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Hi! Y'all I'm Ola!
Hi! Y’all I’m Ola!
Astrology Tomorrow - astrology magazine WONDER
Astrology Tomorrow – astrology magazine WONDER

Hi Y’all as you know I created Astrology Tomorrow back in August 2012. I’m so thankful for all those it has helped in re-aligning chakras, energy, and timelines for abundance. We all grow and move on so please stay tuned for my NEW astrology magazine which will be the next evolution of Astrology Tomorrow. Yes – I am on the hunt for DISTRIBUTION – GLOBALLY. So if you’d love to carry the new on your website or offer it as a benefit to current astrology customers email:

T H A N K  Y O U ===>for helping light workers of UNIVERSE (like me) – light up the world. Every act be it great or small yields blessings. Light & Dark don’t have to oppose to draw the same conclusion of #ProtectLife. Different is good. Being unique is good. It’s OK to be you – just be the real you and know God is blessing us all with abundance, power, and inner beauty to shine NEW HIGHER TRUTHS.

Namaste – Ola, Queen Bee of Astrology – Buzzing You All The Way To The Stars!


Every person is psychic but every one doesn't use their gifts. We show you how to turn on the lights. You are someone worth knowing about.
Every person is psychic but every one doesn’t use their gifts. We show you how to turn on the lights. You are someone worth knowing about.

We intuit what Higher Mind wants and clarify how Lower Mindset wishes to react. Have a unique way of looking at life? Feel like a misfit? Do we recognize the signs of our nature? When in social settings do we mingle or grab a drink & slip to a dark corner to observe? Do we find people curious or fascinating? Do we drift off imagining stuff we have yet to safari? It would surprise many how much energy we devote to daydreaming. Angels hear our dreams. It is their soul mission to unite us with destiny but we must cooperate by reading signs from nature. Aren’t we strong enough to be real? Come out the cave. Universe empowers us with unique new mindsets! Metaphysics provides upgrades in wealth. Venus regresses into the last degrees of Leo July 31st and we experience a potent Blue (2nd Full) Moon in Aquarius – let’s see what happens next.

Okay so let’s set the stage, stage the game, and score the personal victories! After the New Moon in Leo on the 16th a parade of activity snowballs in heavenly places. Leo wants loyalties to be declared out and in the open for all to see, know, and feel as self-truth. It demands to be noticed or it shuts things out emotionally. Leo energy forces us all to get life in some kind of order by making better judgment calls. It makes us back track how we are drawing conclusions, and demands we find the best ways to come to decisions based on facts. Either there is potential for growth or there isn’t.

Suddenly heaven is tired of holding all these secrets we’ve been storing up as things we just don’t say or express – but truly feel. What happens next makes the world a much more colorful and honest place to thrive. We’ll have more people advising others by telling it like it is or in plain ghetto terminologies. We won’t pussyfoot or tiptoe around hard to discuss emotions. Jupiter and all the other celestials in Leo just won’t have any fakeness going. Like Martinis – we’ll be shaken, stirred, and poured into new glasses of reality. But the great part is being hungry makes us get up and hustle new creative cash flows.

Saturn in Scorpio – 28+ degrees – How well we cope under pressure is how well we’ll do in the real world as successful entrepreneurs. Shake the world with insight and stir up FRESH PERSPECTIVE.

It’s time to cash out and cash in on what we have coming as karma. Timing is everything but karma is all things rolled into one. A person can have all bets covered but if karma is out of whack say they owe a kindness but didn’t return it there is guilt. Guilt weighs down energy and blocks blessings. The mind isn’t clear enough to see what’s best. It simply goes after what it feels in the now hoping it will last. What happens when things don’t turn out as expected? We have to face cold hard facts and experience tough love with spiritual strength of will.

No matter what happens we know we will survive. Universe shows us life is an institution and growing up emotionally is the only way we can make the most clear-minded decisions we aren’t second-guessing down the road as regret, disappointment, and wasted energy. We have the following occur to shake up false towers of strength. We have to decide whether something is real, really good for us, and really beneficial in the long run. If it is things improve and we keep moving in the same direction.

Are we changing the world for the better? Venus poses this question for all those seeking a better lifestyle. What we do can self-improve the world by creating higher good services.
Are we changing the world for the better? Venus poses this question for all those seeking a better lifestyle. What we do can self-improve the world by creating higher good services.

If they aren’t the proof for change is on the table. It’s time to go a different route, with a different partner, and through a different means of passage. We’ll find out why we’ve felt stuck. New doors open as alternative choices to take. We’ll discover what has been weighing us down or missing from the picture altogether. We’ll be forced to choose whom we wish to align with, work with, and be around in relationships that culture how we think or feel about self. Is a person drawing us closer to spiritual goals or pulling us farther away from what we feel to be right for soul? Universe reveals what we haven’t been saying but truly feeling at heart.


Lilith - the Bad Girl turned Good - turns new leaf with Good PR. Is it really in our nature to be evil? Or is it jealousy Fear of Abundance and not having enough?
Lilith – the Bad Girl turned Good – turns new leaf with Good PR. Is it really in our nature to be evil? Or is jealousy Fear of Abundance and not having enough?

Lilith in astrology rules Laws of Nature and reveals truest nature on how we’ll cope. Lilith transits Virgo powering all the planets leaving Leo entering Virgo, and in Virgo. Virgo is the sign of soulful decision-making. Michael Jackson didn’t record a song or do a dance he couldn’t feel from the soul as meant to be.

Are we this absolute about some values, core beliefs, and thoughts on self? What grounds us as codes of honor, self-respect, and character, will either strengthen or weaken the soul’s defense to evil. Where do we shop to find out this kind of information? Lilith. In lore and Ancient Wisdom this asteroid, Black, and True Dark Moon conceals the secrets of nature and natural tendencies. It shows a person’s true psychosis. That’s powerful information to wield!

When unaware we are ignorant and kept in a glass with dirty panes. The grass appears greener when in reality, it isn’t. When we aren’t aware of the value of self, we have no idea how much our talent is worth. But those who do know keep it from you by profiting and sharing no credit. It’s not always coincidence others produce works similar to yours if they’ve been watching you grow. Venus in Virgo (debilitated) sounds off warnings for us to do the research. Find out what value you do offer. Approach other markets consider overseas distribution. Don’t be so eager to sell art. Consider licensing revenues for franchise material. Negging undermines self-confidence and creates false senses of self-esteem for those who are doing the negging. It’s unearned accolades or false praise for the ego and it’s effects are temporary when truths are revealed as harsh life lessons. Remember the laws of karma. What is put out always comes back in the 3s. One word or act can send a tower of cards crashing down when ego is bruised. It’s the snake biting one’s heel so to speak. It stings when we fall hard and fast in a turnaround or reversal of circumstances.

But how well we can bounce back determines how glorious an outcome will be moving forward. There is inner peace when we realize why this or that didn’t work because it just wasn’t meant to be. Astrology is how we discover gnosis and tarot is how we emotionally interpret what we read in transit reports. One key vouches for the other as types of systems to address various types of every kind of problem. There is a metaphysics for all that ails the human condition because as a spiritual tool it bestows great intelligence in a matter in a way that makes sense only to us as the querent.

Gnosis – is the road to healing, recovery, and self-knowledge. How well do we know what we are capable of achieving?

There is peace in knowing what will work for you and what won’t in making keen business decisions. Yes, there were several great movies almost never made out of spite, malice, and jealousy of one’s talents. But someway some how with continuous effort and hard work the light of unknowns breaks through to the right people yes because the stars are aligned but more so because karma is right. Good karma is a passport to move wherever we wish. When we make it our aim to cultivate positive business experiences growth comes.

Who doesn’t love doing business with a fair and fair-minded individual? The most successful people are those who are habitually passionate about what they do. They find the greatest joy in adding to some grand collection or recording what hasn’t been seen or heard before. They do it with the innocence of a child getting its first real toy. Are we this excited about anything? That is where we start building dreams into being. Thinking about what we love to do gets us through the days, weeks, and months. With all that hard work comes the satisfaction that soon it will all make sense. As a reward for honing our craft into something professional universe has the best and brightest of stars to add their support. In letting go of what hurt or broke our heart, there is the silver lining of hope. Hope takes us safely to destiny. It’s the Star of energy we’ve been holding inside our heart as inner light – gnosis.

In business and in love relations, this leaves room for others to take advantage. So we backtrack, and isolate to contemplate our next move UP and out of despair. We say enough is enough! We cope and we react by coping better. This is the influence of Venus regressing into Leo on the 31st coupled with a (Blue) Full Moon across the zodiac in Aquarius. Through sheer will we get fed up and make what we want happen emotionally.

If haven’t tried Lilith Astrology this is the time to do so. What is discovered will make us say, “OMG! That is so true!” It will give soul the keys it needs to drive away from what is not good for soul growth, prosperous fresh starts, and meeting the right types of people. We are being introduced to new types of culture to evolve the self we are growing up to be, emotionally. When we grow up the way we thought 1 day ago can be eons from how we are thinking right now. Every time we learn new information we change from knowing. Whether we admit it aloud or not, it’s true. Universe is determined to prove what it knows about us to be based on our nature. Imagine life as air we travel in.


In all the chaos we have to still the doubts. We must learn how to trust in self. Don't doubt the power of you to stop bad events. Bad can do good things just like Good can do what's bad for the moment.
In all the chaos we have to still the doubts. We must learn how to trust in self. Don’t doubt the power of you to stop bad events. Blog and share what you know in the world. Put ESP to work as a new age healer. Soul Plane starring Snoop Dogg, Method Man (2004)

Now imagine a plane as your soul transporting you through this air. We hear the Pilot forewarn us of coming turbulence. How do we react? What are first and last thoughts? Those thoughts hold the keys to what we really value, don’t they? It’s not the every day moments that define character. It’s what we didn’t see coming and how well we cope that defines how well we are coping. How well we cope determines what happens next as final outcomes.

So we do have say-so in what happens to that plane because emotionally we are what’s grounding, directing, and moving it to its destination – safely. Emotions secure landings or those feelings of being brought back down to Earth. We must organize emotions by rationalizing what’s in our best interests and which reaction is best for the well being of others involved. We are being forced to be fair in how we judge what is attractive and what just appears to be. We are being asked to choose what’s real and what’s really good for us to try, moving forward?


Psychoanalysis creates balance within because now we can classify emotions, feelings, and psychic thoughts into some meaning. Our angels, guides, and ascended masters are trying to tell us something. Those dreams are premonitions of what’s to come. Those animals we dreamt of symbolize the new energies headed our way as opportunities and types of opportunities. One person’s loss is always another’s opportunity to rise from the ashes. It’s the law of nature for all energy to balance.

Celestial Events

7-18 Venus enters Virgo
7-22 Sun enters Leo
7-23 Mercury enters Leo
7-23 Eros enters Leo
7-23 Mercury conjunct Sun in Leo forming Superior Mercury
7-25 Venus retrogrades – Virgo 0+ degrees, karma cleared, awareness generated
7-26 Uranus retrogrades – Aries 20+ degrees! Awareness revealed, secrets revealed
7-31 Blue (2nd) Full Moon (Buck Moon) – Aquarius 7.56 degrees – New decisions come to light, After finding this out – I changed my mind!
7-31 Venus regresses (slips backs into) Leo 29.51 degrees! – I’m going with my 1st mind and sticking to what feels natural to me!


How determined are we to make dreams come true? How much energy have we devoted towards turning personal goal into a profession empire? How close are you towards making it happen? What is the one thing you need to happen first or next? The true nature of a dreamer is endless, secretive, and opulent with lots of green. Green as in $$$.

Dreaming makes serious cash when we put random creative thoughts into action, planning, and stages of development. That invention we thought off while drunk, high, and fumbling around hungry could be gold on the wellness market. Ingenuity and genius comes at the oddest moments but when they arrive we need to pay closer attention.

When we design prototypes, scripts, models, templates, or any other marketable formula for success how do we play the markets? How do we get our stuff to overseas markets? Who do we talk to about contracts related to distribution? How do we drum up winning strategies to market our brands to new circles, crowds, and diverse types of demographics – on a budget? How do we get those jewel deals to work with global corporate brands as sponsors?

The answers lie in seeing one bottom line but at all levels of scope of application. A simple idea can become a huge giant in industry. Music genius “Lil Jon” made a fortune with one word – “Yeah!” Think of all those T-shirts and how those ideas cropped up in the minds of those designing them. Life experiences are the roots that seed great concepts in business. We don’t invent something until its an item that would make our life easier, right?

Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Inside each of us is a Mother of an idea waiting to become money in the bank. Psychic awareness stimulates Creativity and Creative Drives in the mind. Most of the greatest art in the world was channeled via mediumship. The mind goes into an altered state to communicate with one’s angels or spirit. The information gathered becomes intuitive thought which are strong feelings we get when something is meant to be.

Standing in line customers drum up all kinds of ways their experience in line waiting could be better. How many times have you entered a store for one thing only to see 30 other people with the same thought?


Did you continue to get it or cut those losses to go to another store less crowded which charged more $$$? When the laws of Supply and Demand take over the jungle of commerce, politics, and survival of the biggest it can be kill or get killed when spinning the Wheel of Fortune. It’s a sport for Kings and Queens, but a real life dilemma for the rest of us thinking of every way one can to hustle food on the table, a room over the head, and a pair of new socks from time to time. Rich and poverty are polar opposites with the same personal problems. There is one common factor that connects them – love.

How will I ever find a real love to love the real me and how can I become this person I dream of without sacrificing what I believe in exchange? How can I find a job I love that makes me lots of money? These are very real life transforming questions aren’t they? What if one or all of those ideas had the potential to put us on the map as celebrities, Rock Stars, or MVP status? Would it make us happy? For a while – it would.

But if we roll into our good luck spiritually strong aren’t we well prepared to handle success and all that comes with it? Won’t we be smart about how we spend? Won’t we be smarter about who we spend our time with? Won’t success change how we feel about those who rejected us or will we be big enough to show compassion? Eventually every master serves as the slave, and every slave evolves into a master. Can we change outcomes by choosing different masters to learn from? Yes! That’s how we re-culture a rose to grow in concrete.

How do we create something out of nothing - no one seems to want? Pluto in Capricorn unlocks answers and shares with Saturn in Scorpio.
How do we create something out of nothing – no one seems to want? Pluto in Capricorn unlocks answers and shares with Saturn in Scorpio.

But the more we build something up the harder it is to simplify things when emotions get involved. Let’s enter a conversation between two BFFs. BFF #1 is having man woes. She is married to a guy she doesn’t love but who keeps her well off in life.

She puts up with a lot of stuff by looking the other direction. She isn’t aware of any other options. It hasn’t occurred yet all she wants she can create for herself until something life changing appears. New element enter the scene, alter the plot, and tests the personal strengths of BFF #1’s ability to cope, regroup, and re-navigate. She has strong emotions but are they enough to keep her in a relationship she feels is unfulfilling? BFF #2 listens while slurping her drink. Occasionally she gives a few uh-huhs.

Then she sits up, lights up, and says, “Yeah, but what do you want out of this? What are your priorities? Does this match what either can provide – forever?” The expression changes and it occurs to BFF #1 she is guilty of not loving her self enough to stand on her own two feet and walk out. It becomes clear she has been selling herself short of self-discipline, and foregoing the reward of self-respect.


How can we add more meaning, depth, and value to make life worth living BIG?
How can we add more meaning, depth, and value to make life worth living BIG?

We all feel born to achieve some master plan in life. We all have world talents we keep hidden to for self, only. We all want to get material stuff but at what cost are we willing to pay for them at soul levels? Will you continue to give away hours of time to a job you find hard to wake up to? How can you make the day go better?

What can we offer an employer that makes them happy and us satisfied at the same time? If they are asking for more than we can give are we speaking up and asking for the right help? How can employers culture pearls of talent in star employees to everyone’s benefit? Often there is office competition but there are those employees who just shine. These types set standards of excellence and quality for others to aspire towards. Are we noticing or passing them over for more attractive options? We can’t expect the best results until we give the right people their due. This means taking notice of another’s Color Purple.

Happy employees mean happy returns for companies. Look at all the successful employee-owned business templates. When employees feel invested the company reaps nothing but profits on investment. Treating one’s employees fairly makes a company a marquis in industry. It’s great for press when employees are visibly loyal and it drives up stock values. If we ignore employees who know industry and have passion, we lose out on resources we could have tapped but didn’t. Another company sees the opening and makes them an offer that’s hard to refuse if loyalties aren’t in play.

That’s money bosses never knew they had coming and missed opportunities. If you run a business or are getting one off the ground allow all employees in on decisions that affect everyone’s income. We’ll be surprised at what we find by opening the floor and letting experience speak. How can you show them what you are made of and have to offer? How can we feel like doing our jobs better? Where can we find the pleasure of job satisfaction?

How can we invest energy into successful products, production, and phases of productivity if we aren’t aware of full potential? As independent artists and filmmakers, how can we channel random What Ifs into bestselling novels, artistic masterpieces, and unique selfies to push concepts? It all starts by asking more of the right questions and simplifying goals with methods of clarification. Understand what type is needed to build the type that’s wanted.

Metaphysics empowers the mind to clarify what heart is expressing! Energy, thoughts, and any other form of raw energy require classification to put them towards best use. After we distill and simplify, we manage with self-regulation, self-discipline, and set clear emotional boundaries of self-respect. We follow through on what we say. We don’t commit unless we are absolutely sure it’s what we can deliver. People especially those in the professional world will walk all over us if we aren’t ready for the type of success soul seeks so hungrily. Soul knows no boundaries but self, does.

Having a clear spiritual plan for our life is the only way to weather storms of the unexpected. It may seem weird to study or keep up with stars. But now metaphysics is making horoscopes a daily way we balance self-truths or become aware. What life situation can be the next blockbuster film, award winning home, or Top 10 Book on world travel experience? Where there is will astrology reveals the way! Timing is most beneficial when we plan to put things in motion because everything in universe has its own season we match up with. We have to stop waiting on people and find out when its favorable to strike on our own.

You could be right! Plan out dreams in phases, steps, and milestones. Eventually we get where we always hoped to be in life!
You could be right! Plan out dreams in phases, steps, and milestones. Eventually we get where we always hoped to be in life!

Create Martinis. Be the next World Wonder! Be a voice. Be a brand. Be a style. Be something that makes you happy, just you. Do what you love for the sake of that love and not for the sake of $$$$$$. Long after the money is spent you’ll smile knowing someone somewhere is still enjoying what you brought into the world as light of wisdom. Take a peak at what you are made of with astrology! Optimize star and planetary energies by getting elemental about progress and being truly successful.

Now we use personal experiences to understand the psychology one very simple concept. It’s the art of making something relevant, relatable, and re-likeable. We are all hunters by nature. There are those of who hunt for sport, those who hunt out of need, and those that hunt for none and all of the above.

The 3rd hunter profile is the most dominant and represents the Leo-type of hunter. Leos love to get huge deals for little or nothing given in return because those are the most heart-driven gifts. Leos need catnip but the more evolved the Leo-type the more refined the tastes will be and this makes these profiles the hardest to capture but the most rewarding to possess. Now apply these types as types of one’s different natures. We either like, favor, or love an item. On the other side we dislike, hold in contempt, and loathe something based on prior experience of dissatisfaction or in some cases fear. Why do we fear something? Is it for a well-founded reason?


Or are we afraid of how uniting or coming to terms of it will transform our opinion of it altogether? We tend to let our nature be the judge of everything especially when we knew we should have listened to our 1st voice on a matter. This happens in love and business relationships most of the time. We think if only I’d thought a little longer I wouldn’t be where I am right now in how I feel. Should-have-would-have thinking is not positive because it dredges up the past and what we loved most. The problem in reminiscing too deeply is getting caught up in sentimentalities.

When we are sentimental and make decisions based on what’s comfortable in the present we are not weighing how comfortable it might not be down the road. Decisions can return to bite us dead square in the ____ like a scene out of Snakes On A Plane. When we aren’t aware of all the types of choices available we mis-judge a matter.

Decisions must be well informed to be of any real benefit in the present and further down the line. Taurus doesn’t make hasty decisions and any Taurus-placements could be one’s saving grace can be looking for Taurus in our natal charts. Taurus wants us to explore passions but it demands we develop the proper channels or outlets for artistic expression.

When a Taurus wants to be a certain way or transform it designs the ideal as a thought, first. We’ll put more thought into what we are doing and where all our energy is being directed towards one goal. We are grounding a dream into reality when we position self in places we’re most likely to make them come true. Aspiring actors move to Hollywood or places that are known for making films. Geniuses and protégées go to specialized artistic institutions famously patronized for turning out powerhouse world talents.


We are dealing with hidden truths related to what we feel is right for us. Taurus gets involved from 22+ degrees forward. If you have any natal positions expect activity and life changes for the better.
We are dealing with hidden truths related to what we feel is right for us. Taurus gets involved from 22+ degrees forward. If you have any natal positions in Taurus from 22+degrees < expect activity and life changes for the better.

Culture is everything because it’s where all the things that creates our unique voice, style, brand, or type of art as some new art form or form of expression. When a child grows up in a healthy culture don’t they tend to be well-adjusted adults? When we want to have the right career success we start with how we are culturing our passions. The best writers have refined tastes in what they read or put in their mind because it influences the quality of what they are writing.

If an actor wants to give a compelling performance he goes undercover to be whatever he is portraying on screen. Doing this gives depth, believability, and popular appeal of that performance to generate the right types of fan base. When something blows up so big it becomes an industry standard. Now imagine the kind of wealth that kind of fame can generate. Makes you teary-eyed don’t it? Well with psychic awareness it’s a snap because we are working with the Divine to manifest the sublime.

What we weren’t told is how Michael channeled the information as inspiration. He studied his art, observing a variety of cultural masters like James Brown, Tchaikovsky, and Native American storytellers in industry. He didn’t just study a topic he studied those who represented self-mastery at what they did – by nature. He looked for what appealed to him as feeling soulful. When something is soulful we feel it soul-deep. We vibe with it as something we can’t get out of our system. It’s a feeling and love so strong we have no choice but to surrender to where it leads us. Now this is passion defined at its most refined. Soul seeks what it will find enriching, exciting, and unforgettably good in nature to indulge in. Good habits can be guilty pleasures, too.

Michael spent lots of time hanging out and collaborating with all types of talent – old & new. He donated countless hours to charity to raise awareness for the care of others. He took the time to get in a place and think – seriously think about what he could create the entire world could enjoy listening to as much as he enjoyed making it. That’s the secret to wealth people making others feel as good as you did making something. How personal can you turn telling a story into sharing an experience? When something is written up about you as a bio or back-story how well does it draw a person’s interest, intrigue, or fascination? Is it written to make people say, Hey I need to know this guy or gal?

Thriller became—and currently remains—the best-selling album of all time, with sales over 65 million copies worldwide according to various sources. In the United States, it also tied with the Eagles’ Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975) as the best-selling album at 29 million units shipped. The album won a record-breaking eight Grammy Awards in 1984, including for Album of the Year. <Wikipedia, Thriller (Michael Jackson Album)>

Michael Jackson was more than a world entertainer. He was an innovator. When others say you can't - are you saying -
Michael Jackson was more than a world entertainer. He was an innovator. When others say you can’t – are you saying – “Watch Me?”


Taurus and Scorpio both are slow to make decisions until they dig deep enough for all the answers seen and unseen. They play things out in the mind first and take wait and see reactions to promises others make. If a person is serious they know they’ll put their money on what the mouth is banking on happening based on predictable habits, thought patterns, and unrealized potential. How much can be made from this venture in this many years? Will this person have my back when I need them most? Leos are the same if those they are loyal to, are loyal in return.

For Leo and Aquarius there are conditions on price tags one doesn’t see but should ask about upon purchase. Both Leo and Aquarius provide key insight on a need to know basis. When we need to know that’s when universe will reveal it. Now let’s put planets and asteroids in these zodiacs as characters in a cosmic script. There are no less than 5 planets + key asteroids touring Leo. Saturn (R) holds it down in Scorpio and this energy is acting as what forces situations into final chapters – life lessons mastered. Moon and Ceres tour Aquarius.

All you need are 3 ingredients to create successful ventures: 1. Optimism 2. Hope 3. Awareness
All you need are 3 ingredients to create successful ventures: 1. Optimism 2. Hope 3. Awareness

Ceres is how we become productive or get that proverbial fire lit under us to get moving on making stuff happen. Psyche tours Taurus until the 16th of July. It’s time to accept our new psychic talents and put them to wise use in the world as experts of our craft. We are our only competition. We are our only limitations. We are where all that greatness begins, ends, and rebirths as the artistic. We are swayed most by the influence of our nature. When choices are presented which are we naturally drawn to choose from soul-deep values? What will keep us animated? Excited? And engaged forever? What is it we’d love to do whether we were paid or not as a living? All of this plays out in the script we are writing as what we wish to possess as wisdom or create as a new wisdom to enlighten others.

Ceres is the power that makes us productive in life. Try a natal astrology chart to see where your Ceres. Use what you find as the power to inspire, motivate, and create new options.
Ceres is the power that makes us productive in life. Try a natal astrology chart to see where your Ceres. Use what you find as the power to inspire, motivate, and create new options.

Stop making excuses, pointing blame, and wasting energy. Focus. Try the best DIY tarot spreads or work with a specialized expert for core answers. Yes – all this happened but what needs to happen next for _____________________ to work out? What can I do right now to get this kind of outcome going? What new ways can we re-fashion, reinvent, and re-wheel what is now back in style? Psyche influences soul-based decision-making. It’s the facts we study long and hard before making a decision. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Eros all tour Leo! Talk about power with impact. Whatever decisions we come to will be from the heart but based on where we feel our soul is taking us.

Things will have to feel like destiny for us to move or take them seriously. We’ll need to see results, read testimonials, and see things in terms of numbers, reports, and math. Psychic awareness makes us all very detective in how we draw conclusions. If we were burnt before on a deal we are less likely to let this happen working with the same groups of people. We’ll have a plan, strategy, or plan B in mind in case a person reacts this way or that. Plans only go awry when we aren’t emotionally ready and steady to be strong enough to roll a different direction.

Thank you for reading and PLEASE ENLIGHTEN OTHERS – with the gift of Higher Wisdom. RETWEET or send this link to someone and watch them thank you for lifetimes.



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Astrology Tomorrow is the 1st of its kind e-zine created by Top Master Metaphysician and Expert Astrologist – “Queen Ola”. Queen Ola had an unusual childhood but shared a secret power with her Mother. It involved using powerful ESP & CLAIR-SENTIENT gifts to interpret astrology, numerology, Wicca, and work the supernatural. There was more to light work Ola found, than just mapping folks’ stars and planets. It was a system of good health practices as components. It takes a whole system of organic means and herbs – to create spiritual wellness and “balance”. Ola’s Mom specialized in more than baking wellness cookies. She was an expert in iridology, creating powerful herbal remedies, and telling big time southern folklore that made folks laugh.

Descended from a long line of royal spiritualists with white hair, unique eyes, and a penchant for reading “nature” – Ola was trained to become an expert Metaphysician. Metaphysics is the art of slowing things down to “study” and perfect. You know “tweak things a bit?” Now Ola shares the benefits of a lifetime’s work. All magicians have trade secrets and she is a master at creating formulas, keys, and easy to use personalized astrology for better results. Her information “un-picks” the secretly locked doors of destiny. Benefit monthly with observations that give heavenly solutions to daily problems. At last metaphysics now makes common sense by “re-thinking”. Build fresh perspectives that crop new and fun creative ideas. In addition to writing AT, Queen Ola blogs monthly to keep you – “in the know” – 1st. Subscribe to exclusive and #shocking revelations. Read keen business insights to personalize windfalls.

Queen Ola is a master at reading –

Lilith Astrology, Financial Astrology, Magi Astrology, Love Astrology, Soul Astrology, Sexual Astrology, Psychological Astrology, Jupiter+Saturn Astrology, Career Astrology, Quantum Physics, Strata physics, Metaphysics, genealogy, Ancient Egyptian Astrology, Advanced Numerology and expanding the realm of Shaman Astrology for commercial usage.


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**All images used are for the purpose and intent of education, enlightenment, and comparison of study. Please check with a doctor before using any herbal recommendations.


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