Hi! Y'all I'm Ola!
Hi! Y’all I’m Ola!

What are they saying? – The affects of July activity in August

Transitions to Watch

July 1 – Full Moon – (10:20pm EST) – Capricorn

With growth and expansion going on we’ll have plenty of chances to prove what we’ve got on the job. Bosses take notice of how we cope under duress to meet deadlines. How we communicate and collaborate with coworkers demonstrates whether we are truly team players or out for self-glory. When promotions are presented take them with gratitude and humility. It shows real class when we share accolades with those who made the difference in saving our bacon. Couples could be working out details for an amicable parting or taking a break to sort things out emotionally. Stop leaving true feelings unsaid because it creates tension psychically. Be up front with goals for the relationship. Use Sexual or Soul Mate compatibility reports to iron out grievances. This opens the way for forgiveness, mutually. Set clear emotional boundaries on what will work and what doesn’t to prevent misunderstandings. Try building stronger foundations of friendship with songs and more corny moments of laughter. Twin Flames start a creative venture or life mission together. Some meet while pursuing mutual passions. Friends become lovers when life crises force us to stick it out, together.

July 8 – Mercury enters Cancer – 00’00

What makes you certain of having success on a new job or position? Assess personal strengths that can be used to make the company shine. We add the special touch to make others feel at home around us. How about an impulsive Pot Luck? Invite coworkers to share their best dishes. It will give everyone a lot to dish about during office chats and introduce an appreciation for other cultures. Reincarnation studies go well. There is a need to unlock the real person within via Meditation. Try free online videos. Shop around. Find what works to relax the mindset. Studies show meditation recharges the brain, and gives us more energy to burn. Are you drifting off to faraway places? What are you thinking about? Avoid getting too pulled into another world. We could miss opportunities especially when it comes to love. Expected to meet someone who feels strangely familiar, it could be a Twin Flame encounter of the 1st love kind.

July 15 – New Moon – (9:24pm EST) – Cancer

We are at our best when we feel comfortable no matter where we are. Some travel for business. Stay spiritually grounded then there is a feeling of being unaware. Be self-aware with Emotional Intelligence workshops. It will pull us back to sound reality. Ever thought of creating, producing, or starring in a podcast or Reality TV show? Break into the business and be noticed. Spiritual gurus, teachers, philosophers, and metaphysics experts are sought after for advice, TV appearances, and global guidance. Blog what you know and share thoughts on profound spiritual observations but write from the heart, that’s when it become metaphysical to those who read it. Explore your inner Chef with classes, workshops, or culinary challenges. Apply to compete on TV with a winning recipe out of Grandma’s stash. Love unites people from various cultures who share the same beliefs about life, family, and morals. Couples share romantic interludes just for two. Unplug the devices and jack into each other. Rrrrr!

July 18 – Venus (R) enters Virgo – 00’00

Embark on a new Rock Star career in writing. Blog commercially for startups, home-based businesses on a budget, and freelance those literary chops. Indulge romance, dreams, and stirrings in others with emotional or erotic masterpieces. Copyright. Promote, and find a PR firm to launch book tours, appearances, and pod cast trailers about your book, e-book, or writer’s column. Life may need some re-organization when it comes to taking care of business at home. Create a schedule for laundry, bath times for the kiddies, daily meals, snacks, and chores. Get the family involved. Assign each tasks to do daily. Delegate responsibility and share the blessings of a clean well-maintained home life. It may be time to check the oil or perform light auto maintenance, too. Devote time for a weekly personal day. It’s self-rewarding.

July 22 – Sun enters Leo – 00’00

Vitality continues well into August. We’ll have new style, a new body, a new look and lots of sass. Others find us approachable and fun to be around. Subscribe to daily or weekly horoscopes for your Sun sign and Rising sign. Invest in creative ventures or put the word out about projects in the making or in need of finance via social media feeds. Stay optimistic the right people come to you with offers to collaborate. Explore your inner artist. Try self-expression with local Open Mics. Shop online and comb city events to see who is doing what and when. Take friends for support. Audition for comedy club appearances. We all start somewhere. Plan with astrology transit reports so you are doing things on the best dates for that energy. Some are invited to attend and hob knob with the socially elite, VIPs, or celebrities on the red carpet. Dress to impress, be your best, and share what makes you passionate. Sexual energies are high! Curb the one-night stands and get to know people by being friends, first. Avoid getting involved with those who are committed or married. It’s bad karma.

July 23 – Mercury enters Leo – 00’00 –

Rrrr! We literally wake up roaring to start a new day. There is great energy within to be expensed towards something we love doing. Need a personal day? Take the day off to go fishing, bowling, or paling around with buddies. Some will need to think fast and creative when it comes to getting out of tight spots on the job. Think about what you want to say, or write it out before speaking. Waiting on financial news? It arrives when we aren’t thinking about it. Try or enroll in a light working class. It changes life for the positive! Incorporate astrology into daily life. Subscribe to horoscopes or Go To spots which teach and share different types of astrology systems. We could be drawn to study more about mythology, reincarnation, and past life times. Twin Flame encounters are rampant. The closer we soul origins the stronger the vibes are to attract the one that is heaven sent.

July 23 – Sun, Mercury – Leo, Leo – Superior Mercury

Genius raises world standards. Peak yours with astrology natal chart reports that show aptitudes. There are 8 types of intelligence. Find out what you are best at doing, being, and manifesting as talent, powers of influence, metaphysical charms, and psychic strengths. Take advantage of specials from experts in metaphysics. Schedule a Wicca reading. Explore various types of holistic services that teach self-awareness. The more we know the faster we grow into being what we wish. Sex is psychic napalm to those who are of like-mind. Suddenly being smart is sexy. Someone new and dashing, finds us too charming to resist. They make the first move by asking us out for a date. See where it goes but ask all the important questions before getting emotionally involved. We can still have fun and protect our heart, too. Live the romance novel instead of reading it.

July 25 – Venus (R) retrogrades – Virgo (Until September 6th)

Have we tried working or healing with crystals? Energy Medicine? Reiki? How about a class that teaches How to Read Auras? All of these topics will be fascinating to delve into for personal days. Self-love therapy movements are showing us how to fall back in love with the true self. Self-confidence is growing and others notice the subtle changes or improvement we’ve been making. Accept compliments as a sign of making the grade. Stay encouraged, post pictures of progress, share experiences in blogs or fitness challenges. We all need angels to put us back on the right track. Angel Tarot readings share profound messages that match dreams or intuition. Watch for signs of Divine Intervention.

July 26 – Uranus retrogrades – Aries (Until December 25th)

Avoid tangles with coworkers. Jealousy is actually admiration when we choose to see it in the positive. Instead of competing share secrets to make them shine with you and be a team player. You can be MVP but first extend olive branches with informal meet & greets, lunch, or an after work drink. When we get to know each other we realize we aren’t so different after all. Bosses need someone to man the phones or put out administrative fires. Be the first to respond and don’t be afraid of extra responsibility if you can manage the spare time or energy. Inspire others whether they thank you or not. Do good for the sake of it and not for any reward or hidden motive. Those in charge take notice of good karma and acts of goodwill. Did someone tell you something about your Sweetie? Was it true? Consider the source and what they have to benefit from disclosing alleged facts. Be direct and ask for self. Read body language without being suspicious. We are more likely to tell the truth when it’s not forced out via guilt tactics.

July 31 – Full (Blue) Moon – (6:43am EST) – Aquarius

Employers find quirky but dependable employees lovable. News of promotion is coming. Prepare with a Career or Transit astrology report. Try to be at home with job tasks, career pursuits, and travel plans. Manage an itinerary and familiarize with places to go. Make sure the passport is up to date. Travel is likely for business purposes. New clients who are faraway foot the bill to meet and discuss plans of action. Make new friends while out and about. Start conversations when something peaks interest it shows sexy intelligence for singles. It’s like glue for couples that share the same loves, likes, and favs. Lovers will interlude in the mind, long before they ever become boudoir BFFs.

July 31 – Venus (R) regresses – Leo

Lilith is most active in the last degrees of Leo. Financial coups can be made with Financial Astrology transit reports. Trust gut feelings on new ventures and wait for all the facts by asking the right questions on what’s missing? Take advantage of Lilith Astrology readings or specials. It reveals our true nature. Knowing what we naturally love leads us to new careers, professions, and causes we champion in the world. Destiny comes to those who prepare for success. Get a free natal chart today! See what is written for self to fulfill. Twin Flame vibrations peak today. We’ll have a profound feeling of knowing what’s true and what appears to be too true to believe. Couples find restrictions in relationships limiting to personal growth. Are we with the right type for us temperamentally? Express individuality creatively but ensure loyalty with creative self-expressions of love. It can be something simple and sweet, like playing your love’s favorite song while performing it. Sexual Astrology shows us how to strengthen weaknesses in intimacy that block romantic interludes. Mutual finances could be undermining all the love if one partner is footing the bill while the others plays the day away. Share responsibilities and show concern for those who are supporting aspirations.

Earth signs – Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn

1st Half of the month


Fitness and Wellness options need diversity to stay exciting. How can we create the ideal workout week for self? Yoga on Monday. Tai Chi Yoga on Tuesday. Dirt biking on Saturday. Swimming on Thursday. Rest on Friday and Whatever We Feel Wednesday. Seriously these are just cute hash tags, they are incentives to keep the spark for good health glowing brightly. The more we love on self and indulge in self-love therapy the better we feel and the more confidence we have to attract wealth, love, and any other goal. There are 8 types of intelligence which all need to be well maintained for balance, coping skills, and a strong sense of self-worth. Do you feel taken advantage of sometimes? Call it out and speak up. Voice concerns early on to set clear emotional boundaries. We have to feel heart is protected and in the hands of someone who truly cares about our well being. It may be time to do some house cleaning when it comes to relationships we’ve outgrown. It’s not that you don’t like them it’s just now you could be in different places and simply no longer on the same page, emotionally. Ask about Employee Wellness benefits on the job. Take advantage of workshops or training in personal development, stress management, coping, or time management. Inquire about Life Coaching services, counseling, fundraising, or psychology astrology. Not there? Put a suggestion in the Human Resources box. We need to feel happy, well, and healthy and satisfied.


Employers want an employee to be loyal, give the best we can, and be a team player. Are we? If not, that’s okay. Some work best alone but we are still required to maintain a professional demeanor when communicating or sharing duties with coworkers. Share the credit on mutual projects and the accolades. It moves a team player into MVP status. Good moral enhances productivity, cooperation, and getting things done on time. Find more ways to help others get organized but do so in a non-judgmental fashion by making it fun for their routine. Put others first when sealing the deal on partnering ventures. Make lists and match up what can be worked into contracts as bullet points, lines of agreement, or special notations. There is no set way to do business except being fair and presenting all the facts. Extra money has us looking for small businesses to invest. Do the research on how hot something will be with Money, Business, or Finance tarot spreads. You’ll receive highly accurate Yes/No answers before signing a check or endorsing any legal form for payment. We want to make sure those we work with are in it for the long haul. New Talent and fresh faces get support from celebrity endorsements, VIP status, or persons of influence. Suddenly others want to work with you but be selective and ask the right questions about mutual interests involved financially. Not sure what those are? Money and regular tarot spreads provide sound advice.


Is a relationship becoming a bit of a drag? Does love have us down more than up? Are arguments keeping the silent treatment going on strong? Could money or sharing finances be an issue of irritation? Is someone less responsible than the other? How honest have discussions been to counter, address, and resolve things? Hire an expert to get in the middle and provide insight on where all of these emotions are originating. These could be signs of a karmic or toxic commitment. This can be debilitating for health and it’s not good for the heart, either. But are we strong enough to step back and re-evaluate where self stands? It’s good to fight for love when its for all the right reasons. If something or someone isn’t beneficial that means they are a hindrance to personal growth, inner peace, and a happy home life. Remove this with daily meditation and reading literature on how to break up amicably. Employ Karmic Astrology or Past Life readings to clear the air with past life loves encountered now. Twin Flames are ready to date, meet, and encounter one another. Meditate daily and say those prayers. Universe responds when we least expect it. The one soul is searching for comes along. Know the signs with an online Twin Flames checklist.

2nd Half of the month –


How well prepared are we for Fall and Winter? Is the house insulated? Are the windows working right? Are the doors in need of repair? Home repair is a serious process we can work on a little at a time. Create a list of what needs to be done and do them in steps. Sort through old clothes that can be donated, tossed, or given away to family members that may be expecting a baby. It’s time to get life order so we can take vacations, relax, and let our hair down without spraying the Febreeze every few minutes. Tired? Are we feeling low on energy from lack of good sleep? Or does life just seem disinteresting? It could be depression setting in. Get out the house. Schedule live events or concerts to attend with buddies. Go to an opera or indulge in an art gallery. We have to make life exciting by developing new interests, passions, and pastimes that stimulate the mind to be creative. It may also be too many sweets, sugars, or caffeine. Cut back with wellness alternatives, herbal green teas, and multivitamins. Put the pet on a leash for a walk or call a pal up to chat. Schedule daily walks in nature to reconnect to self.


As long as you are doing what you love the walls will come tumbling down when it comes to finding finances, financiers, and any kind of financial backing. Apply for home, property, or business loans to invest in the future. Build up a family nest by implementing a new household budget for everything. When we are aware of what’s coming via personal astrology we can prepare for any event, emotionally. Emotions control the flow of money into our hands. The happier we are the more we tend to make. So schedule a Career Astrology session or get a transit report on what is coming up as opportunities. Take well-calculated risks on self. Don’t commit to projects or any creative endeavor if there is no belief in or passion for it. Turning a quick buck means spending it faster when we hit get rich quick schemes that don’t pan out in one way or another. Check the background on potential partners before inking any deals. Review corporate karma on any new businesses and pay close attention to work practices. Need to complete an old project or give it a new spin with press releases? Hire a literary service or social media specialist from a freelance job site. Be clear on terms and test them out before purchasing. There are free assessment quizzes online which can be adapted to fit what we need to know. New businesses learn more about how to work social media and create a presence that draws the right attention. Familiarize with technology apps, free small biz software, and attend workshops. The more we know the faster the company grows.


Singles attract those who share the same mind about life, philosophy, healthy habits, and passions or secret interests. In fact, that could be how you meet the one. Get out and go to new places. Figure out what your type is with Sexual or Soul Mate astrology profiles. Now think where would these types of personalities be most likely to hang out? Some meet the one while pumping the gas, exercising, or gabbing to close friends at a restaurant. The bottom line will be joy. Joy attracts the one to us and when we are having fun or in our own world having fun, Cupid calls. Don’t always be so emotionally available when exes call. Feel them out first. Ask questions as many as it takes for you to let that guard down or keep it up. They really could have realized what they missed out on and be sincere so allow for second chances but on terms that agree with you. Couples may need to stage intervention for addictive habits that have spiraled out of control. If home life isn’t so homey take a stand. Insist on coming to some conclusion of working it out or moving on. We are stronger than we realize when we become focused on what we do want to experience and what we don’t like to experience. Self-respect must be enforced for sanity and inner tranquility.

Water signs – Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer

1st Half of the month


How comfortable are we with keeping secrets? How comfortable are we with keeping other’s secrets? Psychic awareness fills in the missing blanks when intuition is on point and speaking volumes about those we meet. First impressions stand out when we are able to read a person’s sincerity. Does what they say match up to daily habits? Do ours? Are we telling others we are working out when in reality we are watching others workout? Come to terms with strong emotions of guilt, shame, and feeling less than good enough. We are perfect as we are created but self is a work of art to be perfected, as we like. We paint the picture of what happens next based on what choices we make. Get more proactive in discerning how to make the best choices. There are workshops, online classes, chat groups, and tarot discussion forums available to discuss any topic we can imagine. Often talking about things helps us clarify and put matters in the proper perspective. Talk more and find ways to creatively express feelings.


Someone could be snowing the facts on a very promising real estate or intellectual property deal. How much is a contract desired, needed, or in demand from your point of view? Can you find someone else to do it faster, cheaper, and with just as much quality? Employers could be thinking along these lines if we are caught slacking or unaccountable for lost time on key projects. Deadlines demand to be met and if we can’t get it together they will find those who will. Shine your light at the workplace by keeping this in mind and showing gratitude. When recognized or promoted remain humble and keep an open door policy but close it when it comes to feeding into idle gossip. Lottery winnings are favorable. Act on hunches or dreams about numbers. Play them and see what happens but don’t spend the rent or emergency funds to do it. Someone important or influential is really digging your work or style of it. They’ll express it and could express a desire to work together. Avoid being star struck. Be calm, professional, and focus on mutual goal sets. It impresses them beyond belief and it opens doors to work with more persons of influence at the top of their game in industry. Copyright original ideas and devote more time towards finding the perfect platform to launch. Schedule things according to personal favorable dates in astrology. Timing is everything but so is being in the know.


Others notice we’ve been working out. Our bodies are leaner, stronger, and skin is toned. All those hours in the gym, at the park, or jogging around the corner pay off. Clothing fits like it was custom made and the opposite sex is begging for the digits, singles. The same goes for transgender, gay, and alternative. Nature is on a high to mate us with the best possible person to be with for the long term. Make the first move but be sure a person is your type by being friends, first. Get to know them to be closer but avoid being nosey about their privacy. What they want to reveal will be revealed – in time. Plan out first dates by appealing to the senses. How about a sports date with nature hikes? Stargazing is always at the top of a list. Or – you could cozy up at the bookstore over cups of tea and exotic coffees. Couples have sexual preferences changed? Do you desire something more or less in the bedroom? How often do we have intimacy nights to just talk about whatever? This is all-important to cultivating a solid foundation and moving on to deeper commitments and soul exchanges. We can’t expect to receive what isn’t given first. Sexual Astrology gives the 4-1-1 on Honey’s secret fantasies. Wouldn’t that put a huge smile to come home and see it coming true? Sometimes being sneaky is good for the soul and the booty quality without losing the buddy benefits, Yeah!

2nd Half of the month


How can we ever have too much of a good thing? Well life is about moderation. How well are we doing with eating binges? Staying up too late? Getting drunk and passing out? Waking up and trying to figure out how we got home in the first place? With water signs this happens more than we care to remember. It’s a sign of running from something. Let’s figure it out to stop more self-destructive habits. Psychology Astrology is making a huge impact in regulating addictive behaviors by explaining them to us. Soul is searching and those blackouts we create are portals for it to astral project and find what it seeks most to be satisfied. That’s the key – satisfaction. When we focus on just how to be satisfied answers are revealed intuitively as dreams, premonitions, and angelic messages. Try a workshop on Heart Intelligence (HQ), facing fears, and working through heartbreak. For immediate answers try Past Life tarot spreads. Twin Flames you can’t attract the one until we work on loving self, first. We must become Twin Flame material to build up the energy to bring the one to us. Otherwise we won’t be prepared when they arrive and this causes more emotional disturbance within because it influences self-confidence.


How good are you at predicting windfalls, cash flows, or upsets in money markets? The world needs you! Invest or ask pals to go in on a mutual practice, firm, or service. Create an list of the ideal customers and go after them with queries. Just make sure all ducks are in a row legally, first. Not sure of how to do this? Hire experts or attend public workshops on starting a business so there is an awareness of all processes to be completed. Next hire social media and literary freelancers to develop the perfect website to draw clientele, customers, or persons of influence. Ready to make it big in the world? Do you have the look, the clothes, the hair, and the attitude? (RECORD SCRATCH) Yes – the attitude must show confidence but not arrogance. There is a distinct difference. People love a professional who is passionate about their craft and will often pay for eccentricity out of anticipation for the product or quality of service. But it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on creative communication skills especially if working in the writing world. People buy a idea and the ideal we create for them but they won’t buy into B.S. or negative attitudes. Be on the best when interviewing. Make sure to eat breakfast and be on time. Smile, we never know who we are smiling at – it could be the hiring Supervisor on the elevator up with us. Lottery winnings remain strong for those with well hones intuitions. You’ll know when to hit, play, and ride it out if playing ScratchOffs, or betting on horses. Go with hunches and keep it to yourself, this time.


We meet the perfect love match. We share the same passions. We share the same cravings. We love the same classic movies. Ahhh…singles it pays to hold out for what you want. Universe is cooking up some serous good loving for you and sending it in a gift-wrapped handsome and beautiful box. It’s your new love and new love life, Yeah! It helps to take advice from love horoscopes, tarot, and astrology transit reports. Plan some wild and fun nights out but this time invite family, friends, and buddies to see how well your new love fits in. We spend most of our time around loved ones so it’s really important for everyone in our inner circle to get along. If there is tension investigate it but do so discreetly. Couples someone close could give the 4-1-1 on the whereabouts of your love. Now before going off the mark. Think and consider the source. What does that person have to gain in starting mess in your home? Be direct but be calm and without suspicion. Truth sets us free but only when we are given the opportunity to speak freely. Love Tarot has spreads to tell the low down without picking a fight.

Air signs – Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra

1st Half of the month


June cleared karma for many air signs and air signs Rising, Sun, or Moon signs. Did you try the sidereal astrology reports though? The Vedic and Solar Returns are also handy now as we make time shifts emotionally. July was all about review of what we’ve accomplished and a planning period on what we wish to yet accomplish. Work on a journal for wishes, dreams, and new goals. Find fitness or wellness challenges to join in on and comment with pictures, feedback, and what did or didn’t work for you personally. The world is our best friend when we seek to share what we know about it. Are we in the mood to travel? Set aside time to schedule a private getaway with the one you love or make it a EatPrayLove type of self-journey to discover potential. Get into the creative side of self with comedy outings, or hanging out at posh events with friends. Develop a new style of dress or consider a makeover. It adds dimensions to self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love. Self-love therapy is the opposite of self-loathing behavior, narcissistic outbursts, and temper tantrums. Realize why air signs lie. It’s either to protect the other person or protect the self. Now think about it, do we like it when others misrepresent the facts or disguise their true nature? If you feel someone is shoveling more than a snow job about a matter call them out but do so with wit, intelligence, and keen observation. Life is a mirror we look at daily and wake up to account for as what we do with our time. Be more selective on where energy, time, and money are directed so there is less of a feeling of being taken advantage of. We are the only persons who can self-regulate. Commit to meditating daily for a few minutes and see how that helps release tension. Universe listens to thoughts and manifest whatever we direct our energy towards.


Are we in the right career? Have we outgrown a position air signs or air Risings, Sun, or Moon-s? Chances are good we have. How about getting a new evaluation on skill sets, psychic powers, and charms we can work in new lines of career? How about applying for these types of positions to fit the new mindset developed? Don’t fear taking chances and making change, it can be the best thing for us. Destiny has a unique way to putting people where they were meant to be. Universe sends new faces, talent, and people to collaborate with. One of these projects could unite you with that one true love! Blessings come in disguise and miracles happen all the time when we stay optimistic about the future. Not sure of a financial investment? Want to know how to soothe and keep a disgruntled client or coworker? Business tarot spreads provide keen insight on how to re-write bad endings or outcomes. It may be time to reinvent an old career by trying new hats as a leader. You’ve earned the respect of peers and friends in high places. They ensure prime spots on creative projects, and well-paying ventures. Call them up or shoot over an email to see what’s available. Then check with your astrology transit report to see if timing is right. Work in entertainment? Scale prospects and seek anything related to metaphysics, sci-fi, and love. It’s super lucky and produces major windfalls, accolades, and notice from those in elite intellectual circles. Sure you’ll be a brainiac with money in the bank, and a big smile on that face that says, We pulled it off!


We can always tell how strong a sexual attraction will be for air when communication is free, flowing, and stimulating. If you never seem to run out of things to talk about it’s a good sign of chemistry. Chemistry is #1 for air signs because the mind must be engaged to arouse the lower region. They go hand in hand. So if we select a mate based on lust and not meaningful exchanges we miss something important – a soul exchange. There can’t be a meeting of the souls if the heart just isn’t feeling it. Heart can’t get excited from constant bickering, nagging, or put-downs. It builds up resistance to a mate when we come home to anarchy, chaos, and mutiny with not Bounty to clean up the mess. If this is something you’ve been doing to a mate remember the sacred law of karma. We get back what we receive in the triple. Calm down find ways to breathe, count, and re-assert self to get what is wanted or wished. Demands and ultimatums kill romance faster than insecticide and are thrice as deadly to bedroom chemistry. Find ways to calmly discuss disagreements or agree to disagree altogether. We create peace by distilling chaos and negative vibes. Try Sexual Astrology compatibility reports to match temperaments. Start from there to rebuild or move on to someone better suited. Life is too short for all that makeup sex and after a while even that becomes uneventful.

2nd Half of the months –


How well aware are you of psychic gifts, talents, and powers of influence? There are several free assessment quizzes online or an expert can tell you. Metaphysicians are experts at figuring out what makes others better, stronger, and more spiritually astute. Consider scheduling a session for an evaluation or work with an astrologist who specializes in using metaphysics. It’s a whole new world to be discovered in you but it begins with listening to the heart. It may not be emotional intelligence that has you stumped but Heart Intelligence (HQ). There is a technique to listening to what our heart is telling us and telling on us to the soul. Greater Heart Intelligence makes us heart smart in how we choose, decide, or draw proper conclusions. Many air signs and air positions are cracker jacks at knowing everything about any one from first impressions. But when it comes to love all that goes out the window. Objectivity has to be reached via holistic methods of founding clarity, being still, and opening chakras. It would benefit to take a few classes on how to read auras, how to work with gems, and how to light work. A new life mission is revealed and things settle down with Angelic Tarot or decoding Divine Messages. Heart isn’t the only one speaking – cosmic awareness is telling your story. Don’t walk out on it by shutting off feelings. Nature walks and being near water is highly therapeutic and transforming to inner tranquility. It’s time to be centered and just feel what is about to happen. Meditate more and talk less sometimes.


Be more cautious about parting with money to friends. They could be seeking a way to take advantage by not disclosing all the facts. Your money is connected to you emotionally. If you wish to be generous do so without strings and no expectations of seeing it returned. It may be time to cut back on expenses and set up household budgets. If the family gives some pushback don’t let it sway decisions, emotionally. Avoid guilt trips and mind games to cajole finances. Be direct if you wish to start a business but are in need of capital. Apply for bank loans and stipulate what the money will be spent on with clear itemizations. Devote time towards completing applications and don’t rush through reading the fine print on contracts. Calculate rates to see whether it’s worth the while. Get 2nd, and 3rd opinions from financial experts especially if this is money to finance a big-ticket item, creative film, or the like. Attention to detail is crucial because whatever is signed will be lasting. Don’t allow frustrations to deflate hope. Have in mind just what you want and set out for it when hunting options. See if some work can be freelanced or exchanged for like services or publicity promotions. Get creative about how business is taken care of but stay legal. If something seems fishy – press pause, research, and speak to an expert several if need be. Financial Astrology helps too by giving key dates for certain activities. We have to be in the flow of trends to cash in on them. Subscribe to monthly, weekly, and daily horoscopes. It provides insight that was missing.


You could find someone positively distractingly sexy air signs. Yes their beauty drives you to distraction with all kinds of naughty thoughts. Great if you’re single. Not so great if you are committed or involved. Singles have the opportunity to date these types of people and experience spiritually satisfying unions. Some could rekindle old romances from past lives and seal the deal for a marriage date. You’ll need finesse, sincerity, and a big heart that ready to succeed at making a lasting union. Which may require some convincing to the other person especially if heartbreak was involved. Couples – distinguish whether a crush is passing or a premonition of what’s destined. Try Soul Mate, Karmic, or Past Life astrology reports. No sense in breaking up a happy home unless there is little to no happiness in it. Personal happiness takes precedence because we’ll be tired of fighting the world and the ones we love, too. Someone will have to give, give in, or give up on rehashing the same-old, same-old. There are only so many hours in the day and who wants to carry BS arguments well into the night? Home is our castle and if the castle is up in arms, where oh where can sanctuary be found? Know when to say when. Establish clear emotional boundaries on what is and isn’t acceptable behavior or treatment. If we don’t respect self no one else will either.

Fire signs – Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries

1st Half of the month –


Fire signs will be seeking out who is loyal and who isn’t. What is beneficial and who isn’t? Fires are quick to have the back of those they love and will defend a friend with their last breath. But are others feeling the same appreciation? Time tells the story but are we putting all the facts together to form a conclusion? Universe cleans house by severing ties to those who no longer benefit or serve Divine Purpose. Not sure what Divine Purpose is? No problem. Solar Return and Vedic astrology reports provide all sorts of goodies to get started on the path to new freedom. Set aside time to study about karmic ties, soul ties, and Twin Flame relationships. Awareness builds intelligence to make wise judgment calls that save one from heartbreak. Are addictions creating an issue or obstacle towards reaching goals? Clean out the kitchen shelves. Discard process foods and TV dinners that offer no sustenance. Make the switch to a wellness eating lifestyle that fits body type. Consult with a wellness expert at any health & whole foods grocer. Try alkaline foods and water systems to detoxify the body.


You are the brand. You are the product. Now assess a way to combine streets savvy, hustler power, and drum up creative ideas that can become the ideal to buyers, consumers, and clients of all types. Take inventory of what the world needs mot and supply the demand using original style, devotion to craft, and pure excellence. Writers can move into new territories to explore foreign markets, trade, and distribution. See how you can appeal to the masses with a new brand, style, or form of literary confection. Keep it factual but colorful in wording. Present the absolute best you can to meet deadlines and attract a larger social media following. Are there questions on a new business deal or the loyalties of those involved? Tarot Yes/No answers for fast turnarounds in choice making. There is excitement in being an independent businessperson. The world offers us financial oysters but we must be wise in what we select and how we choose to direct energy towards them. Lottery winnings are favorable for fire signs because you are naturally lucky. Check luck cycles with a Solar Return astrology report. Subscribe to astrology services that provide lucky numbers for each zodiac.


Many will be working love spells by simply meditating and sending out healing wishes to universe. Not sure how to do this? Go online and surf for free videos. Try Love Tarot readings and Angel Tarot for up to date information about who is crossing your path. Singles take pals up on outings to the beach, the park, or going hiking. You could meet someone who shares more than a marshmallow on a stick. They’ll have great conversation skills, make you laugh, and keep you up talking well into the night. Couples regroup passions by trying to find greater methods to re-sparking fires in the bedroom. Everything is chemistry. So become a Love Chemist with Sexual Astrology reports. Find out what makes your love tick the best so you can provide fantasies, fulfillment, and romantic rendezvous. Indulge into scented oils, candles, and turn the boudoir into a love nest with Feng Shui colors designed to keep the home fires on roast. Rrrr! Invest in satin sheets or wild jungle prints to accentuate the beast within and go wild with kisses when the lights go out.

2nd Half of the month


Some could be going through withdrawals from bad habits. Find healthy alternatives, positive people to hang around, and cool outlets to chill at. We have to control the climate of our emotions by being picky about where we rest or relax. Commit to a personal self-love therapy routine. Select one day of the week to try new spas, sweat shop treatments to detoxify, and yoga spots to join in on festivities. Meet new friends with like minds that keep you optimistic about change and rolling with the punches. Stock up on multivitamins and ginger teas to increase stamina, build up the immune system, and reset circulatory flows. Stay hydrated and make it a point to go outside during breaks for fresh air, natural settings, and just observing. Fire signs love to people watch and are super good at letting the imagination fly when inventing stories of others’ travels or travails. Just try not to get too carried away with an overactive imagination.


Financial stability is super important to Fire signs’ sense of emotional stability. When money is flowing fire can be the sweetest, but when they aren’t watch out for Mean Joe Green. The key to constant money flows lies with that gifted genius, fast thinking, and talking to the right people looking for your kind of talent. Join social groups and create strong alliances with persons of influence who can drive up interest in what you do. Offer samples of work and ask them to leave feedback on websites or take pictures holding your products. VIPs, celebrities, and those with influence will be calling you for advice when you trust in personal strengths. All we can do is our best when there is pressure on the job. Avoid feeding into jealousy, gossip, and water cooler talk that offers no real value. Stay grounded and focused on what you are responsible to provide and be ready to provide accounting of time when something isn’t on time. Do whatever is needed to keep lines of communication open with coworkers and offer assistance as a team player. See how new job benefits can be added to promote Employee Wellness. A clear mind is a sharp one to spot real deals when the come. Buy into franchise potential, creative copyrights, and businesses in entertainment. Get in on the ground floor for major discoveries before they become mainstream. Ask about business practice to avoid buying into businesses with bad corporate karma. Don’t commit to projects there is little to no passion towards. Passion sells and if there is no heat, that means there’s nothing cooking financially, either.


What’s more important having status or securing personal happiness for the long term? Some may have walked away from sure things out of fear of being hurt, again. It’s all right to want to protect the heart. It’s all you have to hold onto during times of hardship. Keep the faith that what and who you want to mate with will appear, singles. Try dating websites to keep the flow of love in the home. Get more into loving on self to attract the perfect love match while working with a Love Astrologist. Do astrology compatibility checks to see if there is potential and where in a new relationship. An ex returns and there are mixed feelings. Deal with them by being honest about the karma between you. Work with a Karmic Astrologist to show the way towards new freedom. Find a way to clear karma for good with forgiveness meditation. Couples could be working on renovating the home or bringing in new types of cultural effects. See what you both like and synch up to put together decorations you can both agree with but stick to a budget. If mutual finances are causing havoc go with separate accounts or have accounts just for mutual household expenses.

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