The ABCs of Working Sesquiquadrate Aspects – Planning Life Moves

How this aspects teaches us better Life Planning Skills
How this aspects teaches us better Life Planning Skills

It may be tough to get a few goals going around the 20th but close to this date within 3 days either direction expect huge turnarounds in luck, fortune, and positive energy reserves. How will this come to pass? We need to know what elements are working for us on certain dates and what is making it so darn hard to break out of ruts. On this day Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune it is a warning to gather all the facts before making any big moves. In astrology energy is worked by studying synastry and alignment potential. If a person going through financial hardship makes the time to assess why certain events are happening or reoccurring they’ll probably find sesquiquadrate aspects as clues for those dates.

You can do this. Try using astrology for a change to remap progress points.
You can do this. Try using astrology for a change to remap progress points.

You see this aspect as direction of energy means if we simply choose to concentrate on certain details and refine those we soon experience unusual breakthroughs. Just think of all the geniuses who tweaked this or reinvented that by thinking out-of-the-box and tapping intuitive powers. Those ideas weren’t just randomly generated or were they? Actually in alternate timelines thinking can manifest goals and aspirations. Thought is energy. The mind is directing thoughts somewhere, right? The more we think about a thing the more likely we’ll try to go after them. Why? We feel it is our destiny!

What do you feel it is destiny to achieve in this life? What did you achieve in past lives influencing the current one? We study the past to create new futures. Those new futures started as dreams, wishes, and visions of grandeur. Some might even call daydreaming sessions having one’s head in the clouds. Is that such a bad thing? Only when we have no intentions of putting some kind of plan into action to reach those goals because then all the energy we are charging into that dream goes flat. There is no spark if there is no passion, first. Passion is built up energy created by one’s fascination, or strong feelings of déjà vu. Are you doing something professionally you felt was destiny? Are you going after the roles played in childhood fantasies? Now are you going after them with vigor?

Can you feel yourself putting 100% heart towards professional aspirations? You can start that company. You can get the funding. You can get that script produced into a film. But first determine all the facts leading into steps. Plans are broken down into steps, phases, and stages of development. We don’t just make a thing we architect dreams into reality by studying those who’ve done it before us as masters and matching our natal chart aspects with theirs for synastry and comparison. It’s not that we want to be that person at least it shouldn’t be. But we do wish to be like or likened to them as some new standard of greatness in our own right.

When dancers want to pull off fancy choreography they don’t just jump on stage. There is a choreographer to drum up dance moves, music, and theme. From this develops a plan. Before the dance takes place the choreographer uses the power of their imagination to visualize what they wish to see as a plan. They plan to put together a show. A show ‘s dates are planned on the itinerary for show times and show locations.

We have to put more energy towards brainstorming what plans to make and when to pull things off flawlessly. We must be repetitive and stick to building on that plan to infuse it with passion. Passion requires stamina to follow through on self-made promises. That’s what plans are self-made promises. That’s why we get so worked up when we miss a turn, opportunity, or transit which could have made all the difference in Divine Timing. Destiny is a product of Divine Timing because the more we aspire to greatness the more factual it becomes as some greater plan or purpose for life.

All professionals working that one show coordinate their plans to form one bigger plan of pulling it all off to entertain the masses by making it looking easy. Artists tend to be very patient when it comes to launching new art forms. They know timing is everything. Most artists are stargazers by nature. When we realize we come from the stars it’s easy to tap into the star within to pull off major displays of eye-popping natural talent. It’s as though all a person was born to do was that great talent.

The key is to not become pigeonholed or stereotyped. When that happens it means there is boredom to move on to something we really love but a fear of losing what we’ve built in the old or current career. Life is change and if we don’t roll with – it will roll over all those plans we had in mind. That can make a person lose heart can’t it? Unless we are aware of how aspects like sesquiquadrates can be re-worked to fit our style. This aspect is all about making a name or brand for self with sheer will of determination and spending many hours planning. So whatever you are planning to launch, introduce, or expand needs to be checked and matched up with favorable astrology datelines if success is to be lasting. You do want that, don’t you?

Make us your “home” for astrology 4-1-1. We want you to prosper, grow, and reach epic greatness within Self! It’s a labor of love to write what makes you feel better. Consider this blog as a step in the right direction. Please leave comments on how it worked for you.

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Hi! Y'all I'm Ola!
Hi! Y’all I’m Ola!

This blog is written by our EXCLUSIVE – Master Metaphysician, “Queen Ola”.   She is an LA native who regularly teaches others trade secrets of astrology to build successful business models. She is Creator/Editor-In-Chief of our magazine Astrology Tomorrow and the super popular metaphysical favorites book list – Queen Ola Reads. NOTE: Per copyright laws all graphics are used with the intent of education and comparison only.


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