self. We love the self back into good health and abundance in wealth. Wealth is the power of what we find attractive from one to another, oneness. But when we integrate “good health” and “good health habits” as lifestyle changes we tap allness. Psychic Awareness increases by volumes and so do psychic powers, charms, talents, and abilities to intuitively know things. It is universe opening its heart (akasha) to us to foresee something better coming along. Potential.

Have you reached your Peak? Are you at your best? Even at your worst?
Have you reached your Peak? Are you at your best? Even at your worst?

We are reaching the Star Potential of being at our personal best. In the words of the Army, we are being all we can be in the NOW and not just down the road. Uranus (R) in Aries brings exponential chances for us to “catch up” and start building the ideal. Uranus (R) snags October 12th phenomenon to turn things around for those facing or enduring hardship unnecessarily.

Look for people to be kind for no reason and to act as buffers to just outcomes. Some will do so for notoriety and others will be secret benefactors. The point is we are working with the Divine, Archangelic, and Angelic to make things fair again so we can all experience recovery, relief, and fair treatment.

We can’t call something equal opportunity if we don’t believe in what we are saying. Then it’s for show and not from the heart. Pluto in Capricorn with Eros clearing Capricorn demands wholehearted devotion whether we are innocent as doves or ruthless as snakes in the grass. There is and must be loyalty even amongst thieves to preserve some standard of decency in the world we call “honesty”. Oneness dictates type, we choose to live life one way or another based on Soul Pattern or (Habit) to reach Soul (Star) Potential. In allness we make our star rise in any given field or endeavor.

We are solely accountable and responsible for how we reason and how we use the powers of reason to make our way in this world. There are consequences to being shrewd in an evil way and rewards come to those who bounced back via hard work & devotion to craft.  Allness says live the life you choose but be accountable for all you have done and didn’t do to make it better. In astrology Cancer (Mom) and Capricorn (Dad) represent Cosmic Parents. Universe is the child created to guide us to one’s highest good, and best use of one’s talents.

We can change the world one great idea and one better approach – at a time. Wisdom is also shared by Cancer and Capricorn as October’s 1st and Last Qtr Moons. We can’t expect the talent to share what it is not appreciated for in title, credit, deed, intent, and power of beauty. We can’t expect the wealthy to share the power or money with talent they don’t relate to or with. The Tropical of Cancer/Capricorn is more than a great piece of psycho-erotic fiction and The Orange Slice of Time is not a fruit but a metaphor. Flow becomes vibe. Vibe is what we feel to be real. Real can be what we see and don’t with the naked eye. Inside of every being is a pearl we culture in life experiences – true wisdom. True wisdom is both reason and creative reason-ability.

It’s good to slow down because then you won’t and don’t miss a thing. We erase bad memories with the foresight to know what, who, and when to “not take unnecessary risks”. We live to tell instead of regret the past because we’ve subconsciously mastered it with intuition. We learn how to trust the self when making big decisions. We are prepared for success and no longer frustrated, worrying, or doubting self. That’s what Saturn, Jupiter, Eros, and Neptune are directing us to realize as enlightenment. Soul is hungry and we must feed it well to heal into wellness (Being of Allness).

I don’t write for pay 1st – I choose the best projects for me to love doing and completing – 1st. We take the time to divine a career by studying our nature and natural inclinations. We accept them and find ways to turn or transform them into unique strengths (talent in the world). We aren’t to regret a single thing. When I was in High School we read the Diary of Anne Frank. My teacher was teaching us the value of being grateful for our freedom of self expression. I got it but I knew other kids in the room were too busy talking about the game, getting some, who was the easiest to get it from, and who would be wearing what. I was 1 teenaged girl in many million in that room. It was me and the Teacher. I listened – savory each description he gave about Anne Frank. I related to her story after reading it for homework. As a Clairvoyant I identified with Anne’s struggle to be accepted and to know the simple joys of growing up in life. But she accepted the cards life dealt her, family, and neighbors. Imagine living in a shoebox with several other people and not having a single space for a clear thought except – inside. Anne’s entire diary was a feeling of what it was like to be her. I wept greatly when I read,

In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery and death. (Anne Frank)

I watched the film reels our teacher showed while classmates were popping gum, necking, fingering each other, throwing spitballs, talking 1st class trash, picking their nose, and trying to fart without notice. Still I could hear Anne through it all. That was a moment of at least one person “getting it” all and understanding. There are much more Anne Frank enthusiasts in the world. I know it. I can’t prove it, but I know it because my heart tells me so. What is your heart telling you right now? Journal it and reflect later.

Namaste –

Hi! Y'all I'm Ola!
Hi! Y’all I’m Ola!

Ola Queen Bee of Astrology

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    We can’t call something equal opportunity if we don’t believe in what we are saying. Then it’s for show and not from the heart. Pluto in Capricorn with Eros clearing Capricorn demands wholehearted devotion whether we are innocent as doves or ruthless as snakes in the grass. There is and must be loyalty even amongst thieves to preserve some standard of decency in the world we call “honesty”. Oneness dictates type, we choose to live life one way or another based on Soul Pattern or (Habit) to reach Soul (Star) Potential. In allness we make our star rise in any given field or endeavor. @olavay @thewritealice #passions


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