AUGUST 2015 – MONTHLY HOROSCOPE – PART III – Transitions to Watch Out For in August 2015

Transitions to Watch

Aug 2 – Saturn goes direct – Scorpio

New powers of influence become apparent when fresh talent emerges on the scene. Suddenly the world is overflowing with abundance in ideas to create new ideals to old standards. But we’ll need to take heed to strong intuition coming on what to say, when, how, where, and to whom using personalized astrology transit reports. We make big leaps by trusting in what we’ve learned, acquired, and mastered as expertise. Others are willing to pay well for our special brand of something. Stop sitting on genius and make it work for you. Take out loans but do so at an affordable rate to start up a new business, holistic practice, or astrology brand. The world needs fresh perspective. Specialize in some new type of something or art form and blow up social media with updates, free tips, and healing thoughts of inspiration.

Aug 3 – Full Moon – (10:20pm EST) – Capricorn

Now is the time to act on setting greater personal goals professionally. What can you do better that hasn’t been done already? What can we add, expound, or expand on in a market, industry, or trade business? Keep an ear to the ground for inside tips on stocks, trade, and making serious moo-lah when some sell short. Inheritances or lost intellectual property rights come up for a quick sale. If you don’t have the cash pool together with friends or pals for a solid capital investment buy-in. Deals like this only fall from heavenly places as a means to settle karmic debts. Use the wealth for ventures that make others feel good. Remember how Sam made Oda Mae give the money to the nuns in Ghost? Manage dark situations into hoped for outcomes. Seek expert advice and re-tool failures into major successes. See what went wrong and find an affordable alternative to make it right this time around. Put intuition to work by seeing how to make dreams come true step-by-step. Take a spiritual and organic approach to solving problems using intuition and tarot for clarification. Many receive news of promotion on the job and the bosses couldn’t be happier with productivity results. Stay encouraged and keep up the great work more blessings come from keeping a nose to the grind. Some reach fitness goals and emerge to soak up lots of compliments. Go shopping and reinvent the rest of you starting with wardrobe or hire a stylist to put a look together for you that’s easy to manage.

Aug 4 – Jupiter, Pluto – Leo, Capricorn

We are stronger than we realize. Life brings change that’s a fact we must deal with. If you have a strong feeling a job is about to end prepare by searching for new prospects. Apply for positions in new lines of work. Turn hardship into good luck, good karma, and good will to others. Find out who is doing what you’d love to as a living. Now find ways to be invited to social functions where they gather. Make it a point to meet the right people at the right time with astrology transit reports and tarot predictions. Everything has to align and match but we need to know what signs to be on the lookout for when opportunities arrive. List out questions to ask before a reading to get the most out of it. Employed or newly hired? Share the limelight with coworkers on joint projects. Don’t rock the boat to gain notoriety. Stick to how things are done and take note on ways it can be better. When the opportunity arises pitch those ideas to those who can do something with them. Persons of influence introduce new faces in talent and endorse new products in industry. Be one of them. Create templates to shop what you do for others and can offer in making their business shine. Favor is received when we give or share what we know with others out of pure appreciation. Avoid tit for tat scenarios with coworkers. Show class and take the high road to keep good karma flowing. Those are bridges we may have to trot back over someday. Friendship becomes the glue that keep couples and new relationships going in the same direction. Cultivate ways to connect as friends so there is bonding and strengthening of one another during hard times. Loyalty is not love. If the love is gone be emotionally mature to realize it together and do something about it, together.

Aug 7 – Mercury enters Virgo – 00’00

Whatever we’ve been working on or tinkering with in secret becomes the #nextbigthing in the world so don’t be surprised when word spreads. Everyone will want a slice of the action but be selective about who you share with. Go over contracts with a fine comb to avoid misunderstandings or cold feet. Home needs to be renovated and life could use better organization in getting tasks completed. There is never enough time unless we delegate and share the workload with family members. It teaches children responsibility and gives them a strong sense of self-pride. Plus, you’ll have more time to do more self-love therapy. Yeah!

Aug 8 – Mars enters Leo – 00’00

This is one of the best places because Mars invigorates us to do amazing feats we didn’t know we could achieve. Sex drives are high for Leos and any Leo Ascendants, or Leo Moons. You may want to wear nothing but jungle print for a while. Finances are strong for entertainment, metaphysics, music, and anything creative. If you’ve wanted to become a screenwriter, movie producer, director, or playwright enroll in classes or professional workshops. Can you sing? Search social media for bands in need of a lead singer or performer. Apply or respond to ads seeking talented producers to make beats. Attend industry mixers to meet people at the top of their game and be prepared with resumes, portfolio, and business cards. Some are invited to walk the red carpet. Vamp up the wardrobe using power stones gems, and colors for each zodiac. You could also hire a stylist who knows how to work it! Snap, snap.

Aug 11 – Jupiter enters Virgo – 00’00

Get organized and put things in order for others as a business. Are we savvy with herbal remedies and holistic healing? Put together lines of wellness products or offer consultation. Open a store that offers nothing but organic health & beauty products. Get more business by putting together creative advertisings, promotions, and BOGO sales. Do you love to make jewelry or design it? Start a small online merchant store and cater to experts on the hunt for specific finds. They could refer business leads that turn into big clients. We are heavenly bestowed with ancient wisdom and powers to influence the environment. Volunteer for charities, special causes, or local needs. Lend talents to generating stronger awareness for global cures. It’s time to come out the cave and share what we’ve learned, observed, and analyzed as what puts life back in balance.

Aug 13 – Saturn, Pluto (R) – Sagittarius, Capricorn

There are some really big and unexpected surprises coming our way when we just say “Yes!” to all life has to offer. Schedule or subscribe to regular transit report services. It keeps us up to date on what’s coming our way to brand out in the world. Some turn small ideas into massive fortunes and legacies. That screenplay, e-book, book, or recipe book could be what puts us on E-Z Street. Feel like gambling? Stocks are favorable just check astrology trends to see what people will need down the line and invest. Real estate deals offer sweet low buy-ins for major $$$ bottom lines. Just imagine what a $1 can really do! Attend public auctions for houses in repair that can be flipped into high-end profit for little or nothing. Attend workshops that teach you how to fish for lifetimes and speak to experts who’ve been where you are now. Ask them how they turned it all around or read their books. Educate self on how to be successful by preparing to be successful. Home may not be all the fun when we stop appreciating those who love or risk it all to make secure our happiness. Make it a point to show gratitude and say I love you.

Aug 14 – New Moon – (10:53am EST) – Leo

You can compete with the big corporations. Put ideas to print. Devise plans and strategies on when to make moves with Financial Astrology and Business tarot spreads. Think big but be realistic about goals and set budgets on how much to spend on what. If you’ve wanted to make a career change or begin a new profession, there’s no better time to enter the market and specialize what we do best as new talent. Turn the world on its ear with riveting accurate predictions as a tarot reader or expert. Learn tricks to the trade or create new ones in an e-book. Enter popular moneymakers posting SEO content or creating original content for PR firms and small businesses that need to be put on the map. The best ideas come from the worst circumstances. Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Invent or reinvent the choice is wide open on all we have to teach others as the new sensation. Independent filmmakers enter festivals to showcase, exhibit, and hold Q & A forums about your work. Choose topics you are personally passionate about to tell stories that give people a birds-eye view of what it’s like. Personalize art forms or company status with winning logos. Shop freelance job sites and see if services can be done based on trade for trade or favor for favor. Life is easy when we will it to be that way.

Aug 19 – Uranus (R), Chiron (R) – Aries, Pisces

Somehow we end up right where it all started. Soul seeks and finds its origin when we grow up about old emotional stuff. Open that emotional closet and let the ghosts fly out for good. We can’t let karma keep us from what we deserve. Try a Karmic Astrology or Past Life report to see what your Divine Purpose is. Skeletons come out when exes or former flames return. Are we single but not so available? If nothing else can be attained, freely forgive and let bygones be. Forgiveness is for our well being to feel whole, restored, and loved again from a Divine standpoint. Are there strong feelings of being taken advantage of in a relationship? Is there a imbalance of who is doing what, when, how, and why? Work it out without coming to nasty words. Write letters. Work with a Love Astrologist or Couples Counselor. We can’t fix what we refuse to see as wrong behavior. Compassion is the key to making things good again and you’ll lose weight, too.

Aug 23 – Sun enters Virgo – 00’00

It’s getting hot in herre! It’s bikini bottom and speedo season. Hopefully we are prepared to let it all glow and if not, who cares? Self-image is all about how we feel about self. Self-love therapy helps many step out in full confidence. Make the time to get re-organized about wellness. Make a new commitment. Try new holistic treatments like acupuncture, portion control, and body wraps for stubborn areas. Join weight loss challenges. Shop for eating secrets on power foods that burn fat. Replace unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks with wellness foods and alkaline water systems. The body has to detoxify, purify, and reset all systems. If poor digestion is an issue try ginger or peppermint tea. Incorporate fresh fruits and green veggies into meal times to increase energy levels naturally. Dating? Ready to date? Great! Just hold off on getting physical too fast with a new love interest by jumping in with no emotional parachute. Take the time to be friends and get to know one another. Be open to love but be logical about protecting the heart. If someone really loves you they’ll wait.

Aug 27 – Mercury enters Libra – 00’00

Once life is re-organized now we are ready to see what goes and what stays in our life. Everything has to balance. Are we thinking of others or going out of our way to create co-dependent environments? What happens when we aren’t around to pick up the pieces? Share insights and if training new employees show how things are done but leave room to improvise. It’s how we learn to sink or swim in deep waters at the workplace, in the home, and anywhere else life takes us. Establish clear emotional boundaries on what is acceptable and what isn’t. Be supportive without becoming a doorstop or doormat for others to walk over. Fascination with reincarnation, past lifetimes, and mythology causes us to study more about them. See what new books or materials are on the bestseller list. Are you great with math and predicting outcomes? Science, big corporations, and the rest of world will be calling with offers. Start thinking of how much you’d like to make and create a professional website. Ever thought of working in public relations, sales, or behind the scenes in Film/TV? Opportunities fall out the sky for us to jump into ideal lifestyles. Be sure to attend diversity job fairs and update business cards, resumes, credentials, and portfolios. Find out power colors for your zodiac so you look well put together to draw the right attention. Network. Network. Network. In love we learn how to attract the love we deserve with self-love therapy. When we respect self we are less likely to allow others to disrespect. Love covers all but it ain’t dumb to BS.

How to be prepared for August Transits - 2015

August offers huge opportunities to turn around hardships we encountered in June. Financial windfalls come from heavenly places when what we need is prayerfully provided for. We’ll need to listen to intuition and stop fanning away strong gut feelings about things by preparing for success. We can’t be like the Grasshopper and play all summer. We must incorporate the work ethic of the ant when it comes to making dreams come true a step at a time.

If there has been trouble in paradise we’ll be given intuitive insight on how to tweak, fix, and restore what’s old back to new again. How? We use metaphysics. In fact metaphysics is the new industry taking us into new directions and self-discovery phases. There are layers to our identity and it’s up to us to find fun ways to dig out all the gold we have lying in our minds as creative ideas. We’ll need to get disciplined about putting ideas to paper and copyrighting them before making secrets of success public. We want the world to know we made marks of distinction at our craft.

We must release the X Factor to remove all Fear Factors holding us back from being what we are destined to become as greatness. New powers of influence are bestowed and gifted thanks to Saturn going direct. What are the new services we can offer? What new products can we introduce to culture? What new information and guidance can we teach, share, and expand into brands the world recognizes and loves to use? How can we turn ideas into big corporations, organizations, and non-profit to get life moving for others? August answers all of these questions when we are Divinely directed where to go. We’ll think of what we need to make this or that happen and heaven makes sure it appears without strings of karma attached.

We’ll find new methods to work smarter instead of harder all the time. This may mean crossing over into new lines of work. All it takes to truly succeed is knowing how to work auras to attract what we want, desire, and need to be whole again. Divine Purposes can be easily identified with the right astrology system and resources. Have we found the perfect Go To for current astrology updates? Allow genius to work for us by using it as a guide to establishing life long professions in holistic healing, spiritual light work, and making the world feel good about itself again.

Love has us all soul searching for the perfect love match. There may be mountains and hurdles but if two people are driven to make it work, it will. August resets us and makes us put life back in balance by getting re-organized on priorities. We’ll develop a system for making something attractive, popular, and practical in the home as wellness products. This can put us on E-Z Street financially and feed our family for generations to come. New opportunities come but we’ll need to be patient and keep an optimistic attitude. When we put in the work it’s a given we’ll receive all the accolades and blessings in stores of abundance. Prosperity is what we will to happen by taking the high road during disagreements, and doing what’s beneficially righteous as a consequence, first.

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