IN’DA’KNOW: Optimize & #OwnYourPotential with Mercurial Magic!

King of Wands - Tarot
King of Wands – Tarot “The Go Getter”


On the 13th Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Sun, and Chiron (R) reveal how we own our potential and optimize greater opportunities. We become more than focused. We become the Michael Jordans of our own industries. Where is most of your energy being directed? Is it being used wisely? Is there some project you’ve been tinkering with that’s about to wow the world? Chances are real good where we failed before there is guaranteed success. How? We learn life lessons and study karma to invest in self-mastery. When we can master the self we become the captains of our own ships to speak! We don’t have to guess when this $$$ will be made because we have bankability built into what we believe in. Those who love their jobs are successful. But those who love doing their jobs reach artist levels and this is where self-mastery picks up in evolving one’s psychic awareness.

Emotional Intelligence is the same as psychic awareness in that it can sense the whole of the facts and know when to take action. When we make the time to build a sharper psychic awareness we give back to self the energy we are depleting just doing. Whatever we do has to have a purpose to hit the target of being meaningful. Energy is time, and when time is mismanaged with lack of good judgment that means we are directing energy towards the wrong aspirations. The New Moon in Cancer (7/15/15) and Full Moon in Aquarius (7/31/15) spell this out like a celestial spelling bee. But we are to pursue passions and tool these into some kind of source of employment. You can do this and will be given more than the usual amount of opportunity to set matters of the heart to right.

Are we giving self all the tools to turn small windows into wide open doors of opportunity? Are we taking what learned from the Full Moon and Pluto (R) in Capricorn to reach new plateaus of success in career, business investments, and status in the world? Who wouldn’t love to wake up and find out their genius earned them a 6-10 figure business deal? Who wouldn’t love to invent and found the next Paramount, Disney, Universal, or Lucasfilm of tomorrow? The life we are living is but a dream itself and that leaves lots of room for change inside. When we change or beautify the self inside out we come up with a new beauty that sets the world on fire with praise and cheers of MORE?

We aren’t just owning potential we are optimizing it by seeing how to work powers of intuition. Metaphysics is one’s power of self-belief as values, data, intelligence, energy, and grounding. It’s what we use to turn rotten apples back into pearls. There was a unique trick played by Cleopatra to visiting Roman guards. She took a string of well-cultured pearls that to her were nothing. Why? Cleopatra had her own sense of personal wealth and she also founded the wealth of Rome. She used metaphysics to create laws and work with universal laws of nature. Even the calendar was set to lunar energies and matched with the Solar.

She didn’t change the system. She transformed it inside out by knowing when to do things and building on current information, data, and daat. Cleopatra was a clever observant of human nature and understood the secrets of the heart especially of those she did business with using a host of spiritual resources like astrology and different types of astrology experts. It was a personal devotion to the craft itself that set the scene for her to act as High Priestess or Isis to her people and the world in general. Ancient knowledge leads to bankable gnosis. She was psychically aware of something others weren’t. She had tapped the Ancient Wisdom of her forebears and learnt the culture of the land she ruled. She spoke numerous languages to close major deals of income for her people and secure a future for times survival seemed questionable.

We don’t have to be Cleopatra to benefit from her wisdom, experience, and availability to the masses via publications. The Library of Alexandria was long known to be the best of its kind. Writers traveled from all over the world to study, hold & teach classes, and learn from masters like Aristotle, Pythagoras, and Socrates at different intervals of time. From this hotspot came today’s brightest genius we still use today in modern world philosophy. Why? Like then we are using metaphysics, the systemization of building better system models, templates, structures, and foundations.

Cleopatra loved books so much she devoted exemplary passions towards building the world’s greatest collection of resources cultivating psychic awareness. Culture is the crossbreeding of various types of psychic awareness. We are harvesting the next generation of psychic crops that influence, power, and perform the high status of rational thought, new inventions, and working with natural laws. We are growing new forms of thought, perception, and ingenuity in the world. We are expanding the market for more to compete and shop their brands to earn abundant sources of income. If you want the best plant you use the best fertilizer. If you want the best grade of psychic talent you fertilize the mind with the right types of fruits of understanding – sacred scrolls on Sacred Geometry, algebra, mathematical formulas, how pyramids were built, and any other information we could request. She understood the art of light working began with what we read and how we schedule devotions. Don’t we look forward to moments when we know we’ll be doing what we love or meeting the person we’ve loved forever as a dream to be manifested? If we can’t live the life we hope for isn’t it romantic to read about it or write it as one’s fantasy? Fancies give the mind a place to devote time and a resource for heart to cultivate joy. There are all types of joy to make us more committed to reaching great goals.

She gave Rome hope, when it was barren, and its people were given to emotional rages. Why? They were hungry, unkempt, angry, and being subdued by a government of too many can’ts. It was her voice that saturated the political thoughts of the world’s greatest leader at that time. Julius Caesar didn’t become meaningful until he met Cleopatra because their love gave the world a light it had never seen before. Like a torch it scorched with scandal when in reality it was a beautiful relationship of consorts. They fit one another’s type of intelligence, sexual drive, ambition, and secretly both longed to love and be loved soul-to-soul. This happens when emotional intelligence reaches exceptionally high states of genius, and the power to see, predict, and conquer what will happen next.

Born in his namesake month July, Caesar was a Cancer with a Leo Ascendant. Cleopatra was a Leo with a Cancer Moon. It was destiny. From this destiny were built the greatest assets to history like the Julian calendar we use today. Are we appreciating the gift of using a calendar properly? How can we get back into having personal time to take care of business – our own, 1st? If we are to busy doing one thing we aren’t focused on others which can be more beneficial. There is a missing of things or the 8 of Cups going on. We have built sanctions for the self when we are afraid to try something new that could be best in the long run. We want the easy out, the fast track ticket, and fastest ride but have we worked hard enough to pay for them? Those who make money fast tend to lose it faster if they aren’t aware of how to invest wealth wisely or they don’t have the good health or karma to enjoy the fruits of labor. The pearl is meaningless because there is no market to sell it unless we create them out of the creative flows streaming from psychic awareness during this week.

When we date or select a mate we either put too much time or not enough into the selection process. We want the fast love when we are in need of the type of love that lasts. How can we cultivate this type of love and loving towards one’s craft, profession, service, or product?

23 the # of Self-Mastery in Psychic Awareness

Do we call lovers who don’t satisfy? Not likely. Neither will we keep trying opportunities that leave bad tastes or memories. We avoid them like a plague because soul is saying we did this before and we didn’t like it then, either. Mercury squares with Jupiter while channeling Neptune. We are being presented with choices from past life times and closing the books on life lessons to reach self-mastery. Once self-mastery is attained like Cleopatra, we’ll manifest endless sources of cash. She was more than a showman, temptress, or object of men’s fantasies. She was the ideal woman, business executive, ruler, politician, and monarch of her time. She understood via keen insight and conference with experts, what the people wanted and would need based on the psychology of astrology transits. Few knew she exported cannabis and housed special fleets & types of ships just for the voyages around the world to get the best strains. Cannabis as Native Americans knew enhances psychic awareness and calms the mind to focus naturally. She was growing hydroponics before it had a term. Check the books!

Now what legacy can we leave behind to say to the world we were here in a big way, too? What are your dreams? Wouldn’t you like to make them happen as goals? Well it’s time to let astrology life coach you into golden opportunities. It time to know the real you and how to work personal energies to sway outcomes to our favor. On the same day Sun trine Chiron (R) both in Water signs. But that’s not all. It seems several big planets and key asteroids all pass a “.23” degree mark signifying what type of energy we’ll be channeling this week to reach points of great aspirations!

23 seems to be a super magic number for having the energy to get things done in a big way! In tarot 23/5 as a vibration is keyed to the King of Wands. The King of Wands is all about self-confidence, greater vitality, sex drive, ambition, and establishing world-type goals in life. King of Wands type people think big and put psychic talents to use to invent new industries, set new standards, and lead others by example of how they manage or cope. Michael saw himself as a King of Wands type of energy.

He felt like a monarch whenever he took to the court. He exemplified going beyond boundaries and taking solid leaps of faith to make baskets. Do we do this on the job? Do we go above and beyond to reach goals? Does what we do influence others as some type of genius? Remember all the activity we’ve been having in Leo. Well though King of Wands is set in the time of Aries it is considered Leo energy because it has to do with rule of self. If we believe we can do something we will do it, effortlessly. Do what you love and if you can’t find a way to love what you are doing. How? Have fun and keep it simple, inside. Focus the 3rd Eye to carry the body to unlimited potential actualized into amazing feats we create as opportunities. You can do this! Schedule an astrology transit report or reading to make the plan that takes you to the basket! When it comes to goals we should want nothing but net. Build up bottom lines in business. Take care of home. Make it a great place to drum up visionary plans you can execute that the world will appreciate in values.

Look for any of 23 energy of your own in a natal chart. Look for the numbers and where they are placed. Play 23 for lottery winnings, too! Just remember to think in the positive! Good Luck and good karma, too.

* * *

Hi! Y'all I'm Ola!
Hi! Y’all I’m Ola!

This blog is written by Master Metaphysician, “Queen Ola”.   She is an LA native who regularly teaches others trade secrets of astrology to build successful business models. She is Creator/Editor-In-Chief of our magazine Astrology Tomorrow and the super popular metaphysical favorites book list – Queen Ola Reads. NOTE: Per copyright laws all graphics are used with the intent of education and comparison only. Email:


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