Hi! Y'all I'm Ola!
Hi! Y’all I’m Ola!

Happy Birthday to All August-born Leos & Virgos

July ended with a bang! A double Full (Blue) Moon in Aquarius lit our hearts to seek what soul is searching to find fulfilling. We are hungry for more self-truth medicine given from a metaphysical POV.

Okay, we’ve all seen the giant #dinosaur footprint damaging a house under the best insurance. What does dinosaurs have to do with selling insurance?

Positively nothing in the material but when one takes a spiritual spin we arrive at a deeper meaning. The most effective way to reach others or touch the soul is to reach the subconscious. It’s that commercial or ad that seems so absurd you end up thinking about it all day, trying to figure it out. In the meantime, all that energy you devoted towards thinking about that one commercial has made it popular. July’s Blue Moon made us all more psychic or out there in our thinking.

Remember those perfume and cologne commercials in the 80s which glamorized crashing snow globes, naked people, slow motion captures, and quirky music? Well that one commercial made that brand an overnight wonder in the market. It’s true we all love to be #brainsexed. The mind like the libido has a need to be driven, influenced, stimulated, and visually appeased. We want to be well entertained by the best there is in any industry. We want more bangs for our buck.

This is what happens when psychic awareness is raised by lunar activity. We suddenly have the power to influence what happens next via our choices. The Moon simply reflects, deflects, and absolves all emotional energy and that includes unfulfilled dreams. If you’ve been waiting on something good to happen, August has lots of surprises! The biggest event of the year happens 3 times when we have a perfect “888” numerological configuration on the 8th, the 17th, and the 26th. On these dates the Moon will be completing Gemini, Scorpio, and Capricorn. New understandings are in the midst from celestial karmic judgments. We’ll be more emotional than usual and for some major life turning events do happen.

These events are blessings in disguise, lessons in love learned, and adjustments we make to cope with lasting consequences. Saturn bestows the power of destiny in our hands to swing favorable outcomes using the politics of persuasion, presentation of all facts, stronger intuition, and changes of heart. The word lunar hints at the effect the Moon has on our every day behavior. It makes us shift moods like gears on a sports car at top speed. Thoughts are energy waiting to be materialized into some new idea, concept, business, style, brand as the science and the art of that industry. Or, in improvising old concepts into something more up to date and contemporary, we add ingénue and je ne sais quoi.

Just WT-double hockey sticks is je ne sais quoi? Well in Ebonics it’s called being creative, clever, and a hustler. It’s when we can take somebody’s old junk and turn it into something every one in the hood wants to have, possess, or try out – for free – if possible. It’s that secret ingredient that makes you keep coming back to eat at that restaurant clear on the other side of town. It’s that woman’s picture you can’t stop staring at on computer breaks. You know, while the boss isn’t looking over your shoulder? For a child it’s their favorite of their list of favorites. We want to feel this every time we purchase something of use. We want to feel this way every time we exit from a spa, spiritual guru, or job we love to do every day. What is this feeling? That’s what the French call it Je ne sais quoi, it translates to having #theXFactor.

Do you know what your X Factor is in business, love, a relationship, working out, being a Mom, being a Dad, being a salesman, being a spiritualist, and being a world leader? What is it about you that is absolutely stunning to behold? What is it about you that make others happy just to be in your presence? Ask the 44th POTUS Barack Obama, he’s a Leo. Leos are the kittens dangling on wires – hanging in there, until there gets to be a better place to be emotionally. For some this will mean going moment to moment and staying very much in the present. It will take great drive, power of will, and a strong appetite for justice to make life the way we truly want it to be. Luckily we have the right counselors, support systems, and advisory boards in place to steer the world in the right direction of evolution.

The Simpsons - Marge Simpson - Hang In There (Kitty)

Leos share what they care to reveal in building the perfect personal X-Factor. We’ll see an explosion of books, e-books, and esoteric material all geared to give us overall well being. We’ll have systems for everything to walk us step-by-step through major hurdles towards personal goals and lifelong dreams coming true. But we can’t be too self-involved to notice when heaven is giving us a helping hand out of current disasters. It comes from hard work, devotion to a daily script (lifestyle), and being dedicated with patience towards results. Leos know from experience we can have whatever the heart wants and will, but we must be objective about going after it.

The key is knowing when something will change and that requires astrology. The Moon powers, rules, and governs all psychic activities by regulating them with a very important star Regulus. Currently Regulus is in Virgo so when Jupiter enters Virgo, look out! Life suddenly becomes more exciting, organized, meaningful, and full of surprises we didn’t see coming. Virgo clears all karma by absolving it. What was relevant suddenly isn’t anymore. Regulus is called The Lion’s Heart and it’s easily noticed within the constellation of Leo moving into Virgo. We are coming out of one phase to enter new ones. We must prepare for success to make it lasting. Leos – especially those with alpha tendencies, and this includes Ascendants, Suns, and Moons in Leo – the results come out the same each time. Why? Leos like Capricorn like to take their sweet time in coming to a conclusion, decision, or last resort. They believe by sheer will all will fall into place and cosmos will take care of all karmic clean ups.

They know what is done is done and there is no reason to expound, add, or build on what’s dead and gone. They know well how to manage after heartbreak, disappointment, and failure. They are eternally optimistic about their talents coming to realization and like Cancer go to great lengths to show how big their heart is. But are we like Leo, walking around with our hearts in the wrong places? Self-love is beautiful when we are using it to strengthen personally, but using it as defense borders on the ugly. We want others to love us but not at the cost of losing self-identity.

Suddenly we didn’t know it all. Universe handed out citations for reality checks. But in being knocked down we are in the perfect position to build something meaningful ground up. 2014’s life lessons and some events from as far back as 2013 become flashbacks, replays, and déjà vu. It’s time to emotionally get grounded on where we stand. What do we believe in and how is that helping us achieve goals now? We must deconstruct by taking hits knowing it is a challenge to make us stronger the next go around. Personal strength grows out of the crappiest events we suffer through. Ever think well, if this hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have known this or that?

But there is a flip side to miracles. We can’t be so caught up in our own world we miss opportunities to shine by working with new groups of people. August gets deep into this topic. Then there is the item of losing our one true love and sticking with what’s comfortable. Self-loathing eats away at good judgment and shakes foundations of self-confidence. Can I make the right decision? Why did I let her or him ever getaway? Love was staring me smack in the face and I just didn’t get it.

August brings old business back around to be dealt with as final chapters. We’ll be forced to start anew in some form or another. This is where Saturn plays out old commitments, soul contracts, and living up to full potential. We share creative wisdom to generate fresh starts from #dinosaur belief systems to construct new personal empires of wealth. Do we make the grade? Do we stand on what we know to be true? What have we proved and disproved as the process of getting back on track in our mindsets?

Just think of all we could accomplish in promoting fair business trade on global scales? Wealth would be so abundant we see what true wealth is as personal happiness. We’ll be charged to improve health and maintain well being. When we feel well inside it shows in productivity, quality of work, and quality of lifestyle. We aren’t in a big rush to get this or that done unless it fits the ideal we hope to architect. New wealth shifts to New Jacks of trade. How well do we know a subject? How well can we share our findings with others as valuable experience, expertise, and guidance for future generations? We put greater emphasis on quality control. We ask, what is making us more productive? Universe lit a torch in July under our you-know-what to make us get moving in one direction or another. Let’s see where we land.

What will your shining moment be?
What will your shining moment be?

August 1st Sun in Leo stirs Neptune (R) in Pisces and our 12th House activities. We learn more about Neptune and its effect in our subconscious. Until now Neptune had been the most elusive planet to know about because it is so far away. This changes as planets align to form the elliptic. The elliptic is when Sun moves closest to the Earth creating great waves of heat, light, and global warming. The 2nd is the day to watch! Saturn turns direct in Scorpio at 28+degrees. Death and sudden death will be hot topics. But think of all the time you thought, if this hadn’t happened I might never had known

If you are born from 1960 to 1980, with strong Leo or Virgo placements (Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Venus (R), and Mars) you’ll need to prepare now for the success you deserve. The changes we experience throughout August and well into October will be generational and permanent in nature.

Mercury strikes a happy cord with Chiron (R). This is what puts us out of danger of self-destruction. Many of the ills in life are caused by bad habits. But we are creatures of habit when choosing what makes us feel good right now. This can be drugs, sugar, caffeine, sex, booze, women, men, STDs, and a host of other stuff we can put in check. How? We replace bad habits with good ones. We listen to our conscience when making big decisions. We consider consequences first instead of, last.

We make being healthy affordable to all types of clients, customers, and consumers. If we don’t we’ll be responsible for wiping out what we feed on for support. Notice how more junk and fast food companies feature healthy menu alternatives? Whatever we produce in the world has to appeal to the masses as something we’d all consider healthy or healing to use. We have to stop getting in the way of personal progress by keeping it real with self. What can we improve on and how can we feel like improving? How can it be fun to workout daily? What tips can we share to influence others to do the right thing for their self-health?

The emphasis is on how far we’ve come to love self and how much more work there is to be done to reach emotional balance. Any industries, careers, or professions that provide healing of any organic measure benefits $$$. Employee Wellness is a new term just because of how well employees are responding to holistic job benefits! We predicted this in June and July. If you ever thought about becoming a tarot reader, spiritual blogger, metaphysics specialist, astrologist, reiki therapist, energy medicine healer, or Angel Communicator – this is the time to launch big ideas!

Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio slightly disagree on the 3rd. The world wants to know how to feel at its best, look its best, and be the best in any goal. That requires metaphysics, Happy people attract wealth. Aren’t we happiest when we feel at home? Ever walk in a store with live music? Doesn’t it put us in a sexy mood to buy things? Pluto (R) in Capricorn joins the conversation on the 4th. Add ambiance to how we work, where we work, and benchmark processes of how you did something as brands of royal quality. Copyright ideas. Learn the proper way to query, build a business plan, or present an idea to a VIP or person of influence. Than add this to the recipe of how you do business as a standard. Customers tend to buy more and from the same place when there is an intimacy with the salesperson. A good salesperson knows the customer inside out because 9 times out of 10 they listen and keep a watchful eye out for what the customer wants. Isn’t that thoughtful? Big 5s do the same thing using surveys we get after every Customer Service call. Quality Control has its own department.

Are we running small businesses on bigger picture levels while retaining the Mom & Pop feel to them? This is how Feng Shui astrology can re-tool all of that. Look at how well coordinated colors, logos, and designs are put together for image control? Freelance artists can do the same thing working on a budget. Plus when we hire small businesses we create good karma. That dollar we invest in them is several invested in the smile they return from giving a job well done. It’s a status to an artist they’ve made it! Something they love to do can be professionally marketable. It’s a feeling that becomes back-story for Hollywood movies. Ask any person who made it to the top and they’ll ask you to sit a spell. There’s a process to tooling genius into cash cow heavens and havens of prosperity. But first it begins with loving self enough to try a new technique even if you did fail many times before. It’s the hope that this could be the Game-Changer.

Turn on the lights for self and you light up the entire world - efficiently.
Turn on the lights for self and you light up the entire world – efficiently.

Jupiter and Venus (R) give massive Hi-5s. If we want to be loved like the Big 5s we run our business that way. We attend to details others would miss that add special touches to create lasting impressions for potential customers, buyers, or those on the hunt. We look the part of whatever it is we are selling but we do so in good conscience. The occult industry gets a huge makeover to become practical magic to all. There is nothing hokey about using herbal teas to treat modern ailments. There is nothing irrational about being forewarned of coming disasters to thwart them. It’s celestial love and loving kindness to be forearmed, isn’t it?

Ceres regresses into Capricorn at 29+ degrees. Starting a business or want to grow one? Study tips on how to work the social media. Launch a social media company. Take a class. Or consult with an expert. Give self, lots of ways to get one thing done. Familiarize with free software tools that integrate various social media content like Hooter. Build one of your own! Stop thinking you can and just see how you can, using intuition. We can match what we feel to be true with what spiritual readings, forecasts, and transit reports show as the right time. Make energy count for everything. Put more spiritual planning into planning in general. You’ll be surprised how well life can turn around by getting in synch with your nature and natural biorhythm. Ask Capricorn – it’s the secret of their success.

Venus (R) in Leo flirts with Pluto (R) in Capricorn. When mind is calm the 3rd Eye opens. Intuition removes the veil of ignorance towards grasping what we desire most. If karma hasn’t been cleared it means we aren’t doing what is written in the subconscious. Somewhere we wrote how life would play out in the subconscious. Neptune and Saturn match what we feel to what we know to produce what can become. All those dreams we’ve been thinking become real opportunities others present to us as what they are searching for. That’s why we need to have transit reports interpreted as plans of action. We are being given heavenly signs of what is destined and what isn’t. Neptune is ruler of Pisces and Pisces rules the subconscious, 12th House, and anything that has to do with types of prisons. Prisons can be anything or habit that keeps us from seeing natural beauty within. Secrets, secret feelings, and secrets in general come to light to be purged – willing or unwillingly.

On the 5th Venus (R) counters Saturn. Universe doesn’t discriminate where energy goes. We do by being picky about commitments and where we direct our energy. What do you think about most? What are you doing most of the time throughout the day? All of this adds up to where soul is directed as a soul calling. Deep, huh? Soul callings act as energy Traffic Controllers.

Either we are getting closer to what is destined or what is destined to happen as a consequence. Now imagine this happening on global levels. It’s a storm, isn’t it? This type of energy makes us more impulsive but intuitively so. We’ll do things on the spur because its our nature and not out of duty or feeling guilty. With change in culture comes change in how we medicate, treat, and heal away imbalances of all types. There is a royal clearing where we are officially out of the woods because we have more common sense about using the old noggin. Intuition makes us quick on our feet to respond in time to turn darkness back into light.

Twin Flame Tarot Spread - Free

This especially applies to romance and love relationships of any type. We’ll require the best foundations based on friendship to make things last. We’ll accept what is and what wasn’t meant to be when new opportunities become apparent. The more we begin to individualize even as couples the more we find out about self. For every wish there is a cycle, season, and time to make it happen. We’ll access this information intuitively but will need to follow up with readings, reports, and the like to affirm what we believe about fated relationships like Twin Flames. It’s more than a buzzword. It’s now an entire culture thanks to higher beams of psychic awareness. The closer we come to the natural self the greater we attract our Twin Flame. This is who we are from origin as the other side of the same soul. It is what pairs off all energy. But what happens when Twin Flames miss the boat? Death in some form or another transpires as a life transformation or actual death in some cases. Now we understand the urgency for soul to answer its true calling, don’t we? Once we reach Twin Flame awareness we can never go back to the way things were. If the Twin Flames are able to work out their differences universe does it by drawing conclusions and forcing endings or re-beginnings. There is no back and forth after a celestial conclusion has been drawn and set for course to happen.

Here are all the Twin Flame tarot cards:

  1. The Lovers
    2. The Chariot
    3. Temperance
    4. The Devil
    5. The Tower
    6. The Moon
    7. JudgmentThese cards are describing the process one goes through during Twin Flame metamorphosis. Like a butterfly all those bitter love experiences roll up into one major life lesson about love. We learn more from observing the alternate self than we could ever realize because their actions balance, mirror, and reflect our own in perfect detail. Ask any Twin Flame Astrology expert and they can show you how two people’s natal charts line up to form “one being”. That being is the angelic or Divine Love they share as life missions, agreements, and mutual goals as data stored in the subconscious or 12th House placements.

There are three points in a single flame of light. You can see them when studying a flame on a lighter. There are 2 sides and 1 point rising in the middle of the 2 points. Each side of the flame is telling their story to that 3rd in the middle. A flame must always have 3 sides. So when a Twin Flame burns out or leaves the contract, a death incurs to both. The old is let go to receive what’s news and potentially more beneficial to keep the light going. The light is the soul itself. Soul is securing Rites to Reincarnation.

We’ll draw conclusions to that sever roots to past life love, flames, and karmic ties. With Karmic Astrology, tarot, and Angel Tarot readings we identify what or whom has been holding us back from moving forward. We’ll clearly see the action we need to take to spin out of runaway emotions. Why are we thinking about a certain person that gives nothing in return? Why would we be so fascinated about their well being and the concern isn’t requited? Isn’t it a waste of energy to wish for those who are unavailable, married, or no longer on the interested? Why do we hold on to memories of faded lovers? What does soul need to know so badly? These will be the questions predominantly occupying our thoughts.

Suddenly we’ll be more self-aware and psychically potent. How it happens can be the kicker to accept. The books opened in June are now karmic clearings. We will want to do daily tarot readings or spreads to know what to meditate on. Meditating is most effective for turning hardships around because we clear the mindset to receive what’s most beneficial – in the long run. June opened the books of karma but it’s during August when all that can be said, is done or done away with. Whatever we can do to be kind, loving, and nurturing yields the biggest blessings and returns of investment. We are fusing the spiritual into every aspect of doing business.

Start one today!
Start one today!

There are some things in life only Source can make better for us. We’ll see more #prayer movements, holistic healing ads, and outpouring of compassion for those in the greatest need. Whether it’s a fitness goal, call for financial relief, or crying out from grief – there are answers only Heaven can provide. Loss of a job or secure source of income is likely now. But it’s destiny coasting us towards what we’ve always wanted to do for a living but didn’t have the guts – until now. It’s not easy to remain silent when everything inside is screaming for positive change!

June is about fitness of the mindset and August bestows well being, wellness, and all around good health. It causes us to burn away what no longer serves us. Question. In what ways do we burn? There’s burning with fire. There’s burning with passion. Then there’s burning to just know the truth. What are we really fighting for, with, or at to make some kind of sense of – life choices? Where Gemini is positively stuck on understanding psychology, Leo loves to get creative by seeing just how strong we really are. How deep down the well have we fallen away from recognizing what is working from what doesn’t fit the bigger picture?

Mercury in Leo holds long distance conversation with Pluto (R) in Capricorn and Uranus (R) in Aries. The oceans change direction in tide and the Moon causes us all to experience mass waves of changes of the heart. What we thought we wanted, we no longer do. There is no other explanation psychologically but there are several answers found by using astrology, numerology, runes, tarot, and any other foretelling tool.

Women In Power & Leadership Roles - FLOTUS Michelle Obama

What has us so anxious about tomorrow? What is cosmos cooking up as new recipes of life for us? Ta-Da-da-Dah! The celestial coronation takes place before our eyes. Whatever happens in the metaphysical transforms immediately into the physical day-to-day. Wishes aren’t held up but they can be delayed or withdrawn by giving up. There is a universal commitment to make life flow with love again. What type of love? Spiritual experts and esoteric specialists call it Divine Love because there is no other way to explain phenomena sweeping through the planet as unseen forces of change.

From the 6th into the 8th, we have new psychic talents bestowed via external planets. Sun lights up Pluto (R). Mars agrees with Saturn and Mercury holds court with Venus (R), Pluto (R), Saturn, and Mars before entering Virgo on the 7th. That’s what makes it a generational transformation. The world steps up its psychic awareness on a collective basis. There is a metaphysical system for every question. That means we can put the power of sun (genius) to work for us on a daily basis. New inventions made for the home of tomorrow will be available today at affordable prices. Instead of paying more and getting less, we’ll be paying less and getting more. When people understand how technology works they’ll wait until all the bugs have been fixed to buy.

On the 7th Mercury confers with Jupiter – 3 days before entering Virgo. Genius upsets the natural balance by questioning the natural standard. Think of what happens when new species are introduced or accepted or die out like dinosaurs. Thanks to that triple hitter Superior Mercury in Leo on July 23rd we are all much smarter. We stick with 1st impressions about people until reality strips away what we thought we knew but didn’t know jack about. Intuition burns away lies, deception, and self-denial when feelings, visions, dream we’ve had in the past come to root. Whatever we think becomes what happens next. Leo knows to be careful with their thoughts. If you are a Leo Ascendant (Rising), Sun, or Moon you experience extra dosages of the good stuff. Which in the realization of some self-truths may not feel so good at first.

Virgo clears Karma for good by making something whole again. It’s the court system Leo created to self-regulate. What will it take to make us feel whole enough to start in a new direction? How can we strengthen weaknesses or turn them into cash cows of expertise? Those who fail the most are often the smartest people to talk to. Capricorn builds empires on the unlimited failed attempts. The more they fall the stronger they rise to fight again until what they want is recovered with interest. Do we do this in our financial holdings?

Speculate and take risks on stocks, intellectual properties, and anything that represents ancestral worth, legacy, and franchise potential. Ask buddies to invest or family members. What we build or create today is what feeds our family for generations. That one idea could be what puts us on E-Z Street, financially. When finances are flowing emotions are calmer. We are less emotional when we know how the bills will be paid. If you are a Financial Astrologist or gifted with insight on how to work specific asteroids to predict windfalls, go into business! Author books. Teach workshops or hold online classes. Send out promotional items and share results. That hooks the right type of fish. Who doesn’t want to earn more money or be shown how to do so using natural chutzpah?

In love this works out when we get the gumption to act on deep feelings. We disclose intentions to the object of our affection to clear the air. Either we move on as a couple or we decline for a new love that fits the subconscious mold. With Leo being so strong. We are not likely to be swayed by emotions, rather passions. Leo wants great sex, chemistry, and to be well entertained. If we don’t see this in a partner we’ll drift away towards what or who is making us feel magical. Yes the grounding of a Capricorn influence does make us stick to duty but in secret we are still thinking about the other person. This creates a problem in creating the right oneness in a relationship. Silence and silent treatments become epidemic. If the heart isn’t expressed it suppresses until like a tea kettle we explode with all these powerful emotions stimulated by Saturn.

Sun and Chiron (R) send out signals! Health is influenced by whom we give our hearts to and the environment we live in. If we are living with the one heart belongs to, health improves. We age younger. If we aren’t, we age faster and differences of opinion erupt petty arguments into temperamental blowouts. The same goes towards karmic relations. If we mistreated someone and are carrying shame inside it will eat away at self-confidence. We are too afraid to approach the love of our life out of guilt and not having the words to express truth. This influences sexual potency towards current mates, spouses, partners, or lovers. We can’t give our whole self and it hurts. Do we let it fester or do we find the light to burn it away for good? This is the process of healing the broken heart. Heartbreak is healthy when we see the lessons of love, loving, and knowing when we are loved in return.

Heartbreak resets the heart to appreciate what we do identify as real love. We’ll have higher standards and take less BS to get to the real of a situation. Does this person have my back or are they just putting on a show? If you hadn’t broken up with that person you might not have met this person. If lust was the basis of relationships in the past suddenly that changes. We want substance and we’ll be less unforgiving about how our mate does or doesn’t stack up physically because the metaphysical connection will be strong enough.

Clint Eastwood - Unforgiven (1992) Film

Stop thinking there isn’t enough to go around. Find a way to promote monogamy with Sexual Astrology or tarot. There are no quick fixes or enough one-night stands to mend a broken heart. What we do to others comes back as karma. When we are ready for that special type of love the heart prepares itself to receive. It creates a space only that special person can fill. When we are with them everything will feel naturally balanced. Take a spiritual approach to hooking the perfect love match with workshops, online classes, or working with Life Coaches. Love self enough to wait for what feels right. Date. Wait. Meditate or research Love Meditations via YouTube. Universe sends the perfect love match as we clarify true intentions. We do this by removing emotional clutter and taking advantage of personal astrology transits. Working with metaphysics provides whole new soul awareness. Think about it. We are spirits having a human experience so doesn’t it make good sense to take spiritual approaches to problem solving?

But there is a flip side to that as well. If the object of affection is no longer feeling appreciated there is the reality of losing this person for all time. For Twin Flames this can be devastating and thus there is a need to go through proper bereavement with counseling. We can’t nitpick and beat the self up for past mistakes. We can only learn and grow from experience. We keep prayer that somewhere someway what was wrong can be righted by being re-written.

Are you experiencing fatigue or burnout? Enroll in classes or workshops to build optimistic philosophies. Try Chakra courses or Chakric Yoga to release energy. Read how Astrology Houses and Chakras relate to karma. Chakras hold energy and must be detoxified to remove blocks, karma, and in some cases – fat. We release energy to receive more or better. Regular exercise powers ESP and Sixth Sensibilities. Meditation recharges and provides a #happyspace to release toxic emotions peacefully.

For those working in esoteric professions this enhances psychic performance. We can’t withdraw or share what hasn’t been deposited as higher wisdom. As we feed others to learn we must do so for self, first. Schedule personal time to take care of self-wellness with retreats, getaways, or self-journeys. Make the time to go to the lake, beach, or pond. Oasis is state of being before it’s state of mind, right? Self-love therapy is the gift that never gives out and is always on reserve when we need it most. If you are overloaded with too many clients work out arrangements with other professionals to benefit everyone. Offer incentives and referrals to customers as perks, coupons, or specials. We all need to take a break when tired or ask for assistance. No person is a one-stop shop all the time, 24/7.

Mars and Jupiter have a tango. In business, finance, and employment several make the leap to front of the class. Some new way we do business or process data catches on as the newest trend. If you are an employee it will make the bosses very happy when what you do brings tangible results, profits, and status. The time comes for a promotion and if you’ve put in the work expect to be first in line for bonuses, upgrades, bigger office, or more responsibilities with greater perks.

Mars enters Leo on the 8th! Employers are happy to reward those who set precedence in the workplace and are eager to keep these kinds of employees around. Why? They attract wealth, lift morale, and have a psychic tap on what customers want and when they’ll want it. Know what you are worth but remain humble when asking for more. Read books or blogs on how to creatively communicate what you desire. Set aside time to think about how work can be more productive and fun. Put smart phones to work! Preprogram music play lists that get creative juices flowing. Listen to Earth sounds, Reiki music, nature noises, classical instruments, or anything soothing. Decorate with Feng Shui, green plants, and try astrology checklists for each zodiac. There are several free online videos from experts, too. Express appreciation and keep it low key.

Mercury, Sun, and North Node (R) in Libra teach lessons. Every miracle is a gift. Humility inspires us to give more without being prodded or guilt-tripped into doing what’s right. Take advantage of Employee Wellness programs sponsored by an employer. Offer assistance to coworkers to build morale and team spirit. If you have an idea on how to improve a situation go through the proper channels to do so. Be slow to chime in gossip and water cooler talk and faster about directing complaints to the appropriate person. Own a business? If a client offers a special getaway take them up on it but keep them in mind, too. There are all kinds of ways to keep the Giving Spirit going.

Change of Heart

Mercury and Uranus (R) draw the same conclusion about Neptune (R). Love is head spinning. There is strong fascination with reincarnation, after life, and past life relationships. We meet people who just feel like we’ve known them forever. Or, we are haunted by nostalgia, dreams, and déjà vu. Extramarital affairs are exposed. True feelings force self-realizations. Psyche tours Gemini. Do we mesh? Do we match? Are we on the same page? And, for how long? Couples fight to prove true love. If a mate or spouse isn’t getting what they need at home, it’s a given to search for it elsewhere. Try couples’ counseling using Sexual Astrology compatibility reports to assess weaknesses to strengthen or address. It’s key to be honest. If trust or honesty is an issue, the foundation will shatter. For Twin Flames universe severs old ties to send New Love or renew an old TWF with a change of heart. We wake up to see what’s really meant to be and call others out on their BS.

Jupiter enters Virgo on the 11th. Mars and North Node announce radical transformations! We feel different. We look different and we act differently. We grow up about things to realize what we do need and don’t like to experience – at all. Self-regulation goes into full effect when Jupiter, Regulus, Sun, Mercury, Juno, and Lilith light up Virgo’s 6th House rule. We want what is healthy, period. We’ll go with what and who feels natural to be around on a consistent basis. We’ll anchor spiritually when we experience what soul has been searching for. TWFs will set meetings and begin dating rituals to merge. Some will marry or work together on mutual life missions. There is a collective desire to get life organized and in synch with astrology culture. ESP reaches a new peak in clarity. Suddenly what seemed so hard to understand isn’t anymore. The writing is on the wall and we have spiritual instructions on what to do next via intuition.

Health is Wealth
Health industries reap gigantic payoffs by taking risks on introducing new ways to get life back in balance. Sun and Pluto (R) determine what’s hot, trend, and back in fashion again. Wellness takes the limelight and more healers are called to answer destined professions through weird strings of events. Good with numbers or understanding esoteric trends? Put the word out and advertise via social media. Create savvy templates to launch new businesses or raise awareness of old ones. Who doesn’t love to see a new way to make a product, brand, or talent popular – again?

Vesta retrogrades in Aries at 13+ degrees. Writers and those working in literary careers get news of huge sales! Pallas and Saturn tour Sagittarius to expand options in bigger markets. We get the chance to work with VIPs and persons of influence on creative ventures. Won’t it be exciting when people all over the world recognize your talents and express demand for your style of writing? Others see something our works as creative masterpieces! The phone rings off the wall with offers and some spur viral videos. Put thoughts on paper and devise a trailer to tell your story without giving away too much. Next build a website or web page for others to see. Not sure how to do this? Hire experts in literary, social media, and web page development. Take ideas to the next level with passion. Share your genius! Plan things out in stages and be patient.

Mercury opposes Neptune (R). Do you write screenplays for TV or Film? One item sold triggers more sales so shop for legal representation or experts to negotiate bountiful contracts. Ever think of blogging commercially? There are dozens of PR firms seeking a fresh take on presenting established clients. Make a list of 10 firms to approach. Devote more towards visualizing who can appreciate what you offer. If you have an idea send off queries but don’t give away too much just enough to paint a clear picture of what you visualize as Game-Changing. Enroll in screenwriting classes via social media. It creates opportunities to be one-on-one with professionals in industry.

From the 13th to 14th Sun, Uranus (R), Mars, and Chiron (R) sound off warnings. We want a lasting relationship. We want to be with one person. We want to have that fairytale romance. But are we really as ready as we think we are to commit for the long-term? Are we in the most beneficial type of relationship? Are needs being met or is a relationship an old score to settle? Why do we feel so possessive about certain love interests? Are we reading Red Flags properly? Well emotional intelligence teaches us there are 3 types of relationships and a 4th hidden. We can create soul, karmic, and Twin Flame ties but is what we have Divine in nature?

Have a Love or Karmic Astrologist explain current personal Saturn transits. Dating? New partners form committed relationships. You’ll want the same things out of life and be on the same page in passions. Saturn and Pluto (R) agree to disagree. Couples may decide to take a break to go off and do your own thing for a while. This is positive because it allows space to breathe and think about where you want to be in say 5, 10, or 20 years down the road.

Sexual preferences change and this stirs up mixed emotions on whether to move forward. What we found attractive no longer applies because psychically we are more aware of what we want for the long haul. We have a New Moon in Leo at 21.31 degrees. We’ll be on the hunt for the X-Factor in relationships, aspirations, and anything that makes life more f-u-n. Universe ensures we’ll run smack into it. We’ll need to use astrology transit reports to be aware of how best to take advantage of new opportunities. It could be déjà vu crossing our path or Divine Messages manifesting via Angels, spiritual guides, and trusted ancestors. Try Angel Tarot scopes. There are free general readings online and it’s a free preview of that expert’s services for personal consultation.

Sun powers Venus (R) in Leo 22+ degrees. From the 15th into the 19th we feel the effects of Uranus’ retrograde in July. It fuels new insights we receive as strength to hang on and hold out for what heart & soul wish for. Mercury spins between Uranus (R) and Pluto (R). We’ve outgrown cravings of all types because we’ll know why we craved them in the first place. Mars attends Chiron (R) for advice. Be self aware of origins of karma. Experiment and try various holistic services like Energy Medicine or Emotional Intelligence (EQ) workshops to remove bad karma for good. Awareness gives self the fighting chance it needs to change outcomes. There is a reason for every feeling so discount them as meaningless. Schedule self-love therapy on a weekly basis. Romance the ((self))) to unlock what you can offer/give/receive in kind. It’s a form of deep self-respect others will abide as how they treat you.

On the 17th Jupiter in Virgo buzzes North Node. Opportunities arrive to make huge life changes via career, love, family, marriage, resident relocation, and status. Do we stick with tried and true, or do the new? What is written in our natal chart to happen? Make it easier and consult an expert before making heavy decisions. Mercury waves to Saturn. Organize thought processes and classify feelings of anxiety. It’s okay to question our judgment with tarot findings. Journal. List goals personal and professional. Meditate on what is written. Thoughts are energy and both require structure to form what’s tangible. Who do we visualize sharing our happiest joys? Lilith is on fire in Virgo! The answers could be shocking when we answer from the subconscious. Remember there are time, season, and cycle for everything. So what things are we ready to experience per the transit report? Horoscopes are wonderful when they are accurate but they are still fairly general. What applies to one may not apply towards another.

On the 19th Uranus (R) in Aries jolts Chiron (R) in Pisces to take charge. We bring closure to old business and make new opportunities happen. Skeletons pop out of emotional closets. We’ll see people in a different light of truth. What a person says doesn’t match what they are doing because its’ not how they truly feel. Neptune (R) supports Chiron (R), both are in Pisces. How close are powers of intuition in predicting? Tarot readings will be unusually on the mark. What happens on these dates determines how life turns around. Expect news about family members and pray for their care. Secure proper bereavement counseling and stage interventions if it must be done. Send out healing thoughts when you feel it. We are padding the fall – ours, back to the reality soul signed up to live out this lifetime.

Mercury and Saturn review soul contracts. Do we go with what is in our nature or what is projected? Be prepared for shocking revelations. We’ll become our own personal cliffhangers if we don’t remove the drama. Grace under fire sets us free. Free from whatever held us back from having stronger spiritual foundations. Trauma comes to an end when we can fend for self to remove negative influences.

Venus (R), Uranus (R), and Chiron (R) cheer us on! It’s good to get advice but consider the source giving it, too. Does this person have anything to gain or benefit, personally? We can’t allow others to block blessings. If a person supports us they’ll stick to the end and back again. This is Divine Love. It is unconditional, unbreakable, and spiritually grounding. The worst feeling is intuiting, we could have been somebody great but didn’t choose to because of fear factors. That’s a guilt soul is trying to shed. Though we have tugs of war internally – there is always the 3rd eye where everything says and feels like “Yes!” Masks come off universe reveals the identity of Twin Flames via Twin Flame specialists, dreams, and premonitions. Universe reads this as 1st impression and sends a “Go!” We get strong gut feelings. We can’t ignore as destiny. What if my TWF is unavailable or married? There are answers to get you through it all. Seek them out and take advantage of horoscope specials, emails, or tarot sessions. Soul is deciding its ready to know the whole truth. Until we secure answers the restless nights continue to keep us up and in anxiety. We are less irritable when we have love in our life, self-love and otherwise.

Blessings are no longer disguised but staring at us to take leaps of faith. Will we? Astrology and universe are betting on us as winning horses to pharaoh our own homecomings. What is meant to be becomes apparent and we choose. We’ll be celebrating personal victories, attending red carpet events, or be a guest on a popular TV show. The journey is the beginning and the story we have to share is the end result. What will ours be? Check the stars to find out with regular readings and up-to-date transit reports we can email directly to you!

From the 20th into the 23rd Sun, Mercury, and Venus are busy detangling emotional discord in business, professional, and true love dealings. We’ll need to make the best of things by staying productive at work and keeping the mind on track with positive reading literature. We feed our soul to learn, absorb, and make peace with self. We’ll have to come to grips about life changes. People will depart and enter as soon as we learn the life lesson they were sent to teach us about self, character, and strength of character. Are we as tough as we’d like to think or could we use a few pointers on self-improvement? Are we open to learning what certain persons have to teach? Can we face what we fear most and walk away with head held high? Yes! Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd. Two days later Eros enters Virgo. Planets align for the elliptic. If you are born within 5 days of the 26th in either direction, or have placements from 29 degrees Leo into 5 degrees of Virgo – a Solar Return astrology report is most beneficial.

Mercury has good news for Saturn on the 26th! If signing any contracts from the 23rd forward, research worth in various markets. See how much can be gained by licensing for example as opposed to outright sales. If sales are related to intellectual property think about ancillary income like T-shirts, coffee mugs, bedspreads etc. Brands represent franchise potential and that means 6-7 figures easily. It could surprise you!

Any commitments made will be lasting and at Twin Flame vibrations of certainty. Itemize what it would take to live the ideal lifestyle and base pricings on that number. Don’t just consider one year’s earnings but several in succession. If you are a new talent in the world launch new products, which offer diversity at affordable prices. Go the route of an independent but send out thoughts of the ideal distribution deal to universe. See whether ideas can be marketed overseas and entertain offers that come in now. Consult with those in the know about legal negotiations for that particular industry. They’ll know what to ask for and how much. We want to walk away from commitments feeling it was the best option and for some more facts need to be voiced. So ask if there is any lack of clarity.

On the same day – Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Virgo at 3.21 and again at 3.26 degrees! For many this date is considered the #LuckiestDayOfTheYear. The health, wellness, and holistic healing industries will all be booming. Ever consider opening a wellness store or place for experts to recommend goodies to customers or clientele? Think bigger! Come up with Employee Wellness packages to offer Big 5 corporations. Happy employees are healthy for business and wealthy for profits! Plus a spa session, reiki therapy, or psychology astrology reading could be just the thing to take the edge off what’s making an employee so restless. It’s easy on the pocketbook for Employers, too. Anything related to women or working with women will be highlighted. More feminine leaders take to the fore to lead the charge to a greater sense of well being, family unity, reorganization, and as voices for community. We’ll see an explosion of feminine leaders in the world who drive powerful influences to make changes for the best. Old regimes come to an end and for many create happy new beginnings. In love there is a choice of finality because of the Twin Flame vibrations. New choices emerge to mate Twin Flames. Universe presents everything in pairs and this includes choices. Many Twin Flames are healing from past hurts thanks to Chiron’s retrograde in June. Addictions, habits, and temperance will be the glue in relationships. We’ll have to share the same passions, life purpose, and work together to complete mutual life missions. This is how many meet the one God made for you. Heaven is the metaphysical whereas Earth is the physical. So if you haven’t consulted your akashic records the beginning of August is the best time to do so. You can access the identity of your Twin Flame using meditation, Twin Flame astrology and tarot systems. Karmic and Past Life readings tell us why a particular relationship did or didn’t work and this new understanding clears away old karma. Now we are renewed to love again. But we’ll choose what is healthiest for us in the long run. If a past love has grown emotionally enough to move forward universe will unite you. If not, a soul mate potential gets upgraded as the new Twin Flame. We’ll meet this person somewhere between August and October.

From the 27th into the 31st August puts life into complete harmony, balance, and order of what is most important. We’ll make the time to think about what makes us happy. We’ll put plans into action to initiate new ventures in business, love, finance, and career. But we won’t forget to set aside personal days to recuperate. We’ll work smarter not harder when it comes to meeting deadlines.

Venus (R), Mercury, and Sun help us harvest fresh options and see alternative destinies via personal astrology. Subscribe to reputable daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts like ours to stay afloat with hope. That better tomorrow comes today we listen and apply esoteric wisdoms. What we don’t know the Divine does and that’s the Oracle soul seeks to speak with 1st as intuition. Mercury enters Libra on the 27th. We receive a new set of values thanks to a strong curiosity to learn about all kinds of new spiritual philosophies. We shop for what fits the belief system we’ve been building from sound choice making. We are aware now of what works and what isn’t. So we’ll be more scrutinizing and picky about what we feed on and off of. When we know what color, what style, what brand of fashion makes us look our best isn’t that what we select to buy? The same goes with finding the perfect astrologist to guide our evolution. We are born human but at some point we hook up to the Divine and blossom.

On the 29th we have another Super (Full) Moon in Pisces at 6+degrees. It’s all about mastering the art of making wise choices. It’s a June repeat with an August bass line. We can’t move forward until we cut the strings holding us backward. If something or someone is not benefiting us emotionally we shouldn’t feel guilty about leaving or letting go. At some point we have to get enough to realize we are worth more than what we are taking or settling for. But in the same breath we aren’t entitled to any more than has been given. Love is a two-way transmitter on a 3rd Eye network. Whatever we put out in universe is all we can expect to receive. Want more business growth? Click more like icons on social media content, follow businesses or business owners doing what you’d love to, and see what happens.

Are you gifted with the pen but unsure on what topics to begin with? No problem. Try tarot readings. Start a Word Press blog site about day-to-day feelings or some new self-journey being explored. Expand the experience and create challenges for others to join in. Do something for a worthy cause or to make self feel good. Be a voice about personal interests. Have orator skills? Consider a career in politics. We can’t complain about laws we take no responsibility in creating. Volunteer for worthy causes. We must do what we can to be involved and that is the honey to sweeten the pot we wish to stir with others. We can ask others to invest in what we aren’t emotionally invested in or for. Emotions push realizations into being. Emotions make dreams come true. All we have to do is direct those emotions by doing the work, staying committed, and believing all will work out as it should based on astrology.

On the 31st Mercury spins Jupiter’s Wheel of Fortune. Being team-oriented lands dream jobs. Focus on personal strengths and what you can personally bring to make an employer better. Plan what to say using tarot. Plan what to wear with Feng Shui astrology or power zodiac colors, gems, and stones. Visualize getting what you want before walking out the door. Have an important sales meeting? Accentuate the positive and share benefits as bullet points. Have a love to pitch woo to? Are they resisting, hesitant, or outright stubborn?

Try Love or Karmic astrology or tarot to see what is between you as karma or emotional blocks. Tackle each issue by taking a spiritual approach. Win them over with sincerity, truth, and an open heart ready to give the love you hope to receive from them. We put thorns on our roses and it’s up to us to figure out how to trim the fat on BS-oriented encounters. We have to take the moment to make it the moment everything changes and we become one, again. Soul exchanges only happen when we begin to appreciate the little things. Fear factors leave when we take chances we feel to be destined! A pure love replaces tired thought patterns. Find out whether that person is Twin Flame material with checklists, blogs, or watching online videos about it. Match up clues or tarot answers before making big moves. Communicate creative or psychic thoughts. It starts conversations and those conversations start more conversations.

Sun opposes Neptune (R). We make topics relevant, again. That’s power to influence the masses. That one blog, Tweet, of Facebook could give the world some really fresh perspective. Nothing happens until we take the steps to work on self, love self, and believe in self, again. We make the world sit up and take notice by striking while the iron is hot. All ideas have merit otherwise they would not have come to us intuitively. We channel creative wisdom into new forms of art, science, and any other institution of learning one’s craft. When it’s time for us to know universe sends us signs. Esoteric information teaches us how to read those signs and put the best plans of action into activity as destiny. Rediscover the Divine with in to spark real transformations. As a whole we are working to turn on the lights and re-light Torches we signed up for as soul missions. Every soul is born to a certain destiny to reach some great potential. Unlock the secrets soul is keeping with personal astrology transit reports.

It will be the last time we feel like saying, You mean I coulduh been a Contender?

We are tomorrow’s experts in training turning on the light inside to follow true paths. Be about the business of self-realization. Realize potential and stop letting it collect dust from non-use. What good is it to have ESP and all the powers but be unaware of how to use them properly? ESP navigates us to new lines of work. New loves we thought we’d lost and new loves we’d never known before. At the workplace, we’ll rejoice with glee when the bosses return with good news about promotions we didn’t see coming. See? Silence can be golden when we are more patient and hope-filled. It’s easier to be patient when we know what to expect and astrology gives us that insurance. It’s the magic carpet to whole new worlds! Hop aboard – Wheee!

“It’s time to tap our inner divinity to unearth what’s been hiding as new, fresh, and innovative talent. Self-explore! Shine your light and attract the abundance you were born to possess.”
< Ola, Queen Bee of Astrology>


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