Hi! Y'all I'm Ola!
Hi! Y’all I’m Ola!


July 18, 2015 – Seven of Wands

by Ola, Queen Bee Of Astrology - July 2015
by Ola, Queen Bee Of Astrology – July 2015


If jealousy is making you stand offish or plain old crazy – step back. Question why you feel as you do with Psychology Astrology or Karmic Astrology compatibility reports. Make sure you are taking time to love self more so you can trust self. Those we love are not to be treated as possessions.


How can we do business with those lacking integrity? Did you have a bad customer service experience? Don’t brood. Call and report how the experience made you feel to a supervisor. Have specifics on standby. Companies take a more hands-on approach to quality control. Secret shopping provides key insights on why business isn’t going so well.


How well do you know your job? How well do you understand how it affects incoming business? What can be offered to create turnarounds in sales? Employers offer incentives for employees to get adept on social media tips & techniques. It only makes you more $$$! Holistic practices find ways to integrate corporate America as clients. Brainstorm packages big corporates can offer to employees as Job Fringe Benefits.


Power struggles could be at the root of bad communication. Try a Karmic Astrology report to see identify clearly what is the root of squabbles. Meditate on what you learn. Shop online for free karma clearing videos or try Angel or Archangel Tarot readings. It will give you directions on how it’s best to Face off. Decide who does what in the relationship to reach mutual life missions. Need help? A Twin Flame Counselor is the Go To resource.


Published by: Ola Queen Bee Of Astrology

Hi I'm Ola - I love to royal-lize things by adding astrology, metaphysics, and lots of Feng Shui. It enhances potential and creates new doors of opportunities for my clients. If you'd like to get deeper into the esoteric of you email me - OlaQueenBeeOfAstrology. Yes - I am seeking to expand my line of astrology & wellness products like Apple Newsstand's Astrology Tomorrow. If you are an astrology professional and wish to receive love instead of give - it's okay to love you, 1st. Check my monthly blogs to re-charge and give you the fresh perspective you deserve. Readings are done on a donation-basis because I want everyone to have access to heavenly-charged solutions to daily life problems. Let's get life re-organized - together. XO - Ola, QBoAstrology I specialize in #Egyptology #metaphysics, #magi , #lightwork, #businessastrology, #businesstarot, akashic records access (mediumship), astral projecting, astral telepathy, occulesics, herbal iridology, organic techniques, organization, keen eye to detail, kinesthiology, kinesthetics, Hebrew astrology, Chinese astrology, Feng Shui, astrology, tarot, love tarot, love astrology, soul astrology, sidereal astrology, clairvoyant, clair intelligent, clair sentient, quantum physics, meta-quantum physics, Egyptian pyramids, and my personal favorite Hall of Records (mediumship), spiritual medium, angel communications, archangel communications, Jinn specialist and interpreter, holistic healer, karma accountant (mediumship used to balance+clear+cleanse bad karma, aura healing, praise & worship (Wicca), ability to understand foreign relations, soul pod healer, death and bereavement counseling, karmic cleansing, herbal detoxification systems based on personal astrology profile, read & interpret astral charts, specialize in adding personal touches to businesses (small, medium, large, and gigantic), creative analyst (Get Your Creative Mojo Back!), sexual astrology, sexual aura clearance/cleansing (When Your Sexual Preferences Change and You Don't Know Why), animal communication/telepathy, numerology, numerology life path charts, Maturity Cycles, Soul Cycles, diagnosing Yoga Moves to initiate energy healing (personal favorite), herbal & wellness advice (When you want an organic option to heal)

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