Hi! Y'all I'm Ola!
Hi! Y’all I’m Ola!

We never did mind the little things.” <Point of No Return (1992) film>

Ever wonder when you’ll be appreciated for genius? Ever wonder when you’ll meet “the one” heaven customized for you? Ever think the world is a giant ball of string that has no ending? You aren’t alone. Do you have hidden talents that have yet to be unearthed? Valued? Appreciated? Or recognized? Is there something or someone blocking the way? Have you spun a true-life story of hardship? Has it been one bill after the next? Has there been tragedy, sorrow, guilt, or regret? Chances are the answer is yes. The truth is the genius springs from the deepest roots of this kind of mental fertilizer. Genius is born but it can also be formed by astute and early on recognition known as coping or life coach skills. How well we cope with all this shit is how well we are judged on what happens in the next life chapter we co-write. We project, we accept, and we deflect wisdom.

Genius comes from a very lonely place one often sparked during long periods or transitions of isolation. It is here where the subconscious takes control of the conscious to entertain, nurture, and develop self inner strength. The subconscious is the mental playground for proverbial Peter Pans all over the world. There is a great secret hidden in the name of Peter Pan when we study its etymology, creatively and with the help of some Egyptian decoding.

Inside every being there is the Peter Pan desire & fear of growing up.
Inside every being there is the Peter Pan desire & fear of growing up.

The Name Peter with an “e” means “rock” in Greek. However when we replace the “e” with an “a” it becomes Pater. Pater is the root word of Father, Fatherly, and paternal relations. Fathers are where we get our wisdom from and what we inherit as talent. When we think of Father in the highest sense we think of God, don’t we? What did God have in mind when God made, purposed, and presented us into the world. Were we always born in pieces to be made whole or, are we born whole as innocents that are pieced away by emotional blockage and psychological dysentery? Diseases aren’t just in the physical to be real, they root from the metaphysical much like that name Peter Pan. Now we’ve looked at the innocent side of the name Peter, let’s take a gander at the name Pan.

Those who write know where material we write about comes from. It’s not always an autobiography, biography, or experience lived. It can be an experience channeled, mediumed, or intuited to us via higher ESP. I know because I’ve written most of my film scripts from intuitive places of the mindset. My latest script Until I Met You was written from July 16, 2010 until sometime in August of 2012. The whole time I was writing I noticed adjustments in my habits, behavior, and tone of speaking. I realized I wasn’t writing the script from a vast memory hidden in my akasha. I was writing with the aid of a very strong inner voice which felt familiar to me spiritually. I wasn’t sure who the identity of the inner voice belonged to until I received sets of instructions on what to do with the work afterwards. I was intuited to reach out to various and specific persons of influence. I didn’t understand why until much later as the hidden or esoteric truth had much to do with me realizing and actualizing my own hidden talent and spiritual identity.

I always loved spiritual movies and psychic stories. Hell, we lived in what everyone in the neighborhood called the haunted house. It was true. The house had character and it expressed that character when things just happened inside of it. We lived in a 2-story, 14 room home with a super big and extra dark basement. I loved the basement and never feared anything. I remember being 14 years old when the great Tulsa Flood hit. We saw people swimming down the street followed by rattlers, water moccasins, and other critters as my Dad called them. We grew up respecting nature and all forms of life. Mom was very sensitive to nature and using natural remedies to heal folks. They loved her for it. She said it created blessings upon and throughout the land of our home. She was right.

Tulsa World - 1984 - Tulsa Flood (Oklahoma) - Racial tensions have rocked Tulsa for years as old karma to be cleared and forgiven.
Tulsa World – 1984 – Tulsa Flood (Oklahoma) – Racial tensions have rocked Tulsa for years as old karma to be cleared and forgiven.

So back to the flood of ’84 in Tulsa, OK and folks swimming to their doors seconds before getting snake bitten. It was a plague taking stage before my very eyes. We huddled in a bedroom on the 2nd floor watching from the window. I remember hearing the people screaming for help and some we never found until the corpses were washed ashore summers later.

Dead Man’s bridge earned its reputation and it was here where all nature, people, and life were flooded into “one place” at one time in one moment of all of our lives. We were the 1st Black family to live in our neighborhood and a 2nd family “The Davises” moved in two doors away. Our first day in our new home a Presbyterian preacher could be heard calling us those devils next door from the door as Mom passed. It hurt her that folks felt we didn’t deserve to live in The Plantation. It was the wealthiest spot of land and heritage in the entire neighborhood.

Back in the 1800s the house sat on 100K acres of land owned by a very powerful Tulsan family called the Harrises. Old Lady Harris was known to be a tough businesswoman, ruthless wife, and a Mother with an iron fist. She died in the house and none of her kids wanted the place. They wanted to forget her and the only life they’d known growing up. Dad snatched the Plantation at a house auction for much less than what it was worth.

The house had such a history of paranormal experiences and it was completely unkempt that for the Harrises it was an unloading of bad karma, and good luck for Dad as a new home purchaser. I knew from the time we visited the place it was special to say the least. It was a house of character. Mom loved the place and after she got my blessing on it we moved in. Mom used my hidden talents of inner knowing to map all her big business decisions. It paid off well for her and Dad’s wealth & holdings. So back to the flood and us on the 2nd floor watching people screaming from the window.

“We should help them Mom.”

“Girl is you drunk, blind, or stupid? A flood is a natural disaster. God’s work. No. You stay still and think good thoughts.”

“But they are screaming Mom.”

“Close the damn window or walk away. Sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind. This is a curse for all those hateful things those folks said, did, and thought about folks like us.”

It was true. But I was friends with a lot of the neighborhood kids. I didn’t give a damn what color their skin was I didn’t think it was fair they were paying for stuff they weren’t aware of. It also made me think maybe the preacher felt what Mom knew about our house and its character building properties. The land had magical appeal to it and Mom often told us it was important to respect the living things on our place an the land we lived on by nurturing it with fertilizer. We kept a garden and only went to the store for extras. Mom refused to get her meat at any other place than a Butcher’s spot she’d come to favorite. She used the place to bless people with food, clothing, and whatever extra wealth we received. She said it was truly important to give what God gave to keep the blessings going. She’d even feed her enemies for that reason. No one could hold a grudge longer than Mom, okay?

So back to the flood I look to Mom in defiance to say, “If it were us we’d want help.”

“But it ain’t us because I keep this place in good karma, Deborah. I don’t put out evil and we don’t receive it, either. Like I told you this is God’s work and there’s nothing we can do but sit still and pray. Now that’s the end of it.”

I sat and stewed, angry. Those were kids I might not ever walk to school with again. Those were kids I really liked and loved to hang out with to get away from her. All the while we heard the sound of pouring rain coming down in buckets. Thunder clapped, rolled, and flashed. That’s when the electricity went out. Mom was ready she’d already lit several candles throughout the house. We sat in the dark listening to people screaming over the night. The morning came. I couldn’t wait. As soon as I heard Dad’s voice opening the door I ran down the stairs to greet him.

I hugged him extra tight. He knew why and looked at Mom. She held her expression, never breaking. That’s when Dad spoke, while putting me down.

“Glad to see you too, Mule! Whew it’s hell out there Lynnah! Folks can’t come back to there houses or trailers. The whole damn place is flooded clear past Dead Man’s creek!”

“How’d you get home Gene?”

“That’s the funny thing. I came from the other side and it’s dry as a bone.”

“You shittin me Gene!”

“Naw, look for yahself.”

Dad opened the door and we looked in pure shock. It was true. The floodwater started from our driveway forward. Water rolled past our home and land. Our land was not flooded except in the external houses on the property. Dad walked us all to the edge of the property where the mailbox tilted. The water passed never coming in our driveway. I rubbed my eyes in shock. Mom held her head in high position of being right on what she told me.

Mom was one of many of a long line of strong women in our family. The women in my family had survived by being spiritual leaders in the home and community. There was a natural monarchy of duty towards giving back, teaching, and sharing spiritual wisdom. How Mom knew to have candles and to do things were a mystery of meaning until I grew up and had my own. She always used her ESP talents to know things and know stuff about people.

She didn’t hide it from us – especially, me. My Sisters just thought Mom was too sensitive, weird, and what we’d call bipolar or dissociated. She used her ESP talents in the most profound of ways to put people in balance. But in the end she died like Old Lady Harris – stuck in that house. In all the time she cured others she wasn’t working on herself. She’d settled on what dreams she would manifest and those she felt were pipe dreams. Secretly, she loved moving into such a neighborhood and secretly she loved using her talents to effect justice. How else did she know so much about that flood? And why was our area hit the worst? I found out later. Mom was a Pisces with a Virgo rising.

These type of people are all-knowing but the thing is those with these kinds of powers can use them to heal, steal, or outright level a place with ill feelings, thoughts, and words. Powerful emotions (dis-wisdom and un-wisdom) like hate, jealousy, prejudice, loathing, dislike, hate, greed, shame, and guilt are all negative blocks which prevent stunt truth of awareness. It is by hiding certain facts or not presenting all of them the entire world is being fooled and follied into false perceptions of our own potential of self-power to improve. Like forest fires they devour the intellect with disbelief, depression, and a stealing of one’s innocence to feed another’s ego.

Power of wisdom or foresight can create or destroy civilizations. Her friends feared her behind her back and they were jealous of what she had acquired with Dad. All they saw was all the new clothes, cars, jewelry, and that big house we lived in. They had no idea of the turmoil going on inside of it. We were sworn to never reveal what happened in that house. I talk about it now because I am the last one to truly know, understand, and speak from an authoritative place. I lived it. Now the lesson or life lesson in this story as it applies, is simple. Are we using new psychic talents to heal or harm others?

Are we blocking the paths of rising talents out of fear and loathing from just reason? Or is it a simple case of projected prejudice? Society as a whole speaks of recognizing new talent in the world. But how many people have been cheated or stolen out of their legacy? How many of the small guys haven’t gotten a fair shake in the world because the game of distribution is sowed up like a sow’s ear? This is the tragedy many geniuses go through of being considered too ahead of their time. Isn’t God the one who sets time and whose it should be? The House in Astrology that rules genius is the 5th House or Leo, and the House of genius recognized is ruled by the 11th House – so what does it all mean? Yes we are born with talents but until it is recognized it is considered potential and potentiality in Egyptian mathematics or maat. Genius recognizes all things in types, groups, kinds, sects, associations, and so forth as family trees, books, and systems of knowledge. Knowledge when combined with experience becomes wisdom.

Now let’s revisit the word lived and spell it backwards. It’s a palindrome for the devil. A devil is not an actual being but the act of fooling others out of their gold and knowing the true value of one’s light by blocking it. Devils have the job of presenting challenges to us not to stunt our growth but to enhance its development. Hardships happen to push us further into inner strength zones so we can truly discover self character and in astrology hardships fall under the rule of the 10th House of Fame, recognition, and popularity. It produces powers, gifts, and wisdom of the arts. It is the ability to know how to express the self in a way everyone can relate to or with as a personal hardship of their own. Karma comes into play as lust and love. Either we love a person for what they do and appreciate them, or we loathe them and wish we could have the talent ourselves to exploit as we wish. How many times have you developed a talent or gift to have someone else take the fame for it? Did it hurt? How did you come back from it? Did you feel like your soul had been pieced away? Some part of you is out there as genius or light for others but you get no recognition. Now imagine a person of influence going to heaven thinking all their works will be on record only to find out the record doesn’t exist.

Now remember what happens in the metaphysical also happens in the physical. The akasha records all our souls have accomplished and this is how the soul navigates the afterlife per Egyptian rite and ritualization. One life can’t be accessed until another has been completed. This process in Soul Astrology and in the ethereal realm relates to the Twin Flame mating. We are mated and paired by our levels of genius. We all exist on various emotional levels of intelligence. What happens when a person of vast experience or age unites with a person of non-or limited or either? It depends on the character or strength of the relationship. What was the intent behind getting together as a couple? What motives or agendas were involved to produce mutual benefits? This is the propaganda behind politically charged unions or power couples.

Awareness is enlightenment made known or shared as distribution of wealth. Flow of Qi. Breath itself.
Awareness is enlightenment made known or shared as distribution of wealth. Flow of Qi. Breath itself.

Universe is balanced with male and female energy so when two people of the same genius or genus unite there is a soulful Twin Flame union that blesses the world. On the flip side if there is a union not based on these factors it attracts curses. There is a reason ancient books like the Quran, Bible, and ancient texts speak on being equally yoked. When we are in happy relationships with the self and our mate we balance out emotionally. We grow. Genius flourishes. Now see these same energies not as actual people but as energies alone. When the subconscious is allowed freedom from conscious expression, aka – we are doing what we love – passions develop. Those passions develop and spawn great ideas, concepts, and new perceptions that benefit the world’s wisdom as a whole.

We don’t feel something is missing when we are allowed to find out what is hidden within. We grow from meeting new kinds of like minds who click well with our type of thinking. We foster strong familial relations as soul connections that transcend time, space, and influence the ethereal. Ethe-reality is what produces higher psychic awareness. The more we know about space, cosmic awareness, and our environment the greater we can grow into new lines of work. We can meet the right people to further our careers and agendas. We can express the most profound of gratitude for the universe getting it right for us. We can turn on our inner light to know who we are based on what we have lived in past lifetimes.

Wikipedia - Pan (Greek mythlology)
Wikipedia – Pan (Greek mythlology)

All of this is inherited in the name of Pan. Why? Pan in Greek is another word for devil. Within each of us is the potential to be someone great. There is a real contender in you to be somebody special in the world as a new light of wisdom. But it will take us all learning and practicing the talents, powers, and gifts of compassion. When we are compassionate the mind, heart, and soul are free to love without limitations. We don’t feel anything is missing because we have the power inside to find and secure it as new opportunities to attract the wealth we are born to receive. When God wants us to achieve something we are given the tools, drive, and desire to rise to any challenge any devil can present. We thank those devils because without their interference we’d have never reached our highest good of potential. We’d never had become famous for something of importance.

Then the akasha is no longer the endless ball of twine. There is an ending because we’ve co-created the beginning by tapping into our own wells of ESP to survive, live longer, and prosper in abundance. Capricorn rules the 10th House. Pluto is the Planet of power, regeneration, popular appeal, past lifetimes, life lessons mastered, inheritance, legacy, wisdom of the unknown, and death. It rules Scorpio the 8th House of emotional foundations. If we are to have greater wealth it requires greater strength of character.

Capricorn rules the 10th House. Saturn rules Capricorn. Pluto is currently in Capricorn. How can we regenerate Ancient Wisdom for new generations?
Capricorn rules the 10th House. Saturn rules Capricorn. Pluto is currently in Capricorn. How can we regenerate Ancient Wisdom for new generations?

We’ll have to dig down deep and be honest on what we feel to be self-truth. Self-truths are discovered and recovered via confessions of the heart no matter how godly or ungodly. The Full Moon on July 1st opened akasha for all to see what we needed to work on to further abundance and prosperous starts. It coupled with Pluto to effect access to gateways of heavenly information about the self. This prepares us for the New Moon (July 15th) in Cancer that is heaven itself in astrology. Cancer rules the 4th House of what we feel and what feels home or familiar. The coming Full Moon in Aquarius sparks a huge interest in learning and using personal astrology for self-development. We can’t know what happiness is until we’ve lived it, first.

The soul in Capricorn purges itself by detoxifying what is really untrue and defining what is lived to be self-truthfully evident. What is our capacity to love others for who they are and not for what they are worth? What is our talent to show compassion to those who are suffering? What are our talents for seeing what the world needs and providing it as new businesses, crafts, or trade? What can we bring to the table to feed the souls of others from a common man perception? Will we close our eyes or close the eyes of others to new light of genius out of jealousy, envy, and pettiness? Or will we as devils open doors for the world to crop new generations of genius? Just think where’d we be if no one gave geniuses like Einstein a chance to grow or develop their art or science?

Wouldn’t we still be in the dark, ignorant, and driven after lusts like greed? Those who have lived are seen as guardians to higher realms. Celestial blessings grace those who open doors. There is nobility, character, and an unswerving devotion of gratitude. There is real friendship and familiarity of soul. This is the unconditional level of love we have yet to crossroad but I hope to see as more come to realize the resource of diversifying passions. There is room for everyone because we exist in spectrums of light.

Where one person doesn’t get you or your idea there are several others thanks to mediums like social media. This is how we use what we know to further what can be known. That’s when darkness becomes light of wisdom, power of compassion, and nobility of character. It’s what makes a person truly royal to be around on a regular basis. We don’t have to screw people over to fuck their mind. But if we play with their genius for our own gratification of ill will karma plays out. Those who do the fucking in the end are truly fucked because they have cheated themselves out of the glory of being recognized by heaven – their own akasha. Whatever we don’t learn as life lessons are to be repeated over and over as old karma until forgiveness or absolution have wiped the books we’ve created as life stories.

The Secret Location of Akasha is within You. We are the sum of all past lifetimes lived. Right here. Right now. In this moment. You are pure potential!
The Secret Location of Akasha is within You. We are the sum of all past lifetimes lived. Right here. Right now. In this moment. You are pure potential!

We all wish we could live forever young and no one likes to be strung on a hook that goes nowhere, do we? Start a real self-journey with Soul Astrology or Past Life readings. It will amaze the potential out of you and put the power to navigate destiny back inside. Remember once we realize our potential is it is up to us on what we wish to do with it as talent. Do all you can to become more aware of what the world can offer to use what you possess. Express feelings as forms of art, science, technology, scripts, books, e-books, texts, talk show formats, TV shows, movie films, and any other medium of self-expression. How can the world say it knew us if we aren’t making the marks on it? At the same time, if you are a door opener or gateway practice more compassion to shine light and promote humanitarian interests. It can only benefit you for having the genius to share what you are aware of, too.


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